Title: A Little Distraction & A Little Too Much Attention

Warm Rain & Gentle Rain Series

Chapter One

Author: Gumnut

15 - 16 Mar 2019

Fandom: Thunderbirds Are Go 2015/ Thunderbirds TOS

Rating: Teen

Summary: They decided they needed a little distraction and Scott discovers that control is an illusion.

Word count: 2817

Spoilers & warnings: Virgil/Kayo, Scott/Em.

Timeline: Sometime after 'Gentle Rain'.

Author's note: This fic evolved from the first line and a scene that hit me while driving (I really shouldn't drive and plotwork at the same time, particularly on country roads, but it does happen). It also has elements of a plotline I've had in mind for some time, so it is mainstream Warm Rain, but has changed a little since the events in Gentle Rain. But ultimately the inspiration came from some lovely artwork created by the wonderful the-lady-razorsharp one of my fantastic inspirators who just keeps on inspiring! Also, many thanks to the one hundred followers on my Tumblr. Thank you so much for putting up with my writings and ramblings. I enjoyed writing this, I hope you enjoy reading it just as much :D

Extra Author's Note for FFdotNet: Due to the way I archive on FFdotNet, the first chapter of this fic was posted as part of the Warm Rain story. Since I have now added to it, I have to repost as a separate story. So, there are duplicated bits here. My apologies. If you have already read 'A Little Distraction', you can skip to Chapter Two and play with 'A Little Too Much Attention'.

Disclaimer: Mine? You've got to be kidding. Money? Don't have any, don't bother.


Scott stared as Virgil bent at the waist and politely asked Em to dance.

His brother was dressed to the nines, his dark hair flicked, head to toe in black, with the exception of an almost black dark green waistcoat, his only cater to his favourite colour. Finished off with a black bowtie and the silver ring on his finger and even Scott had to say he was cutting a swathe through the party.

Em looked up at him in surprise and smiled. With an embarrassed nod and a flick of her wrist, she rose from the table, her gorgeous blue evening gown flowing past the edges of her hoverscoot, hiding it from obvious view, but not denying its existence. He loved that dress. It was backless, and she wore a thin silver chain hung with tiny sparkling blue and clear stones down the length of her spine. The dress clung to her in all the right places and set his heart pumping.

And now his brother was placing his hand on her waist and Scott felt rather irrational.

"It's your own fault you know."

Scott jumped at Kayo's quiet words. He turned to stare at his sister.

"She's been staring at the dance floor all night and you haven't made a single move. Where is that suave and confident big brother I used to have?"

A swallow. "Look at the paparazzi."

Kayo arched an eyebrow. "You're worried about what they will think? You know better than that. Besides they've already made up their minds. You two will be the most darling couple for the next year or so. Sell a few holosubscriptions for them."

"I didn't want her to have to face that."

"It was inevitable Scott."

"Sure. But we live on an island they can't even find. Em doesn't." He eyed Virgil twirling his girl around the dance floor. He was good, but not as good as Scott. At least he had that to keep him company.

"Get your butt off that seat and cut in, Scott."

He bit his lip. The Tracy family were big news. They would be hounding her for weeks. He had to get her out to the island, protect her.

"Scott." Kayo's hand was on his shoulder, her shimmering green dress at his side. "Virgil and I have this. Trust me."

Something in her eyes. "What are you going to do?"

She smiled. "Trust me." She squeezed his shoulder and strode confidently past him.

He couldn't help but rise and follow.

She let him take the lead, several dancers eyeing him and letting him through, he cut a straight line to Emaline.

A tap on Virgil's shoulder. "May I cut in?"

His brother grinned at him and gracefully stepped aside. Kayo came up behind Virgil and spun her man into her arms, whisking him away across the floor, leaving Em to Scott.

He was drawn to her like a magnet. Her lips were red, her dark hair pinned up, her pale eyes only for him, and she was in his arms. There was music and he spun her around the floor. The fabric of her dress flowed with their movement, swirling and rippling against his dark pants.

She smiled up at him and he grinned in return, spinning her out under his hand, her 'scoot humming beneath her as she spun. He whipped her back to him, catching her and swinging himself around with her in his arms. Her laughter bounced up and around him. "Oh my god, flyboy, you know how to dance."

It was his turn to laugh. A quick kiss and he was leading her into the next piece of music.

He lost himself with her and the music for a while, the bustle of dancing bodies around them, the beat, the feel of her under his hands, her smile, her eyes…

As the next song ended, there was a sudden silence in the hall.

Scott frowned. There had been no further planned announcements tonight. He glanced at the stage and stared. Virgil was stepping up to the microphone.

Immediately the press, penned in their corner, perked up. God, he hated the media. They had to be here. They needed the publicity for the cause. The Tracy International Relief fund helped the victims of natural disasters across the world. Helped where the Thunderbirds could not. The publicity kept the money coming in. The money was matched as much as possible by Tracy Industries, but even a behemoth like TI couldn't save everyone. They needed help and this charity ball did exactly that.

Hence the press.

Scott hated every minute of it, because the bastards usually took the opportunity to eyeball the Tracy brothers and plaster them across every holoprojector they could.

And now they had their eyes on Virgil.

Virgil was the shy one. Virgil was the one they rarely had access to. Gordon loved it. Alan shrugged it off. John made sure he was in orbit as much as possible and tonight was no execption. Scott abhorred it. Virgil…

"Hey, everyone. Thank you for attending this gala, your contributions are greatly appreciated and will be used entirely to help those in need." Virgil's stance was strong and confident. "I know I don't usually speak at these events." A self-conscious grin. "But tonight I have an announcement I would like to make." He visibly swallowed and gestured at the crowd.

Kayo stepped forward and up the stairs.

"Oh, no, Virgil…" Scott couldn't help it, he took a step forward.

Em moved with him. "Scott-"

"Shit, Virg." It was said under his breath.

But Virgil couldn't hear him. Kayo reached his side and took his hand. In the spotlights they were a beautiful couple, Kayo in shimmering green evening dress dropping to just above her knees. Her sweetheart neckline shining with a simple emerald and silver necklace Virgil had given her for the occasion. She could probably kill someone with her heels.

"I am happy to announce my engagement to be married to the lovely Tanusha Kyrano."

The room erupted.

There were cheers and yells of support, at least two of which were Alan and Gordon screaming from one corner. Gordon was jumping up and down on the spot punching the air. Holocameras fired all over the place, flashes going off like strobes.

And then the yelled questions started.

"Isn't she your sister?"

Scott's heart sunk into his shoes.

But Virgil just smiled. "Yes, we grew up together."

"But she's your sister."

"She's my fiance."

"Virgil, god." Scott couldn't put his face in his hands. He had to appear supportive. Not that he wasn't, but he would like to clap his brother across the ears. How the hell had Kayo approved this?

"Scott, take a deep breath." Em wrapped her arms around him.

"What the hell was he thinking?" It was said between gritted teeth.

"At a guess…I'd say he was thinking how much he loves you."


"You Tracy brothers are all the same." She kissed his ear.


She simply drew him to her and kissed him as Virgil quietened the crowd down. "Tanusha and I have yet to set a date. You may have heard of my recent injury. I'm now recovered, and we will be looking at a date hopefully later in the year. Thank you for your congratulations. Let the party continue." With that he spun around and scooped Kayo into an obviously staged dip and kiss.

The crowd hooted and wooed them on. The 'cameras fired off repeatedly again as the music once again started up, this time with a celebration song. Scott and Em were swept up in the crowd of dancers as Virgil and Kayo rejoined the masses, surrounded by congratulations and a few determined questions.

The night went faster after that. Several times Scott was asked for his opinion, but he only gave his signature 'No comment'. No one even glanced at Em. All eyes were on his brother. At one point Gordon literally flew at Virgil wrapping him in a huge hug and laughing like a loon. Cameras shot off at that. Another moment caught Alan and Kayo embracing.

And at all times the engaged couple were on the other side of the room to Scott and Em.

The night drew to a close and Scott took to the stage to thank everyone for their donations, a number much larger than what the event usually supported to the point that his eyes widened considerably when he was handed the total.

As he stood at the microphone, he stared down at the mass of expensively dressed people for a moment, the sudden silence in the room soaking into him.

A breath. "Tonight has been a very special night. I would like to thank all of you for your gracious donations to this cause. You have been very generous and I can guarantee you that all of this money will go where it is desperately needed. Thank you so very much." A pause. He smiled just a little. "I would also like to congratulate my brother, Virgil, and my sister, Tanusha, on their engagement." Another breath and his smile widened. "They were made for each other." He put everything he had into his proud smile at the pair down on the floor as every camera in the room fired. A moment and he turned back to the crowd. "Thank you, everyone. I hope you have enjoyed yourself as much as I have. Drive safe and have a lovely night."

At his signal, the music started up again and the noisy room returned. Scott jumped down from the stage and made a point of beelining across the room to Virgil and Kayo, both of which he publicly wrapped his arms around and hugged tightly.

Em hovered beside Penny and Gordon, smiling.

Scott kissed Kayo on the cheek and hugged his brother fiercely, grit his teeth, and, scooping Em into his embrace, led them all from the room. The limousine had been called and was lined up out front. He strode the line of buzzing holocameras and demanding questions, ignoring them all. Holding the door for Em, he made sure she was secure before climbing in himself. Virgil and Kayo followed. Gordon and Alan planned to go with Penny, which was convenient as Scott wanted nothing more than to speak to his brother and sister right this very moment.

The door shut on the chaos and the car pulled away.

Thank god, he could finally take a breath.

And blow it out through his teeth. "What the hell were you thinking?!"

Kayo, sitting directly opposite him didn't react at all. "Scott calm down. It was tactical."


Virgil answered. "Sure. They'll be all worked up about us and completely ignore you and Em."

"They are going to claim you are marrying your sister!"

"I am."

Scott blinked.

"Scott, it was going to come out sometime anyway. At least this way we had control and can use it as a distraction. Less chance of them bugging Em." Virgil smiled at her just a little.

"So why didn't you clue me in on this 'plan'?"

Kayo shrugged. "Didn't need to. It was our business as to when we announced. We chose tonight."

"A heads up would have been nice."

"Don't worry, Scott." Virgil sighed. "I contacted the Board and warned them last week."

Scott stared. "You did? You hate the Board."

"I don't hate the Board. They just don't like me." He grinned. "They're scared of Kay."

"Everyone's scared of Kayo."

Virgil grinned somewhat smugly. "I know."

Kayo eyed him. "Including you."

Her fiancé eyed her back. "Yeah, but I like it."

Scott held back a shudder. There were things he really didn't need to know.

A sigh and Scott jabbed at the limo's holoprojector bringing it online to the news station. Sure enough, the first headline to come up was 'Tracy to wed Sister.' This was followed by 'Tracy Incest' and 'Keeping the Money in the Family.'

"This is going to take forever to blow over. In fact, I doubt it ever will."

"Scott…do you have any problem with me marrying Kay?" It was said quietly, but firm, Virgil's baritone soft against the background of the car's engine.

"Virg? God, no! You've never been happier and Kayo…you have just…I could not be happier for the both of you."

Virgil smiled. "Then this is simply noise we can ignore. Sure TI might take a bit of a hit, but the Board reassured me it would blow over. Trust us, Scott, please."

It was an echo of what Kayo had said to him just before the announcement. He eyed both his brother and his sister. "I do trust you both. Just…" He held a breath. "Be careful."

Kayo arched an eyebrow at that. "That I can guarantee." Her lips thinned. "In the meantime, you both need to take advantage of the distraction." Her lips curved into a smile. "Have a little fun, while Virgil and I dance for the cameras."

A hand curled around his and he turned to look at the woman he loved. Her smile was hesitant. "Em?"

"All this to protect me?" She stared at Virgil and Kayo. "Because, my god…" She gestured at the news headlines spinning across the holoprojector.

"Em, I told you, it needed to be done."

"But Kayo, look at what they are saying…" Her eyes widened at some 'art' that passed across the hologram.

Kayo arched her eyebrow at the 'artwork'. "They would have said it anyway, and this gives the both of you a chance to fly under the radar and have some fun. Virgil and I will return to the island and field what we have to. You and Scott take some time to enjoy yourselves." She reached back and tapped the divider hiding the driver. The car pulled over to the side of the road. "Now, hop out. I have had another car join us and have also taken the liberty to make some reservations for you." She handed a couple of hotel keys to Em. Scott stared at Kayo. When had he lost control of the situation?

Virgil was grinning at him a little madly. "Scott, go and have some fun."


"Get out of the car before I remove you myself."

Em had the nerve to giggle. "You were right. She is scary."

Scott stared at her. "Then why aren't you scared?"

A grin. "Kayo won't hurt me, will you, Kayo?"

The returned grin was feral. "You know my terms."

Em's grin widened. "Then I have no need to be scared."

Scott was vaguely aware of Virgil echoing his stare at Em. "What terms?"

"That is between myself and Kayo, and none of your business." Em reached for the door and opened it. The evening air rushed in. "Are you coming?"

"Okay." Did he have any control to begin with? He grabbed her 'scoot and helped her into it.

Just before they left, he reached over and grabbed Virgil's hand, pulling him into a hug. "Thank you, Virg."

"Have. Some. Fun."

A small smile. "Will do."

Feeling daring, he reached over and kissed Kayo on the cheek. "Thank you, Little Sis."

"Do as you are told and you will be fine."

He had to laugh at that. "Gotcha." Climbing out of the car, he missed exactly what Em said to Kayo, but he did see her kiss Virgil on the cheek. He grinned when his brother blushed. God, Virg, you'll never change.

He certainly hoped not.

His arm around Em, he closed the car door and tapped the roof twice. The limo drove off, leaving them alone on the sidewalk.

It was replaced almost immediately with a green Lamborghini sporting TRACY2 plates. Scott couldn't help but laugh. Virgil didn't lend lightly. And wasn't this car last seen in New Zealand? Jeremy, one of their security guards jumped out and grinned. "This is a great ride, Mr Tracy." He chucked him the keys.

"I'll make sure I let Virgil know you approve."

"Oh, I approve, definitely approve."

"Are you okay to make it back?"

"No probs, sir." And another car pulled up behind the Lambo. "Enjoy yourself, sir. You deserve it."

Scott blinked as the man jumped into the car behind and they drove off.

"See, even your security guards think you need a break." Em leant up and kissed his cheek.

He turned to look down at her. "It's a conspiracy."

She grinned. "May-be." Her lips met his and he definitely felt better about everything.

He was still worried about Virgil and Kayo, but he did owe them his trust. He really did.

The kiss deepened and stole his breath away. Oh, god, Em.

He stumbled when she finally broke it off and smiled up at him.

"Let's go have some fun."