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The days that followed their wedding was torn between bliss and hell. During the day Shang was forced to work long tiring hours out on the wall, battling the elements which got increasingly worse due to the harsh winter settling in.

the cold winds from the mountains was freezing enough to stop a man from breathing and Shang witnessed many men dying from the elements. He would stumble 'home' in the strangest of sense, to the arms of his wife who would take care of him, bathing him and warming him till he had enough energy to pleasure her into the dark nights.

One day, an event dawned on the community which shattered routines and lives. Part of the wall fell due to poorly constructed foundations and lack of mortar. It tumbled down below, killing many of the workers. Mulan screamed when she spotted her husband stumble home with serious head wounds. Whilst she was cleaning him up, she found out that Shang was one of the workers caught in the impact, he was lucky to have been the furthest away from the landslide of rocks and bodies. Despite receiving a serious blow to the head, he pulled himself out and helped rescue as many people as he could before blacking out himself.

"he died in my arms.." Shang sobbed as Mulan could only hold him close to her.

He was telling her of the death of a small boy he had tried to rescue. She felt her own tears fall, knowing that the boy's mother she knew very well would be inconsolable.

Shang's tears quietened down as the night got later. Mulan drew the covers tighter against them to block out the chill. The wailing of distant women upon the silent camp sent a chill up her back. She knew that they would be restless till they avenged the deaths of their loved ones. Too many lives were lost and Mulan was lucky to still have the one soul that meant so much to her. Turning her back on Shang to slip out of bed, she felt his warm hand touch her shoulder and his voice whispered "Stay."

Looking down upon his tired face, bruised and battered, she could still see why she fell in love with him. He smiled weakly and pulled her tighter to him, "Stay." He said a little stronger.

Beneath the covers she felt his hands slip under her clothes, his cold skin made her winch. She understood that in the aftermaths of death, he wanted to feel love in a life-making act.

Helping him to take her clothes off, she laid close against him, her bare skin tingling with heat every time she came into contact with him. Allowing Shang to take her hand, he placed it on his trousers. She slowly undid them and slipped them off till they were lying close together naked.

He looked at her, his hand brushed back her hair. No words were needed as he kissed her softly then harder and harder. He drew her tight, making her aware of his full erection prodding between her legs. His lips strayed from her lips to her neck then to her breasts as she gasped quietly. Grabbing her thighs, he made her wrap her legs round his waist as he slowly lowered her back onto the pallet of furs.

He kissed her as he thrusted, making her gasp loudly. Clawing her nails deeper into his back, she moved her body to meet his, hence deepening each sensation. His eyes bored into hers, speaking silent words and emotions, his skin pressed tightly against her.

Heaven was rushing over her body, uncontrollable waves of rapture made her shake under Shang as he groaned louder. It all ended blissfully in one forceful thrust that made them both cry.

Shang picked his head up from Mulan's shoulder. He looked at his beautiful wife as she slowly opened her eyes, she smiled and in that smile he was reluctant to tell her of his news.

"When tomorrow comes, if its calls for you to run, run." He quietly said.

Mulan looked at him then sat up, looking fearful as she took him by the shoulders. "What are you going to do?"

"Promise me, when I tell you to run, run." Shang sat up and held her hands, Mulan panicked as she shrugged him off, "Not without telling me what you are going to do."

"We are going to escape tomorrow."

"What?!" Mulan almost shrieked, she understood why but how?

"We are staging a fight to make the troops open the doors and we'll over run them." Shang explained.

"I wont leave you behind." Mulan stubbornly crossed her arms. Shang expected this and he loved her for it but he needed to know that if she had the chance, would she take it and live her life?

"I wont." She said, he could see tears flowing her eyes.

"I know you wont but please, let me die a happy man knowing that you were my wife and that you will live on to fight." Shang held her close to him, he heard her draw in a sob and let her look at him, "Please don't talk if you are already dead."

"Promise me!" Shang demanded, he really needed to her say it.

"I will run but I'll come back for you." Mulan looked him in the eyes, she meant every word.

"No, don't be a hero."

"I promised you I'll run but you cant stop me from joining you in death or saving you." Mulan stood up and slipped on her dress, she went to the window and looked out over the courtyard within the dark compound, moonlight lit the place, giving it a ghostly image.

Shang watched her go, he remained sitting alone in their bed.

"I love you Shang and my life without you will be nothing." Mulan whispered, Shang heard every word and got up, he walked over to her and turned her around to look at her. He wiped away a stray tear and knew that their world was breaking apart.

"I know and mine will be empty without you to." He admitted. Mulan looked out at the shining heavens, each star was out twinkling their divine lights.

"If the heavens allows it, let us be united in life or death, that is my wish."

"Come, let us spend tonight together despite what tomorrow brings." Shang lead her back to bed.

Mulan obeyed as she tried to push her emotions to the back of her mind, she fell into the waiting arms of Shang.

Morning came all too soon to Mulan as she rolled over to be greeted by an empty bed. The cold furs told her that Shang has left her a long time ago.

Pulling herself into the cold air, she stumbled outside the cabin to see a large silent crowd gathered in the centre of the compound. She could see Shang and Bei in the centre shaking hands.

Suddenly Bei punched Shang and chaos broke out. She screamed as she ducked a torch that was set on fire was thrown towards her. The cabin behind her went up in flames.

Looking for Shang was harder than she thought, she ran from the walls of burning cabins as they crashed to the ground, setting the compound wall on fire. She realised they were pretending to riot when they were actually trying to bring the walls down. A hand grabbed her and she spun around to see Shang, looking wild as he held a flaming torch.

"Morning hun." He panted as he started running towards the gates. The villagers crowd round them as the fire roared and timber started falling down.

Bei wordlessly handed Shang an axe, where he find that Mulan didn't know but Shang expertly whirled it round with his fingers and held it ready. His hand gripping Mulan's as they waited. Then slowly the gates creaked open to reveal a stunned looking soldier.

"Charge!" Shang yelled as he started running, the mob ran cheering as they pushed through the burning gates and into the camp, grabbing any weapon to hand and attacking those who dared to oppose them. Screaming as she went, Mulan knocked two men out as they crawled out their tent. Hearing Shang ordering them to run to the forest nearby, she was forced to run with the mob into the thicket.

Branches snapped back into her face as she blindly fought the forest. The forest grew quiet as her friends slipped away, leaving her alone. She sat and waited.


And waited.

Night started falling by the time Mulan realised Shang hasn't made it, tears clouded her eyes as she pathetically looked around. Spying a ledge she crawled up and perched herself on it to discover a perfect view of the camp below.

She watched a troop of men return with the general leading. She realised they caught the men unaware and with their numbers halved. But where was Shang?

She watched with her stomach threatening to be sick as the general yelled and waved his arms around. She then saw movement as two men dragged out a man.


Sobbing as she watched Shang being kicked and punched by the troops, she punched the earth, frustrated she couldn't be there to save him. She watched them drag him to the great wall and stood him in a hole within the cavity of the wall.

Bile stun her throat when she realised what they were going to do.

They were going to bury him within the wall!

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