To Battle By His Sword

I do not own any characters mentioned in this story based on the film Mulan- sadly. Though on the other hand I have proud rights to the story and the contents and etc.just a quick question.. what is Chi Fu's job exactly? Let me know, as it'll end the battle that raged between my bro and me! Right er anyway.happy reading!

Mulan looked up from her scroll to look at the courtyard below. The soldiers below flocked in the palace grounds quietly to the loud harsh orders of their commander who strutted proudly, pacing up and down issues yells where needed. His voice carrying across the heavy din of the pounding beat of the march and interrupted Mulan's work. Mulan took up on the emperor's offer to be apart of his council much to the dismay to Chi Fu who voiced his objections as often as he wished. She had been writing reports concerning affairs of China and the recent revival in the war against the Huns, since sunrise and her aching hand told her to stop. Glancing down at the orderly commotion below she pondered on how her life turned. After getting home she realised she could never get the satisfaction again to be a normal woman of the house after she experienced the hard but satisfactory way of life at the camp. Also society would never respect her as a woman, she could make them respect her as a soldier. She could never follow her failed route as a bride, especially since the event that occurred with the matchmaker. Instead she made the most of herself, sitting in on war councils and collecting information from leaders, generals and captains, especially one Captain Li Shang.

She remembered his surprise visit after she arrived home, where he spent the evening with her family, that night their discussions were lively, as they relayed their stories concerning each other to the Fa family. From that day forward they became friends, corresponding regularly. Whenever Mulan was in the local area, Shang would arrive to meet her and they would catch up on the gossip. It was the last visit where she knew something was wrong; he walked with her alone in the palace gardens for some privacy.

"Mulan, it deeply troubles me to tell you this after finding true friendship with you." He had said. "I must leave to join the remaining men of my father's army on the front line."

Mulan's first reaction was one of shock the she understood, he was a young captain, highly valued by the empire, its armies would do well to train under his command and battle under his sword.

Mulan hugged him and told him to be safe. He pulled away and kissed her on her forehead, promising he'll contact her regularly. Those contacts were frequent at first but then they slowly trickled in till now, she received or heard no news on Shang. She worked hard for the emperor with hope she'll hear news of him but that was long ago and her hope has dried up. It has almost been a year since she the army and now she wished she could join her old comrades and push herself to accomplish great things she herself didn't know could achieve.

Distracted now that the officer below was yelling louder as the soldiers below drilled their way into formation, Mulan stopped and watched him, standing in his gold armour. His gold helmet has a visor, which covered his eyes and half his face so his identity remained a mystery. His red cloak fluttered around him as he strode towards the palace at the same time a knock on the door echoed round the room. "The emperor calls you immediately." The servant said, Mulan quickly left the room and headed straight to the great hall where the dignified emperor sat. Stumbling on her long dress she was forced to wear as to not offend the concubines that freely roamed the palace, she bowed before the emperor and awaited his instructions.

"Fa Mulan, my most trusted member of the council. I knew you would arrive as soon as I call for you to come.though its seems my new general is getting later as he ascends ranks." The emperor started only to be interrupted by the opening of the door and the lone general strode in. He was the same man Mulan spied in the courtyard below.

"Mulan I trust you now the general." The emperor said, Mulan shook her head as she turned to look at the man who stood next to her. He stared silently back; his eyes shadowed by the visor made him intimidating and his height added to his dominating presence. Who he was, Mulan didn't know but from what she could tell he was intimidating.

"I know you Mulan." The general said, his voice made her spine tingle. "Never thought I see you in a dress."

"Yes, she has been having trouble with it as I saw earlier as she stumble in here." The emperor joked. This earned him a smile from the general, making Mulan think whether he was handsome beneath his armour.

"Do I know you?" Mulan asked politely.

"You know me." He replied mysteriously.

"How do you know me?"

"Shang told me much about you, he was right. You are beautiful."

"And how is Shang? Still alive is he?" Mulan quickly went on to conceal her nervousness, whoever this man was, he knew how to play on her.

"I apologise on behalf of Shang, he deeply regrets not being able to write to you as he was on the front line but let me permit to inform you that the captain is alive and well." The general smiled, Mulan stared back. He knew of the relationship between Shang and herself?

"Thank you General.?" Mulan politely went on, the general seem not to have heard this as he turned to face the emperor.

"Tell me your name!" Mulan snapped this man was impossible!

"Tell Mulan would you General?" The emperor smiled, the general smiled and bowed, "But of course, forgive me Mulan.." He reached up and pulled his helmet off, his dark, shadowed face exposed to the light revealed his chiselled face, dark brown eyes and a smile she knew anywhere. "Shang." She breathed as she took in the sight of Shang standing before her in magnificence.

"General Shang if you please." Shang grinned as he joked, ignoring Mulan's angry face.

"Shang! How dare you joke with me when I thought you were dead." Mulan snapped, she punched him on the houlder provoking him to gently grab her hand and look down at her, "Still feisty as I remember."

"You conniving." Mulan started but the emperor interrupted, "Silence! I cannot allow you two to bicker when the fate of China lies in the balance.follow me." He got up and lead them to the council room where ten other men waited for their arrival. Mulan and Shang sat next to the emperor as he remained standing, formalities were forbidden in the council room to allow barriers of rank to hold no bars on the rights a man has to say, this custom was introduced after the constant matter of war kept occurring.

"It grieves me to tell you that China is under attack from the Huns from the north, they have bombarded the great wall and have now successfully knocked part of it down and invaded our great country." The emperor slowly looked around the table before continuing, "There is greater danger yet as someone in this room means to undermine this kingdom and plunge it into darkness by betraying us." The people glanced at each other and gasped, a traitor!

"In my hand is a scroll, this scroll will make enemies among you and cause offence between you. Please understand that I can't risk China in the act of favouritism. I have selected my few and most trusted council members to remain close to on the matter concerning the safety of China's future.forgive me." The emperor went about to read the scroll. The tension was high; whom did the emperor trust with his life? Who was about to earn the biggest honour of all?

"They are.General Chi Ying.General Li Shang and Fa Mulan." The rest of the men angrily stared at the ones who were selected and stalked out the room, leaving the remaining three behind. "I'm sorry that my act have placed you in danger but the future on China rests in your hands." The emperor took off his hat and placed it on the table, he sighed, this matter grieved him but this was the only way to go about this. Shang and Mulan exchanged a concerned glance, this was bad, very bad.