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"So the perp made sure the victims were unconscious before he tied them up and..."

"Are you going to eat that?"

Grissom frowned, annoyed that the first words that had come out of Catherine's mouth in over an hour weren't related to the
case. "Excuse me?"

Ignoring his exaggerated 'I'm annoyed' tone of voice, Catherine licked her fingers and eyed his donut hungrily, "Are you going to eat

Shaking his head, Grissom watched in amusement as she grinned and reached for the donut, "Didn't you just eat two?"

"Mmhmm..." She nodded, not the least bit ashamed of the size of her appetite. Seeing the look of half-amazement and half-disgust on his
face, she rolled her eyes, swallowing the mouthful of donut, "I'm hungry."

"I can see that." He nodded with a smirk.

"I haven't eaten since shift started!" She exclaimed, stuffing the rest of the donut into her mouth.

"It's only been..." Grissom checked his watch, "2 hours."

Wiping her mouth, she shrugged innocently, "I didn't eat enough."

"You had pasta and a salad, and an entire bottle of water."

Catherine narrowed her eyes at him, "Hey, are you making fun of me?"

"Never." Grissom chuckled, holding his hands up in mock defense. She flashed him another glare which kept him silent for only a
moment. "I'm just worried that maybe..."

"I'm eating too much?" She read his thoughts.

"Well, you know...you've never been an overeater...but lately..."

Catherine could tell he was choosing his words carefully. He was honestly concerned but obviously didn't want to insult her. She
smiled, "Lately, I've been eating more than I used to."

"Exactly." Grissom looked at her, hoping he hadn't crossed the line.

"I have to." The smile on her face grew but still Grissom remained confused. She explained further, "I mean, after all, I'm eating for
two now." She paused, waiting for him to realize what she meant.

It took a moment but when her words finally sunk in, Grissom's eyes widened, "Catherine, are you...?"

"I am." She nodded with a smile but then stopped, "Unless you weren't going to say 'pregnant'."

"I was." He grinned.

"Then I am." She nodded again.

"Wow..." Grissom looked away as reality hit him. He suddenly looked back up at Catherine, "Am I...?"

"No, Ecklie is. We had one incredibly hot night of passionate love-making while you were out on a case." At Grissom's look of horror,
Catherine chuckled, patting his hand, "I'm kidding! Of course you're the father!"

Grissom smiled sheepishly and repeated his sentiments again, "Wow."

"You didn't actually think I would...with Ecklie, did you?" Catherine shuddered, shaking her head, "That's disgusting."

"It is." Grissom nodded in agreement, prompting them both to laugh.

When finally their laughter died down, Catherine sighed loudly, "I'm hungry again."

Grissom looked at her in complete amazement as she motioned for the waitress.

The End