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"Rumi... Rumi..."

"Huh... what?" Mirko asked as she stopped looking at the TV, and looked towards her doctor as he looked at the chart in with the details of her therapy on it. She had finished most of her physical therapy, but she had some scars on her body in some places. Internal and external, and while she was strong enough to put some heroes to shame, she was no longer nearly as strong as she used to be.

She only had a maximum output of one third of her full strength.

"Your therapy is done... and I know you retired... but I urge you to reconsider."

"If I can't pound villains the way I used to, then I'm not going to bother at all. Anyway, the only villain worth catching is out of my reach... so what is the news other than that?" Mirko asked as she crossed her arms in front of her. Naruto's rough talk with her had actually helped her get some of her backbone back.

What happened to her sucked.

Her future would forever be changed, but she was still alive, and she could still help people in another way. She could become a hero again, but a far less effective hero.

"So how is my little Bun Bun doing?"


"Sup." Naruto greeted the doctor with a wave of his hand, having snuck in through the window. Everyone seemed to have forgot the fact that he ran into some random hero called All Right, he had no idea what the hell that was about though. It was like time just didn't exist for the people who had witnessed that event in his life. It freaked him out on a deep level, so what better way to chill himself out than to mess with Mirko.

Mirko stared at Naruto.

"... Ah... seems that my visit is going to be cut a little short... anyway... and that sucks, I was practicing stealing quirks and found a pedophile that had a Regeneration Quirk... it's too bad... it seems my idiot Bun Bun hasn't recovered enough for me to let her borrow it." Naruto grinned as he looked at Mirko, his masked face sparkling, his hand reaching out to ruffle her hair.

He had nothing better to do.

Anyway, it was easy to sneak into the government and locate the Quirk Registry, and then cross it with the criminals who had hurt children. Somewhere in a nearby city was a dead pedophile who had his quirk stolen from him, but that was a story that didn't need a lot of detail.

"... You would give me..."

"Mmmmm... it doesn't seem like you're recovered though... which sucks, you're not quite the idiot Bun Bun that chased me... oh well... so doctor, give her the bad news... she will never play the harmonica again." Naruto lamented Mirko's inability to ever play the whistle instrument again. Mirko was sending him a hope filled look.

Naruto walked towards the window.

"Wait! Wait just a damn second you bastard, heal me!"

"Ah... seems you've recovered a little bit more... use that spirit and Regeneration Quirk to recover the rest of the way." Naruto took out a knife and tossed it at Mirko. It stabbed her in the forearm, and she yelped from the shock.

She yanked it out.

The wound started to heal.


"See ya!" Naruto back flipped out of the window.


"Doctor, tell me how much I have to work to get back to my old strength! I don't care how much effort and pain it will take, or if it breaks my body!" Mirko felt a fire ignite inside of her soul when she realized that she could use this gift to help her push through and regain her old strength. With the ability to regenerate, she might just be able to recover.

Not recover.

No, she would break her body and soul until the day that she had fully recovered. She would tear each and every muscle in her body until the day that she could grow back to the strength that she had once had.

"Wha... what just happened?"

-With Naruto-

"Was that the right thing to do?"

Momo had to ask as she followed behind Naruto, using springs to keep up with his jumps across the rooftops. She looked back at the clinic that Mirko was at, and she raised an eyebrow when she saw Naruto's grin from even under his mask.


"... you were so harsh to her the other day though."

"Because, she was all pathetic and mopey as shit. Anyway, she still can't have children, but at the very least I can give her back her dream. She wants to be a hero... Regeneration will not fix what she has healed from, but at the very least now she can put in the effort to grow stronger again... and once Mirko is my stupid Bun Bun again, I'll take that Quirk back from her." Naruto did a flip out of excitement. She had partially given up hope of the fun chases he enjoyed with Mirko coming to an end. "Anyway, we're not against heroes... we're here to be free. The ability to have fun doing what we want to do is my goal... and not having her chasing me just feels... wrong." Naruto stated as he grabbed onto Momo and jumped up higher than her springs would allow her to jump.

Momo tried to understand him, but she stopped trying when she realized that his reasoning would make sense to only himself.

'If she really wants to become a hero again, maybe one day she will have that chance... but only if she works hard enough for it. That weak, pathetic Rumi that gave up on being a hero... give up on everything, just wasn't the Bun Bun that I enjoyed.' Naruto noticed a hero and allowed himself and Momo to free fall for a bit.

They landed on either side of the hero.

The Hero was Midnight doing a patrol.


"And down she goes everyone." Momo bowed as Midnight collapsed from Naruto's poison, acting it up for the people as they pulled out their phones to record what was happening. Naruto just raised his hands up into the air. 'This is so weird... am I being a good villain?' Momo thought, a nervous sweat starting to form.

Naruto tossed a piece of cloth into her hands.

"My beautiful new comrade, Matatabi everyone, and her first hero trophy, Midnight's panties... and what panties they are!" Naruto called out as Momo blinked, holding up a string thong that Naruto had slipped off of Midnight right after landing next to her, the side ties of the thong undone. She blinked and looked at Naruto in surprise, since she hadn't done much to earn this victory over a hero.

Momo smiled awkwardly and bowed to the people recording.

She had no clue what she was suppose to say during this.

"Forgive her, she's still new to being a villain... next time, she'll be a lot more entertaining... and with that, off we go." Naruto stated as he just began to walk away.

A lackluster exit for a lackluster hero defeat.

This was more to introduce Matatabi to people in a more noticable way than it was to do anything else. Eventually he would run her through the gauntlet that Jiraiya had run him through when he was younger, the gauntlet that trained him for how to predict how heroes would think and act.

Still, it served it's purpose.

Chapter End!
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1. NO, a Regeneration Quirk will NOT fix the damage already done to her body, so do not ask. All it will do is allow her to push herself to regain old strength. Her scars, her inability to give birth, are going to be the reminders of the things she traded away so that she could go back to being a hero.
2. Last chapter IS NOT filler.
It will be important to the future of the story, an arc I have planned for the future, just because people don't quite get why I put something in a story, does not mean it was filler.

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