Chapter 51 - Epilogue- a few years later

"Hi Dumbledore" A voice cut through the silence of Azkaban, Dumbledore looked up from and saw none other than Harry Potter standing outside of his cell

"Ah, hello Harry" Dumbledore said from his position, sitting on the floor and leaning against a wall

"I must admit, I'm impressed that you've lasted this long in Azkaban" Harry said

" times, I'm not sure if I am still alive" Dumbledore admitted "how are you Harry?"

"I'm doing well, today is the fourth birthday of my first son" Harry smiled

"Ah yes, John, correct?"

"Yep, John James Potter, named him after dad and Lord Flight, Daphne is trying to convince him to stop calling himself JJ" Harry said amusedly

"Why are you here?" Dumbledore asked "You've not visited me in years"

"I've heard that you were dying" Harry said, cutting right to the point "I think that I wanted to say goodbye"


"Well, I didn't want to but Daphne said I should probably get some closure"

"Actually...I'm rather glad that you are here" Dumbledore smiled sadly "after all these years, watching my memories over and over again thanks to the dementors, I've realised a few things."

"Oh?" Harry raised an eyebrow

"I...I haven't really been working for the greater good...have I?" Dumbledore said slowly, clearly the words pained him "I always...always thought that I was a hero, that my way was what was needed to bring out a better world. I thought that I was the one that would save the world, then came the prophecy. I realised that if I couldn't be the one to stop Voldemort then I could at least model the next hero in my image. I thought it was Adrian wasn't. It was supposed to be you. I...I am sorry...I'm sad that instead of dying a hero like I could've...I will die a villain. But most of all, I am sorry for all I've done to you.

You deserved better than that...I should have been better than that. I don't expect your forgiveness, but I have to say it, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all I've done"

"Wow" Harry blinked "Not what I was expecting, if I'm being honest. As for your apology...I don't know if I can just forgive you, at least not know. Maybe sometime in the future"

"That's better than I deserve" Dumbledore coughed

"I hope you find the peace in death that you didn't find in life." Harry gave him a small nod

"T...thank you" Dumbledore coughed violently several times, some blood spat out of his mouth and landed on the floor, Dumbledore looked up and found himself very surprised when he saw that Harry was no longer there. He was tempted to laugh at Harry's flair for the dramatic, though it would be very hypocritical for him to do so.

He laid down, his coughing increased, his body felt weaker. Soon...soon he would go to the next great adventure, sadly not the way that he wanted though it was far better than he deserved.

"Forgive me" He whispered as death came "forgive me"

"I'm home" Harry said as he arrived through the front door, he walked through and entered the kitchen

"Dada" A small voice cried happily and Harry found a two year old girl with blonde hair and green eyes grabbing his leg

"She missed you" Daphne smiled from her position sitting at the table and filling out forms

"You missed me Violet?" Harry smiled as he picked her up

"Today's Johns birthday!" Violet informed him happily

"Yes it is" Harry smiled "do you know what that means?"

"Cake!" She cheered

"Cake?!" A voice exclaimed as a four year old boy rushed in, black hair and green eyes, the spitting image of his father

"Not yet" Harry said "you get your cake later"

"Mum said you're doing the party at Grandma's house!" The boy said excitedly

"Yep John, we're going to make your birthday a good one" Harry nodded "it's not every day that somebody turns twenty-nine"

"I'm not twenty nine today" John frowned

"Really? You look so old" Harry said, his face the perfect image of seriousness, except for the amusement in his eyes

"No I don't!" John crossed his arms and glared at his father

"Relax, you're father's joking sweetie" Daphne smiled at her son

"Is auntie Tonks and Ryan coming?" John asked as Harry sat down next to Daphne and placed Violet on his lap

"Yep" Harry nodded

"And Uncle Red? And Uncle Adrian and Aunt Rachel?"

"Yeah mate" Harry nodded once again

"What about Padfoot and Moony and..."

"Yes, yes, a million times yes" Harry cut him off

"The queen's coming?!" John blinked

"What?" Harry raised an eyebrow

"I was going to say can we invite the queen?" John shrugged, though he was unable to keep the amusement off of his face "You said yes a million times, that means I can invite a million people"

"Is that what I'm like for other people?" Harry asked Daphne

"Yes, yes, a million times yes" She said with a cheeky grin

"Thanks Uncle Red!" John said after his favourite uncle took him to a corner and gifted him a pet cat

"You're welcome mate" Red ruffled his hair "now you remember to take good care of him, hmm, Violet always wanted a cat"

"My sister wanted a cat?" John asked, confused about why Red was talking about his sister

" sister" Red said with a small smile "she was name Violet too."

"Where is she?" John asked

"She's gone" Red replied

"Does that mean dead?" John asked

"Yep" Red nodded, not quite seeing the point in lying if the kid already knew "she was a good person, smart girl. Like your sister, like you" Red patted John on his shoulder

"Who was I named after?" John asked curiously

"Jonathon Flight" Red answered "he taught me and your dad magic and how to fight"

"Mum said she doesn't want daddy to teach me how to fight because I'm too young" John sighed

"That's good" Red said, surprising John "enjoy your childhood mate, when me and your dad were your age we didn't get birthdays"

"You didn't get birthday's?!" John looked horrified

"No mate. Me, Violet, Ryan and your dad didn't have any parents. Well, your dad did but they were in hospital for ages so we didn't get birthday's. You're lucky, you know that, you're mum and dad love you. Really love you, they'll always look after you and keep you safe. So will I"

"Thank you" John said, a bit teary

"No, enough of that" Red wiped John's eyes "it's your birthday, today is a day for fun and happy kids. Go off and play" Red nudged him. John giggled a little before he got up and ran off and began showing everyone his new cat

"Thanks man" Harry's voice came from behind Red

"Not a problem" Red said as he smiled while John showed off his new cat to everyone "I need someone to spoil so I'm settling with your kids"

"Yeah, well you're John's godfather so it's kind of your job" Harry pointed out

"I don't know why you didn't make me Violet's godfather as well" Red said, just a hint of jealousy

"Because Ryan is also my brother mate" Harry said "besides, you're John's favourite and Ryan is Violet's favourite."

"I'm going to steal that girl's love" Red vowed

"Ah, is someone still jealous?" Ryan grinned as he walked up to the two

"I am not jealous" Red huffed

"Ah, just because I'm little Violet's favourite" Ryan smirked

"Hi guys!" Rose greeted the three after leaving her husband, Theo Nott, to play with the kids "this party is amazing!"

"Yeah, I'm jealous" Ryan admitted "we never had this much fun when we were four"

"Yeah, well things are different now" Harry smiled at his three friends, no, his brothers and sister. "We're together now, we're family again."

"Family together" Ryan smiled

"Family for life" Red nodded

"Family forever" Rose gave them a teary smile as she pulled them all into a hug

"This is how it should be" Red said as they all hugged each other

"This is how it will stay mate" Ryan said after they finished

"We're together for life, family in all but blood" Harry smiled happily, biting back his own tears "this...this is the happy ending we wanted"

"Nah" Red said as he looked to Harry "this is the happy ending you deserve mate"

"Harry" Daphne came over "it's time to blow out the candles"

"Let's go guys" Red said as he pulled Rose and Ryan away "I want to see if anyone can beat my cat"

"You alright sweetie?" Daphne asked with concern

"I'm brilliant" Harry kissed her on the lips "just happy"

"Yeah, me too" She smiled and guided Harry over to the table where John was getting ready to blow out the candles.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! You look like a monkey and you act like one too! Happy birthday!" The group sang for John who looked a bit annoyed at the monkey part but was genuinely happy. He took a deep breath, made a wish and blew out his candles to the sound of cheers.

The group all began eating the birthday cake and once they were done, presents began. Red stood off to the side, smug with the knowledge that his present wouldn't be topped.

"And this is for my favourite grandson!" James said proudly as he handed John the newest Firebolt. Red cursed! Though he kept it internal because the kids were still here, he didn't want to feel the wrath of Daphne Potter...again

"Wicked!" John exclaimed

"Now, now, let's get all your other presents out of the way before you go flying" Daphne said before giving James a look that translated into 'why did you give my four year old son a broom?'. James smiled sheepishly "Oh and Harry" She whispered into her husband's ear "he's going to end up on that broom one way or the other, make sure he doesn't kill himself"

"Yes ma'am" Harry nodded as the others began giving him presents. Harry smiled throughout the whole night, Red was right. After all the pain, after all the trials and suffering, he finally had what he wanted. His parents were back, so were Padfoot and Moony, along with Ryan, Rose and Red. And now he had Daphne and a family, he didn't know what would happen in the future. But the one thing he did now...he would deal with it just like he always did. His way. Because he wasn't a hero, he was a survivor.

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