The Fairytale Detective rode her trusty mare as she turned on the casette player.

News had swept quickly that worlds were colliding, and she knew that she would soon be on a case.

However, to be travelling in the English countryside, of all places!

Despite the peaceful scenery, she knew that she has a mission to complete.

She sighed quietly to herself, as she listened to the case at hand.

"Detective, several days ago, villagers reported to have seen a large, bright flash of purple light."

"It allegedly had a 'mysterious aura' to it, and it quickly vanished as soon as it had appeared."

"However, the strangest thing was that after the light had vanished, soldiers started to appear and attack the villagers."

"Candy and many otherworldly nature had started taking over the countryside, and many items, such as tea-kettles and teacups, had started to defy the laws of physics."

Floating tea-kettles and otherworldly nature?

The detective thought.

Very intriguing indeed.

"Be very careful, Detective. An eyewitness gave a description of another otherworldly being which fits the description of the Queen of Hearts."

"She is known in many realms to be cruel and unforgiving. We fear that she might pose as a threat to your mission."

"Nevertheless, she serves as an important lead to this case. We concluded that it might have something to do with the Wonderland realm."

"Your mission is to find out the source of the sudden collision of realms, and put a stop to it."

"Good luck, Detective!"

Just as the recording stopped, the horse was suddenly frightened, and pushed the detective off.

"Stand up, mortal, and state your business!"

The last thing the detective saw...

...Were a few soldiers with beefeater hats, and card suits on their chests.

They pointed their spears towards the detective.