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House Hostage

M-21 was trapped at home today.

Frankenstein declared him a house hostage after his persistence of going to work despite his condition and the bandages over his head, hands, and chest. It really didn't help that M-21 insisted he was all right which Frankenstein, M-21's dedicated doctor and caretaker, obviously knew was wrong.

So, here he was.

He didn't go to work, and he was not alone.

The Holy And Great Noblesse was next to him, sitting on the living couch. Exactly what was he also doing.

He Himself looked fine, if only His face wasn't a little pale and He didn't slouch.

In fact, Raizel's condition might be even worse than his. The fight was big and He spent a little too much of His power to finally finish the toughest modified human who barely had the will to fight.

And at times like this, M-21 wanted to appear not weak in front of Him. So, he gave his all to show the tough side of him right now, that he wasn't so exhausted because of all the injuries he endured.

It was in the middle of the day; M-21 thought to himself that it was time for lunch. But there were only the two of them in the house, and M-21 could not cook fancy meals like his boss.

Suddenly, the Noble's voice broke the silence. "It is time for lunch."

Yes, yes it is, M-21 said inside.

M-21 can't cook something at Frankenstein's level, but he had to do it. Somebody needed to cook here. He wasn't sure if nobles need to eat, but he was sure he himself needed to. He wasn't so hungry though, so he didn't need to make too much. The only thing that worried him now is the taste of his own cooking: would it satisfy the Noblesse? M-21 knew that Raizel had been spoiled with delicious and luxurious feasts from His servant all the time they lived together, and being someone whom Raizel cared about romantically didn't compensate bad cooking—at least that's what he, the aforementioned someone, thought.

But trying isn't bad, is it? After all, who else would cook?

"Um, I can't cook, but I will try before we starve ourselves." Or myself… The gray-haired man stood up and slowly stepped over to the kitchen.

"M-21, don't."

The man turned to Raizel. "Why?"

"You're still recovering, please do not work yourself up."

M-21 wasn't sure if cooking is such a work-up. "It's just cooking."

"We can buy food instead." Raizel took out His phone, "I want you to just rest."

Or you're worried my food would taste weird, thought the modified human, thinking over Raizel's decision before sitting back at His side.

The Noble shifted closer to the modified human and turned to him, "I appreciate that you want to cook for me, but I don't want you to do it not because of the taste; I'm genuinely concerned about your health."

M-21 stared at the ruby eyes that were on him. How did Raizel's answer match what he thought just few seconds ago? "All right, then. Are you going to order?"


Raizel scrolled through the food section of the online transportation app on His phone, and as M-21 glanced at the screen, he confirmed his guess that Raizel was particularly looking for ramen dish. He internally snorted and hoped they sold non-ramen dish too. M-21 wondered why the Noblesse never gets bored of eating ramen every day. Even eating one's favorite food all the time can be tiring, right?

M-21 felt his resting hand being clutched. He turned his idle attention to the Person next to him. "M-21, what do you want to eat?" Raizel scrolled some more while M-21 scanned everything showed on the screen. His grey brows furrowed before a rice dish was visible. "Wait, stop. That one above the fried rice section looks fine. I'd like that one."

With that, they ordered a ramen (Raizel's favorite from that restaurant) and one meal of chicken katsu. M-21 chose to order the quite cheap one even though Raizel said He'd pay (it was Frankenstein's money, after all), but Raizel had said that the food from that restaurant is recommended in term of taste, regardless of price. M-21 sorted of believed Raizel's sense of taste. Sorted of.

And their job now was only to wait.

M-21 laid his head on the sofa's back, turned his head a few times in span of few minutes, and sighed when he noticed that Raizel was still holding his hand.


Grey eyes cornered Raizel's lips movement.

"…boring, isn't it?"

The human hmm-ed. "There's nothing we can do about it. Frankenstein would be mad if we do too much when we're still recovering.

"Also—" M-21 shifted to entirely face Raizel, "—it's not like you to be easily bored. And it's only few hours until everyone is back home."

A stroke on his hand.

"I guess I'm used to do things with you in span of short time and it makes my sense of time change, M." Raizel raised the corners of His mouth. Sometimes M-21 caught himself off guard every time Raizel called him with only the letter. It felt like Raizel was so close to him, just like what lovers are supposed to be. But to see such gesture from the Noblesse is something M-21 did not expect before.

M-21 smiled wider than his interlocutor. "Well, I'm here. You can do anything to me."

Raizel's bright smile turned into a confusion yet understanding one.

"Uh—I mean, you can do anything with me." A red shade painted the werewolf-heart owner's face. "Don't think of anything weird."

"I did not. It's you."

M-21 pulled back at Raizel's slightly naughty grin. Ever since they were in relationship, He had been making faces M-21 never saw before, and that face is one of those. It was both endearing and surprisingly annoying.

Raizel shifted even closer to the modified human, then rested His head on his shoulder, arm hugging another that is M-21's.

"You want to watch something while we wait? Ah—" A fist on his forehead, M-21 almost moved if Raizel wasn't clinging to him right now. "I just remembered there are some dishes left on the sink and some blankets on the laundry basket hadn't been washed.

"I think Frankenstein's too busy taking care of us these past few days that some things escaped from his mind."

The Noble nodded, but concern colored his pale complexion. "But you have to rest and move less,"

"I think doing dishes and putting blankets on the washing machine are okay."

Raizel distanced Himself some from M-21, "I'll help you on the laundry, then."

"What?" Brows furrowed, now M-21 looked as worried as the Noble, "No, your condition is worse than mine. You should just wait until the food arrives."

M-21 did not want to recall when Raizel almost passed out in front of him while his extremely injured and pained self was unable to do anything. Even he thought the Goddess of Luck was on Raizel's side when He didn't have to go to sleep to recover. Helping him on the laundry might be an easy job, but still.

And it's not like Raizel ever did something so mundane.

A hand stroked M-21's left cheek. Raizel stared straight at the other one's irises, unblinking. "We're both recovering. If you don't want me to help you, then you shouldn't do it, either."

M-21 already felt that Raizel's stubborn side was surfacing up, so he sighed and gave in. Raizel really did not want him to hurt even more, huh. His soothing but heavy voice was hard to argue against, too. "Fine, let's do it. If it hurts just stop, okay? I'll come to help."

"I'm supposed to be the one saying that." Raizel smiled—again, so sincere. "You have quite a lot of dishes there."

The shorter man chuckled, "I suppose you're right."

No time wasted, both "hurried" themselves to their stations. M-21 started to put his dish-washer uniform and began to do what he wanted to do. While he let himself move by auto-pilot, a thought of Raizel unable to operate the washing machine and poured the wrong detergent crossed his mind.

"Oh, Lord." He quickly turned off the faucet and rushed to the laundry room.

He found the Man by the washing machine, seemingly successfully operating it the correct way.

Raizel looked at the other man with a soft smile. "I'm fine," He approached M-21 and tapped his right side.

"O-oh," All the human could do were to scratch his head and give way for Raizel to come out of the room, "Okay."

Raizel's answer was probably from other kind of worry, M-21 thought.

They both walked back to the living room; M-21 was about to continue his task. He immediately knew that if Raizel knew he hadn't finished the dishes, the Noble would help him. "I can do this. It doesn't hurt."

Knowing M-21, Raizel rather let him did the dishes alone, yet His heart told him to help. The raven-haired Man immediately put on similar attire as M-21 and picked up a glass. M-21's eyes widened.

"What are you doing?"

"Helping you?"

"No. Just sit there, I'll do this alone."

"Two is better than one. And I'm fine," Raizel said as he picked up a plate and washed down the remaining food waste before wiping it with sponge. As He noticed His human's disagreeing look, He hurriedly added, "Just think of me like Takeo usually does with you."

"Well," M-21 snorted, "Just don't force yourself."

He knew Raizel wasn't hurting but he couldn't help but to be wary. A glance on the Noble negated his concern as He gave an assuring look.

M-21 was given another smile before they went to finish washing every single dish in the sink.

The comfortable silence accompanied by sounds of pouring water and clanks between plates and glass, and the smell of lime soap, filled the kitchen. A ringing sound from the living room went off as the last plate was done washed. Raizel quickly took off his apron and gloves, then he went to take the call that was apparently from the food delivery man, who had arrived in front of their house.

There was a short conversation while Raizel strolled to the front door and opened it. M-21 followed behind, in case the delivery was too much for Him to hold, though he doubted two portions of food would be troublesome. Upon noticing that M-21 was trailing behind Him, Raizel walked slower.

Indeed, the food was brought in easily—M-21 was the one bringing it inside and serving it, too. He already told Raizel to just sit down in the dining room.

Only to see Raizel sitting on the living room couch instead.

"Why are you there?"

"Let's eat here." Raizel again threw a faint smile to the human. "You said you want to watch something."

"Well, yeah, but it's not obligatory," M-21 replied while putting the eating utensils on the living room table anyway. He put the bowl of ramen, a spoon, and a pair of chopsticks in front of where Raizel sat, took a seat besides Raizel and stayed still, feeling a red, unintimidating pair of eyes on him.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Well, we can eat here, if you like. I already put the food here, anyway."

Raizel nodded.

They started their lunch in companion silence, with nothing but the sounds of clock ticking and their own eating accompanying them.

Raizel focused on his own meal when M-21 nudged his side. He shifted his plate towards Raizel. "You want to taste some?"

The Noble blinked a few times—didn't expect the gesture—and agreed on the offering. M-21's face brightened up faintly upon seeing it. M-21 picked some rice and gave it to Raizel, then repeated it with a small piece of chicken katsu. As Raizel chewed on the food, He nodded in delight, "This taste good."

"Glad you like it."

Raizel smiled, then He shifted His bowl towards the younger man. "Want to taste mine, too?"

Without hesitation, M-21 picked the ramen and slurped it. Raizel then held out the spoon for M-21 to taste the broth himself. His eyes widened, "Mmm. This is so good."

"Seems that I picked the right choice on the ramen, then." said Raizel, as He picked a grain of rice from M-21's cheek. The man blinked once and let out a slight embarrassed grin.

After that, they finished their lunch and M-21 immediately brough all the dishes to the kitchen; Raizel followed behind him.

"I'm helping you again."

"Heh," M-21 snorted, "Thank you."

The dishes were washed. Raizel spoke up after some silence, "I see this as a date, you know."

The human snapped, "Are you serious…"

"Yes," Raizel and M-21 sat down in the living room again; the Noblesse watched the human carefully, in case he felt pain. "It's just the two of us in this house."

M-21 grinned, "Now that you said it, I kind of want to do stuff with you now."



The werewolf-heart bearer curled around the older Man; he was now the one laying his head on His shoulder.


Raizel followed the flow and make His hand comfortable around M-21's back, patting and stroking it. The hand moved upwards to his head and started scratching it. Occasionally Raizel's long fingers twirl his silvery hair, or shifted to his face to stroke on his cheek. The soft touches gave M-21 too much comfort and he blinked away his gradual sleepiness.


M-21 glanced up at Raizel, "A little."

"You're recovering, so it's expected. Rest some more."

"Mhm. Here, yeah."

Raizel let out an amused sigh, then His hand continued. He didn't stop spoiling that one spot on M-21's head as the human slowly fell into unconsciousness, the comfortable feeling of the Noble's gentle fingers washed him.

The Noble glanced at His lover, and He had a hard time to not try to pat and pinch his cheek. Raizel decided it was the best to just stroke it, as He didn't want to disrupt his sleep and his peaceful expression.

Raizel left a last scratch on his head and a stroke on his cheek before turning His head a little to put its weight on M-21's head, then closed His eyes and smiled in peace.

Someone entered the house; it was the houseowner.

"I'm home," He muttered as he put off his shoes and changed to pink slippers immediately.

He stepped further into the house, to the living room, and noticed two heads over the back of the sofa.

"Master?" Frankenstein approached the black-haired Man, "Are you…?"

The Noble turned His head and remained silent. He nodded towards the other head and Frankenstein frowned.

"He's supposed to rest," The scientist changed his way of communication via telepathy with Raizel. He sauntered to their front, peeking at the sleeping younger man, then to his Master. "Why is he here?"

Raizel replied, "He wanted to accompany me. I watched him, do not worry."

The doctor sighed in relief, then his stern face returned. "But, still. He should sleep more. I told him to not come to school for that."

"He is sleeping now."

"I meant in bed."

"He was getting cramps from sleeping too much, he said."

Frankenstein twitched. A sigh, again. "Well, as long as he's all right."

Raizel glanced left and right, hesitant to speak the next thing He wanted to tell Frankenstein, but decided that it was best to tell him. "We did the dishes and washed the blankets."

The tall man snapped to his Master, "Wh—what?!"

"Shh." Raizel gave Frankenstein a serious look. He clasped his mouth in reflex.

"I already told him to not do it, but he remained stubborn. He said you've been taking care of him and it made you forgot to finish some things, so he wanted to help."

Frankenstein stared at the younger modified human. His face was peaceful on his Master's shoulder.

"I gave him a hand, do not worry. I do not want him to get hurt."

"You're supposed to rest, too. I can't believe that you did house chores…"

Raizel smiled at his concerned servant.

"It is fine. It wasn't hard. I wanted to ease your burden too, Frankenstein."

The Noblesse sighed in contentment. "Then we bought lunch and ate together."

They did, Frankenstein thought as he inhaled; the aroma of the food still faintly persisted in the living room.

He bowed, "Thank you, Master. And I'm sorry for troubling you with house chores."

Raizel replied with another smile and another silent "it is fine".

Frankenstein noticed the sheepish smile Raizel had been holding.

"So, I … see this a date with him, too."

The servant let out a long "aha". That was why He was all right with all the activities. Well, it wasn't like Raizel didn't like house chores; Frankenstein noticed that Raizel was happier and content for someone who just did house chores. "Of course you did. As long as it makes you happy and you two are all right." He shook his head in amusement. Then he looked at his Master back. "But promise me after this you'll rest, okay? I'll make nice tea."

Two corners of Raizel's mouth raised. "Sure."