Tomura lurked around the massive underground laboratory of his Master's ally. Wires, tubes, and gears covered much of the floors, walls, and ceiling leaving the entire area devoid of anything that could be considered liveable. The silence was replaced by a near constant gurgling as fluids were transferred to the numerous vats that held countless high-class Nomu just waiting to be unleashed upon the public.

He wanted to use one.

"I swear these things are looking at me!" Toga Himiko took a step closer to one of the tanks, a dull blue light illuminated the slender looking Nomu inside of it. It like all the others pushed the boundary of what could be considered human, with flesh that looked necrotic, burnt, decayed, or frozen, and various mouths that ranged from humanoid to beastial to downright alien. "They're not awake are they?"

"They're awake in that they're not asleep." The doctor who changed his name every month said from his computer station more than thirty feet away. "But they're asleep in that they're not aware, they're all currently awaiting updates and orders."

He asked placing his hand onto the glass of one vat, looking the Nomu in it's one large, angry eye that glared outwards. It probably shot lasers. Something behind the Nomu caught his attention, another tank, separate from the others and covered in thick metal plates.

A number was written on the tank in large red characters. 06.

"What's inside that tank?" He slipped between two of the vats, careful not to step on any of the taught wires that ran between the two less he mess something up. These were going to be his toys soon enough, his new glorious and wonderful toys. No sense in breaking them now. "The one with Zero-Six on the side?"

"A prototype." The doctor replied without so much as looking back. "She's designed to be the ultimate assassin and not a simple-minded brute like the others. As such she still has a bit of free will."

A consul was embedded into the the metal of the tank, displaying numerous numbers oddly enough what song was currently playing. Placing an ear to the tank he could hear something melodic coming from inside. An assassin Nomu? He could use an assassin. "What can she do, and how can we give her a target?"

"She's not ready." The doctor said simply.

"I didn't ask if she was ready, I asked what she can do." He moved to the front of the tank finding a single sliding gap in the metal. Curiosity drove him to look inside. There was nothing but whatever fluid was in the other tanks illuminated by the pale blue light. "There's nothing-"

A slam came from the glass followed by a shriek, that reverberated through the complex, the other Nomu also began to stir, their arms and fingers twitching. Then the scream died down and a hand placed firmly against the glass appeared followed by a large violet eye glaring at him with contempt. The skin was pale, flawless and so unlike the other Nomu. Out of all of them, this one looked the most human.

"Invisibility is one of the quirks we gave her, as well as mild intangibility, she can squeeze through anything not made of metal with some difficulty, but the main attraction is the quirk she was born with, one that not even All for One was willing to take from her."

A quirk that not even his master was willing to take? And a powerful one at that. "What was it?"

"She's the ultimate polymorph, able to change her body at will into nearly any shape she wants, even subconsciously when she's threatened. Indeed her defensive ability might even be greater than Gigantomachia."

"If her quirk is so powerful why didn't Master take it?"

"Because he couldn't control it, especially not in his weakened state, he barely managed to return the quirk before it consumed him." The doctor continued to clack away at the computer as though he wasn't really paying attention to them. Though it was likely the opposite was true given how paranoid the man was. "It's because of that base quirk that she's able to handle multiple quirks without completely losing her mind. It's also because of that, that she's been difficult to reprogram."

"If she's so strong then why haven't you used her yet?" He continued to look into the vat at the unblinking eye that was glaring at him, a strand of hair floated up between them, its color was impossible to tell in the dull glow of the vat. "We could have taken out All Might with her."

"All Might would have been a risky target." The doctor turned to him, smiling ear to ear. "As I said, she is a prototype, everything about her is untested. If you unleash her I don't know exactly what will happen."

He looked at the doctor, then back to the creature before closing the viewport. "How do I give her a target?"

"Well, I did say that I would give you everything didn't I?" He was excited about this. "Very well Tomura, let's start the experiment!"

Giving her the target was simple, there was a screen inside the vat that she could see, as well as speakers. It was a simple as showing her a photo and like a good bloodhound she would pick up on its scent and hunt the target down.

"The more information you can give her the better," The doctor said leaning back in his chair. "Photos, address, videos, voice file, she was always meant to go after high profile targets."

It was a good thing Izuku Midoriya was a high profile student at U.A. It was easy to find photos of him, and even easier to find his fights at the U.A. sports festival and countless other times that pain in the neck had saved someone before had even graduated. It seemed almost too easy. At the start, his little assassin was quite, then as the images began to assault her the tank began to stir, her vitals were going wild, dropping down to levels that would have her dead before spiking up to beyond human, and another shriek tore through the lab once more.

The glass shattered, metal buckled, and the ground began to shake. A stream of liquid shot out from a crack in the metal frying the computer. The screeching sound of metal being torn like paper ripped through the lab. A single claw, black, terrifying, with a gleaming edge that seemed to cut at his vision sliced through the metal like it was a loaf of bread. Another appeared, followed by another.

Metal twisted, bent, and that blue viscus liquid that smelled of death sprayed in every direction. Another scream tore through the lab the first scream of a creature of violence emerging from its egg.

Her hair shimmered, not made out of any single color instead it changed, shifting and dancing like it was a trick of light, it barely managed to maintain a silvery color like that of a fish scale. Wings sprouted out from her back, feathers every color of the rainbow growing as she lurched, laughing at the pain. Her skin was pale, a soft blue that was an almost unforgettable color.

With one last scream that cracked the glass of one of the tanks, she began to move. Those powerful wings pulled her upward with a single thrust, knocking him down to the ground and scattering everything that wasn't nailed down.

A silence followed, that girl was gone. On her way to kill Izuku Midoriya. If it failed then that was okay. It would send a message, a message that no matter where he hid, he could be found, and he could be hurt.

"Is it just me," Toga spoke her mouth hanging open and her cheeks were flushed, her hands were in front of her chest cupping at the air. "Or was she kinda hot?"


Izuku let out a long yawn, it'd been a while since he had woken up before his alarm, especially on a Sunday. Well, maybe he could get a few more minutes of sleep and then go out and train. Yea, that sounded-

His hand rested on something soft, warm, smooth, but also rather rough. It wasn't him, that much was certain. He felt it again, was it a pillow? A soft moan that turned into a growl then back into a moan. There was a lump in his bed that was moaning and growling. Was this another quirk hidden in One for All?

Pulling up the cover his eyes went wide. It was a woman, with incandescent hair, pale blue skin, save for some numbers printed on her cheek. She was also naked. Her large chest was currently pressed against his bare chest, and how the hell did he not feel them sooner.

His hand was on her butt. Why was his hand on her butt? Wait. He squeezed her butt. He was still squeezing her butt.

Words failed him as his body refused to move for whatever reason. Whoever she was she knew his one weakness, incredibly forward women.

She stirred, letting out a long yawn that showed off her sharp fang-like teeth that looked like they belonged on a carnivore, ready to take a bite out of him and consume him whole. Eyes that were the color of the setting sun opened looking at him like he was her next meal with that predatory gaze. Her smile was cute, and two cat-like ears perked up from her hair. On her right cheek, the number 06 was tattooed in bright red ink.

"Hi," she purred, sliding her hands up along his body and around his neck. She pulled herself up, her chest still pressed against his, and faced him. Their noses were touching, she smelled terrible. Her eyes changed, from orange to blue, to purple, before settling on soft pink. "Izuku smell good, Izuku is mine now."


She silenced him with a kiss.

He tasted blood.

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