Trish Stratus walked to the back stage area. "Great match Stratus." Lisa Marie (Victoria) shouted. Trish shot her a fake smile, and kept walking. She kept her eyes locked on her feet as the gray concrete passed beneath her. Yeah-great match, great night, no one to share it with. She thought to herself and picked up the pace of her walking. Geez this arena is so big.

Trish hadn't been very happy with her life, not since she broke up with Jay (Christian). He just wasn't right for her, and they fought all the time. He'd still bother her from time to time, it was almost like he was stalking her, checking up on her at all times. She hated him for it too. A voice broke her thoughts. "Hey, Trish, erm. come out with me tonight." She could see his hand extended towards her as he raced to her. She didn't even look up from the floor, just stuck her palm out and said "Get lost loser." He still followed her, "C'mon baby.. I just thought."

Trish walked faster. Damn, where is that locker room? She took a sharp right turn and WHAM! "Trish. Trish are you okay?" a calm, tender voice asked. She raised a hand to her forehead to block the bright florescent light. She blinked violently as she shook off the cobwebs. "Wher. where am I?" she asked groggily "I brought you back here to my locker room. we urm. had a little collision in the hallway. Are you alright?" Trish bolted up to sitting. "Where is he, is he still following me?" "Who?" "Jay, he's been bothering me ever since." Trish looked up to see Jeff Hardy sitting on a bench above where she was lying on the floor. "Jay? He turned the corner just as you did, and he wanted to take you with him. somewhere. He was talking really quietly under his breath, I couldn't quite understand him, and then Adam walked by and he ran off." Jeff replied. Trish rubbed her head. "Ooh, it looks like you have a big bump on your head." Jeff gently touched her head. "Where are you staying tonight?" "I don't have a room, I was going to take care of all of that after RAW. What time is it?" "10:30, you've been out for a good hour." "Damn, all the desks are closed for the night by now. Lisa and Charlene probably already left too." Trish sighed and looked at the floor she was near tears. Why did all of this have to happen now? Jay had to start stalking her again. Now she was going to have to sleep in the lobby, she was too shy to ask Jeff if she could stay with him.

Jeff could see the beautiful blonde was upset; he pulled her up off the floor and sat her next to him. She immediately crumpled into his chest and began to bawl. He held her head as she sobbed. "I just.*sniff* Jay. he has to keep stalking me. now all this *sniff*. Charlene is gone *sniff*. oh god I'm sorry.." she continued crying as Jeff ran his hands through her bleach blonde hair. "Trish, you can stay with me, really its not that much trouble." Trish sat up. "Jeff, I don't want to be a bother. I'm already dumping all my problems on you and I cant just make you change your." He interrupted her. "Really, its okay, I wont take no for an answer." He turned her face towards his with a gentle finger and rested his hands on her shoulders. "C'mon, cheer up Trish, we'll keep each other company. Lets go get your bags." Trish smiled her genuine smile. "Okay."

Trish looked into Jeff's eyes as he helped her into the car. She saw sincerity in his deep green eyes, something there to hold on to, something to grasp. "Thanks Jeff." She whispered as he entered the driver's seat. "Its no problem Trish." He was lost in her beautiful brown eyes for a moment, then jumped back into reality and started the car.

Trish gazed out the window. Jeff Hardy, was she starting to have a crush on him? He had been so sweet to her tonight, he wasn't like most guys, he didn't fawn over her, he saw her for was really there, and treated her like a real person, not just a sex symbol. She thought of his smile, it caused her to grin herself.

They reached the hotel at around 11:15. "Uggh." Trish sighed as her heavy bags defeated her attempt to lift them. "Let me get that." Jeff smiled. "Whoa, do you pack the whole closet or what?" He smirked. "It isn't easy being a Diva." Trish smiled and playfully whacked him in the stomach with her hat. What was it about him? He made her forget about everything, she felt so carefree standing next to him in the night.

"Here we are, after you madam." Jeff swung open the door. Trish plopped her purse down on the bed. Jeff looked around the room. "Uhhh, sorry Trish there is only one bed. I'll take the floor and you can." "No Jeff, really its okay, I'll take the floor, I'm the one who didn't have a room in the." "Un-uh, the Lady will not sleep on the floor, especially after that collision today." "Fine then, we'll share the bed, I am not making you sleep on that floor." Trish pointed and stuck her tongue out, making a disgusted face at the floor. Jeff laughed and flipped on to the bed, grabbing the remote and flicking on the TV. "Jeff do you mind if I use your shower?" she asked "Nope, go ahead."

The hot water ran over her body as she looked at the ceiling. God Jeff is so sweet. He's giving me butterflies; I haven't felt this way around a guy since high school. I wonder how he feels about me. He has such a beautiful smile, too. I've only been out of the room he's in for 5 minutes and I'm already missing him. Trish thought as she rinsed the shampoo out of her hair.


I wonder what's going on with Jay and Trish. I don't want to intervene. It hurts me to see her cry. I think I'm falling for her. She's such a great person, so heartfelt and beautiful, inside and out. I wonder. His thoughts were broken as the Canadian plopped down on the bed next to him. She looked so beautiful in her sweat pants and pink tank top. "What we watchin?" she asked him "I was just flippin' through. Nothin really that great on." Jeff said as he turned off the television. Trish just sat there, perched up on her elbows, staring at Jeff. She placed a hand on his knee. "Thanks again Jeff." He looked into her eyes and smiled. "If you don't mind me asking, what's going on with you and Jay?" "Honestly, I don't really know. I broke it off with him 3 months ago, and he can't seem to understand its over. He constantly follows me around and bothers me, asking me to go places with him, and to come "home". He's turned into a stalker." She replied hastily. "I'm glad, I didn't let him take you with him. Something just doesn't seem right with him. We don't have to talk about him any more if you don't want to, I was just cirouse that's all." Jeff looked at his knee, where Trish's hand still rested. "Its fine Jeff. At least I know you care." She smirked at him and yawned. " Well, I'm going to go to bed now. Good night Jeff, see you in the morning." She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Night." He managed to mutter.

Jeff lay awake, staring at a slumbering Trish Stratus. He moved a lock of her blonde hair away from her face. She sighed a little and smiled, she must be dreaming, Jeff thought to himself. She looks so innocent when she's sleeping. As he rolled over and flicked off the light, he found him self moving closer to Trish, he could feel the warmth of her body when he put his arm around her. She shifted in her sleep, twisting around placing her head on Jeff's bare chest. He held her close as he drifted away.