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Author's Notes: This was inspired by Backlash.


Stacy Kiebler sat backstage on a crate cradling her face in her hands sobbing. How on earth had this whole thing gone bad so fast? She was supposed to be happy in love. For awhile she had been in love and happy but then the phone calls started, her "loving" boyfriend was not a one women man, she'd made the mistake of thinking he was, she'd also made the mistake of confronting him about it and where was she now? Sitting, alone, backstage, battered and bruised.

"Hey sweets, what's happening?" A male voice asked her. Scott. He'd tried to tell her what would happen to her is she stayed with Andrew but she hadn't listened. "Are you okay? C'mon let me see those beautiful eyes of yours darling."

She lifted her head and tried not to sob anymore when she saw the shocked look on his face. "Scott," She whimpered. "It hurts."

Scott Steiner frowned as he studied Stacy's bruised face. She had a black eye and bruises all along her cheeks, there was a cut below her right eye, the bastard had been wearing rings. "Ok c'mon baby cakes," He gathered her into his arms. "I'll take care of you; Andrew will never be able to hurt you again. Not while I'm around."