Sequel to This is Happiness. You'll have to read that first to have this make sense.


This is what a normal evening looks like:

She unlocks her door rather clumsily.

She's tired, she's always tired after a long day of shooting. Her role has become bigger than it was in season one, and it required her to expend more energy then she had. She wasn't complaining though, this was the life she always wanted, the career she's always wanted. She's picked up a new show, something sci-fi. She would have her agent send her the pitch of the show later, right now she just wanted to take a long hot bath and relax in her New York home.

She glanced at her fiancé, sat on their leather black sofa, headset on as he played his video games. If she was a betting woman, she'd assume it was Leonard, Howard, and Raj on the other end of that headset. She loved that about their friendship, despite distance –Leonard and Raj still in Pasadena, but Howard and Sheldon elsewhere, they all still kept in contact.


Sheldon gave a quick glance over his shoulder and turned back to the television set, speaking into his headset he paused his game, "Leonard, I have to go. More important matters have come up," he said firmly. Penny could hear the whining through the speaker and winced, that was one thing she absolutely didn't miss about the shorter man.

"Yes, well I'm sure once you decide to engage Amy Farrah Fowler, you'll understand the importance of keeping your woman happy, goodbye Leonard," he said simply before hanging up the headset and turning fully to his fiancée.

He loved that word, fiancée.

"How was your day?"

She shrugged as she loosened her ponytail and walked towards their bathroom, "Tiring."

He was behind her as she stood in the bathroom, looking into the mirror, "Things that wouldn't have exhausted me a few months ago are making me winded today."

Sheldon wouldn't tell her the statistics about old age. Instead he just kissed the spot below her ear (he knew she liked it) and ran her a hot bath.

This is what happens when you get sick:

"And action!"

She jumped slightly, her directors loud voice shaking her out of her thoughts. She blinked rapidly and tried to focus on what her co-stars were saying, but everything seemed to be mumbled together. All she could hear was the loud ringing in her ears. She stood on her mark, and opened her mouth to say her line, "I would never…" she trailed off, she couldn't remember her next line.

She saw the looks on her co-stars faces and felt embarrassed; she usually never forgot a line. Always excited to even get one. She furrowed her eyebrows and looked at her director off set, "Uh, line?"

He sighed deeply and looked at the script in his hand, "I would never betray you like that, Nicholas. But maybe if you don't know that, then your father was right; you don't know me."

She nodded her head and gestured for them to start again.

"And action!"

She took her mark once more and listened for her cue. But the lights started to get brighter, and suddenly she could barely see. She squinted and pulled at the collar of her costume, why was it so hot in here?


She looked to her co-star who had called her name, Rebecca, she was looking at Penny as if she had two heads and everyone else pretty much had the same look, "What's going on? Are you ok?"

The blonde opened her mouth to speak, but suddenly felt extremely ill and ran to the closest bathroom.

She sat there, kneeling on the cold linoleum ground, dry heaving into the ceramic bowl and she had no idea why. Maybe she was nervous because her family was coming to visit in a few weeks, and it would be the first time they met Sheldon as her fiancé, officially. Maybe it was because she would be attending her first Golden Globes award ceremony, and she was nominated for quite a few categories.

All reasons that made sense, but she hated the fact it was taking her away from work.

There was a knock on the door, and Penny forced herself to sit up and wash out her mouth the best she could. She didn't realize she was crying until she looked in the mirror. "You ok, girl?"

It was Rebecca.

"Yeah, I guess…just nerves."

Penny saw the look on the red-heads face, she knew that look. She wore it a lot when she was dating Leonard, it said I-don't-believe-a-word-you're-saying-but-I-won't-question-you-further. She sighed deeply and explained, "I think I'm just nervous about my parents coming to the city, they haven't officially met my fiancé yet."

Rebecca nodded her head, "Well, if that's the reason I think it's something you can get over," she stated simply, "We need you out there. Your fiancé is great, your parents will love him just as much as you do."

Penny could hear the but and she didn't need to look at her co-star to know what she meant by that. She wanted to shake her head and tell her she was wrong, there was nothing to even check because she and Sheldon were safe.

She didn't understand how she ended up at the drugstore shortly after that.

This is what happens when your family comes to visit:

"Oh wow, this is so fancy Penny," Wyatt is the first to speak as the entire family take in the modern home. It was in the heart of New York and it was rather pricey, but between she and Sheldon it wasn't hard to afford at all.

Just saying that made her swell with pride, who would've thought the day would come when she could not only afford her rent back in Pasadena, but she could also afford the bills on an upper Manhattan home. So, she showed her family around and though she insisted on them staying with her they told her they'd feel more comfortable at a hotel rather than imposing on the couple.

Sheldon came home in the evening right before dinner, so it gave her time to catch up with her family and answer all the embarrassing questions without him.

"That was such a nice dinner, Penny, thank you," Suzanne smiled.

The entire family had migrated to the living room, sitting around the sofas. A football game was on that preoccupied Wyatt and Randall, until her mother spoke first.

"So, when do you plan on getting married officially? You guys have been engaged for a little over a year, right?"

Sheldon shifted, and Penny knew it was due to the awkward question, she placed a hand on his knee but before she could speak, he did, "Well, right now we're taking things slowly—"

"Well, how much slower can you go? It took you guys years to get together, and when you finally do you want to take even longer to get married? I'd like to have grandchildren before I'm bound to a wheelchair," Suzanne didn't realize she was stepping on toes.

He sat up straighter, "Yes, however I'm busy teaching at NYU and Penny's actressing career had only just taken off. Between the two, we barely have time to plan a wedding. Besides we're enjoying just being together for as long as possible. Children aren't on our radar as of yet but believe me when I say I do plan to have offspring; I would be denying the world of a prodigy if I didn't."

She's looking at him, really looking at him. And it's like for the first time since they been engaged, she realizes he might be avoiding marriage to her. It sounded like he thought she was content being engaged and no further commitment needed to be made, and suddenly she felt angry. Did he not want to marry her?

He noticed.

Her family went home a week later, all topics of marriage and children off the conversational list and in everyone's back pockets. Well, everyone except Suzanne who hounded Penny every second she got alone with her daughter. She knew she shouldn't be, but she was extremely grateful when her family boarded their plane and never turned back. Despite the issue happening a few days ago, she was still angry with Sheldon.

This is what happens when your fiancé has Vulcan hearing:

"You're mad at me."

She's laying on her back on their couch, a plate of nachos on her stomach and reruns of some reality television show playing. She's not even watching it at this point, it's just background noise. She started off by trying to run over her lines for her new show, but somewhere in the middle she got so frustrated with her fiancé she forgot about it and made herself nachos. She thought it would make things better, but it didn't. It only fueled her anger more.

She glanced at him, "No."

He picked up her feet and placed them on his lap, as he sat beneath them. Immediately, she sat up straight. She didn't feel like being touched by him at the moment.

He's looking at her, really looking at her. And she's avoiding his blue stare. He knew the power they had on her, and she refused to be a victim again. So, she stood to her feet to refill her nachos. They didn't need refilling.

"Why do you still lie to me?"

It was a simple question, but it kind of broke her heart and she felt like crying. She closed her eyes and looked up at their high ceiling. She remembered telling Sheldon this was the house for them, simply because of the ceiling. She loved how elegant it looked, and especially the echo it made when your voice was loud enough. The first time they had sex in the living room, it was like sitting on the balcony of an Opera.

"Why don't you want to marry me?" Her voice cracks and she hates herself for it.

He's narrowing his eyes as he stands, "Who said that? There's nothing I want more than to marry you, Penny."

She dodges his touch before he could even think about doing it, and it scares him how much she knows him, but it warms him too.

"Why are you always the one to say we're too busy to plan a wedding, what if that's not what I want anymore? What if I want to get married?"

Placing his hands on the counter top (because they really needed to touch something) he says, "Then we get married. We get married whenever you want to."

She scoffs, because of course that's what he'd say. Of course, that's what he'd think she wants to hear, "No. I want to get married when we both want." She looks him in the eye, finally, and says, "You don't want kids either?"

"I do. I told your mother I did. Just not right now, it's not ideal. I'd prefer to have one in the future."

Her voice is soft, and he swears he could barely hear it (but he does, Vulcan hearing and all that), "What if it's too late?"

This is how she expected it to go (but it doesn't):

She opens their door with a large smile on her face. He sees her and asks her why she's so happy and she pulls a onesie out from behind her back. It reads 'daddy's my hero'. He asks her if she's serious. She nods. He smiles. They kiss. He's happy, she's happy, they're happy. He picks her up and hugs her, spinning around. And she can't see because she's crying. She was nervous for nothing, because this is what he wants, this is what they both want.

She gives birth, a little boy. Blonde hair, green eyes. He's gorgeous.

They whisper how much they each love him, and how they're not perfect but they swear on everything they will try to be.

They stay true to their promise, and they live happily ever after.

Curtain falls.

Penny's crying, and she's choking on her sobs. It hurts so much, and nobody is there to console her because after she told him she was pregnant,

He left.