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Chapter 1- Green Silk

Hermione sat down between Ron and Neville in the Great Hall on Christmas Eve. Harry sat across from them, writing something under the table. "What are you doing, Harry?"

"Uh, nothing," Harry said, filling his mouth with a huge bite of chicken. Ginny, who had been engrossed in conversation with Lavender Brown, glanced at him curiously as he downed his goblet of pumpkin juice.

Sensing the need to change the subject, Hermione, "Christmas tomorrow."

"I'm just glad Malfoy's leaving," Ron said, glaring as the blond Slytherin pulled his trunk past. "He's been bragging for weeks about his trip to the Caribbean with his mother. Swaggering even more than usual." Ron glared again as Malfoy left the hall.

"Ugh, imagine Malfoy in a Speedo," Hermione grinned. Ginny and Lavender giggled.

Ron and Harry both gagged. "Ew, Hermione, we're eating here."

"Sorry." Hermione took a thoughtful bite of Yorkshire pudding. She had been trying to trick Ron and Harry into telling her what they got for her, but the only thing they had told her was that they had combined their money to buy her a present. She wondered whether it could be a prank gift. She frowned at the thought. She always got them nice gifts.

"What, doesn't it taste good?" Harry asked.


"What are you making that face for?" She knew he would press her until she answered.

"Just thinking," she said.

"Probably misses her classes already," Ron said around a mouthful of food. Hermione rolled her eyes at him. He never seemed to realize when he talked with his mouth full. She threw a creampuff at him, and he ate it.

Later, the four of them- Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione- sat in front of the fire in the Gryffindor common room. The tower seemed empty. Remaining were Neville, Seamus, Lavender and Parvati, the Creeveys, two second years called Ford and Concord, and three of the first year boys. No seventh years had stayed except for one Hermione didn't know, and she was up in her room. All the fourth and third years had gone.

Soon the common room had emptied. All four of them were too excited to talk, so they didn't. Eventually, they climbed drowsily into their beds. Wondering what would be waiting in her present pile tomorrow, Hermione let sleep claim her.


Hermione awoke to muffled giggles and drew back the curtains on her bed to find Parvati and Lavender sprawled on the floor in front of their present piles. Seeing her awake, Parvati held up what they were giggling over. "Look what Alexander gave me." She referred to the seventh year Ravenclaw she was always walking with and kissing in corners. It was a picture of them kissing, but of course it was moving. Parvati put the painting aside as her painted self started to remove Alexander's shirt.

Hermione could not help giggling herself. "It's very nice," she said, climbing out of bed. She ran her fingers through her long hair. At the beginning of last year, she had convinced her parents to let her use a permanent spell to straighten it. That was when she had started getting attention from boys. When she had met up with Ron and Harry on the train at the beginning of fifth year, she had had to close both their mouths for them. Now, more than a year later, they were used to it.

She sat in front of her own pile of presents. It seemed bigger than usual. She picked one of them up and read the card. Rolling her eyes, she opened the present from one of her admirers. It was a pretty pair of heart-shaped pearl earrings. Hermione wished they would stop buying her things. She went through a dozen more things like this before she got to the real goods.

The first thing she got excited over was Professor McGonagall's note.

*Your report on the transfiguration of magical plants and animals was quite enjoyable to read. It earned one hundred and ten percent, and twenty-five points for Gryffindor.*

Parvati and Lavender huffed and urged her to get on with the presents. They had both finished, and were munching on chocolates from among Lavender's gifts. Hermione set the professor's note aside and picked up another present. It was gold-wrapped with a red ribbon. Her parents always wrapped presents for her in Gryffindor colors.

Expecting a toothbrush, sugar free snacks, and dental floss, Hermione opened the rather large box. These were all included, but were not the extent of the box's contents. An array of ink bottles sat within, accompanied by many-colored feather quills. After a brief inspection, Hermione found that the ink was colored to match the feather attached to the bottle. Underneath that, she found very fine parchment with a barely visible pattern of maple leaves. She made a mental note to thank her parents as soon as she possibly could.

The next thing she picked up was a smaller box. It looked hand carved. She slid off the string and opened the top. *Hagrid,* she thought. A folded parchment within held a note.

*Thought ye might like this. If ye have te use it, make sure it's an emergency, or very, very important.

Wondering what could require such a warning, Hermione lifted out some of the fine white material. It shone brilliantly in the light. Hermione gasped when she realized what it must be. Unicorn hair. *Thank you, Hagrid.* Parvati and Lavender had not figured out what it was, and she did not feel like telling them. Instead, she picked up her next present.

This one was from Harry and Ron, clearly labeled on the green wrapping paper. She opened it slowly and carefully, still trying to puzzle out what it could be before she saw it. She did not succeed, but even Lavender and Pansy stopped talking when she lifted the present from the box.

She stood to hold the dress against her body and look in the full length mirror. "Oooh, try it on, Hermione!" Parvati said. Lavender nodded vigorously. Hermione quickly did as suggested, then stood modeling the dress and trying not to laugh too loud with delight.

The bodice fit like a corset, though more comfortable, and laced up the front with white leather cord. It was white, embroidered in white to look lace-covered, and quite low cut. It emphasized her curved wonderfully. The skirts and sleeves were both of dark green silk. The sleeves were loose, gathered just below the elbow with delicate white ties. The two inches of silk that extended beyond was embroidered with white roses, as was the bottom of the skirt, which swayed around her legs whenever she moved. She closed the box and told the other girls that she had to thank Ron and Harry immediately. Exchanging glances, her dormmates left for breakfast, giggling and whispering.

Ignoring them, Hermione quickly folded a paper airplane and ran to the doorway of the boys' dorms. She sighed when she found them still asleep, and parted Harry's curtains with her wand. He woke when the airplane hit him in the head. He examined the paper. She had written on one wing, "Look up, stupid!" He grinned when he saw her. "Ron, wake up!" he shouted, reaching for his glasses. Something- supposedly Ron- stirred in the bed next to Harry's. Apparently Seamus and Neville were still asleep. "Hermione's-" he stopped abruptly when he looked at her again. He stared, openmouthed, until Ron opened his curtains. They both stood slowly, gaping so widely that Hermione wanted to laugh.

"Bloody hell, Hermione, you're beautiful," Ron breathed. Hermione giggled and threw her arms around each in turn.

"Thank you so much! I cannot believe you did this for me." She thought Ron clung to her a little longer than he ever had before.

"Bet she didn't even see the cloak," Ron grinned when he let go. Hermione agreed with him, she hadn't, but she could try it on later, she wanted to see their presents. "No," Ron protested, "the cloak's the best part. Come on." Ron was so excited he actually led the way to the girls' dorm. He looked sheepish when he realized it, and stood aside so Hermione could enter her room first.

She took the top off the box once more, and took out the cloak. She could not decide whether it or the dress was more beautiful. It was of some very soft, light material, almost as thin as silk, but it warmed her when she put it on. The cloak was black, patterned with small blue-gray, eight pointed stars. Two silver hooks closed the neck, and more fastenings ran the length of the cloak. It was floor-length, and fit as though it was made for her. "Oh, it's so beautiful."

"But that's just the half of it," Ron said, grinning. "Put on the hood."

For the full effect, Hermione closed a few more fastenings before lifting the deep hood from her back. She looked in the mirror, and gasped. "How did you ever afford this?" Hermione turned to her beaming friends. "This is an Invisibility Cloak!"

"Oh, we only had to buy the cloak, not the invisibility," Harry said, snickering. Hermione knew she must have looked confused, then remembered they couldn't see her and lowered the hood. "We kind of discovered a box of galleons- sorry, we can't tell you where. But no one else could possibly claim them. We had the cloak and dress made, and Sirius helped us with the invisibility spell. Oh, we could really do some damage with all the invisibility we've learned. But we won't," he added hastily, seeing Hermione's look.

"Get changed so we can go down to breakfast," Ron said.

"There's still your presents," she reminded him.

"Oh, yeah."

Carrying the cloak over one arm, Hermione followed them back to their dorm. Neville and Seamus looked up when they entered and did a double take at Hermione. "They gave it to me," she said, pointing. "What do you think?" She twirled gracefully.

"I think I need to sit down," Neville muttered.

"You are sitting," Seamus told him.

Neville looked at his bed, on which his bottom rested. And said, "I guess I am."

Hermione sat on Ron's bed as her friends opened their presents. She leaned on one arm, letting her hair spill over her shoulder. "Stop staring, Ron." He did seem to be trying.

She had picked out a book for Ron- Homework Tips for the Lazy Wizard- and he actually said it was a good choice. Aside from that she gave him a black sweater with the Gryffindor lion on the front. He liked this present even more. "Now I won't have to wear Mum's," he said, indicating the maroon sweater with the big 'R' on the front.

For Harry, Hermione had chosen a figurine of a phoenix. It looked almost exactly like Dumbledore's pet, and actually went through the phases of bursting in to flame and rebirth. He smiled and barely managed a thank you before Ginny burst in in her pajamas.

"That was a wonderful poem," Ginny gushed to Harry. He blushed, but returned her embrace. "Hermione, you look amazing!" she exclaimed. Hermione thanked her.

"You'd think someone would still have a concept of boys' and girls' dorms," the anonymous seventh year as she walked past.

Hermione sighed. "I never want to take this off, but I won't wear it to breakfast. You guys go ahead, I'll meet you down there." The others descended the stairs while Hermione went back to her room.

As soon as she closed the door, she saw the three items lying on her bed. Two were envelopes, the third a box. She sat daintily on top of the sheets and picked up the plain envelope first. It was completely unadorned, even by a label. She opened it and unfolded the paper inside.

Hermione found the drawing to be quite exquisite. It was a charcoal representation of a dragon, but though she would have expected fearsome and dramatic, the dragon was serene and gentle, beautiful, yet still powerful. She thought it was meant to be female.

The second envelope was vibrant red. The cover sported a large silver heart with her own name written in script in the center. A note inside said the following.

*Dear Hermione,

You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met. I am sorry for ever hurting you. I think I may be in love with you. Only time will tell.

Your Secret Admirer*

Next she picked up the box. It was wrapped in silver, tied around with a silver ribbon. She unwrapped it carefully. The box itself was silver as well. She held her breath as she took the top off and peered inside.

Reminding herself to breathe, she realized what she was seeing. A finely wrought silver dragon in flight was nestled in green silk. She was sure it was the same dragon from the picture. She lifted it and saw that it was strung on a line of tiny, blue-tinted pearls. She fastened it around her neck. She felt the cool silver resting on her chest. The mirror showed her the strange glow it gave her skin. Strange, but beautiful.

Removing the dress as quickly as she dared, Hermione clothed herself for a regular Christmas, repacked the dragon in the silver box, and started downstairs. Without even realizing she had left Gryffindor Tower, Hermione let her feet go to the Great Hall.

This was definitely not a regular Christmas.

None of the three gifts that she had found on her bed had any indication as to who sent them. She thought they had all been sent by one person.

She had a secret admirer. But this one was serious.

*Who could it be?*

End Chapter 1

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"What time?"

"Seven o'clock, not sharp," Harry read.

"I'll meet you guys down there. I have to go to the library."

"The library! Hermione, it's Christmas."

"I know that, Ron, but I have to look something up."

"What, 'Rituals of Half-giants that Require Formal Dress'?"