A/Note: Just to be clear I'm aware that the continent is not called Queen's Lands. What Rana is referring to is the area/state/kingdom around Gainos that's under the direct control of the Queen (Yeah she rules the entire continent on paper but the place is fucking big so there is no way she could govern all, all the time, she needs to delegate. But the area around Gainos small enough to be directly controlled) and no, that name is not canon, it's just me doing some world building (I like to fill gaps in canon).

Chapter 2

As the world turned to spring, the year truly began.

Without the excessive amount of snow and the harshness of the weather, travel between villages became possible once again, and due to the lack of contact and resource spending characteristic of the coldest season, the many communities were hungry for new products to start the yearly stockade and news about the wider world, something the merchant caravans were more than happy to provide.

Of course, that meant braving through a population of monster that had an entire season to replenish their numbers, but with the help of the well-rested and battle-deprived adventures who knew that spring was the time monster attacks were at their worst and were just aching to have a taste of that action, it was more than possible. All a caravan has to do to stay safe as to set up a deal with their local guild, or grab some kid on the streets along the way; they're everywhere around this time.

Spring, that's a busy time of the year; we would've been preparing the shop for the waves of the heroes-wannabe that would undoubtedly come looking to sharpen their sharp sticks, or exchange those sticks for proper swords if they had any sense.

Yeah, we would have been doing that, if we didn't set off from Boska before the snow had even finished melting. Our destination: Gainos, the capital of Queen's land, and the most important city on the continent.

Mother was reacting better to my 'curse'. I guess a month and a half of no unexpected side effects had appeased some of her worries, but she still insisted in following the local nun's advice and take me to see this All-holy person.

My power is not a curse. I don't deny that it could be because I don't know much about this world, and Mother seemed to be talking from experience when she said she saw something like that before, but still it's not a curse, I know it somehow... but even if I didn't, it brought too many benefits for it to be one.

I didn't question the decision because… well, it was a chance to get out of the village. I was getting suffocated there lately, at least when my Father was around we occasionally went on some field trips around the region to break the monotony, but on these last two year, we mostly stayed put in hopes he came back.

… Honestly, I think he's dead. This is a dangerous world we live in, something that he and Mother made sure to convey to me from a very early age; it's heartbreaking common for a family member to a leave for a trip and never come back, society had even changed around it, it was quite common in the cases of missing spouses, for the man or the woman to remarried three to six months after the disappearances. Sure, my father was stronger than the average men… scratch that; he was much, much stronger than the average men, but nobody is invincible.

Part of me still wonders why Mother wasn't remarried. Hell, she could get anyone she wants from our village; some would even abandon their wives for the chance, if not for her looks, then for a piece of the most successful business in town. But, really, whenever I think about that, the answer becomes evident within seconds; to say my Father was a step above the rest was an understatement.

Is not like the men of this world are weak per se, is just that the women of this world are much… better, in every sense of the word. They're stronger, faster, better looking, smarter… though years of interacting with female adventurers made me rethink that last one ("NO Stacy! You don't need a 'lighter' bikini armor goddamnit! The arrow hit you on your knee. You need greaves!").

My Father was a rare kind of man that I only met a few time in my second life; a man that could match a woman.

Women around here flocks around men like that. On the three separated occasion I met a male adventurer, they were always accompanied by six or seven females ones clinging around him; on the first case they were his fiancés, on the second, they were in a very open relationship, and on the last they were fighting for his attention while the dense bastard admired a shining dagger on the wall. That mentality didn't exclude my Father; in fact, I can clearly remember that he basically cucked every single man on our village at least once, and I pretty sure half of the reason he was always out in 'hunting trips' was because there was a tail to be chased. Mother entire reaction to his many escapades was putting a hand on her blushing cheek and gush on how manly he was. I didn't even know why they bothered staying monogamous.

So, I can see why she didn't remarry, I can't imagine going from Father to the… frankly, wimps, we had in the village.

Plus… She genuinely loved him… and I liked him quite a bit too; he was like a hot-blooded anime Conan, just plain fun to be around.

I shouldn't be thinking about that, it will make me depressed, but it's better than let my mind wander given my current situation; getting a boner now would be awkward.

I felt the wagon rock slightly harder due to the uneven paths, the bump made the jiggly globes bounce, hitting my nose in the process.

I opened my eyes to see the purple of my mother apron-covered underboobs centimeters from my face, with her soft belly pressing on my cheek and her firm and wonderfully thick thighs beneath my head. Yep, it would be very awkward to have a boner right now.

By the quiet humming, I say she is probably leaning on the side of the wagon, enjoying the contracts between warm sunlight and chilly, start-of-spring weather.

I turned to the side, facing the cold air and the vision of green hills over the wood of the wagon, the rest of my head still very much within the soft helmet of comfort.

The wagon rocked again, making mother's heavy breasts bump in the side of my face.

Yep. Gonna need a distraction. Been wanting to ask her something anyway.

"Hey, mom, who is this All-Holy lady?

"Hm? I never told you about her?" I felt my mother's hand move to my head and start stroking my dark curls. "She is a very important person in the church… Humm, How do I put it... Do you remember Miss Laura?"

"Yeah, she's the nun who sent us on our quest." Wasn't impressed, all that talk about her being the best curse breaker in the region, only to literally run away at the sight of my 'cursed form' "I haven't seen her lately."

"She went on a pilgrimage to clear herself from impure thoughts… And it's 'Priestess' Rana. How many times have I told you?" Hehe, no it not. She looked like a nun, she dressed like a nun; she's a nun. "Anyway, the All-holy is the title given to the leader of the Priestess sect of the Church of Maker. It is said that the woman who holds these position is blessed by the angels themselves."

Oh yeah, angels are a thing, I had a freak out about it in the past because I figured that if angels are real, then God must be too, and considering that the main religion around there is basically the Catholic church with a weird looking cross, there was a real possibility that the God of this world was of the 'Old Testament' type, and I did not want to live in a world with this type of God around. I got over it when mother explained that the angels are the ones watching over mankind, with the God being pretty happy to stay in the sideline as long as he gets his daily fill of worship.

"And this super important person will receive us just like that?" I mean, if she is so important, there is no way a pair country bumpkins could simply go and talk to her.

Mother laughed, "Just like that, Rana. It would be more complicated if it was the previous All-holy, but I heard encouraging stories about how approachable this new one is."

"Hummm," I mumbled, musing on mother words. I wonder what type of person this All-holy is.

After some time of comfortable silence, the wagon reached an intersection and stopped. I was practically asleep by that point, so I only half-heard the conversation between the driver and my Mother.

"Thank you again, mister Samuel. It was a pleasant ride."

"Oh it was nuthing, missus Blacksmith, 'less I could do, for our town's Warrior and the little hero! But, yer sure you don't want us to take yer further? Road's pretty dangerous round 'these parts."

"And interfere in your business even more!? Heavens no! You already diverged from your usual route too much, your wife and son will threaten me you know!"

With that, we gathered our things and left the wagon. Mother was carrying a heavy travel bag filled with supplies along with her javelin. My own bag was my act of Childhood rebellion; she had tried to carry it for me in more than one occasion but I staid strong.

After a few more courtesies exchanged, and a double wish for safe travel, we gave our goodbyes to the small, two wagons merchant caravan, and watched them going down the road to the left.

"So, it's only us from here on out." Mother smiled, offering a hand. "Shall we."

I turned to take it- before flinching in surprise.


Mother immediately spun with her weapon in hand, her eyes roamed the area, looking for enemies.

"Rana, what did you see?" She asked calmly, without looking at me.

"S-Sorry mom, just, what is that thing?"

She followed the direction where I was pointing.


There was a bubble in the sky, a freaking gigantic bubble that reflected the entire region beneath it like a super convex mirror. How the fuck I didn't notice that before?! Or rather, it wasn't there when we left the village.

"I completely forgot it was this year. This is… troublesome." Mother commented.

"What!? Do you know what it is mom!?"

She blinked at me. "I guess you were too young to remember… This is one of the divine eyes Rana, an instrument that God placed over the world to transmit the Queen's Blade for all to see."

The Queen's whatnow- Wait…

Queen's Blade, I know what that is, it's impossible not to know; a tournament held every four years to elect the new queen of the land, the woman who would have power and influence over all reaches of the continent. It sounded rather dumb to me to give enormous political power in the hands of whoever wins a competition of strength, but it sounded absolutely terrifying when I heard that the tournament and the queen's authority was backed by the angels themselves.

Wait, giant bubbles the sky and the Queen's Blade- Oh shit I remember those things! They're basically like those big screens they had over football stadiums back on my old world. I was... three or four last time they're last show up.

"Right when we were on our way to Gainos too..." Mother sighed, "No other choice then, we'll have to avoid the main road."

I turned to her, "Why is that?"

"Because it should be filled with battles and challengers looking for a fight" She sends me an awkward smile. "Queen's Blade's years can be quite hectic."

As soon as she said that, the bubble began broadcasting.


One thing that is rarely considered when talking about a fantasy setting is that there is no fast way of transportation between places. In my old world, I could've gotten a plane and be wherever I needed to go in a few hours at most, but here, it could take weeks or even months to get anywhere, depending on where you wanted to go. You make an argument that this is one of its charms, that what is important is the journey and the adventures you have along the way. And while this is somewhat true, most of 'the way' consisted of simply walking.

The Queen's Blade actually helped me combat the boredom from the one-month journey to Gainos. There is something primal about watching Warriors women crashing blades, even after two days of near constant streaming it never got boring. I even started to see the reason for the bikini armor; it doesn't help in the defense department in any way, but damn does it makes the fights more entertaining.

"She is going to lose," I predicted, watching the blue haired girl pressing a blonde one against a brick wall, relentless striking with her sword until she disarmed her opponent.

"Kukuku. Not quite." Mother chuckled on my side; she was sparing only a few glimpses to the broadcast, choosing to keep her attention on the hills beside the road instead, ready for any monster that decides to try their claws on us.

"Ah!" I gasped as the blonde suddenly changed her tactics; a set of hidden blades burst out on her boots, and she assaulted back with a series of lightning fast kicks. "She was faking it!"

Damn this is more exciting than any sport I've ever seen.

"Yes, but now she broadcasted her trump card." Mother said. "It would've been better for her to lose the battle now and keep it hidden until it mattered."

"What you mean, mom?"

"Oh, Queen's Blade's details nothing to worry about." She smiled nostalgically. "A new challenger usually forgets that the first fights don't mean much besides publicity and fame. They always go all out without considering their future matches. This often prove fatal for them in the finals."

…There is no way that wasn't from experience.

"Have you ever fought in a Queen's Blade, mom?"

"Oh just once, or twice, or three times." She blushed, placing the hand that wasn't holding mine on her cheek. "I was young and boastful back then, eager to test my strength against other warriors… My, how many years had it been?"

Not gonna lie it would be interesting to see Mother in one of those broadcast, she would undoubtedly make an impression in more ways than one. With that in mind, I commented. "Well, you're still young and super strong; you could participate if you want."

"True," She smiled at me, and stroked my hair, "but, I don't have any interest in fighting anymore, much less in becoming a queen," She bobbed my nose. "I have a much better thing to do."

I rubbed my nose, trying to make my blush less evident.

"You would make an amazing queen."

"Kukuku, we'll have to disagree on that."

It wasn't even an hour later that mother suddenly tensed, putting a hand on my shoulder to hold me in place.

When nothing happened, I closed my eyes and focused; there must be a reason why Mother stopped like that.

Then, I heard it.

"Ah… There is something fighting at the distance."

Mother blinked in surprise. Then her lips curled into a small, proud smile. "That's correct Rana, very good."

"Is it a Queen's Blade fight?" I asked, sneaking a gaze at the floating bubble; the fight being broadcasted right now seems to be taking place in the middle of a rocky village.

"No, there is too many fighting at once to be from the tournament. It's an armed group fighting against a monster."

"Oh…" Holy shit, she was able to tell that much!? I could barely hear it. "What do we do?"

"We'll take a look before deciding, with this terrain we should be able to see from a safe distance."

As we made our way forward, the sounds of destruction and struggle became a lot more evident, to the point that was impossible to ignore. Mother made sure to keep a hand on me at all times, it was a bit annoying but I understand her unease, plus, if this was one year ago, she wouldn't accept anything less than carrying me on her arms; it showed that she didn't believe I was defenseless anymore.

On top of a hill, overlooking the valley, we could see the damage.

It was a caravan, big one at that; seven large wagons filled to the brim with supplies and equipment, and two others tumbled down and broken. It didn't seem to be a merchant caravan, at least it didn't look like it; the cars were too colorful and eccentric for that.

The group defending it were in the expected number for a caravan of this size. They were just as colorful and eccentrics as the wagons, so definitely didn't look like soldiers or adventurers, but they had weapons and seem to know how to use them decently enough.

The attacker was the weirdest thing about the whole situation, and that's saying something. It was a large… wheel… that rolled around the battlefield and left deep trenches on its trail. It was so fast that the group could do nothing but try to lead it away from the wagons.

"Rolling Terror." Mother mumbled the monster name. Sounded appropriated enough. "This must be its territory."

I opened my mouth to speak, but then the most wonderful thing I ever saw happened.

One of the archers has tripped on something and the wheel quickly capitalized on the opportunity. But before it could trample the poor girl, a figure stepped the way and unleashed a stream of fire at the creature.

"It's a mage!" I cried; my voice shrill from the excitement. "Holy-WHOAH, It's a mage! Mom look! Look!" My excitement was so great that I almost cursed in front of her; a terrible idea.

I knew that magic existed in this world. There was many stories about it in my village, the best ones came from my Mother and Father of course, but one thing that quickly became apparent is that magic is rare with capital R; it existed, but people could live their entire lives without ever seeing it.

This is the first time I've seen magic in my life, it wasn't the first otherworldly thing I encountered because there were monsters everywhere, but this… this was a staple of the fantasy genre, the act of refusing reality and replacing it with your on… I always dreamed…

The mage continued to shot jets of fire at the monster, it didn't seem to be effective, but it did managed redirect the attack.

Mother dropped the supply bag, "They won't last much longer." She picked up her javelin. "Rana, stay here and…"

"No!" I said firmly.

"Rana please, this isn't the time…" Her words trail off as she met my eyes.

… I'm not the little girly boy anymore; I'm not a dead weight anymore!

We stayed on a stalemate for a long moment before mother sighed, her shoulder slumping in acceptance.

"Alright," She said, kneeling down and presenting her back; it's creamy white and utterly naked saved for the ties of her apron and the rise of the long string she uses as underwear, god the way she knelt made the fabric really dug in. "Get on."

I blinked dumbly, my mind coming out of the stupor. "Huh?" I mumbled.

"If you want to follow me you have to be somewhere where you'd be alright, what better place than with me." She explained, displaying a master-grade anime logic.

… Fuck it; this sounds funny and fun as hell, and that way I could see Mother fighting up close. Plus, if something goes wrong, I could always transform.

"Won't this make it harder for you to fight?" I asked grabbing her shoulders and passing my legs around her belly.

She smiled. "It will make it easier."

After these words, I became my mother's shoulder shota.

She charged across the field like a raging bull. I had to hug her tighter to avoid being blown away by the wind and the turbulence. My legs latched around her belly, my arms wrapping around her shoulders trying not to put pressure on her neck, my head right beside hers looking at the same direction. I decided to stay as close as possible to not let my weight throw off her center of balance.

We reached the battlefield, dashing past the colorful soldiers and reaching the mage just as the monster got over its fear of fire.

With a battle cry, mother swung her javelin like a baseball bat. The thing, which looked way, way bigger up close, tumbled to the side, carving a deep trench on the ground as it rolled away uncontrollably.

Mother spared a to the downed mage woman, "Tell your men to give me space and prepare themselves. I'll give you an opening!" She shouted, causing the woman to flinch and blink back stupidly. "Now!"

I kept my eyes on the monster; it was spinning in place in clear defiance to regular physics, trying to recuperate its balance, the rotation throwing a large amount of dirt in the air. It managed to get back upward by the time the mage started shouting, following my mother's direction.

Then, it turned to us.

Mother shifted to a low, spread legs position, she pointed the javelin toward the monster, the strength of her grip making the shaft creak. "Come!"

My heart skipped a beat when the monster exploded forwards; it was like facing a large truck coming at you at the speed of a racing car; a terrifying, and nostalgic vision for me.

"Hah!" Mother trusted the javelin forward with a powerful cry.

A metallic boom resonated across the field as the two forces met. We were immediately pushed back, but mother, to my astonishment, held the javelin in place. The unyielding tip of the weapon grinding loudly against the surface of the speeding wheel.

It was exhilarating to be here, at the heart of the action. It was a feeling that I've come to know very well, it was similar to the feeling I have when I transform; to be here, hearing the protests the javelin's shaft was making, feeling mother's usually smooth and feminine back bulge up in a tapestry of pure muscle by the effort she was making, and seeing the beast's relentless force ready to crush us. It made my entire body throb firmly while heart beat like crazy.

The steel-clad muscles under my torso undulated in an interesting way.

Mother let out a buff and pushed her weapon forward. The tip of the blade penetrated the rolling mass with an audible *clench*, bring it to a stop almost instantly. My eyes trailed over the brownish armored plates of the monster, and the javelin's blade lodged on one of the gaps between them.

"Hooooooooo." Mother let out a howl as she lifted the thing above our heads; I could only stare in awe as the shadow passed over me. "HAH!"

She slammed it down on the other side, setting up an explosion of dirt and a something that felt almost like a localized earthquake.

There was a moment of silence as the dirt began to fade and a series of panicked screeches started to echo. I blinked at the form in the dust; finally seeming the monster finally unfolding- it was a big ass armadillo!

The giant armadillo that looked like it belonged to a metal cover thrashed it stubby limbs frenetically in an attempt to right itself, but its large armored back was deeply embedded within a crater; It won't be going anywhere soon.

"Now!" Mother shouted to the shocked soldiers. "Its front plates are softer than the back! Here is your chance!" As to reiterate the fact, she raised her weapon and drove it in the beast's exposed belly.

Its screams were enough to wake up the group; they descended upon the beast with sharp weapons and bloody revenge.

It only took a few moments for everybody to stab it dead, then a series of loud, victorious screams followed.

Mother buffed a breath, cleaning some of the sweat that had accumulated on her forehead, "Well, that was a bit of workout!."

"That was incredible!" I said, bouncing on her back like an overly excited monkey, "Woah mom I didn't know you were this strong! That's so cool!" Seriously, I knew that she used to be an absolute monster on her prime, but I've never seen her fighting seriously, most of the monster bashing I've seen on this life has come from my father, and more recently me. I wondered if I ever looked this cool while breaking monster's faces in.

Mother brightened immediately. "Thank you, sweetie!" She said with a blush, "You were also very…" Then her blush deepened, her smile becoming a bit awkward. "Ah… Stiff…"


Oh crap!

"P-Pardon me, ma'am!"

My savior approached, and I suddenly became bubbly again at the reminder that there was a mage among us.

Her body was a lithe and tight, less curvy than a normal woman of this world but still amazing by the standard of my old one, as she lowered her hood, I could see deeply tanned skin and short, bright red hair.

Mother smiled politely to the shorter woman. "If this is about the Queen's Blade I'm afraid I'll have to-"

"Not at all!" Said the woman quickly, waving her arm in front of her. "It's just… Could you possibly be Cattleya, the giant slayer?" She asked, her eyes full of- oh, I know that look.

Mother also recognized it. Her smile became a bit more genuine. "Well, you have me at a disadvantage."

She woman let out a shrill sound that was a result of a squeal and a giggle being let out at the same time. "I'm Sophia ma'am! Leader of Fiery Chameleons Traveling Band!" She beamed, grabbing one of mother's hand with her both and enthusiastically shaking it. "Thank you so much for your aid! I can't imagine what would happen if you hadn't step in- AYHHHH I can believe I'm talking to the Clatteya!"

Well then, looks like mother met another fan, and a freaking mage no less.

I'm so going to use this.


The Fiery Chameleons, as it turned out, were a traveling circus.

They are not called a circus, I don't think the term exists in this world, but they are 'a traveling band of entertainers' that go from place to place doing exactly what their name implies, so a circus.

Really, they have everything a circus would; clowns - called jesters in this world – minstrels, troubadours, contortionists, acrobats, jugglers, fire/sword swallowers, dancers... The only this missing was an animal trainer, but I guess transporting animals and caring for them on the road is quite expensive.

All these talented people were unleashing the full range of their ability in the feast we were having.

I looked around the tent; an enormous circular tent that they somehow set up within a single hour – it only reinforced my idea they're a circus – the tables were full of laughter and music, with improv performances everywhere. The rattling of wooden cubs, the clicking of metal plates and the chewing of armadillo meat filled the place, and the flickering light of the fires set on the high poles only added to the happy atmosphere.

My mother and I were given honor seats beside the leader, the show host, and approximately, the magician of the crew, Sophia.

I don't want to say she is fangirling over mother, but she is totally fangirling over mother.

"And then, and then he said 'You may take way girl, but for God's sake let me keep the goat!'" Sophia finished her story with an explosion of laughter, mother followed with her more sedated but just as animated one, both women had a faint blush on their faces due to the wine flowing in.

Frankly, I struggled not to laugh too; the only reason I didn't was because I don't think a 'child' was supposed to catch the finer details. Seeming an opportunity, I raised my voice.

"Ehhh? I don't get in mom. What did the man want with the goat?"

Both women's eyes became comically wide for a second before mother staggered "Ah… I'll tell you when you're older sweetie."

A predictable response, but the reaction still funny.

"Man, I forgot there was a kid here!" Sophia took a loud gulp for her cup and promptly forgot I was there once again. "Oh! I have another funny one Mrs. Cattleya!"

Damn, no luck again. I've been trying to get and keep Sophia's attention for hours now.

Our host turned up to be the overbearing fangirl type; the ones that always seek the attention and approval of the object of her affection by no-stop talking, these are usually the most annoying types and definitively the hardest to deal with, but Mother didn't mind them too much in specific settings, like a loud party.

This is bad for me because I wanted to talk about her magic.

The women laughed again as another story ended. Sophia immediately pulled another subject, but this time there was actually a bit of shyness on her fangirlness.

"By the way, Mrs. Cattleya, hum. I didn't want to ask because I didn't want to send the wrong message, but I couldn't stop thinking… Hum. Do you remember me?"

I grumped a little on my cup of milk. I've heard conversations like this before; the answer is almost always…

"Oh! ... I… I apologize I don't remember. Have we met before?" Mother said, trying to sound polite.

Classic. My mother has, apparently, saved a shit load of people back of her adventurers days, once in a while we get a grateful soul coming in, asking if she remembered the time she kept a dragon from farting over their village or something like that. The worst were the ones who feel insulted for her not recognizing them in the middle of the hundreds, or possibly, thousands she directly or indirectly saved. I bet Sophia's story is somewhat like that.

"Oh." The mage's shoulder slumped a tiny bit, but she keeps on. "It was about eleven years ago, I was just a kid at the time. My village was attacked by the Fiery Dogs, a notorious gang of bandits that were terrorizing the region at the time. The local noble's knight force managed to arrive fast enough to repel the attack before the village was completely raided, but they hadn't managed to keep them from taking some of the villagers, I was among them. I honestly thought I'd never see my family again." She leaned in, eyes full of emotion, "But then you came, you tracked down their hideout and slaughtered them like pigs-I…" She swallowed. "I don't know what would've happened to me if you didn't." She glanced expectantly at my mother

Bingo, it's honestly nice to know that mother saved so many people, but hearing the same story, again and again, it has become tiresome.

Mother still tried to be polite; she is nice like that. "I apologize… It's just… There were so many bandits over the years..."

Sophia shook her head. "No no, it's fine, I just wanted… I just wanted to thank you Mrs. Cattleya. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you." She sent Mother a grateful smile.

Mother smiled back, "Well, you're welcome miss Sophia, and I want you to know that I'm glad that you are here."

The mage closed her eyes; "You have no idea of how much it means to hear you say this."

The women fell into a comfortable silence after that. Finally, a chance!

"Miss Sophia!" I called, doing my best impression of an imperative child. "You're a mage right!? You know how to use magic right! Can you teach me how!?"

Magic, magic, come on magic! The thing I dreamed about since I was a little kid and had to bury under the cynical reality. It's never been so close!

"What- Oh, ohhhh, so you liked my firecrackers eh?" She let out a laugher and wiggled her fingers; little flickering ember danced around them. "Sorry to burst your bubble kid, but not everyone had the capacity to be a mage, you need to have the capability to feel magical energy flowing inside your body first, and that's something you're born with."

"Then test me!" I nearly got out of the chair. "See if I have this ability! I sure I can feel it."

More precisely, I felt the growing, impossibly large sun that served as the switch for my transformation. I couldn't feel anything 'flowing' inside my body, but I trusted my cheat power with this one. Come on cheat; give me magic!

"Oh dear, hum, Rana… I'm afraid that's not likely."

To my surprise, it was mother who answered.

"What do you mean?"

"We should have had this conversation before, but you got so excited whenever we talked about magic that I couldn't…" Mother closed her eyes. "Rana, sweetie, men do not have magic."

"Wait what-you're a boy!?"



Men don't-

This makes sense. I never heard a story about a male magic user. It was always a witch, or a girl cross-dressing as a warlock something like that. Men were always relegated to the warrior or knight roles if they were even mentioned at all. I always thought it was because of the propensity for men to stay away from adventure and danger, but if men can't use magic at all then...

"But it can be!" I insisted, there is no way something this restricted could be a hard rule on a weird world like this. "There must be at least one that-"

"Nope." Sophia cuts through my rant, "Sorry kid, only girls are born with magic, boys are pretty much magically null, and among those girls only very, very few can manipulate magic with enough freedom to be called a mage. So even if you were a girl, it wouldn't be a guarantee you'd be a mage."

Mother sent her a brief glare for her bluntness and tried to soften the blow. "I've come across… a few ways a man could use magic, but those are almost always external means, and they weren't always… nice… Most of the time they aren't worth it…" She murmured the last part.

Ah fuck, that's so goddamn it unfair!

I know that sounds rich coming from me and my broken transformation power, but to have my old childhood dream so close yet so far…

A realization suddenly came to my mind, "Wait… if all girls have magic, does that means you have it too, mother."

"Well duh, kid," Sophie answered for her. "Where do you think your mother's insane strength come from? Do you think someone could get strong enough to raise a freaking Rolling Terror above their heads with physical training alone? HAH! I'd pay to see the amount of muscle one must pack to pull that off!" She barked a peal of laughter.

Mother was a bit more gentle, "You see Rana, most women can't use their magic consciously, but they can use it unconsciously in conjunction to their physical training, that's the reason any woman will quickly surpass a man in terms of power even if they start training at the same time and do the same exercises. Some may even take it to the next level and develop her own personal spells through effort alone; we called those 'techniques'." She explained patiently. "This is not widely known; most Warriors today think their ability came solely from the skills and experience, without even considering the magical aspect." She placed her hand on her cheek, eyes lost in nostalgia for an instant. "I was shocked when I found out too. It didn't feel like I was adding anything to my training."

"That's why it's 'unconsciously'" Commented Sophia, raising her cup to her lips.

Wow, just wow.

If I didn't have my cheat, I'd raging so much right now.

This fucking sucks.

I felt my mother's hand patting my back in an attempt to comfort me.

"Ah, kid, don't be like that, it's a party! Hey, you! Go bring some wine for Mrs. Cattleya's son!"

Mother sternly cleared her throat.

"Oh right- I mean milk! Go bring some more milk for the kid!"


The night went on to the early hours of the morning. The loud party had quiet down into comfortable conversation and serenades; it won't be long before people started to retire to their beds.

Cattleya watched her beautiful little boy snoring softly on the table, his arms crossed under his head in an improvised pillow.

She was so proud of him! Today was the first time she witnessed how he acted in a battle scenario, cursed form aside. He kept his cool the entire time, never complaining, never recoiling in fear, and never looking away from his opponent. Oh, he has grown so much! If only Owen was there to see him…

"He's a nice kid, this one." She heard their talkative host commenting. She was becoming quieter as the wine became heavier, Cattleya felt a bit bad for thinking that was a blessing. "You raised him well, if you allow me to say it."

The busty mother preens at the red-haired comment, compliments like that are super effective to her ego, "Thank you." She said, her eyes still watching every detail of her beloved child, her hand stroking his fluffy black locks. "He's my treasure…"

"I see." Her new drinking buddy chugged the rest of her drink.

"And you miss Sophia? Do you have any family?" Cattleya asked, not wanting her host to feel left out.

"… Eleven years ago, I had a father, and my father's friends were like uncles to me." She slumped back on her chair. "They're gone now."

"Oh?" Cattleya wine-filled mind worked on the words; eleven years, that must have been when… "Oh!"

"Yeah." Sophia read her expression. The mage smiled. "T'was a long time ago, I… come to accept it... eventually… Besides, I have this new family of weirdoes now" she waved her arms to the people around her, the few who catch it returned the wave. "And I don't plan to lose them anytime soon."

"I'll drink to that." Cattleya picked up her cup. Good, it was right at the end, looks like this will be her last one for the night.

The Mage, at the busty blacksmith suggestion, raised her cub in a toast. "To loving families!" She announced happily.

"Indeed!" Chuckled Cattleya, raising her own cup. "To… loving families."

As she drank, she let thoughts wander.

Family, when she thought of the word there were only two names that came to her mind; not the name of the distant mother who didn't have time for her or the drunken father with his wandering hands, but Owen and Rana, the two men she loves more than life itself. For a while; her life was a dream; she had woken up one day in the burly arms of her loving husband, wiggled her way out to prepare breakfast and feed her wonderfully reasonable baby when she'd realized that; she had achieved everything she wanted in life, there was nothing more she wants or could possibly need. To some types of people, this realization would be devastating, to Cattleya, it made every day after it pure bliss. She had a loving family indeed.

But then Owen disappeared, and left a hole on his place, shattering her beloved family.

Cattleya could remember those dark times, when the slight worry for her husband's well being turned to dread as the weeks and months passed, everyday she'd woke up to find a piece of her life missing, an imperfection on the perfect life she created for herself, a deep-seated fear that things might not come back to the way they're supposed to be, a fear that became more and more concrete as time passed, and it became appeared that Owen wouldn't be coming back. She needed to fix this, she needed him to have a family again, she only wanted her family back.

She walked close to despair during these times… If her beloved Rana wasn't there, she didn't know where she would be. The other light of her life had stepped in and guided her away from the darkness, making sure she would still have a reason to smile when she forced herself out of bed, and he'd became brighter and brighter in the process.

The hole still there, she still wakes up in the middle of the night wanting nothing more than gather her things and set out to search for what is missing. However, slowly, that hole's beginning to close. Her thoughts about Owen were changing from a despair-filled yearning for the missing piece of herself, and more to a nostalgic, heart-aching longing for a man she cared deeply about in the past. She understood now that her family was never shattered, she even feels silly for have thought that; her family still there, cracked, but whole, horned, stronger. She has Rana and Rana has her, and if Owen never came back, they could withstand the blow, as long as they stay together.

Rana mumbled on his sleep, Cattleya thought she heard a quiet 'Mom' and her body lit up in joy; from the warmth in her heart to the warm pressure on her belly. She loves when her son dreams about her.

"So." Cattleya started, "I believe we had enough for today, I have to take my little man to bed otherwise he'll have cramps tomorrow." She giggled at the image.

"Already?" Sophia said, eyes widening a bit. She worked on a smile. "Come ooonn night's still young! I can have one of my guys take the kid to bed. Let's drink some more!"

"It's been nice Sophia, it truly was… God, I can't remember the last time I had a drink with a good company, but I must stop for tonight, there's a long journey ahead and I have to me rested-."

She moved to stand, but her legs folded under her, dropping her back on the chair,

She blinked, and then let out a small chuckle, "Oh dear, I'm in an even worst shape than I imagined. My husband would've laughed- Urg..."

She leaned forward, placing her elbows on the table to support her head. The wine that has been warming her stomach all this time had spread across her entire body, robbing of usual strength and making her head spin.

"Are you ok, Mrs. Cattleya?" She heard Sophia's distant voice.

"I'm fine; just had a little too much to drink." A mighty wave of drowsiness assaulted her senses, making difficult even to form words. "I think… I was… more tired than I believed…"

"Fucking hell! About god damn time! You're a fucking monster you know that? I'm almost out of antidote to chuck down."

"Excuse me?"

The sentence bounced shapelessly around Cattleya's spinning mind, they took time to fit together into a coherent whole, and even more time for understanding to drop on her, but when it finally did; it was a cold, long drop.

The Blacksmith launched herself to the red-haired woman, acting mostly on instinct. Her body collapsed to the ground midway.

"Oh don't bother, you drank eight bottles of the paralyzing poison our alchemist created. Eight. Fucking. Bottles, our entire fucking stock! I was starting to think you were immune to the damn stuff. But voila! Now you're as strong as a kitten."

Cattleya cursed while fighting to keep the drowsiness from overtaking her mind and body, she cursed with every curse word she knew, several which were on languages she could hardly pronounce. How could she let this happen!? How could she let her guard down like this!? The years of comfortable living has clearly made her soft.

"Wh… Who are you?" She managed to produce through a disobeying mouth.

"Oh, you know who I am. I told everything you needed to know." The woman turned her seat to Cattleya's direction, looking down on her. "My name is Sophia Redwood, daughter of the Damian Redwood. Do you recognize that name, cunt? No, of course you don't, you told me that you didn't. Well, clear your ears and carve this on your mind!" The woman leaned in, hate filling her eyes. "My father was the leader of the Fiery Dogs bandit gang, the baddest motherfuckers who even walk the Queen's Lands, until you came. They were my family, bitch! You butchered them and didn't even have the fucking courtesy remember it." She left the chair, seemingly overtaken by rage, but she turned with a smile instead. "But that's in the past! That's not who I am anymore, NO! I'm not the daughter to the leader of an old-ass gang. I'm the fucking leader of a new, better one!"

Cheers and whistles exploded across the tent. Cattleya trailed her eyes across the crowd; they have shed their colorful outfits and heavy makeup to reveal the leather, tattoos, and chains beneath. The steel weapons they were carrying seem to have popped up from nowhere.

This was really, really bad. She didn't even bother searching for her weapon, she knew it wouldn't be where she had left it.

Cattleya groaned against the ground, trying to raise herself, or at least get her limbs to do something other than imitating wet noodles. She had to make a plan, force her body through the effect of the poison somehow, she needs-

Her ponytail was pulled up; dragging her upper body out the ground with it. The action yanked a cry of pain from her lips, and it kept aching painfully at the pull of her captor; it should not be hurting like this.

"Oh yeah, it's working all right; body all limp and prone." The red-haired mage gushed, then laid a loud slap on Cattleya face. It felt like she was whipped by barbed wire. "While staying all sensitive and hyperaware!"

Sophia crouched down near Cattleya and licked the mark her slap had left, "We are going to have so much fun together, you're dirty father killer…"Cattleya gasped as she felt the mage nibbling her ears. "But let's break you in first, shall we?" She stood up and casually threw Cattleya to the side, right at the feet of the crowd. "Boys~, show our guest here, a proper Fiery Chameleon welcome!"

More cheers exploded, louder this time.

"Hell yeah boss! You're da best!"

"Finally! Been waiting for this all the fucking night!"

"We can do whatever we want right boss!? We don't have to keep her virginity this time, right boss!?"

"She has a kid dumbass, she ain't virgin!"

Hands, Cattleya felt it, hands all over her, probing, grabbing, twisting, pinching, they pushed her back against the ground, spreading her limbs wide, making more room for them to play with.

Predictable, this was so predictable. Cattleya wasn't naïve; she knew what happened to women in similar circumstances, she had raided enough bandit camps and goblins nest to have a vivid idea what was waiting for her, how she will look at the end… It's useless to think about it, best just pull her mind inward and focus on formulating a plan.

But the poison, the drug, whatever they had given her, and she so foolishly consumed, was making things infinitely harder.

Every touch, no matter how brief it was, sent a jolt of lighting deep down her spine, she could feel everything that was happening with a sharp awareness. She could feel how her breasts were being grabbed, stretched and pulled by what seemed like dozens of hand, she could feel her nipples being pinched and twisted constantly, She could feel her ass being fondled and tasted, her sculptured legs spread apart and her underwear pulled until it was biting deeply on her labia. And throughout the experience, little humiliating sounds that killed her soul a little bit were being produced from her.

There was only one single pause, and that was when they finished to yank away her apron, revealing the extremely curvaceous body trembling underneath.


"Oh, fucking hell yeah! She got some meat on her boys!"

"God, I'm going to enjoy this one!"

And the assaulted restarted, much, much worse than before. The chaos, the drug, and the overly reacted body were making the hardened warrior inside Cattleya's mind intermix with the scared little girl she didn't like to think about it. The unnatural mix made her cry louder, react more strongly to the disgusting touches and form unwilling words of weakness. It only sweetened the experience for her captors.

Then… Perhaps by luck, perhaps by fate, she heard it; even with her mind whirling in a hurricane of emotions, she heard it. Beyond the jeers, and dark promises about what would they do to her, beyond the hungry eye and invading tongues, beyond the foul poles of dirty male flesh being revealed all around her; she heard it:

The conversation happening outside of the huddle.

"Hey, boss, what should we do with this brat?"

"Oh yeah, the kid… Kukuku, take him to my tent. I'll personally take care of the bitch's treasure."


Rana was here.

Rane was here, sleeping defenselessly.

They will take her son.

A memory flashed on Cattleya's overheating mind, a memory seven years old now. The first time she'd held her son, and the oath she made to him.

Cattleya was brought back to reality by a turgid, smelly member trying to force its way into her lips and clenched teeth. She crossed her eyes over the pathetic thing for a moment, her mind, in what it seems to be first time tonight, sharpened itself into a scary clearness.

She parted her mouth open, to which the bandit happily took advantage off, and then she brought her teeth down.

The man screamed like a dying animal while blood filled Cattleya's mouth. Her attention turned downward.

Mountainous thighs clamped down on the head of the bandit that was probing her insides with his tongue. He made a series of confused, panicked noises that grew in volume as the pressure increased; he was practically screaming against her womanhood when his eyes popped out of their socket and his head exploded like a rotten watermelon.

The other bandits wisely took a step back after that.

Cattleya, the giant slayer, veteran adventurer with more than twelve years of experience under her belt, three times competitor of the Queen's Blade and three times finalist. A woman considered by many to be one of the most powerful warriors on the continent, rose.

She stood as high as a castle tower; her shadowy image seems to grow five-time her normal size to the regular viewer. Clouds of concentrated air loudly escaped her nostril as she breathed, the dark blue abyss of her shadowy glare hold the promise of unavoidable death to whoever it was directed, blood and brain fluid dripped over her shapely legs, even dirtier blood dripped on her chin; it all gave her a downright demonic image.

The creature that called themselves men parted like the red sea when she started to walk. Opening a direct path to whom she wanted.

Sophia tried to speak, but her voice wouldn't come out, tried to retreat, only to fall off for her seat. She gasped, choked, whimpered while her shaking body tried to crawl away from death itself.


… It wasn't death.

It was a human.

An extraordinarily strong human, but a human nevertheless.

One that had an insane amount of poison coursing through her system.

So, in the last step, Cattleya faltered. Falling to one knee.

There was a moment of incredulous silence, broken only by the drugged woman frustrated growl.

Sophia raised a trembling finger, "G-G-GGe-GET HER!"

Their leader's shout broke the rest of the bandits out of their stupor. One of them, clearly displaying more loyalty than sense, tackled the naked woman to the ground. Soon after, she was rising again with a ripped out trachea on her teeth, but she was met with a mass of bodies, all dedicating their entire effort to pin her down. She fought, she fought dirty, she fought bloody, she crushed bones, burst organs, and left crippling scars where she could; men screamed and died by her struggle.

But, in the end, her body proved too weakened, and she was pinned to the ground with fifteen muscular men putting everything ounce of their strength and weight to keep her there.

Sophia only got out from beside the table she was hidden behind when it became clear Cattleya was truly trapped; she uttered erased the existence of the wetness in her pants from her mind and tried to avoid looking at the fixated, predatory glare as she walked around to inspect the damage.

Seventeen of her men in various stages of distress, eight of them were dead. She knew one of the dead particularly well… she remembered the promises they'd shared under the moonlight.

Yet again, that woman took someone precious to her, yet again; she had been cowered to a corner. Righteous fury boiled in her chest, giving her strength to turn and met those frightening blue eyes.

The rest of her men were silently looking at her, waiting for her decision.

She pulled herself up, displaying the strength her fury provided. "So you don't want the 'soft' welcome, huh, bitch? Fine!" Her face twisted into a vicious smile "We'll skip to the rough one."

Her men cheered loudly, trying to salvage their bravado after the display of brutality orchestrated against their comrades. It even became harder to do so when they tried to move Cattleya, only for her to start trashing and struggle again, roaring like a beast the entire time. Nothing of the friendly, mature persona she displayed early remained.

Cattleya's roars filled the tent, overpowering the bandit's persistent cheers, they brought fear to their hearts, made Sophia tremble in terror, to her immense dismay.

And more importantly…

The familiar-sounding voice triggered a series of reactions within the unconscious mind of the sleeping boy on the background.

A sturdy oak table was moved to the center of the room, where all could enjoy the spectacle that was about to take place. Cattleya's thrashing body was forced to bent over it, with meters of thick robes tying her torso to it, her arms behind her back, and her legs to the leg of the table. When they finished, she was completely bound, with her privates exposed for all to see.

She heard footsteps behind her, glaring her way through her messed black locks; she caught the vision of Sophia, looming behind her.

"Damn!" The mage breathed out, her sense of smugness and superiority creeping back in now that Cattleya couldn't move anymore. "We should have done that in the first place, it would save us so much trouble!" She lamented theatrically, smacking Cattleya's sizable ass and eliciting a now series of whistles and laughter. "Too late now bitch, I want to see you ruined, and I want to hear your screaming as it happens! You're gonna wish you had stayed still and quietly became my men's toy. I guarantee that!"

Cattleya didn't give a fuck about what the bitch was babbling about, she just continued to breathe threateningly and act like she had lost her mind.

Things are different from before, much different, her mind was working crystal clear now, and she knew what she had to do.

The effect of the drug still there, clawing away the edge of her thoughts, but there is little it could do when every part of herself was concentrating on a single purpose. The poison was also losing their hold on her body, she didn't know why, if it was luck, willpower, or plain fucking anger, but she felt her strength coming back, only tiny bits of it, but in each second there was more and more, and soon; it would be enough.

But her purpose is much more vital than enduring until her strength came back; it was even more important than her own possible escape; she must fight, lash out, bite, tear, snarl, growl; do anything to keep their attention focused on her… and away from Rana.

That's why she didn't fear as the crowd grew more and more aroused by the vision of her impressive form so defenseless, and started to edge closer. That's why she didn't fear when the tent's entrance opened, and an enormous black stallion was brought in. That's why she didn't fear when Sophia poured down a pheromone-based substance on her exposed privates, and the large horse was led to her rear.

"This is nothing, nothing at all. For Rana..." Cattleya thought as the animal whined loudly and threw its heavy forelegs over her shoulder. "I will do anything." She recited her oath and closed her eyes, feeling the flat, oversized cockhead of the animal bumping against her entrance.


For the first time… ever, the sound of clothes ripping to shreds stopped the world.

The humans stopping moving are fine; humans have a tendency to freeze when they have no idea of how to proceed, or when they're feeling overwhelmed, so it was almost expected that they would stop moving. Now, the horse stopping should set off some alarms, horny horses aren't known to stop for much of anything, so it was a quite unusual thing indeed.

But then again, how could they move? They were in the presence of perfection in human form.

"Hummmmmmmm, what a good nap!" The voice boomed, booming seems to be the default for a voice like that; it wasn't only because it was loud; it was because it spread everywhere it went. "Ohja? I'm transformed. I didn't know I could do that in my sleep, Hohoho, did I have a good dream last night?"

The most perfect example of the color blue trailed over the area, staring at the tumbled tables, ruined food, and blood spots. "Looks like things went wild as I slept-"

Then, the blue orbs' travel reaches their inevitable conclusion on bandits, the horse, and the gorgeous busty woman tied to the table.

"… Hey."

A simple word shook the universe. Its tone replaced the intrinsic value of the existence of the listeners to that of maggots. The horse died of a heart attack.

"What the hell are you doing with my mother?"


The Fiery Chameleons was a bandit gang disguised as a traveling circus, and they tried to rape my mother.

I'm sure that I'd be feeling the full impact of this event later, when the world wasn't washed in a pink hue.

"GuuuuRGG!" I whined childishly. My small hands moving over my angry, reddened member; quite the obscene sight.

After delivery the gang some road justice, the kind used when you don't want to bloody your hands, and the closest settlement is too far away to leave them to the justice system, which consisted in shattering all the bones of their limbs and leave them naked in the monster-filled wildness. I stayed in my adult form and carried mother until the effect of the drug fade away. It was only when we stop to camp on the bank of a small river that I changed back.

I was not expecting that ball-bustling after effects of my transformation to accumulate and grow worse, in retrospect; I should've expected that.

"Come on!" I practically begged. Thrusting my hips against my hands, trying to do anything to calm the beast down.

It wasn't working, no matter how many fantasies I had, how much I stroked, how much I stimulated, my release didn't come. The pleasure was there, building up and making me more and more sensitive as time passed, but the climax itself seems to be almost unreachable, every time I got closer, the changed goalpost.

It was frustrating, unfair, and fucking evil; this was edging in the worst way possible, at least when it's edging you know the release will come eventually, but now, the release was so far away I'm beginning to doubt it's existence.

I whined like a wounded animal again. 'been letting out sounds like that for a while now, it was humiliating at first, but now I didn't give a fuck.

"GRURRR!" I arched my back against the tree I was leaning against, my right hand stroking with my shaft, while my left played with my bulbous helmet. My arms were starting to ache from the effort, but my dick still insultingly hard. I can't stop, the pleasure was too high now, but if I'd managed that, the pain would come. Oh god the pain, it was almost traumatizing this time around.

It was like I was trapped.

Wait… trapped.

I take it back! It's a curse! Definitively a curse! I'm sorry for doubting you, mother!



"EHK!" I was not proud of that squeak.

Mother was there, standing beside the tree I was using as a cover, her wet, glistening body gleaming under the early morning sunlight that penetrated the foliage above, the red marks of her ordeal still wasn't completely faded.

My vision was burred by a pink mist, but she, I could see she a with scary clarity. Her shapely legs, Her round, childbearing hips, her charming belly, her mammoth-sized breast, her blushing, panting face, and down below… her reddened, plump outer lips with a tiny patch of black hair above, Mother of God it looked so fucking tight.

I couldn't speak, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't tear my eyes away. It took a mighty pulse from my penis to wake me up to my situation.

W-What the hell was she doing here!? I thought she was taking a bath-

My dick pulsed again, activating my 'the parent unit was caught you masturbating' instinct.

"T-T-This is not what it look-."

"You're hurting Rana." She whispered, slowly kneeling down, the way her breast jiggled while she did so monopolized all my attention. "You became like that because of me."

"What are you…" My words got clogged on my throat as her leg raised; her long, sculptured leg that could steal any' men's breaths - and lives - away. It passed over my body as her curves overtook the rest of my vision, her soft butt landed comfortably on my leg and slid forward.

I widened my eyes as my hardon pressed against her crotch and belly, framing where it could reach; it was… dangerously tempting.

"Rana, I'm not going to shy away from you anymore." Her finger trailed on down my arms, going to my hand. "I'll take full responsibility."

Her hands gently moved mine away and took their place.

"Oh holy-!"

She simplest touch felt mindblowing good. I could feel the tip of her fingers going up and down my length, trying to memorize the patterns on my veins, two fingers began to trail the edge of my head, while her palm pressed on the top.

Fucking-Jesus-Hell-Holy I can't even- Why does this feel so good!?

Then one of her hand wrapped around the base of my shaft and gave a soft pump.

I moaned, arching my back widely, a single stroke from my mother has brought me closer than anything I did.

What followed made my mind melt.

"Do you like it Rana?… You sound like you do… Is mommy making you feel good?… God, this is exhilarating."

The words juggled together before the hand warping around me; I didn't know if it was stroking me or if I was fucking it, I only knew it was going up and down with a delicious rhythm, with the moister from my thick pre-cum giving it enough leisure to move from the base to the highest peak with ease, the amount of heat gathering in there was insane.

I was starting to wonder where the other hand was, when I felt slender fingers gently caress my boated balls.

Oh fuck, it's coming, I could feel the barrier cracking. I began to thrust my hips into her touch, instinctively trying to get the last bit I needed to-

The tip of my dick bumped with something soft. I opened my eyes in confusion, and my heart skipped a beat.

"M-Mom!" I shouted, fuck my own voice sounded so fucking sexy, goddamn my trapness. "Mom, you're too close, I'm gonna-."

She didn't listen to me; instead, she dipped down her head more and laid a deep kiss on the crown of my penis.

That did it.

She turned her head to the side as the ropes of cum began to fly. My dick didn't stop erupting until a full minute has passed, it let out an honestly scary amount of cum, I couldn't fathom how my balls could keep all of that inside. Most of it ended up in the forest ground, or on mother's recently washed back.

"Ah…Ah… Mom I-Ohhhhh!"

A warm, moist mouth captured the head of my cock; I could see my mother's tongue loving circling over it, massaging the edges, polishing the wider surface, salvaging a bit of cum left from the very tip; in fact, it was giving particular focus to that part.

When I was freed, my dickhead was shining and utterly clean.

"So…?" Mother's breathless voice asked, "Are you feeling better."

Goddamnit, what a fucking ride, please tell me I didn't fantasize this.

"I'm… feeling awesome…" I said, still trying to catch my breaths, my mind slowly going back to normal functioning. "Mom, you didn't need…"

"I said that I'm not going to shy away anymore." She told me with a resolute look on her face. "From now on, whenever you need relief, come to me, I will take care of you."

How the fuck did she make this sound comforting and hot and the same time I'd never know. But hearing my mother saying these words, with her body drafted between my legs, her breast pushing against the base of my cock, and a string of my cum painted on her cheek, certainly made my body react.

She looked down at my rehardened dick. "Again?" She asked. There was a note of incredulity on her voice. I would be like that too, after seeing the amount this dick just cummed.

About her question… technically, I didn't need it anymore; the pain was already gone, but… with a woman like my mother… Fuck, how could I refuse?

"Yes please," I licked my lips trying to find the words. "There's a lot accumulated..."

She smiled at me, with barely contained eagerness, "I see. Well, mommy can't leave you like that can she?"

A bubbling feeling appeared in my chest… that eagerness... Wait she is not doing this only as a weird sense of duty?! She wants to do this! What does that mean-

My world blended together as a hot mouth and rolling tongue went down a third of my length.

Fuck… everything; I have no time for the world right now. There was a gorgeous Milf giving me a blowjob and I intend to enjoy it without my mind questioning silly things like reason or morality.

I just relaxed, and let my mother take care of me.