I'm not a hero

Chapter 1 – Everything going to plan.

Harry Potter was the eldest brother of two, he had a twin brother who was named as Adrian Potter. Despite being the oldest twin, he was not as well-known as his younger brother. When they were born, a prophecy was made about one of them and for some reason Dumbledore thought it was the Ryan.

One day, the evil wizard known as Voldemort broken into their house. Upon realizing that they had been betrayed, James Potter sent his wife upstairs to protect the kids. James bravely fought off Voldemort for a while but eventually lost, Voldemort wasted no time in climbing up the stairs and heading to the bedroom.

He quickly dealt with Lily Potter and turned his attention to the twins, the redheaded and brown eyed Adrian Potter cried at the sight of him, whilst the black haired and green eyed Harry Potter just stared. Voldemort fired his killing curse, but was undeniably surprised when it didn't work, even more so when it shot back at him.

Sirius Black arrived moments later, cursing Pettigrew as he did. He entered, fortunately for him his best friend was alive, so was his wife but unfortunately they weren't waking up. He checked the babies, they were both fine but before he could do more Hagrid burst in and said that Dumbledore wanted him to take the babies to safety. After some arguing, Sirius relented and let the babies be taken, thinking that they would remain safe and he would pick them up later. He wanted to go and kill Pettigrew but he decided that getting James and Lily to hospital was more important.

Meanwhile, Hagrid had just delivered the boys to Dumbledore. Dumbledore examined the boys, Adrian had a V shaped scar above his forehead, Dumbledore after a few checks he realized that there was no dark magic in it. Unlike the lightning scar in the other boys head, Dumbledore hypothesized that Adrian must have deflected the killing curse and part of Voldemorts soul latched on to Harry. It made sense as Adrian was most likely the one the prophecy was talking about as he was born right as the seventh month dies at preciously midnight.

Dumbledore decided at that moment to leave Harry with his aunt, she hates magic and hopefully her would intensify over the years, that combined with a few charms would make her furious with the boy. If all goes well then she would eventually kill him, leaving Dumbledore's hands clean and getting rid of the horcrux. If not then he could come up with a plan when Harry comes to Hogwarts.

He left Harry on her doorstep, and left with Adrian, smiling as he did. Yes, everything would go to plan.

Daphne Greengrass was saying goodbye to her parents at the train platform, she was a young and pretty girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was also the heiress to the Greengrass name and fortune, so she had to be very careful with whom she befriended as her parents reminded her constantly.

She made her way on to the train, and eventually she found a compartment that was nearly empty. Inside was one boy who looked around her age, he had messy black hair and wore muggle clothes. He wore white trainers, blue jeans, a white shirt and a black leather jacket. She wasn't sure if he was muggle because even some purebloods wore muggle clothing, not that she cared about blood purity.

"Excuse me" She said "can I sit here please?"

"Of course" The boy took his attention away from the window and looked at her, she came in and placed her trunk overhead before sitting down.

"I am Daphne Greengrass" She extended her hand. The boy took it and placed a small kiss on her hand, 'pureblood' Daphne thought as it was unlikely for a muggle to perform a formal greeting.

"A pleasure to meet you" The boy replied "My name is Hadrian, but you can call me Harry"

"Just Harry?" Daphne asked "don't you have a last name?"

"Yes I do, but I prefer to get to know a person before I reveal my name. Besides, I'm sure you'll hear it at the sorting later"

"True" Daphne nodded "I can assume your name is well known"

"Yes, annoyingly well know" Harry replied "but enough about me, are you looking forwards to Hogwarts?"

"Yes I am" Daphne replied "I'm expecting to be sorted into Slytherin, what about you?"

"If I had to choose it'd be either Ravenclaw or Slytherin" He answered "although, I honestly don't care which house I'm in but those two houses give you your own room. At least that way I have a place to go if anybody bothers me."

"I understand what you mean, in Slytherin there are always a few idiots. My father warned me that Lucius Malfoys son is starting this year."

"I'm guessing you're not particularly fond of him" Harry smiled

"I hate him" Daphne immediately replied "I...oh I'm sorry, I shouldn't be ranting"

"It's alright, I rather like the sound of your voice." Harry replied, Daphne blushed a little but hid it "why don't you like him?"

"Because if he's anything like his father then he'll be an arrogant and cocky and annoying, his father is also trying to force a marriage contract between me and him. My dad is getting tired of fighting him off but he won't let him make the contract."

Before Harry could reply, the compartment door was opened. Standing in the doorway, looking like he was Merlin's gift to wizard kind, was one Draco Malfoy. Behind him were two boys who looked like they were his bodyguards.

"Greengrass" He smiled, and Daphne had to resist getting up and punching him in the face "I'm pleased to see you"

"Such a shame I don't feel the same way" Daphne said with fake sweetness "now will you please leave and stop bothering me?"

"Who are you?" Draco turned to Harry "Judging by your clothes I can assume that you're just another mudblood"

"Mr Malfoy was it?" Harry asked in a calm and cool voice "Unlike you, I have not forgotten the proper etiquette that comes with being a member of a well-respected house. In case you need reminding, you are supposed to introduce yourself and extend your hand" Draco reddened a little, before reluctantly extending his hand.

"I am Draco Malfoy, heir to the Malfoys, who are you?"

"A little better" Harry shrugged "my name is Hadrian, but I also go by Harry. My last name, you can discover it at the sorting." Harry stood up and grabbed Malfoys hand, Malfoy yelped in pain as he felt his bones being crushed. "I am not a muggleborn, but I had better not hear you saying that word again."

Harry let Malfoy go, Malfoy was about to reach for his wand when he found a wand aimed between his eyes. Harry looked at him, his green eyes blazing but his body as still as a rock.

"Careful Mr Malfoy" Harry said "it wouldn't look good for the Malfoy heir to attend the sorting with a black eye and a few broken bones."

Malfoy gulped, and reluctantly left with his bodyguards. Harry put his wand back in his arm holster and sat down, he turned to Daphne who was looking at him with a dropped jaw. Harry gently closed her mouth by pushing her chin.

"Are you okay Daphne?" He asked, and Daphne blushed before overcoming her shock.

"Yes, but Harry you just threatened Draco Malfoy" She pointed out "his father is really powerful"

"Ah well, at least life won't be boring" He shrugged "besides, I've dealt with a lot worse than boys who need to rely on daddy to get by. But now I can see why you don't want to marry him, maybe one of those gorillas could substitute for you if you ask nicely."

Daphne laughed and the two continued to converse when about half an hour later, another person interrupted them, it was a girl with bushy hair.

"Have either of you seen a toad? A boy named Neville has lost one" She asked

"No" They both replied

"Are you doing magic?" She gestured to Harry who had his wand in his hand "let's see then"

"Sorry but I'm not doing magic" Harry replied

"Don't lie to me, you have your wand in your hand"

"Doesn't mean I'm using it" Harry replied and it was true, Harry was just showing it to Daphne. "Now if there isn't anything else, can you please leave?"

"You're awfully rude" She commented

"Says the girl who barged in here without permission" Daphne interrupted "we answered your question, you then called him a liar even though he wasn't lying. He was just showing it to me, and you haven't even introduced yourself."

"Fine" she sniffed "I'm Hermione Granger, and you are?"

"Daphne Greengrass"

"Harry" Harry added

"What's your last name?" She asked

"You'll find out at the sorting ceremony"

"Why don't you tell me now?!" She demanded

"Because he doesn't want to" Daphne replied "I've been sitting with him the whole train ride and he hasn't told me, you don't see me complaining and shouting like a harpy"

"I'm not a harpy!" Hermione exclaimed before storming away.

"Thanks" Harry said

"Not a problem" Daphne smiled "you saved me from one idiot and I saved you from another"

"That sounds like a brilliant system" Harry commented "I guess that means that I have to handle the next idiot we come across"

"Obviously" Daphne smiled, and no sooner than she did another idiot came in the form of a red headed boy.

"Hey" He said "I just wanted to let you guys know that Adrian Potter is signing autographs if you all want one"

"What are you on about?" Harry asked

"Adrian Potter, I'm his best friend" The boy said proudly "my name is Ron by the way, Ron Weasley. He wanted me to let everyone know that his signing autographs"

"Brilliant" Harry said sarcastically "I appreciate you informing us but I'm not interested, Daphne?" Daphne shook her head "She is also not interested, now unless there is anything else, can you leave please?"

"Hey, you can't talk to me like that!" Ron shouted

"Why not?" Harry asked

"Because I'm the best friend of the boy-who-lived, you have to respect me"

"And I congratulate you for making a friend" Harry gave him a false smile and Daphne tried not to laugh "but that does not give you automatic respect, now leave please."

"Slimy snake" Ron growled before leaving

"How much do you want to bet he is in Gryffindor?" Daphne asked

"That's a losing bet and you know it, even if he isn't Gryffindor material he'll beg just to be put there"

Soon they arrived at Hogwarts, Daphne introduced Harry to her friend Tracy Davis who seemed nice enough, she teased Daphne about if Harry was her new boyfriend and the result was Daphne blushing whilst not looking at Harry who was trying to hide a smile. As they were waiting outside the hall, Harry got a good look at a certain redhead.

He saw his brother conversing with Ron Weasley, his brother was an inch or so smaller than him. He had bright red hair and brown eyes, he wasn't fat but he was slightly chubby. Currently Ron was whispering to him, Harry looked away, he wasn't sure what Adrian was like, though he had an idea.

"Hey" Adrian walked up to him "do you know who I am?"

"Adrian Potter" Harry replied, wondering where he was going with this.

"Exactly, according to my friend, you don't care enough to have one of my autographs."

"Maybe I don't, so what?" Harry looked Adrian in the eye but before Adrian could respond another voice interrupted him.

"Forget him" Draco Malfoy said "he is nothing important, you don't want to be making friends with the wrong sort. My name is Malfoy, Draco Malfoy" Ron sniggered

"Think my name is funny do you?" Draco demanded

"Yeah it is" Adrian interrupted "now get lost death eater"

Malfoy turned Red but before he could respond, Professor McGonagall entered and took them all into the hall. Hermione Granger was telling whoever would listen about how she read that the ceiling was enchanted, Ron was sprouting some nonsense about thinking he had to wrestle a troll while Adrian and Malfoy were strutting about as if they owned the place.

Soon the sorting began, starting with a girl called Hannah Abbot. Hermione Granger was sorted into Gryffindor, Daphne was sorted into Slytherin and Draco Malfoy was also sorted into Slytherin then it was Adrian Potters turn. He sat on the stool and he took a bit longer than everybody else, it looked as if he was actually arguing with the hat who eventually sent him to Gryffindor. Everyone applauded before they decided to continue with the sorting, McGonagall looked at the list and her eyes widened in shock.

"H...Harry Potter" She said, the crowd began whispering instantly and everyone snapped their attention to the sorting.

Harry sighed and decided to get it over with, he slowly made his way past the students and sat on the stool. After a few seconds McGonagall placed the hat on his head.

'Hmm, difficult, very difficult. How are you Mr Potter?' The hat asked in his head

'As well as I can be' Harry mentally replied 'little cold but apart from that I'm fine'

'Hmm, yes' The hat chuckled 'but I'm sure that a little bit of cold won't bother someone such as yourself. My goodness, I can't believe what I'm seeing in your head. Godric Gryffindor would kill to have you in his house, adults wouldn't even do half the stuff you have done, but then again I'm sure the other founders would be the same in their desire to have you. My, you're unusual.'

'You're a hat' Harry pointed out 'a talking hat whose purpose is to decide where children live while they're at school, it's a bit hypocritical for you to call me unusual'

'Fair point' The hat replied 'now, where to put you? Hmm, you don't want Gryffindor and I agree with you, while you embody everything Godric would want from a Gryffindor, you just wouldn't fit in. Hufflepuff? No, your loyal but only to very few. So, it's between Ravenclaw or Slytherin, do you have a preference?'

'Not really but I would like Slytherin for no other reason than to irritate my brother'

"Ha" The hat laughed out loud, surprising the hall "you're an unusual one, I see great things in your future Mr Potter. With that being said, I hope you enjoy your time in SLYTHERIN!"

Silence fell throughout the hall as Harry removed the hat and made his way over to Slytherin, he sat beside Daphne who was looking at him with wide eyes.

"As cute as you look now, you look better when you're smiling" He whispered into her ear and she blushed. Before composing herself.

"So, Harry Potter?" She said "as in brother to the Gryffindor golden boy?"

"Older brother" Harry nodded "and yes, I wanted to wait until I was at Hogwarts before anyone found out. Now I can avoid anyone who feels the need to ask annoying questions"

"What about me?" Daphne asked

"Yeah" Tracy decided to enter the conversation "would you avoid Daphne?"

"I see no reason to" Harry replied "it would be stupid to refuse such brilliant company" Harry smiled at Daphne, who was internally cursing him for constantly making her blush. He was ruining her Ice Queen look that he had planned to use.

"So, Harry Potter?" A voice drawled, it was Malfoy and he had attracted the attention of the rest of the Slytherin's "a Potter in Slytherin, how does it feel being a disappointment?"

"I don't know Malfoy" Harry replied "but you seem to be an expert in the subject, how does it feel?"

"How dare you?!" Malfoy exclaimed "I am the heir to the Malfoy family"

"Well, I congratulate you for being born" Harry said dryly "though I must say I pity your father, he must have it bad when his son's only form of accomplishment is existing" A few of the Slytherin's laughed at this. "If I met him then I would probably also extend how sorry I am regarding his inability to have more kids"

"My father can have more children if he wanted!"

"And he stopped at you?" Harry raised an eyebrow "hmm, in that case I can assume he decided to stop at one disappointment" Malfoy turned red as many of the Slytherin's began laughing.

"You'll pay for this Potter!" Malfoy growled

"I was unaware that Malfoys had financial problems, such a shame when money is the only reason your family is important. Never mind, if you ask nicely then I will give you a galleon. If you're on your knees when you ask then I will give you two" Daphne was using all of her control to not laugh at Harry's comments, Tracy found them so funny that she placed a hand over her mouth to stop herself from laughing.

Malfoy was at a loss and didn't know what to say, so he decided to shut up. He was unsure of what to think of the new Potter, but one thing for sure was the fact that he hated him. Soon everyone started eating, Daphne and Harry began talking with each other and Tracy also joined in.

Adrian Potter was staring at his brother from the Gryffindor table, he couldn't believe his brother was a Slytherin. He had been on the train because Dumbledore told him to socialize and meet people but he never saw his brother there, the closest thing he had heard was that he refused his autograph. Dumbledore told him that he might meet his brother soon but he didn't expect this guy to be his brother. The guy who refused his autograph and was sorted into Slytherin, tomorrow he would go to his brother and tell him to get resorted. It's embarrassing for the boy-who-lived to have a snake for a brother!

Another person looking at Harry was Professor Snape, Snape had decided to stop his hatred of James Potter long ago, upon reflection he realized that if Potter had grown up and apologized then he could get over it as well, at least for Lily's sake. But looking at the boy-who-lived, Adrian Potter, had caused old feelings of hate to bubble up.

The brat was more arrogant then James Potter ever was. For years he had to put up with the brat walking around like it was his castle, throughout all the time he wondered why the elder twin wasn't living in the castle as well. He looked at the twin and while he may look more like James Potter, he had the eyes of his mother. He didn't walk with arrogance and he was sorted into Slytherin of all houses, maybe this Potter was different, he would wait and reserve judgment.

Dumbledore was also deep in thought, he couldn't believe Harry Potter had ended up in Slytherin, this was not what he expected. He figured that if Harry hadn't died yet then Dumbledore could use him, he would appear as the kind and grandfatherly mentor who he could look up to. Then Dumbledore could eventually convince Harry to sacrifice himself for the greater good, but he wasn't sure if this would still work.

Harry wasn't in Gryffindor, he was in Slytherin and from the looks of it he was getting along well with the other members of the house. He would wait and see, hopefully he wouldn't have to change too much of his plans.

A.N: Hi guys, I hope you like the first chapter. A quick summary of what's happened so far is the Potters have both been put into a coma, and Adrian Potter was raised by Dumbledore while Dumbledore had sent Harry to live with Petunia but then Harry shows up at Hogwarts and befriends Daphne, and that is it so far. Believe it or not, I do have a story planned out so please be patient.

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