"So," Ochako pinched at her nose, trying desperately to ignore the sight in front of her. Apparently those feelings she thought she had gotten rid of were still there, especially jealousy. "Let me get this straight, you woke up in the morning to find yourself cuddling with a." She paused looking over at the girl that was glaring at her with red eyes once again. "An incredibly attractive female Nomu that was sent to kill you, and you expect myself and Momo to wash and cloth her?"

"I want Izuku to wash me." The girl's eyes shifted from red to pink when she looked up at Izuku. That wasn't just the look of a girl in love, that was the look of a girl that knew exactly what she wanted. She was wearing one of Izuku's button up school shirts, and nothing else. She looked exactly like one of those girls in a romantic movie that just had the best night of their life with Mr. Perfect. Or a train wreck.

Probably both.

"Ochako," Izuku half whimpered, running a hand through his hair and making her regret not following through on her feelings. She made that choice when he was still small, kind of plain looking, and not an absolute hunk of a man. "It's not like that, don't think of her as sent here to kill me. Just think that she decided to escape."

"Into your bed?" Momo asked, her own elegant eyebrow raised, somehow despite waking up moments ago, she was looking fine. There was something amazing about how being a hero and sharing a bathroom, shower room, locker room, and basically having a sleepover every other week with so many attractive heroes that really opened up her to new sexual desires. Shame that Momo had somehow ended up with Mei.

Izuku just laughed, scratching his stomach and showing off his abs like he wasn't aware that those things could be considered lethal weapons considering how they could cause a woman's ovaries to explode at thirty paces.

"Yes!" The Nomu perked up bouncing. And bouncing a lot. She clambered over Izuku, half hanging onto his arm. "Izuku's bed is warm, when can we go back to bed? I want to touch you more."

"Later," Izuku coughed when he noticed their glares and those of everybody else in the common room - which was pretty much everybody in their class, and Mei, who was actually the only one not paying attention. - it probably wasn't the best spot to have this conversation considering that they were dealing with a Nomu. "But first, there are some things we need to take care of a few things and actually introduce you to everybody."

"Hi everybody!" The Nomu sprung from Izuku's arms, waving her hands in the air, which lifted her shirt up high enough to show that she wasn't wearing any underwear and that she had a fantastic butt. "I'm Zero Six!" She spun and latched back onto Izuku's arm like she was a sexy lamprey. "Kay, met them, bed now?, Oh, or you can give me a bath."

Mineta passed out via a nose bleed.

"Zero Six," Momo asked taking a step forward, her cheeks were stained red by the sheer power of lesbomancy. "I believe that Izuku might have a point, we need to take care of a few things, like find out where you came from, check you for trackers, bugs, and a wide variety of things. So please, let us help you, then I'm sure once it's dark Izuku will be more than happy to sleep share a bed with you."

Momo really needed to learn to speak for herself.

And why was everybody okay with Izuku sharing a bed with a girl? Didn't the dorm rooms mean anything? Hell, why was Izuku so okay with this too? Maybe she had some super pheromone quirk that made everybody horny and distracted. Wait that was normal. Superpowered, super hot, super teenagers. It was like the Olympics but all the time.

There were ten love hotels within ten minutes of U.A. by walking.

They were just good little kids and didn't know better for their first year, then puberty sucker punched them all.

"Besides," Izuku shrugged. "You smell really bad."

"Fine," Zero two let go of Izuku's arm, a soft pout on her face and her incandescent hair lost its luster fading to a dull brown, her eyes shifted from pink to a more natural brown. "I guess I can do that boring stuff. But, I want a reward!"

"You want a reward for getting a bath and getting clothes?" She sighed, still trying to process all this. Really after everything else that has happened to Izuku, this was only slightly outlandish.

"Yes please!" At least she was polite. "I want chocolate."

"Oh, well that's easy we can easily get-"

"And Sex with Izuku."

The whole room blushed at that.

Katsuki was the first to break the silence, by glaring at Izuku. "What the hell you mean you didn't do that already! What the fuck Deku! You damn nerd!"


When U.A. had made the dorms, they really went all out on the baths. While still public, they were closer to a hot spring than anything resembling the baths she had at home. There had been many times when they had taken a group bath and just chatted until their fingers pruned, just soaking away the days work.

It only sucked to clean, but that was a worthy sacrifice.

Ochako had seen many naked women in these baths, from the immaculate Momo on a nearly daily occurrence, to rarer sights like Mei being dragged into it by Momo, to Nejire Hado bathing Eri, to Camie - who kept showing up for Iida - and even the pro hero Midnight, and Ms. Joke. but there was very little that could have prepared her for the sight before her.

Zero Six was basically like someone had taken a Manga character, made it realistic, sexier, and then carved her out of living marble, it didn't help that the girls soft blue skin was almost grey to the point of being stone light to say nothing of her rather flawless features.

And then there were those. Breasts. Perfect, immaculate, large, round, full, delight handfuls that represented the dreams of men and women alike.

"Damn," She muttered, Momo standing next to her nodded, they were both wearing their normal gym uniforms while staring at this creature.

"Damn?" Zero Six asked, tilting her head to the side. "Why damn?"

"Oh, it's nothing," She waved her hand in front of her. It was hard not to look at her. And she got to touch her. She had to touch her to wash her. Everything should be fine. "It's just that you're breasts are really big."

"They are?" Zero Six mumbled hefting one of her sweater puppies up. She outclassed Momo and even Mei by at least two cups sizes. "I just thought you all were small."

It was hard to feel insulted by that. Mostly because of the bounce.

"Yea, well, it's a good thing Izuku is a breast man," Momo muttered, pulling Zero Six into the water. Wait, how did Momo know that? "I'm sure he'll enjoy playing with those things later."

"A breast man? Does that mean he likes big breasts?" Zero Six asked taking a few steps into the water. A thick oily substance trailed after her staining the water a rainbow of colors. Izuku was right, she really did need a bath. "Because I can make them bigger if he'd like them more.

"Well yes, he might-" Momo began, but then her face turned even redder. "Wait, no, you shouldn't do that there's-"

To late, bit by bit Zero Six's already impressive chest increased in size adding a few inches while maintaining what had to be a gravity-defying set of hooters.

"Damn" Momo muttered. She nodded in agreement.

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