The world is an uncertain place. Assurance, trust and nostalgia are always put up to the test. As a result, harsh consequences are produced. Terrifying, harsh consequences. This peculiar tale shows one of those instances. Taking place in an odd country known as Masco.

Masco is a strange island off the coast of California. With Pennsylvania's length and Vermont's width, it is still able to contain a wide population. However, the citizens are not ordinaire. These people are none other than mascots. Icons for food, drinks, clothes, and all sorts of brands who could live in peace with each other.

The mascots owe their homes to, not the Greek god of merchants. But, rather his descendant, Mercury Il Giornale Bucks. In a time when live animals were used as representatives for sport teams, Bucks had thought it would be a good idea to create a habitat for them. So, with the Californian dirt, he created a country. With the help of his gorgeous sister, Godiva.

As decades go by, different creatures had found their place as spokespeople. Disrespected spokespeople who would be considered as freaks by the masses. The Bucks' saw this and had allowed these special beings to his world. Within time, Masco was inhabited by mermaids, sirens, leprechauns, elves, and many other magical creatures. Yet, the land was organized into settings. In the Pacific Ocean (specifically in Symbolism Sea), King Cameron and Queen Marina had ruled over the sea dwellers until they were succeeded by Princess Catalina in 1952. She would then marry Peter Gorton two years later and bearing three heirs. A son in 1955 named Jarvis along with twins, Pauline and Prosperine in 1958. In Masco's icy regions, The Snowflake Central, there was King Vitamin with his bride, Dinah. The Emblem Forest and the Amulet Harvest had no monarchy but there was council. And in the Burger Kingdom, King George and his brother, King Kurger Bing, were the heads. As for an emperor to keep everyone in line, it was not Mercury. He wanted to live a carefree live with zero royal responsibilities. So, Godiva took the helm as empress in the year 1874. Eventually marrying the bumbling King George in 1934. And handing over the throne to their son, Henry in 1976. The new sovereign would soon be completed in 1980 when marrying King Vitamin's daughter, Crystal who would give birth to Prince Arthur in 1983 and Princess Sarah in 1985. As for Bucks, he went on to marry Queen Santana, the monarch of another land. With her, he fathered Princess Califia in 1943. When Satana had died in 1944, Mercury went on to wed the merrow-echidna siren, Melusine from 1946 to 1960. Their daughter, Astria, was born in 1948.

With such a history, Masco became a unique nation. A land with magic, charms, and a bevy of secrets. One of which was discovered in September of 2004.