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*Some How* Trish survived the grueling flight, with Christian. They reached the hotel Bitch-off had booked them at.

Trish went to lift her bag out of her rental.

"Let me get that for you." Christian said.

"No, I can carry my own bag." She replied slamming the trunk.

"Jason Reso." He told the clerk at the counter.

"208," He said and handed him the key.

"Trish Stratus." she moved up to the desk.

"Ahh, 208 as well." he winked at Christian.

"WHAT?!" Trish said appalled. "The-there must be some mistake."

"No, here, look at the computer."

"UGH!" She screeched. "Here, you want to carry my bag, go for it!" She dropped her 50 pound bag on Christians shoulder.

She reached in her purse and threw her visa on the desk. "Patricia Stratigius, single room please."

"One moment miss."

The clerks brow furrowed while he clicked around on his computer.

"I'm sorry Patricia, your cards been denied."

"What? Try these," she threw the rest of her cards across the table.

* A few minutes later*

"I'm really sorry Miss."

"Goddamn!" Trish said realizing she had no other source of pay.

How the fuck had all her cards been canceled? She just used them the other day to buy Jeff a shirt... then it hit her. Christian, when she fell asleep on the plane... he could have called to cancel them... he was still a co-signer. She kicked herself for procrastinating and not calling to get that changed.

"Excuse me." she said and stormed to the elevator.

Angrily she flung the hotel room door open, causing it to smash into the wall.

Christian froze in shock, looking at Trish like a deer in the head lights. He sat on the bed with a pair of Trish's panties in his hands.

"What the hell are you doing?!" She scoffed. " Gimme that!" She tried to snatch her panties back, but he pulled his hand away.

"Oh, give you that? Or give you..." He raise his other hand "...this?" he waved her pink cell phone above her head. Frantically she dove her it, trying to grab it.

"Christian, c'mon, CHRISTIAN! Just give me my phone!"

"Oh, demands, its all about you barking demands. You really deserves to BARK LIKE A DOG! Here puppy..." she jumped once more for her phone, "Go FETCH!" He launched the phone into the wall, Trish collapsed as she watched her last once of hope shriveled to pieces.

Trish sat crumpled on the floor, with her legs pulled in close and her hand clutched in her hair, she gulped back tears, not wanting to show her emotion in front of Christian and let him know he had the upper hand.

The only emotion she wanted him to see was that she was a bitch on a rampage, thank god she could play that part.

"What do you want from me you son of a bitch, because your not going to get it!" She said standing up to face him.

"Trishy, trishy, trishy, that's where your wrong..." an arrogant look came over his face as he shifted his weight. Trish was scared, she didn't even want to know what he was talking about...

As soon as the though crossed her mind, she felt her back against the wall.

"You see, Trish," he started, breathing down her throat as she was pined against the wall. "You can act as strong as you want, but I know your weaknesses even so, I hold physical power over your head and you have to obey me, Trish, you don't have a way out!"

She breathed heavily her eyes blazing with anger.

"That's what you think, ass-clown!" she swung her leg up, kicking him square in the balls. He tried to hit her, half asses because of the pain he was experiencing below the belt. She ducking charging at him for a spear instead she caught herself with her hands just before she was reunited with the wall. Christian by now was revived from the blow to his 'nearly non-existent' testicles.

He grabbed Trish by the back of her pants and threw he on to the bed, he would have his way with her, even if he had to knock her unconscious to do so.

He threw himself on top of her. Trish's mind wandered, how was she going to get out of this one?

She immediately started heaving, like she was about to throw up, she knew, no matter how bad Christian treated her, deep down some where in his black soul, he still cared about her.

"Christian," she said faintly.

"Trish..." he went into shock, "are you ok?"

"I'm sick, Christian, I have some pills in my duffle, can you bring it here?"

He grabbed her duffle bad and walked to her side.

"Ugg.." she grabbed her throat and duffle bag and ran to the bath room slamming the door and locking it behind her.

"HUAH!" she bellowed into the toilet, flushing it. Christian listened out side the door.

"Trish, honey are you going to be okay?"

"No, Christian, I'm... HUAH, bleh, just going to stay here by the toilet for a while."

"Ok, if you need anything..."



Trish smiled, it worked! She didn't know how long she'd have to stay in here but she didn't really care.

She unzipped her duffle and pulled out her lab top. She ripped the cord out of the bathroom phone (nice hotel, eh?) and plugged it into her modem. Quickly, she logged into her messenger.

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