By the afternoon, the ship had arrived at Symbolism Sea Dock. Ushering a busy time for Ronald and the crewman as they load off everything to the local moving vans. Once that was through, the secured vehicles had driven off to Brand-Side Avenue which, thankfully, was not far. Afterwards, everything was taken into Ronald's new house. Now all that was left was unpacking.

"Ok, ok…", the clown muttered, "where to start…"

"You sure you don't want us to help?", a mover inquired with Ronald smiling. "I'm sure. Besides, my niece and her friends should be arriving any-"

"UNCLE!", a youthful-looking ginger shouts as she happily pounces the unknowing clown to the floor.

"What on earth, Wendy?!", he was perplexed and surprised, "You broke my bones!"

Knowing her uncle didn't mean it, the freckle-face lass laughed while helping him up. "Oh come on, Uncle Ronnie, you know you miss me!"

"True.", Ronald gave a forgiving smile when Wendy's boyfriend, Bobby Woodruff came in.

"Well, I see you two have met again.", snarked the younger lad.

"It's a family thing, Bobby.", Wendy gave a playful smirk when her uncle argued, " 'Family thing'? Only you do that."

"Just my way of saying 'I love ya', uncle Ronnie."

"Yeah, yeah…", snarked Ronald as he paid the movers and bade them farewell once they had left. Now, alone, the three got to work with unpacking.

Box by box, the trio was hard at work to have the home just right. After about two and a half hours, the two-story apartment was ready.

"Phew!", The clown sighed with relief, "Done! So, what do you two say we-"

He stopped himself as he noticed that Wendy and Bobby are now fast asleep on the couch. At this image, Ronald could not help but smile tenderly. Just then his cell phone began to ring. Not wanting to wake the two up, he takes it to the kitchen. Once answering it, he starts the conversation. All throughout, the clown would be friendly and silly.

"Hello?... Pops, is that you?...Well, what a surprise!...I know, I know...You and mom don't have to worry about a thing. It's not the first time I've been here...Yes, I'll see you all this weekend...I make no promises… Ok! Ok! I'll be nice to her...Ok...Ok...Alright, I will….Goodbye."

Hanging up the phone, Ronald gave a chuckle until he began to think to himself. Remembering where he's been in life.


Now the McDonalds were an odd bunch. For starters Beau, or "Bozo" as he's often called, came from a circus family with his red-haired mother being a magician while his father was a clown. For Bozo, he took after the ladder parent and preformed wacky schemes in the shows with his family. Though, such shenanigans would be seen as dangerous to the normal folk. When he became a young adult, Bozo had joined his buddies on a trip to 1920's France where he met his future wife. A beautiful, raven-haired, red-beret wearing mime by the name of Cherie Kemp.

was born and raised in the Parisian countryside with her older brother, Marcel, their father, Jacques Kemp (both of whom were mimes, themselves) along with the family's matriarch, Betty Elaine Johnson. A southern belle from Georgia whose black hair and brown eyes Cherie had inherited. What she got from Mr. Kemp was the inability to talk. Being born mute, little Cherie would learn sign-language. Both French and American. Anyway, once reaching adulthood, the Kemp siblings would go on to entertain passersby on the streets. But, with little popularity. Though, in the spring of '25, things would change.

As usual, Cherie was taking a coffee break at a local cafe. Drinking from the mug, sitting outside, being extremely bored. It was then, a shy red-headed clown came up to her. At first, there was reluctance from Cherie's side. But, after some small talk and a few giggles, a relationship blossomed. From there, Bozo and Cherie became a husband and wife in 1927. Ten years later, the pair would have a lovely baby girl named Desiree with her little brother, Ronald proceeding in 1948.

Throughout the decades, the McDonalds were a happy family. But, they would often be separated thanks to certain factors. A big one was Bozo's demanding job as a TV host for kids shows. Then there was the fear of robbers wanting to harm the McDonald siblings for one sick reason or another. Bozo and Cherie knew their young would not be safe in a world of "normies" nor would they be happy. Treated harshly by their looks as children, they did not want Desiree nor Ronald to be bullied by cruel kids and horrid teachers. So, in 1955, Cherie had moved to the youngsters from the circus life to the recently built McDonaldland. An odd, wacky land for odd wacky people. It also helped that Bozo's brother, Donald, was one of the leaders.

The small family felt at home. As Cherie would perform at parties and festivals, Desiree would soon go off to college, and make a home of her own. Marry a young, freckle-face ginger named "Davey Thomas" in 1956, she would have three kids. Twin boys, Harland and Harald, were born in three years after the wedding. Daughter, Wendy would come into the picture by '61. As for Ronald, the fellow had found himself aimless. In 1969, Ronald was a rodeo clown to the understandable distress of his parents. Though he was successful with his rope tricks, he found himself unsatisfied. He wanted more but did not know exactly what. Even a year after getting the job. Yet, little did the young clown realized, he was about to get the chance of a lifetime.

For a time, Donald had been the spokesperson for the company of McDonalds (no familial relation). Yet, he had grown tired and wanted to just enjoy the remainder of his life freely. But, he did not want to do it at the expense of the child audience looking up to him. It was not long, however, until the corporate folk had took notice of Donald's young nephew. "He's perfect!", they said, "Go and see if he'll take the job!"

The blonde clown did just that. Needless to say, Ronald couldn't have been more ecstatic. But, there was one problem…

"I just don't know about this, Ronnie…", Bozo replied as he and his son are moving Desiree's new furniture into the front door. While they were doing so, Harland, Harold and Wendy were being given sweets by Cherie in the nearby living room.

"Aw, come on, pops, this is a great opportunity! You've worked there, uncle Donny worked there, and so can I. I can be a mascot like you guys!"

"But it's demanding."

"So is any job. Besides, it could get me out of the rodeo. You and mom would, at least, be happy about that."

"Don't you still think it'll all be...too much for you? Just look what I do; the shows, the parades, the commercials, and so many other things. That's stressful for one person, you know. Even when I doing Capitol Records, things could get hectic. And, I don't want that happening to you."

"Pops, we're a family of circus folk. Doing commercials should be tame in comparison. Even little Wendy is doing them too."

"I...I just don't know, Ron."

As much as the younger McDonald tried to understand his father, all he could do is let out a sigh as he goes to join his niece and nephews in the other room. At the same time, Cherie came out of said place wondering what the conversation was about.

"Cher…", Bozo started, "Remind to not kill Donny later."

An hour later, Desiree and Davey came home. The kids were playing in the backyard, Bozo was on the phone with Donny while Cherie was trying to calm her husband down. As for Ronald, he sitting at the kitchen table wasn't long until Bozo and Cherie told his daughter what's been happening. At this, Desiree goes to offer some sisterly advice while Davey checks on their children. Going to the kitchen, she gently starts.

"Hey, Ronnie."

"Hey, Des.'

"Mom and pop told me about uncle Donny's offer. You sure you wanna take it?"

"Sure, I'm sure. It's safe, it pays greatly and it looks like a lot of fun. Why would I not want it? Besides, didn't you do the same thing with Wendy?"

"But Wendy's only the face of the company and makes very little commercials. With you, it's a whole different ball game."

"I know, Des. But I know I can do it. I just wish mom and pops would see that. I mean-what are they so worried about?"

"The fame, that's what. You know how stardom can be."

"But I can handle it. Just let me prove it."

Cherie then comes into the kitchen, guiding a tired Bozo to their kids. With a sigh, the elder clown gave in.

"Ok, Ronald, you can get the job."

Ronald's faced beamed like the sun. He couldn't have been happier.

"Oh my goodness!", he gasped happily, "Really?!"

"You betcha!"

Hugging both parents, Ronald goes on a rampage of "Thank you"'s until Bozo has to put in a little rule.

"Under one condition: Be careful. I can't stress that enough."

"Don't worry pops, I will!"

Desiree and Ronald rushes out to the backyard to tell Davey and the children the good news while Bozo and Cherie stayed behind in contemplation. Fortunately, they did not have to worry for long. Unbeknownst to Ronald, Donny was able to convince the producers to have the commercials in McDonaldland. True, other advertisements would be set in other places, but this could give a soon-to-be-famous Ronald a safe home that is not in Masco. A plan that would hold on for so long.


Back in 2003, Ronald snaps out of his reverie as he then looks at the clock on the wall. "Ok, with the tour being at 4:00, that only gives me an hour to relax a bit." With a smile of certainty, he goes off to his room to nap.