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"Hey there!" -regular dialogue
"Who is this guy again?" -inner thoughts
"I AM HERE!" -All Might muscle form
"Time limit is nearing!" -All Might muscle form inner thoughts

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The Tomura brat was planning something, and the Doctor was cautiously standing on the sidelines. The introduction of Gigantomachia into the fray expedited some plans, while others had to be held back. At least Shigaraki did not presume he could maintain any form of control over the beast, merely demanding updates on its location, which mostly stayed the same as it entered hibernation mode. While the battle barely strained it, and the wounds were superficial, both the Doctor and All for One knew to keep their resources at 100%.

He forwarded all the information he possessed on the Eight Precepts of Death, and then elected to stay back and observe before committing to the kid. And… something else stayed his hand. Izuku Midoriya. He was the wildcard in all of this. They counted on All Might's successor being incredibly strong, and Le Million so far was within acceptable parameters, but Midoriya… The ungodly stamina and strength he possessed could seriously throw a wrench in his plans.

Still, he did possess some hidden aces on his own, didn't he? His eyes wandered towards his phone. Just one call, and he could…

No. No sense committing everything and more for a cause that might not even succeed. First, he'd see how Shigaraki handled things. All for One liked to say he had confidence in Tomura's abilities, but in Doctor's family, there was a saying that as of this moment has yet to lead him astray:

Confidence is a fool's substitute for intelligence.

Momo let out a deep sigh and leaned against her broom. She also added a mental note to show more appreciation to the cleaning staff her family employed. She remembered alarm bells going off in her head when Aizawa visited her family's home, for when the teacher saw her, he smiled.

Bakugo and Kirishima shared a similar experience, except Bakugo swearing a lot when he saw Aizawa smiling at him like a maniac at his doorstep. With Miruko and even Nighteye covering for them, there was no official punishment, but that did not stop Aizawa from tearing into them viciously, before making them pack their bags and be the first to move into class 1-A dorm. Then he made them clean the entire thing by themselves before their other classmates arrived.

They accepted it with no complaints; even Bakugo didn't have much to say, except something along the lines of "I'll fucking do it, grrr, fucknuggets!". Still, they managed to organize themselves so they would have some time to enjoy the dorm's facilities. Bakugo, surprisingly, was a pretty decent cook, even if his palette was a tad spicier than she had expected. When she had commented on it, he scoffed and said that he had held back, and that his normal fare was much spicier. At least, that was how she had translated "My normal grub is spicy as fuck".

Today, they had passed Aizawa's inspection and were left to enjoy the dorm in full before their classmates got here tomorrow. They made pizza, watched some movies, and then Kirishima convinced Bakugo to engage in a few rounds of the Nintendo49 Smash SUPER. She retreated to the kitchen to do some light reading. Say what you will, but three days of living with Bakugo with only Kirishima as a buffer was not the easiest thing to do, so she would take whatever silence she could get.

But, soon after, Bakugo entered to grab a drink. He stood by the sink, gulping down some water before he turned suddenly and caught her looking at him.

"What do you want, Ponytail?"

"You know, after all we've been through, you could at least call me by my name."

"Yeah, not gonna fucking happen." He walked to the fridge and took a look inside.

"The fuck did all this bacon come from?"

"Oh, I had it delivered today, for Midoriya."

"Pff, yeah right. Like he would like this weak Canadian shit. You can just say you ordered it for yourself, Ponytail." Momo was not a vengeful person, but right now she felt like taking the cheap shot.

"Izuku personally requested this type of bacon. Someone who knew him their entire life ought to know that."

Cheap shot indeed. Bakugo circled through angry, to wrathful, and back to angry before he settled on simply showing her his middle finger, accompanied with the words "fuck you".

"You know Kirishima wants to be your friend, right? And after all we've been through in Kamino and then cleaning this dorm, I would like to think we formed some connection as well."

His eyes narrowed. He looked her in the eye, confused and annoyed.

"What are you getting at, Ponytail?"

"It's simple. We want to be your friends, so maybe you could meet us halfway."

"And how do I do that?"

"You could start with dropping the nicknames."

He looked thoughtful, and for a second she thought he might actually comply. But then he gave her a smirk.

"Nope. Your name is long as hell, and Shitty Hair doesn't care." He walked towards the exit, and Momo turned back to her book and sighed. This was a lost cause.

"But you guys helped me that night, so if you need help, I'll do it."

Before she could turn to look at him, he was already gone. She turned once again to her book, but this time with a small smile on her lips. Slowly but surely, she would succeed.

Tatsumaki watched her brother as he carefully exchanged money with the cashier at the supermarket, picked up the bags, and started walking home. She saw that he weaved between the crowd, avoiding contact. It was a practiced movement to avoid people falling over themselves from his killing aura. She has gotten used to it by now, and mom never had any issues with it to begin with. A small mercy, since the last thing Izuku needed was scaring his mother half to death with a single hug.

She walked alongside him as he occasionally muttered under his breath. Usually, she would write it off as just usually rambling about traffic, weather, or how his favorite snacks got 10 yen pricier. She didn't see a way that was a problem until Inko told her that Izuku was quite stingy with his money ever since he didn't have enough pocket money left to buy the "once-in-a-decade All Might flavor" ice cream cone that included a small figurine of the man on top. Izuku was embarrassed by that story, but ever since, he has been very careful with his money.

But anyway, this muttering was a lot different from other mutterings. She still could not understand a word, but the rhythm was different, and the break patterns were all scrambled. She thought about teasing him about it, but… Izuku was starting to get suspicious. The old 'I'm going with you to familiarize myself with the area' excuse could only work for so long. When they finally arrived back to the apartment, Izuku swiftly put away the groceries, and then excused himself, citing he needed to do an urgent phone call.




"You've called the Casanova residence, Chad Mineta speaking."


"Wow, someone slap my sack, is that Midoriya on the phone? You NEVER call! You only text the topics of Student council meetings! What's up man, how can I help?"

"I need advice. Of romantic variety."

There was one long pause on the other land. Not even breathing was heard. Izuku had to double-check that the call was still going. But then his classmate spoke, with a voice more serious than Izuku ever heard him speak.

"Midoriya. You called the worst person possible. Even Bakugo with his trashy social skills would have been better than me."

This time it was Izuku who was silent. For a moment, he wanted to simply hang up. But that would not be very friendly.

"Can you explain?"

"Only to you, since you were a bro at the Sports Festival. Man… this might take a minute."

Mineta took a deep breath to gather his thoughts, then he explained.

"Look. Being a hero… it's hard work. I know that. As much as I say I'm in it for the babes, the babes don't come as soon as you get your license. You have to work hard, establish turf, connections, and reputation. And that takes time. To add dating to that? Yeah, no, I prefer my sanity. So, I figured I'd get it all out of my system now, during high school, when things are a bit easier than out in the real world. It also helps that our classmates are total bombshells. After we graduate, I will work hard. I'll become a hero. Only after that, can I focus on being the Casanova this world needs."

"Is that what they call the Sigma grindset?"

"Something like that. But listen, I may not be able to give much advice—aside from what's on the internet—but I can listen, and honest to bro, I won't talk."

"She's my best friend. But now there's more. I want more."

"Hmm, I see. And when did this want for 'more' come about?"

"When she slapped the daylights out of my dad."

"Daddy issues. Hot. Wait… Is it still hot if it's the guy that has the issues? You know what, never mind, we're getting off track. The important part of this is, you're already friends. So, you just need to let your nuts drop and ask her on a date."

"But there are no places to go out on campus."

"Wait, the girl you like is our classmate? Is it Mina?"

"No. Where would you get that idea?"

"Hmm. Well, we're first years, so the only answer is… YOU'RE DATING A SENPAI!"

"We're not dating yet."

"Midoriya, my boy, you made me very proud today. Good job!"

Izuku could hear actual tears on the other end. Were these tears of sadness? Joy? The rarely-seen legendary tears of manliness? Should he say something?

"You can call me Izuku. We're friends… right?"

"No Izuku. We are more than friends. We are bros now!"


Mineta threw in some more generic advice, and to top it off, sent him a few links to pretty decent spots for a first date, taking into account that neither Izuku nor his lady friend seemed to be much for fancy restaurants or high-end clubs. But Nejire might wanna go dancing, so Mineta promised to 'check the scene for some low-key places', but not too low-key, since they were still high schoolers.

Izuku hung up and then looked around his room. He still had things to pack for tomorrow. First time moving out. That was an important step in life, right? Should he be feeling excited? He didn't. At least, not about moving. But seeing Nejire again tomorrow? He could be excited about that. With a smile on his face, he began marking what clothes he would take with him. Tomorrow was gonna be a great day!

It was beautiful. He was running through a field of flowers, and his pollen allergies were a thing of the past. He was also chased by hippos in top hats, who wanted him to give them stock market advice. And at the end of it was To-


Twice woke up with a start, hastily looking around. Kamino, battle, who was the real—there was a cast on his leg. THERE WAS A CAST ON HIS LEG! HE WAS REAL! HE WAS—captured. Strapped to a chair. With quirk-suppressing cuffs. Wonderful.

"Bubaigawara Jin. It is good to see you awake."

"It's not so wonderful on the inside. My leg hurts, and my head is worse."

"Yes, I would imagine so. Now, my guess is, you want to know where you are, correct?"

"It would be nice."

"You are currently detained at U.A. underground holding facilitiers, under my authority. Frankly speaking, it was a pain to gain custody of you, but after a few promises, the HPSC relented."

That made Twice think. He should have been on his way to Tartarus, or a facility of a similar kind. The fact he was at U.A. instead meant there was a purpose to which he could serve for the principal. The rat went through the trouble to get him, but for what?

"I see you have an inkling as to why you are here, but to clear away any confusion, let me show you."

The door behind the rat slowly opened up, showing a barrier of sorts, and behind it…

"This will not work. Only Shigaraki could command it."

"Ah, but luckily for us, we have a student in our midst who will be able to directly, or through trickery, make it do our bidding. Which is, of course, nothing nefarious. I merely seek to use it as a training exercise."

"You what to use THAT as a training exercise? U.A. is even more intense than I thought."

"Of course, regular students will not have access to it. But I know of at least four who will benefit from it greatly."

"So, I make clones of it for your super students to train on? What's in it for me?"

"Absolutely nothing. Because you see, Jin, your compliance was never a factor. Either you will make the clones out of your own free will, or…"

"Who's the ugly asshole on the chair?"

"I'll show you ugly—"

Suddenly, Jin stopped moving, sitting perfectly still with a glazed look in his eyes. Nezu looked behind the chair to see the open entrance and two people standing there.

"Ahh, young Shinso, thank you very much for helping us with this. Of course, I assure you again, if you change your mind, you will still be guaranteed a spot in the Hero course."

"And I will still help you. Because I want to. Now let's get to work. Twice, make a clone of the Nomu."

"Oh, my baby boy! I w-wrote all the washing tips in your notebook, a-as well as the katsudon recipe. And remember to call and tell me what washing machine they have, so I can check if it has the settings needed. A-and—"

"Mom, I'm gonna be fine. You taught me everything I need to know. And… I'll visit on weekends. You can show me more recipes then."

Inko smiled at her son who peered at the floor as if it held the secret of life. It was so strange to see him moving out already, but she knew he was going to be alright. Izuku Midoriya could look after himself. Now if only someone else learned that too…

"Alright, I'm all set. Let's go, brother!"

"Tatsu… why are you going with me to U.A.?"

"Well, for one, I'll help you unpack and build the furniture, then I need to go see the ra—I mean, the principal, and get a rundown of security so I can do my job."

"And your job is…"

"Watching over y—U.A.! You are looking at the head of the Campus Security team."

She looked very proud of that, and Izuku… he looked at her funny. Why would she get employed at U.A.?

"Don't you have a hero agency back in the states?"

"Yeah. Honestly, I expected the whole thing with dad to take a lot longer, and planned to fly back with him before transferring leadership to my sidekick, but the r—principal asked me to help out for a few weeks as extra muscle. Once I come back from the states, I'll look for something more permanent."

"Wait, so you're moving back to Japan?"

"Yes… and no. My official employers are still the Hero organization, but apparently, me coming here gave both governments a push to start talking about actual cooperation beyond trade deals. I'll probably have to switch between the states and here for the first few years, but hopefully, it won't be too long before I can make Japan my permanent residence."

They wanted to talk more, but were interrupted by the doorbell. It was the company U.A. had hired to help move whatever students needed to feel more at home in the dorms. In Izuku's case, that was some boxes with clothes, and a few still-packed pieces of furniture. Driving in the truck was a new experience for Izuku, but what truly impressed him was the dorm building itself. Living here might actually be kind of fun. That enthusiasm was severely lowered the moment he walked through the door.

"Take off your fucking shoes! I ain't scrubbing this fucking floor again!"

Bakugo was there already, and so were Momo and Kirishima. Iida and Ochako were also there, but he quickly turned away as soon as he saw them. Who in their right mind would hold hands so brazenly in a communal space?! The next thing everyone knew, Bakugo was tossed out the open window, and the shameless pair was forced 7 feet apart.

"There better be chaperones available. Dorms on paper sounded like a good idea, but it seems we all forgot that you're a bunch of teenagers."

"She walks in with class! She walks in with sass! But most importantly, she walks in with that loli ass! Hi, my name is Minoru Mineta, glad you could meet me."

Mineta would follow the same path Bakugo did if Izuku wasn't there to catch him. The purple midget dusted himself off and thanked his friend.

"This is the only time I'll do that, so you better quit hitting on my sister."

"Oh, sure, bro. Sisters are off-limits, Bro code article—Wait, what?!"

"That is my sister. She is also head of campus security."

"Stop dallying around Izuku, now let's go pick your room."

Following his sister and the train of luggage she carried with her quirk, the Midoriya siblings moved up to the upper floors, leaving the folks that were in the common room with a lot to go through.

"That WAS Tornado of Terror, right? I haven't gone insane from living with Bakugo for three days, right?"

"Nope, I saw her too. She was super manly!"

"Kirishima, you also lived with Bakugo for three days. We might both be insane."

Speak of the wolf, and he shall blast on explosions and a fountain of swear words.


Before he could either go off on a tangent or go search for the green-haired pair, something landed on the lawn in front of the dorm.

"Hey, Bakubro, isn't that your bed?"

Everyone chased up the stairs to the first floor to find Izuku standing in the hallway, looking confused, and the door to Bakugo's room wide open. Peeking inside, they saw Bakugo's dresser being flown out the balcony and on the grass below.

"Um, Miss head of Security Tornado, what are you doing?"

"Just Tornado if fine. And I'm preparing Izuku's room."

"That, um… That's Bakugo's room."

"Was. Now it's gonna be Izuku's."

Bakugo… he stood there, in the middle of his increasingly bare room. Clearly, something overheated in his head, and now he had to reboot. The gathered classmates looked towards Izuku, who found something on his phone very interesting. Yaoyorozu was the first to question the explanation.

"Um, and why must Izuku stay in this room?"

"Isn't it obvious? It is close to both the elevator and the stairs, and it's on the first floor, so Izuku can evacuate safely in case of emergencies."

"But isn't Midoriya like… indestructible? He could easily just jump from the higher floors. Plus he's super-fast; he could easily use the stairs."

Izuku nodded, seemingly glad someone else saw sense.

"That's true, but—"

"Plus the view on the upper floors is much better. Midoriya, you want a nice view, right?"

"Yes, please."

"Well alright then. Let's go pick something from the third floor."

"Why not the fourth one?"

"What if the roof collapses? Izuku might be fine, but his stuff would get wet and/or damaged."

"…Of course, how silly of me."

"We all have our faults. Now let's go, Izuku."

Izuku mouthed out an apology and followed his sister.


Bakugo was rebooted, but before he could start blasting after the siblings, he was mowed over by his bed dresser and chair which came flying back through the balcony and deposited themselves on top of him.

"You're a big boy, I'm sure you can handle it."

His shouts were silenced by the door, and everyone present decided it was much wiser to let him cool off. Even Kirishima decided to leave Bakugo to the 'manly job of moving furniture'.

"Well, that's the last of 'em. You sure you can bring them in yourself?"

"Yep, thanks a lot dad. I promise to visit!"

"I know you will. Take care."

Nejire and her dad stood at the front of the U.A., awkwardly.

"You can go now, dad."

"I know."

"But you won't?"

"I'm sorry, Nejire, but you did mention that this Izuku fellow will come to help you. By how much you speak of him, I just figured, maybe I should meet the guy."

"Dad!" No one could resist the Nejire pout.

"Fine, fine, I'm going." With one last hug, her dad got in his car and drove away, but not before honking one last time. She waved after him. It might be annoying to get around being split between U.A., the Lair, and her house, but for her dad, she would make it work. Plus, how awesome would it be, living with Yuyu and Miro and Tamaki! And to see Izuku every day! She can come to see him before AND after class! Was his dorm room also filled with hero nerdy stuff? And what about his bed? The one he had at his home was comfy! Wait, they could have more sleepovers now! Yay! She flew up into a celebratory loop, and when she landed, he was there.

"Izuku! I just had a thought! We live close now, that means sleepovers every day!"

"We're not having sleepovers every day."

"Mou!" The pout was weaponized twice in one day. The Universe felt the disturbance.

"We can have them once a month though."

"Every week?"

"Twice a month."


They both spat in their hands and shook on it. Then they realized there was no place to wash their hands.

"I have some wet wipes." Nejire started rummaging through her boxes. First was her decorations, then it was her clothes—her nice bra almost fell out!—then she found her toiletries and brought out the packet of wet wipes. She handed two to Izuku, one for his hands and one for the nosebleed he got all of a sudden.

"Alright, let's get moving!" They precariously loaded the boxes on Izuku, who carried them while Nejire flew around and kept them from toppling over. That way they managed to bring them all in one trip, depositing them in front of the 3-A dorms. Turns out Tamaki was the first one there already, so Nejire had free pick of the girl rooms. She picked one right at the top, and instead of carrying the boxes up the stairs, she ferried them up to Izuku on the balcony, who then placed them inside.

Izuku then also helped assemble her bed, desk, and drawer, and hung her pictures. But she built her chair herself. And she arranged her decorations and put away her clothes. Still, to repay her underclassman, she did order some pizza for them both. After eating that, they just chilled in her fully furnished room.

"Thank you for helping me, izuku."

"No problem, I was happy to help."

"Me too, imagine how long it would take me by myself!"

"You'd rope Tamaki into helping you."

"I would not!"

"You totally would! You'd go downstairs and whine about how heavy the bed was, and then he would feel bad and go help you." They laughed at that. Tamaki was currently completely happy, playing some games on the giant TV screen in the living room. He would probably run off to his room as soon as the rest of 3-A showed up.

"So, about the sleepovers…" Izuku just sighed. She would not drop the subject, so best he gives in.

"We can have them on weekends."

"Great! Just tell me which room you're in and—"

"Wow, we can't have them in my room!"

"Why not?"

"I got a cardboard bed, those only hold one person!"

"That's a lie and you know it! They have been thoroughly tested!"

"You can't sleep in my bed together with me."

"We slept together at the Lair!"

"That bed wasn't mine, it's different!"

"And we slept together at your house, in your bed after Kamino!"

"That's… We were both tired then!"

"Oh, so you need to be tired to sleep with me in your bed?"

Izuku did not know if it was the way she kept repeating 'slept together', or if it was the way she said that last sentence that made him imagine all kinds of stuff they could be doing to get tired. He was still a warm-blooded boy, in the midst of puberty! So, instead of coming up with more excuses, he blurted out something else.

"We should go on a date."

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