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"Hey there!" -regular dialogue
"Who is this guy again?" -inner thoughts
"I AM HERE!" -All Might muscle form
"Time limit is nearing!" -All Might muscle form inner thoughts

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Izuku was by no means someone who could be easily agitated. Even Kacchan's bullying became something he could barely call a minor inconvenience. But what he really hated was being the center of attention. And since he made it a point to always be early, he got the full brunt of the reporters, preying on All Might in front of the U.A. entrance.

He was swarmed with questions about All Might's teaching methods and other less relevant questions. Thanks to his quick thinking, he rebounded them by telling them he was from General Ed, and they abandoned him like he was contagious. But that did resolve in him being a little cranky. Also, he could have sworn he saw a blue-haired girl spying on him from behind the window. That was weird. He hid it behind his emotionless face, as he walked towards the main building. But the day has only started.

Aizawa stood over the class, holding a stack of papers.

"I reviewed All Might's report on yesterday's battle practice. Bakugo." The blond looked at the teacher with some annoyance.

"Grow up. Stop wasting your talent." The blond just scoffed but took Aizawa's words to heart. He was gonna be no.1 and surpass Deku.

"Anyway, today during homeroom you will..." That made students scared. Will there be another test? A pop quiz? Will he just expel them?

"...pick a class president." Everyone blinked. And then…

"I wanna be the president!"

"I want to be a leader!"

"During my administration, girls will have to show 30cm of thigh!" It seemed like every student had their hand up. Except for two. Todoroki because... Who knows? And Izuku because he didn't care.

"Quiet down! Being a class president is a great responsibility, but ambition does not equate ability! The sacred position requires the trust of the class they are leading. SO I put forward the motion that WE ELECT OUR PRESIDENT!" Others just looked at Iida, and some remarked that his hand is raised the highest and that they're not a congress.

"I think we don't know each other well enough to properly trust someone." Said the girl with frog-like features
"Yea and won't everyone just vote for themselves?" asked Kirishima.

"But you see, that is precisely why the one elected will be the best suited for the job." He turned to Aizawa, who was already snuggled into his yellow sleeping bag.

"Will you allow this, sensei?"

"I don't care, just hurry with it."

Iida politely asked Yaoyorozu to create a voting box, he tallied the papers and he counted the votes. The end result was:

Izuku Midoriya, 2 votes
Momo Yaoyorozu, 2 votes
Iida Tenya, 1 vote

Iida looked heartbroken.

"I see! I have failed to gain the trust of the class. I am not appropriate for the office. Next, we'll vote for Midoriya or Yaoyorozu."

The whole class took a few minutes to vote, or in Bakugo's case raging that someone voted for Deku over himself. Iida collected the votes again and counted them, and the result was:

Momo Yaoyorozu, 10 votes
Izuku Midoriya, 9 votes

"Great. So your president is Yaoyorozu, and your vice-president is Midoriya. Class dismissed."

Throughout the rest of the day, Izuku was looking very thoughtful. His crankiness rose up even further since everyone was congratulating him on his position, which he did not even want, and it seemed, even teachers were only asking him questions. Teenager stuff. It wasn't until lunch when he finally got some alone time. But that went down the drain after Ururaka sat down opposite of him, and of course, Iida following her sat down beside him.

"So, Mr vice-president-" Izuku inwardly cringed at that "-how does it feel?"

"I didn't even want the position in the first place. I voted for Yaoyorozu since she seems like the smartest among us."

"Well, I voted for Iida first, since he seemed right for the job, glasses and all, but in the second vote I decided to go with you since you were the one to devise a plan to capture Kirishima, that's gotta mean you're smart, right?" said Uraraka. Iida looked at her gratefully, before adding his 2 cents.

"I also voted for you both times, since after what Uraraka-san told me you were right for the job. I did not know this made you unhappy. I humbly apologize."

Izuku waved it off, digging into his fried rice, whileOchako looked at Iida curiously

"Iida, the way you talk... Are you a rich kid?" Iida looked slightly embarrassed by her question, but Izuku answered for him, without even looking away from his fried rice.

"His last name is the same as hero Ingenium, pretty famous hero, who operates in Tokyo and employs 65 sidekicks. Both have the same quirk as the past members of the Iida family had. Based on his and Ingenium's age he must be his brother. But by the observations in the past, you are already reaching closer to speeds your brother had when he debuted with leads me to think that muttermutter, mutter, muttermuttermuttermutter, muttermutter..."

Iida looked gobsmacked. Midoriya has just told everything he was planning to say and more, and also remembered to compare his speeds during the battle exercise and his brother's debut. Ochako also looked surprised, since she did not expect Izuku suddenly start muttering and writing something into his notebook. Which again appeared out of nowhere! Iida tried to say something but was interrupted by the screeching sound of the alarm.

"Level 3 security has been breached! All students evacuate in an orderly fashion!"

All hell broke loose. All of the students immediately panicked, completely disregarding the ending statement. Ochako was about to be swarmed over, she closed her eyes in terror. Until she felt someone touch her palm and swing her on their back. When she opened her eyes she saw the familiar green hair of Izuku, while he was still holding onto his fried rice.

"You really think that you should be eating right now?" she yelled in his ear. Izuku just looked at her with mild agitation in a rare show of emotion.

"1. it's a waste of good food, 2. can you really expect me to eat in all this noise?"

"Yea, I'd expect these people to act more civilized and rational. they're in UA, aren't they supposed to be smart?"

"A person is smart. People are dumb." Both cringed from a particularly loud screech. Izuku had it.

"Ok, that's enough, I've gotta stop this."

He looked around and saw another flying student a little ways from where they were. He vaguely remembered her from this morning but decided to push those thoughts aside. With a wave of his hand, he managed to get her attention.
"Hi there! How are you floating? Why did you call me over? Do you need my help?" He was a bit taken aback by the flood of questions but ignored them all.

"I need you to drag me towards the exit so that we can try to calm down the crowd. The girl complied and pulled Izuku across the cafeteria, towards where the exit was. As they passed by the windows, they saw Iida shouting and pointing outside. They all looked out on the main yard.
There they saw reporters surrounding Eraserhead and Present Mic like vultures, demanding to see All Might, or at least get a statement.

"Damn it, it's just the press." Izuku looked around, trying to think of a plan. He decided to be direct and blunt. They arrived above the entrance and he thought how to get everyone's attention. Deciding to borrow a page from Katsuki's book, yelled with the loudest voice possible.

"EVERYONE CALM THE FUCK DOWN!" Ochako and the other girl looked at him, the first for never hearing him raise his voice, and the second for the language he used. After he got everyone's attention, he continued.

"It is just the press! We are the U.A students, so let's act like we belong here! Help the trampled, and evacuate to the designated spot!" Students looked around, some embarrassed, some feeling guilty, but all prepared to help. Together they got injured students to recovery girl, while the rest evacuated.

But while Midoriya took control of the situation in the cafeteria, Nezu and some other teachers looked at their 'U.A barrier', crumbled into a pile of rust.

''Who do you think could have done this?" asked Snipe, already knowing it couldn't have been one of the reporters.

"I don't know," said Nezu.

"But I worry what it could mean. Could it be a simple act of violence? Or a declaration of war?" His words left everyone feeling troubled, while the police arrived to take the press off campus.

After collecting his students from the evacuation spot and checking that none were injured, Aizawa decided to address the class.

"What you saw today is what happens when people let their instincts take over. People panic. You, as the future heroes, must learn to suppress that panic and act according to the situation. Midoriya!" The green haired student looked at their teacher.

"You reacted well and took care of the situation. Good job. But next time, watch the language." Izuku nodded, but still kept his emotionless look even as others praised him.

"Now, go home, but remember, tomorrow we have a special class in the afternoon."

Seeing as the school was called off for the rest of the day, all the students began to commute towards their homes or went to hang out with their friends. Ochako and Tenya tried to find Izuku but to no avail. They figured that Bakugo should know where he went, they seemed to know each other quite well.

Finding the explosive teen was the easy part. They just needed to listen for insults and cursing, and voila! There was Bakugo, already looking ready to murder someone. Talking to him, however...
"What do ya want, Round Face, Four-eyes?" he asked them.

"We were wondering whether you knew where Midoriya was?" asked Uraraka quickly before Iida could discuss Bakugo's tone.

"Hell if I know. I haven't hung out with that nerd since we were both 4. Our mums meet on occasion, but that's it." he walked away, leaving them in an empty hallway.

Ochako tried to not let the disappointment show on her face, but Iida knew better.

"Look, Uraraka-san, I know you're worried about him, but maybe all he needs is time." Ochako looked at Tenya. He was having the same face he had when he rescued her in the entrance exam. Full of concern, but at the same time giving off feeling that everything will be alright. Ochako liked that face.

"You're probably right. Thank you, Iida. And, please, call me Ochako." The smile she gave him made Iida blush a little.

"Alright, but only if you call me Tenya." Ochako nodded, and together they headed for the train station, walking in comfortable silence.

The next day, classes were going as normal, Izuku's only problems came from looking Midnight into the eye, thanks to how many times he... 'appreciated' her. Some boys had similar problems, and only Mineta declared Modern Hero Art History to be his favorite subject. What made it worse was Midnight's knowing glint as she stared at them. It made Izuku feel like she knew more. Much, much more. After the 'regular' classes, they headed out to lunch, and Izuku tried yet another new dish, it was gyoza.

Next came Basic Hero Training. Eraserhead crawled into class in his yellow sleeping bag, drinking an energy jelly. Then he crawled out and looked over the class.

"Today the exercise will be supervised by All Might and me, and a mystery teacher. While the day before yesterday you were focusing on BATTLE, today we will be doing the opposite." he held up a 'RESCUE' card.

"And to do that, we will go on a short field trip. Wear your costumes if you want, but remember something might get in the way. Yaoyorozu, Midoriya, get them on the bus in 20 minutes." With that, he was gone.

The students decided whether they should wear the costumes or not, before going to the locker rooms to change. After that, they gathered back in the classroom, and with only 5 minutes to spare, Yaoyorozu decided to take charge.

"So, Midoriya-san, how do you wanna do thi-" Momo was interrupted by a strong gust of wind sweeping through the classroom, Izuku nowhere to be seen.

"Why does he keep doing that. Well, it doesn't matter, I'll just-" another gust of wind, and Izuku was standing at her desk.

"The bus has open seats, so we don't need to assign a seating order. Let's just get everyone in line and go." Momo just blinked and nodded agreeing.

After they packed everyone on the bus, Izuku found himself sitting next to the frog looking girl. He was in a dilemma right now.

"Should I ask about her quirk? Which frog does her quirk embody? Should I even talk to her? What if I say something wrong? I feel like if I say something bad about her, I'll enrage a whole force of nature that is the internet. Wait, what? Ah never mind." Luckily the girl saved his brain from overheating by introducing herself.

"Hi, my name is Tsuyu Asui, call me Tsu. I generally say what's on my mind." Izuku was ready to take the bait.

"Oh, how nice, anyway what's your quir-"

"I think your quirk is very similar to All Mights."
"Oh." Izuku's mood dampened substantially.

"You know what, Tsu is right," said Kirishima. "You both use super strength and speed. You can do so many great stuff." He took a look at his arm, activating his hardening quirk.

"Unlike my hardening quirk. I'm good in a fight, but nothing else." Izuku leaped at the opportunity to change topics.

"That's not true. While generally speaking, most armors sacrifice movement for sturdiness, and you seem to bypass that, already getting rid of one of the disadvantages of your costume. As was demonstrated during battle practice, you can probably move into highly risking areas and save civilians. And have you ever tried to harden so much you can't even move? This could have possibly muttermutter, mutter, mutter, muttermuttermutter, mutter…"

"Oi! Shut up, you nerd!" came a yell from the back. Izuku gave his childhood friend an empty look that Katsuki recognized as: 'Fuck you too' look. But before he could open his mouth again, he was interrupted by Kaminari.

"Well, if we're talking strong, Midoriya, Todoroki and Mr. Boom-Boom Shtick here take the lead."

Everyone looked at him.

"What? He gives everyone nicknames, might as well give one to him. We've only just met, and he already shows the same personality as the steaming turd."

"Da fuck you said to me, Pikachu?"
Izuku was quietly enjoying the situation.
"Someone provoking Bakugo? What's next? A villain attack during class? Yea, right. hen hell freezes over." Of course, the universe saw Izuku happy. And the universe said: Oh no, you don't.

"See? They all have the powers, but none of the personality. Todoroki doesn't even cooperate with others, Midoriya looks like he will die of boredom and we all already know Bakugo. As sad as it is."

Everyone looked towards the mentioned students. Todoroki was either napping or just didn't care, Izuku was looking at Kaminari with his blank stare, making the blonde uncomfortable, and Bakugo said something that had no place in a 14 years old vocabulary, earning him a harsh reprimand from Aizawa.

After about 20 minute drive, they arrived at a colossal building.

"Welcome to Unforeseen Simulation Joint. Or USJ for short." They all admired the building as they unloaded from the bus. As they entered, another surprise was waiting for them.

"The landslide, the flood, conflagration... Every disaster or accident you can imagine. I've built this myself, I call it-"

"I already told them."

"Damn you senpai!" Aizawa didn't budge and pulled Space Hero Thirteen off to the side.

"Where's All Might?"

"He is nearly out of time, he might show up at the end."

"The irrationality of that man. Let's just get started."

They turned back to the students and saw them staring at Izuku, who was hastily making notes in his magic notebook, and Uraraka, who was fangirling about her favorite hero. Ochako soon realized what she was doing, and blushed a deep red. And Kaminari wanted to tap Izuku's shoulder. But before he could do that, he felt a wave of danger wash over him and leaped away from the greenette. The notebook was already gone, and Izuku was standing there, almost slouching.
"What was that I just felt now? The danger… Is this guy even normal?"

Thirteen coughed and spoke.

"Alright then, a few words, if I may?"

"My quirk is Blackhole. And as you know, I've dedicated my life to use it for rescue. But just as easily as I can save a person, I could kill one as well." That got most students serious.

"In our society, quirk use is heavily monitored, for a good reason too. Heroes are some of the few individuals who are allowed to use them for the betterment of mankind. But we must not forget, that it only takes one wrong move with a quirk to cause death. Through Aizawa's assessment test, you've realized your potential. Through All Might battle practice, you've learned how your quirk can cause harm. This class will show you another perspective. The fundamental job of a hero. To help and to rescue. Thank you very much." Thirteen ended his speech with a small bow, while students applauded.

After the applause settled down, Aizawa took over again.

"Since All Might is not here, let us split into two groups and-" he was cut short by Izuku, who's eyes detected something on the plaza. Everyone looked, just in time to see a black portal open up, and several dozens of armed figures emerging. Izuku cursed to himself, before turning towards the teacher.

"Sensei, are those..."

"Villains? Yes. EVERYONE, HUDDLE UP! THIRTEEN, PROTECT THE KIDS!" While they were rushing to follow the orders they were given, Izuku sighed to himself.

"Great, on the day hell freezes, I will enter it in nothing but spandex. Just great."

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