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"Hey there!" -regular dialogue
"Who is this guy again?" -inner thoughts
"I AM HERE!" -All Might muscle form
"Time limit is nearing!" -All Might muscle form inner thoughts

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All over Japan, millions of recently graduated junior high school students made their way to the places they'd be studying at for the next few years. Izuku was no different as he used a map to find his classroom on the large U.A. campus… the school of his dreams, the place where heroes were made.

He was momently shocked by the size of the Class 1-A door. "Must be tailored for students with gigantification quirks or other mutations that make them too large for standard entrances," he thought to himself as he took a deep breath and stepped inside.

Midoriya was always one to arrive far earlier than was necessary, so he was genuinely surprised to find there were already three other students in the classroom. One was an incredibly beautiful lady with her hair styled in a spiky side ponytail and a shapely figure-not that he really paid attention to that.

The other two were boys. The first had six arms, each set of three connected by a strange membrane and a mask covering most of his face. The second was stoic looking with two colored hair; red and white split perfectly down the center. He turned towards the entrance as Izuku stepped in, allowing the teen to also note his mismatched eyes and the burn scar surrounding his left eye. Midoriya knew that the best case scenario was a quirk accident… the worst… well, he didn't really want to think about that.

They stood in tense silence before the girl broke the ice. "Hello, my name is Momo Yaoyorozu. It would seem that we are going to be classmates so, please, take care of me." She bowed to Izuku who was quick to mimic the gesture. "Yes, it seems so indeed; I'm Izuku Midoriya, please take of me as well." He turned to the two boys next, expectantly. The one with the multiple arms introduced himself as Mezo Shoji while the other simply stopped paying attention to their presence altogether.

Izuku shrugged at the teen's lack of manors and went to sit down, just making it into his chair as the tall blue-haired boy he'd met at the entrance exam came in, looking through the room's occupants. Again, Yaoyorozu made the first move and introduced herself formally, Izuku quick to follow her example.

''Pleased to meet you, Yaoyorozu-san! My name is Tenya Iida; I look forward to spending the next three years as your classmate!'' He then gave a stiff ninety-degree bow, before turning towards Izuku. ''Hello, My name is-''
''I've heard. Nice to meet you, Iida-san. My name is Izuku Midoriya.''
''Yes, I remember you from the written portion of the entrance exam," Tenya explained. "You arrived even earlier than I did and I must, therefore, commend you for taking your education so seriously. Tell me, how did you do on your entrance exam? I believe my score was raised due to the rescue points they didn't tell us about during the pre-battle explanation."

Izuku had the decency to look away since his score had shattered the previous records; he'd been the only person to ever score over two-hundred points during the practical. He thought about being direct with Tenya but decided against it as that would attract unwanted attention.

''I did well enough, I suppose,'' he said instead, still trying to avoid eye contact. Even after years of building and perfecting the mask he wore, he'd never truly learned to lie to someone. Luckily, Iida just accepted his noncommittal response and excused himself to visit with other classmates.

The rest of the students slowly filed in, greeting each other pleasantly. It was very different from his junior high experience where everyone went out of their way to be cruel to him. Of course, Bakugo showed up as well, nearly blowing a fuse when he saw Midoriya there. Tenya stepped in between them before anything got too out of hand, reprimanding Bakugo for his messy hair and 'foul mouth'. It made Izuku sigh to himself.

Not long after the almost-confrontation, another female student arrived. She was bubbly and kind, excitedly introducing herself as Ochako Uraraka once Tenya had insisted that Izuku meet her. The girl went on and on about how cool Iida was for heroically carrying her away from the falling debris during their practical exam, even as he tried to assure her that anybody would have done the same.

"If you're here to make friends, then leave now" a tired voice scolded, interrupting their conversation. The students looked towards the entrance, finding a man wrapped up in a yellow sleeping bag and sipping on a juice box. "It took you eight seconds to calm down; that's a luxury we don't have. In three years, we need to make you heroes. Be rational."

Everyone just stared at him in confusion, finding his scruffy appearance odd.

"I'm Shouta Aizawa and I'll be your homeroom teacher," he continued, "Now, put these on and meet me outside." He reached into his sleeping bag and pulled out a U.A. sports uniform. He passed them out to the students and then left.

As the students of Class 1-A scrambled to the changing rooms, All Might was reading through the syllabus and his teacher's book about his own duties as a new professor. "So, the homeroom teacher for Class 1-A is Aizawa, huh?" he noted with interest. "That means they'll likely have a quirk assessment test; I guess it wouldn't hurt to check it out."

He transformed into his muscled form once more and headed out to the testing field.

After they'd changed, the students gathered around Aizawa.

"The quirk assessment test will be just like the physicals you completed in junior high," The man explained. "The only difference is that you'll be allowed and encouraged to use your powers."

"Oh, that sounds like fun!" The student with pink hair and skin exclaimed, everyone seeming to agree with her.
"Fun, you say? How is this for fun… The student who comes in last will be expelled immediately." Aizawa responded coldly, ignoring the communal screech of 'NANI?' "Let's start with an example. Izuku!"

Midoriya looked at his teacher, not at all wanting to be put on display. "He's not going to-"
"You scored the highest in the practical portion of the entrance exam by a hefty margin…"
"Bastard did it…"
"How far could you throw a softball in middle school?" Aizawa continued, oblivious to the irritation starting in Midoriya's chest.

Izuku set his jaw tightly but kept his mask in place. "Ninety-two meters."

"Impressive. Now, use your… powers. Do what you have to, just don't leave the circle." The teacher stopped himself before he said 'quirk' and decided to go along with the teen's insistence on being quirkless; It was his decision if he wanted to lie to the class.

There was a pause after Izuku stepped into the circle, then he turned and spoke. "Sensei, how long is this field?"
"About two kilometers, why?"
Midoriya shrugged and readied himself, calculating the amount of power he'd need to throw the ball about that distance. "I just didn't want to throw it onto someone else's property…" The ball sped from his hand as he threw it, speeding away faster than the eye could pick up.

Aizawa showed everyone his result. "1,989 meters."

Almost everyone's eyes popped out from the number, some complaining about what they assumed was Midoriya's good luck or the flashy quirk that gave him such strength. Aizawa, however, could see the silent furry in Midoriya's eyes. "There was no luck involved; this kid worked hard for his power… whatever it may be."

All Might watched from his position near the building, equally as shocked to see Izuku's abilities. "To think he already possesses such power! If he were to have One For All on top of that, he'd be unstoppable! I wonder how the rest of the sets go?"

As the day came to a close, Midoriya stood atop the class in almost every test. He was the most flexible, almost folding himself in half during the seated toe touch. During the pull-up test, he was able to keep his pace fast while also continuous, only stopping when Aizawa told him to. For a short time, it seemed like maybe a grape-haired student named Mineta would dominate the side to side jumps, but he came in second once it was Izuku's turn.

In the grip strength, he VERY carefully squeezed the hand machine until it maxed out at 999 kilos and it took him exactly 1 second to complete the 50-Meter-Dash. When it came time for the long jump, he cleared the entire campus and then kept a steady pace during the long distance run that was on par with world record holding athletes.

The only test he came second in was the softball pitch. Uraraka had sent her throw straight into the stratosphere with her quirk, but he didn't take it to heart and congratulated her with an honest face.

Aizawa fumbled with his device until the projector started working, while also mentioning that the whole expulsion thing was a lie, his words making most of the students cheer in relief while Yaoyorozu commented on how obvious of a ruse the threat had been.

1. Izuku Midoriya
2. Momo Yaoyorozu
3. Shoto Todoroki
... (same as in manga/anime only everyone goes down a spot since Izuku is first.)

Bakugo was shell shocked. He wasn't first. He wasn't second. He wasn't even in the top three. But Deku was, the little nerd had scored first place... He'd dominated every single test they'd had and beat Bakugo's scores by miles.

He seethed silently for a moment, explosions just beginning to crackle in his palms. "How?" he thought. "Deku doesn't even have a quirk; he was always the one receiving beatings from me… always cry- No… He stopped crying almost a year and a half ago…"

His rage turned outward and he rushed towards Midoriya, shouting at him. "Since when do you have a quirk, you useless Deku!"
Aizawa was quick to step in and stop the fight, wrapping his cloth around Bakugo. The blonde tried to blow it off but was unable to, the Pro explaining that it was made from a special metal alloy before releasing him once he'd calmed down some.

"Anyway," he sighed, "You will find the curriculum on my table back in the classroom. Give them a look before coming back tomorrow."

The students began walking back to the changing rooms after their oddball teacher had left, some looking at Izuku in awe. Yaoyorozu and Iida caught up with him, starting a conversation.
"I'm impressed, Midoriya-san! I would have never guessed that you would have possessed such an incredible quirk. Could you tell us more about it?" Tenya asked.
Izuku was about to respond when the speakers crackled with an announcement. "Could Mr. Izuku Midoriya please report to the principal's office?"

"I wonder what they want to speak with you about Midori-" Yaoyorozu started, her statement ending abruptly when she turned to the mentioned classmate only to find him gone. All that was left was a quick, strong breeze sweeping past them.

Izuku knocked on the principal's door and waited until he heard the quiet 'come in' from the other side. The office was modernly styled, with the principal himself in the corner making tea.

"Ah, Mr. Midoriya it's nice of you to report here so quickly. Although, with your… powers… it is probably easy as there are no limitations on campus. Speaking of which, what do you plan to tell your classmates? I've already been made aware of your scores on Aizawa's quirk assessment test and I have no doubt students will have questions." The mouse stated.

"They probably do" Izuku responded, tension building in his chest. He knew where this conversation was heading. "But I don't plan on answering; My secrets are mine and mine alone."

Nezu frowned at the declaration. "But wouldn't it be better to confide in someone? If you try to bottle it up, you'll-"

"I'll what? Explode? Won't be able to handle it?" Midoriya interrupted hotly. "With all due respect Principal Nezu, that is a load of bullshit."

The mouse blinked in surprise, taken aback by the harshness coming from the young man before him. Before he could comment, however, Midoriya was speaking again.

"For years, I tried to find someone that I could trust and confide in. When I was young, I talked to other children in the park, desperately trying to form a connection. About 95% of those attempts ended the moment I couldn't show off a quirk and the other 5% showed me a pitied kindness that ended when I'd talk about being a hero. Some just walked away while others called me stupid or crazy… I was even beaten on occasion. When I was too fed up with people my own age, I moved onto adults, heroes." he explained, almost shaking with frustration.

"I figured that since they were older and more mature that they'd understand. Death Arms, Backdraft, Edgeshot… They all said the same thing, that I couldn't be a hero because I didn't have some stupid quirk. Even All Might blew me off until he saw me act heroically just once and then suddenly he wanted to help. I actually thought he believed in me! But no, he just wanted to 'give me the power that would put me on par with everyone else' or something like that. So, no, I don't trust anyone."

Midoriya sucked in a heavy breath once he'd finished, but soon realized exactly what he'd done. The principal was giving him an understanding look, one that made him want to leave immediately. "In short, I don't need or want to confide in anyone; I'll take my leave now."

Izuku left in such a hurry that he completely missed the person behind the door. All Might stepped in slowly, clearing his bloodied throat. "How did the talk go?"

"Worse than I had hoped, but better than expected." The mouse responded. "I learned quite a bit about your troubled student, though I admit there is still far more that I don't yet know. I think it would be wise to hold off on offering him tutelage, Yagi. For now, continue to focus on a successor if you've found one."

"I haven't yet, sir."
"I see...Perhaps you should reconnect with your old sidekick. I'm sure he has someone in mind already." Nezu urged gently.

The Number One Pro was hesitant at first. It had been a long time since he'd spoken with the man and they hadn't parted on the best of terms, but he knew it was time to swallow his pride. "I think you're right sir. I'll call Sir Nighteye immediately.

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