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"Where exactly are we going, Naruto-sama?"

Naruto resisted the urge to sigh in annoyance at Guren's question. It wasn't that the question in itself was annoying but how she was choosing to address him was.

"Just Naruto is acceptable, Guren. I have done nothing to warrant such respect from you. But to answer your question, we are going to Konoha's main cemetery."

The woman nodded her head at the answer as she debated on asking the blond another question. Years upon years of serving Orochimaru had taught her that one too many questions was dangerous. She didn't know enough about Naruto to truly test those boundaries and quite frankly, she didn't necessarily want to do it either. He was terrifying enough as is.

Several moments passed in silence as the blond placed his hands in his pockets and glanced towards the woman. "You are welcome to voice your curiosities. Anything that I find reasonable or acceptable, I will answer."

Guren was quiet for a scant few moments before voicing another question. "Is there a particular reason as to why we're doing this?"

Naruto placed his hands into his pockets as he replied. "You could call it petty revenge." The Shoton wielder furrowed her eyebrows in confusion at his response. What would be an act of petty revenge by going to a cemetery? Vandalizing an old grave didn't really fit the boy's personality but at the same time, Guren didn't truly know Naruto enough either.

"I will assume that you are someone who has either been betrayed by someone you loved or was left alone to fend for yourself." The woman's gaze hardened but she did not speak. "Orochimaru was an intelligent individual but he did not earn loyalty from his underlings. It was either bought or you died. Of course, there were a rare few who truly did believe in him and his ideals but I digress."

The blond teen slowly opened the large metal gate leading into the cemetery and idly held the gate open for Guren to pass through. She blinked at the gesture and slowed her speed for all but a second before passing through the entrance. Naruto closed his eyes and continued where he left off.

"Tayuya, Karin, Jirobo... Kabuto and even you. You were all victims of circumstance. What did Orochimaru truly do for you? Give you power? A place to sleep?" The blond teen scoffed at the immediate thoughts that popped up in Gurens head. "You didn't have a choice. Tayuya would have starved to death due to her parent's deaths, Karin would have continued to be used by her people until dying of Chakra exhaustion like her mother, Jirobo would have been executed in his village for stealing food, Kabuto would have been killed by Hiruzen and you wanted acknowledgement from anyone who was willing to give it."

Guren's gaze shifted into a glare as her fists clenched involuntarily. "You don't know anything about me..."

Naruto eyed the woman out the corner of his eye before tilting his head. "No, no I don't. But I know enough. That look in your eyes... It reminds me of myself when I was younger. The hunger for attention and acknowledgement." He came to a complete stop before turning on his heel and staring into her eyes. "You were left alone, betrayed by someone who you thought loved you unconditionally..."

The woman took a small step backwards as she stared into his cerulean orbs. Painful memories flashing through her mind with each word being spoken.

"It caused you unprecedented amounts of pain and in your isolation, your heart grew heavy in anger. You used this anger to better yourself. It made you stronger, it pushed you past your limits, and it helped you. But..." The blond trailed off and took a step closer to the woman who was now visibly shaking. "When you got strong enough to take revenge on the person, they were either already dead or unreachable. I will assume it's the former over the latter."

The blond Jinchuuriki took another step towards the woman who instinctively tried to back away only to crash back into the metal gate behind her. Her gaze shifted behind her to stare at the obtrusion as Naruto closed the gap between them. She immediately recoiled as the boy's hand gripped her chin, turning her back towards him.

"You were lost. The rage and anger disappeared. When that happened you wanted someone, anyone, to acknowledge your power and strength. In doing so, Orochimaru took advantage of you. So let me ask you this simple question Guren..." He let go of the woman's chin before placing his index finger over her breast.

"If you had the ability to take revenge on the one person who hurt you so long ago... Would you do so?"

The Shoton user stared into the boy's eyes as he systemically broke her down. Her face contorted into a grimace as tears formed on the edge of her vision. Her body trembled once, twice, thrice. And on the third tremble, a strangled sob tore through her vocals. Guren's eyes clenched shut as tears began to stream down her face. Years upon years of pent up pain all surfacing at once.

Naruto removed his finger from the woman's chest as the woman hunched over while gripping her sides tightly. His eyes started to soften as he stared at the woman who was releasing her sorrows. A pained scream ripping through Gurens throat as she fell to her knees.

Naruto pursed his lips at the scene before slowly crouching towards the woman and wrapping his arms around her. The woman returned the embrace without a second thought and squeezed the boy as if her life depended on it. The blond teen grimaced slightly before slowly and quite awkwardly, rubbing her back.

His gaze eventually rose towards the sky as he gave a soft sigh. Perhaps he shouldn't have pushed her so far... He seemed to always forget that everyone else thought differently and reacted differently than he did. There was atleast one upside to this exchange...

Guren's loyalty would never be questioned again.


"I... apologize for my reaction Naruto-sama."

Naruto sighed in annoyance as Guren apologized for the 5th time. "Like I said the other four times Guren, it is fine." He didn't bother correcting the '-sama.' She was going to do it whether he wanted it or not.

The blond teen opened the metal gate of the cemetery and held it open so the woman could walk through. After doing so, a silence settled between them as Naruto lead the way towards their destination.

"It's time you officially met Auntie Tsunade. She is unaware of the alterations I've made regarding you. My parameters were to kill you and bring Karin back to Konoha."

Guren nodded her head in silence as she kept within a single pace of her new... master. She remembered the many stories that Orochimaru would speak of regarding the Slug Sannin. Most of them being horror stories. The woman was as fierce as they come and had little to no problems dealing with anything she found annoying. It was safe to say that she was feeling a tad anxious in meeting the woman. For all Tsunade knew, she wasn't even supposed to be alive.

The two Shinobi idly walked through the crowded areas as Guren took notice of the wide berth being made for them. Villagers and even Shinobi moving out of the way for them. It reminded her of the day's when walking with Orochimaru through his lairs. People feared the man due to his sadistic nature. But with Naruto?

She glanced at him out the corner of her eyes as he ignored everything in his surroundings. They feared him because of his power and what he contained. It must have been a sobering thought for so many that one individual could decide your future if they so choose to.

The two Shinobi continued their journey unbothered as they reached the Hokage Tower. Naruto ignored the stares from every individual as he made his way towards Tsunades office. The duo ignored the receptionist who sat just outside the office. The woman shaking her head in annoyance at their actions.

Naruto heard idle conversation emanating from the office and pushed the door open. The conversation ceased immediately as he slowly stepped into the office. Guren swallowed her trepidation as she stepped inside the room slightly behind the teen.

Naruto opened his eyes as he stared at the small group of women in the room. His eyes landed on Tsunade who gave him a coy smile. Ignoring the woman's teasing, he shifted his gaze towards Neko who was standing directly on Tsunade's right. He nodded his head in greeting to the woman before shifting to the woman who was seated in one of the chairs in front of the wooden desk. Shizune waved with a small smile as Naruto returned the gesture with a nod of his head. The teen then shifted his gaze towards the last remaining woman and frowned heavily. His cerulean pupils immediately slit as the individual returned his gaze.

"It's been awhile, Naruto..."

His fingers began to curl from the insides of his pockets as his face hardened. "Far too soon if you ask me... Sakura." The tension in the room began to increase as the two former teammates continued to stare at one another.

The pink haired teen frowned at the comment and crossed her arms against her chest. "You've changed little. I'm not surprised."

Naruto ignored the girl before focusing on Tsunade. "The mission is complete." He proceeded to gesture towards Guren with his head. "I brought her back unharmed, like you asked."

Tsunade clasped her hands together on the desk before nodding. "Thank you, Naruto-kun." The boy closed his eyes and nodded his head as Guren glanced between the two blonds silently. Someone in the room wasn't supposed to be here and she had a few inklings as to who exactly that was.

"I'll bring her to the compound and you two can get situated afterwards." Naruto shifted on his heel and was about to leave the room before Sakura began to speak.

"Three years and you still haven't apologized."

Guren watched the boy's eyes bled crimson while a scowl formed on his face. "I don't owe you anything. As a matter of fact, I don't owe anyone in this village a single thing." A pressure began to settle in the room as the other women watched the interaction quietly.

"We were a team Naruto." Sakura's fists clenched in frustration as the boy shook his head.

"Team 7 was a dysfunctional disaster. You were an obsessed little girl with an unhealthy obsession for a traumatized boy who'd rather kill his closest comrades for power." The blond shifted on his heels as he pinned the girl with a vicious stare. "You and Sasuke were unfit to be Shinobi. But of course Hiruzen, in his infinite wisdom, made us a team."

"I did not have an 'unhealthy obsession' with Sasuke!" The pinkette returned the boy's scowl with one of her own. "You act like me and Sasuke were the only problem on the team!"

"Because you were." Naruto pointed his index finger towards her before continuing. "Team 7 shouldn't have been formed to begin with. Sasuke's betrayal and subsequent death are all the proof needed."

"You sure as hell didn't help in that regard! We were supposed to rely on one another! You just pushed us to the side like we were trash! Everything was always about you."

Naruto scoffed at the girl and shook his head before making his way to the door of the office. "You are as naive as you are useless. Grow up Sakura. We aren't kids anymore. Sasuke becoming a Shinobi was a mistake and you weren't prepared to be one. Blaming everyone else for your shortcomings is disgraceful. The fact you're still a Shinobi astounds me. Give up while you're still alive."

With those parting words the blond teen exited the office leaving the girl trembling in fury. Guren glanced at the women in the room as she made direct eye contact with Tsunade who had a small smirk on her face.

"You would be Guren, I presume?"

The blue haired woman swallowed quietly before nodding her head slowly. Tsunade continued to stare at the woman before nodding her head with a small sigh. "We'll speak later."

Guren nodded her head at the woman as her gaze shifted towards the pink haired girl in the room. The Shoton user frowned slightly at the woman before speaking. "I don't know who you are nor do I care either. I'm going to say this one time and one time only so listen closely... Stay away from Naruto-sama."

Sakura's glare centered on the woman before she sneered at her. "Who the hell do you think you are? You don't tell me what I can and can't do."

Guren continued to stare at the teen before raising an eyebrow. "I can, I will, and I just did. You'll stay away from him or I'll make you. If i have to break your knees to prove it then I will." She proceeded to exit the office without another word after stating her promise because it was most certainly not a threat.

The room was silent as all the women processed what Guren had said. Sakura was baffled at the fact that some random woman had so brazenly threatened her. Who did this bitch think she was?!

"Well... That was amusing." Tsunade chuckled merrily at the interaction before clapping her hands. "Neko! I'm done for the day. I need to speak with Naruto. You know what to do while I'm gone." Neko nodded her head as Tsunade slowly rose from her seat. "Come, Shizune."

Sakura frowned at how lackadaisical the Hokage was being. "You're just going to let that women threaten one of your Shinobi?"

Tsunade stretched her arms before shrugging. "You're a Kunoichi... Solve your problems with your fists. I'm not your mother." Tsunade placed her hand on Shizune's shoulder before disappearing in a shunshin as Sakura watched them disappear in aggravation.


Guren glanced at Naruto as she followed the boy down the long marketplace of Konoha's main market section. "Bad blood between you two?"

Naruto rolled his neck slowly at the question before responding. "I don't lie when I speak. Ever." The blond teen expertly weaved his way through the crowded area with his eyes closed. "What I said about her is true. She may claim to think otherwise but it is truly irrelevant. I don't care for Sakura... Nor do I care for this village. I don't wear Konoha's Hitai-ate for a reason."

Guren nodded her head as she ran her gaze up and down his body. He wasn't lying. There was no way to truly identify what village he'd be from when out on missions. Not representing your village was as bad as marking your village's headband signifying your status as a Nuke-Nin. Naruto was practically spitting on this village due to these actions. Many of the higher-ups must bristle when in his presence.

"It is a rather bold statement."

Naruto shrugged his shoulders at her statement. "I'm a petty person. This village has done nothing for me. I was spited just for existing... I'd spit on the Hokage's desk if Auntie Tsunade wasn't the Hokage."

Guren raised a delicare eyebrow before shoving a villager out of her path and glaring at him. "Is she really your Aunt?" She proceeded to wipe her hands on another villagers coat.

"No. But we are family due to the Uzumaki blood running through us. I call her 'Auntie' because it's what she wanted to be called." Naruto stopped a moving cart from bumping into him by placing his boot against the object. He proceeded to push it back towards its owner who released a loud 'oomf' from the cart making contact with his stomach. "My Sensei believes it's a fetish of hers."

Guren raised an eyebrow in disbelief as she almost stumbled. The strongest woman in the Elemental Nations... has an... incest fetish? "You... That's not true. Right?" The woman stared at the boy who continued to remain silent. She began to slowly blink as the boy eventually shrugged.

"I don't necessarily disagree with his assessment anymore. Tsunade and I are not even remotely closely related. Mother was not from the Royal Branch of Uzumaki's. The fact she wishes to be addressed as such just adds more evidence to this." Naruto glanced at the Shoton user who looked as if the world had been turned upside down. He proceeded to shrug his shoulders at her reaction. He didn't really blame her.

Tsunade had never stated why she wanted to be addressed as his Aunt. The fact he was now aware of her feelings and vice versa... It seemed Jiraiya had some knowledge regarding women and their kinks. He'd never tell the man though, his ego was already far too large.

Naruto shook his head in slight annoyance at the thought. "Keep it to yourself. She'd kill you instantly and I'd rather see return on investments that I've made."

Guren frowned in slight annoyance as she pushed yet another villager away from her. These cretins didn't know what the hell personal space was! "Wasn't planning on it..." The blond teen nodded his head in silence as they continued on their journey towards the Senju Compound.

It took the two S-Rank Shinobi 10 minutes to finally reach the compound. Naruto placed his thumb on the large metal gate before pulsing his Chakra. Guren watched on as several dozen seals activated before the massive gate slowly opened allowing them entry. Naruto gestured with his head as the woman followed closely behind.

Naruto reached the home and proceeded to bite his thumb before smearing his blood on the door. The seals adorning the wooden door began to glow brightly before disappearing abruptly. The blond teen opened the door immediately afterwards and held it open for Guren as she passed through without a word.

Guren glanced around the spacious home as she spotted several pictures hanging from the walls and on some of the tables. Other then the few pictures and pieces of art, it was pretty bare.

Naruto began to make his way through the home as Guren followed his lead silently. The blond teen made several turns and twists through the deceptively large home. How many hallways were there? Guren glanced into various rooms of the home that were either empty of being used for storage. This home was rediculously large!

"Seals are an incredible thing, no?"

Guren was pulled from her thoughts by the boy's question. She tilted her head slightly before glancing around the long hallway they were walking in. "You mean...?"

Naruto nodded his head as he placed one of his hands into his pocket. "The main home of the compound is only 2,500 sq. ft., but we've been walking for several minutes. Fuinjutsu is limited only by your imagination." Guren's perspective changed entirely as she glanced around the various rooms and corridors with a sense of wonder.

The two Shinobi finally reached the main living room of the compound and spotted Tsunade resting on a couch with a cup of tea in front of her and a book in her hand. Shizune was seated on the adjacent couch and was reading through a rather large scroll. Naruto proceeded to step into the room gathering the attention of the two women who smiled at him.

"Ahhh Naruto-kun~! What took you so long?" Tsunade smiled coyly at the boy as Naruto began to walk towards her. Her honey brown eyes were glued to his form the entire time as he closed the distance between them. Upon reaching her, he gently lifted her legs off the couch and proceeded to sit down while placing her legs on his lap. The blond teen sat deeper into the soft cushions of the furniture as he sighed lowly.

"Guren wished to experience the glory that is Konoha."

The busty woman raised an eyebrow in amusement at his sarcastic answer. She hummed lowly before shifting her attention towards the aforementioned woman who was standing rather awkwardly in the entrance of the living room. She placed her book on the table in front of her before glancing towards Guren. She smiled before gesturing with her hand towards the love seat that was placed only a couple of feet away from the couch.

"Make yourself at home Guren. I'm sure you'll both be explaining exactly how you're alive. I remember specifically stating, 'Kill Orochimaru's Number 2 and bring Karin back.' Soooooo~! Sit! Be my guest. I eagerly await!" The woman gave a sweet smile afterwards that caused Guren's entire body to tense up.

Naruto sighed lowly and proceeded to pinch the woman's thigh. "Guren will prove to be useful in our plans moving forward." Tsunade shook her leg afterwards and glanced at the teen. "Guren, sit."

The woman glanced at her new self proclaimed master and proceeded to make her way towards the love seat. She sat down in the comfortable chair before glancing towards the busty blond who proceeded to stare directly into her eyes. The two powerful women bore into one another for several minutes as Naruto and Shizune watched the spectacle.

"Be mindful of your position from now on Guren. You are only alive because of Naruto. Do what you're told, when you're told, as you're told and there will be little you have to worry about." Tsunade pinned the woman with a hefty amount of killing intent to get her point acrossed. Guren grimaced slightly as she nodded her head. The busty blond continued to stare at the Shoton user for several more seconds before closing her eyes.

"Shizune... Be a dear and fetch Tayuya and Karin for me." The black haired woman nodded her head as she rose from her seat and made her way down the large hallway.

"Was all that necessary Auntie Tsunade?" Naruto closed his eyes after voicing his question.

"Yes, because you seem to be far too lenient when it comes to powerful women."

Her statement caused his nose to curl in annoyance. "Where you've gained this knowledge is beyond me."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow before raising her hand and listing off with each of her fingers. "Mei Terumi, Fuka Uzumaki, Fuu, Yugito Nii... Should I continue?" She smiled in amusement as the boy ignored her list entirely. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you have a type Naruto-kun."

Naruto was quiet for several moments before opening one of his eyes and glancing at the woman and shrugging. "Violent, powerful women are my weakness."

Tsunade grinned as she shifted her position on the couch and proceeded to lean her upper body on Naruto. The busty woman ignored the slight tensing from the teen and placed her index finger just below his chin. She leaned towards the boy as her lips grazed his ear.

"I'm the strongest woman in the entire Elemental Nations." Her finger began to lightly stroke his chin as she continued. "And quite possibly the most violent~." Tsunade proceeded to turn the teen's head towards her with their lips being but a few inches away.

"Wouldn't you agree Na-ru-to-kun~?"

Naruto's cerulean orbs glanced down at the woman's lips as his pulse began to quicken. His heart began to pound in his chest as his gaze shifted back towards Tsunade's half-lidded gaze. He could feel the heat from her breath as he inhaled her scent. The older woman slowly began to inch forward as Naruto's eyes widened.

"If you two are gonna fuck then should we come back later?"

Tsunade immediately closed her eyes and paused in her actions as Naruto's attention snapped towards the individual who interrupted them. Her eyebrow twitched one single time as she inhaled through her nose to calm herself down.




"If you were any other person, your spine would be twisted in 7 different directions..." Tsunade slowly turned her head towards Tayuya who was leaning on the entrance to the living room with a nervous Karin in tow.

"Ahhh... But ya love me!" The crimson haired woman responded back playfully. Tsunade was most certainly not impressed as evident by her terrifyingly blank face. Karim grimaced at the expression as she lightly pulled Tayuya's arm.

"Ta-Tayuya... Please don't antagonize her further..."

Tsunade glanced towards Naruto who sported a small, almost unnoticeable blush on his face. She sighed in her seat and proceeded to lean her head on the boy's shoulder. "You should listen to Karin, Tayuya. If you're not careful I'll send you through one of these walls." The busty woman reached over the boy's shoulder as she gently pulled him closer while her other hand rested on his thigh. She began to slowly stroke his thigh as she closed her eyes. "Sit down. We have things to discuss regarding Uzushio and how we have been rebuilding it."

Karin furrowed her eyebrows in confusion as Tayuya nodded her head. The boisterous woman pulled the shy Uzumaki with her as she headed towards the other couch in the room. Guren glanced at the four Uzumaki's as she shifted awkwardly in her seat. "Should I... leave? I'm not exactly family here..." The Shoton user was only slightly suprised at the scene that had almost happened between the two blonds. It wasn't really her business to be fair. What those two did in their private life were between them. She was here to gain strength and be of use to Naruto.

Tsunade glanced towards the blond teen who lazily gestured with his hand. "Stay. If you are going to assist me in my goals then you need to hear this." Guren nodded her head at the answer at the answer and sat straighter in her seat.

"Uh... I-I..." Karin grimaced as every individual in the room began to stare at her. The girl hesitantly continuing after their stares. "Di-didn't Uzushio get destroyed?"

Naruto answered the girl's question as he idly stroked Tsunade's hand. "You are correct. Kiri, Iwa, and Kumo did indeed invade and destroy Uzushio. While they were successful in their goal, they lost more than they gained."

"How so?" Karin tilted her head as she adjusted her glasses.

"Uzu is protected by hundreds of thousands of seals. Anything important is still intact and only those with Uzumaki blood are able to access it. Meaning..." The blond Jinchuuriki trailed off as Karin immediately understood his statement.

"Well, uh. Um. What do you mean when you say you're rebuilding? I imagine that's alot of work... Or atleast it will be..."

Tsunade smiled at the girl's statement before taking over. "Well, it would be... If we didn't have a Jinchuuriki with near infinite Chakra who knows the Shadow Clone Jutsu." Naruto rolled his eyes at the woman's response but nodded nonetheless.

"Before even I was aware of Auntie Tsunade's plan, I had been sending clones to Uzu to rebuild and restore the Village. Almost 2 years of near non-stop working has done wonders for the island." Naruto glanced at Tsunade out the corner of his eyes as she innocently smiled.

"Wait... You mean you weren't even aware of Tsunade's own plans regarding Uzu? Were you two acting independently from one another?" Karin tilted her head as her spikey hair bounced from the action.

"Precisely. Auntie Tsunade and I actually have different goals but our end game is the same. For the better part of 3 years, she has been manipulating circumstances between the vilages to spark a cold war. I'm now aware of the fact that Jiraiya and I were sent to Kiri to gain favor with Mei Terumi who is now the leader of Kiri. It was the first true test of my power at the time. Kiri and Suna are in Konoha's back pocket due to my choices when being an active Shinobi for Konoha. I had always had a goal that I was going to achieve... My original goal was to rebuild Uzu from the ground up and restore it to its former glory..."

Tayuya narrowed her eyes as she leaned back in her seat. "Im sensing a 'but' here."

Naruto shifted in his seat and was silent for several moments before shrugging his shoulders. "I'm going to be taking the Bijuus away from the Elemental Nations."

The group of women, besides Tsunade, all blinked in shock at the statement. He was going to take the Bijuus?

"The Bijuu are not toys for the Elemental Nations to just throw at one another when they're having a fued. No one in this world understands what it means to be a Jinchuuriki except for a Jinchuuriki. None of you would ever understand the pain of carrying this burden. And I will make sure it stays that way. Regardless if the world agrees or not, I'm doing it. The major villages are more than welcome to stop me."

The group was silent after his proclamation as they took in what was being said. Taking the Bijuu away from the major villages... This had so many consequences. The villages would froth at the mouth for their Bijuus.

"How are you going to take all of them?" Guren gestured with her hand as she questioned the blond.

Naruto proceeded to reach into one of pockets before brandishing a Hiraishin Kunai. "I have several of them marked already. The only ones not marked are Iwa's Jinchuurikis and the Hachibi... But that will be changing soon because Auntie Tsunade is about to ignite the next war."

The woman smiled innocently as she shifted her body closer to Naruto. "I will be sending a statement to Ohnoki. A rather... bloody one at that. He is testing the boundaries of Suna by stationing a small contingent of Shinobi at their borders." A terrifying smile formed on her face as she closed her eyes. "I'm going to annihilate the entire army of Shinobi... By myself. It will send a clear message to Ohnoki."

The room went completely silent after the older blondes statement. She was basically starting a war for the hell of it...

"Isn't... that a bit extreme?" Karin nervously glanced at the two blonds who were practically cuddling on the couch.

Tsunade lazily shrugged her shoulders. "Truthfully, yes. But Naruto has proven to be far stronger than I initially assumed. Truth be told, Naruto can demolish each of the Nations by himself. While it isn't entirely practical, it's an option we have. The major villages have spent far too long bullying other small villages and sparking wars to take verbal threats serious. So we will make them act. Violence begets violence. It only takes one major blow to truly open these people's eyes. Minato did it once before and now Naruto will do so as well."

Naruto curled his nose at her statement. "Father did it because he believed the original reason for the war was foolish. If the major villages wish to test my might then I will show them exactly why I claim to be the strongest Shinobi in the Elemental Nations. The Akatsuki are the only thing that stand between my true goal. We have dwindled their numbers and the last remaining members will be dealt with soon... And I do hope the Rinnegan user proves to be powerful. It is... unsatisfying having to fight such weak individuals."

"Well... Shit."

Tayuya's statement summed up the thoughts of the other two women that weren't privy to this knowledge. This plan just seemed outrageous and incredulous. Karin didn't truly understand just how these two could be so confident when speaking so casually about sparking what was practically the 4th Shinobi War.

Guren shifted in her seat as she narrowed her eyes. There were so many other variables to take in regarding these plans of theirs. Tsunade and Naruto did not seem like the type of people to just do something on a whim. Evident by Naruto's statement when addressing his original goal for Uzu. He had been planning this for quite some time and Tsunade had been manipulating things from behind the scenes.

"How many people do you have supporting your goals?"

Naruto glanced at Tsunade who opened her eyes and nodded. He shrugged his shoulders before responding. "There are actually many Uzumaki's who are alive. They are currently residing in Uzu as we speak. It is not many but they exist. And numbers matter little when it comes to the Uzumaki's. Uzu was unprepared for the invasion and still managed to hold them off for 3 days. Every Uzumaki that fell took 5 enemies with them and the remaining Uzumaki's scattered across the Elemental Nations... I have restored their faith, I have restored their hope, and I will lead them to a new future. Whether or not the Major Villages follows means little to me. I will crush them as they did to Uzu."

Tsunade smiled from her position as she rested her head in the crook of his neck. "Hearing you speak like that gets me... excited."

Tayuya groaned in exasperation at the action. "If you tried any harder you'd be riding his fucking dick!"

Tsunade scoffed at the girl as she replied. "If I had it my way, I'd already be riding him. You're just jealous because I have a man that wants to pin me against that wall an-." The busty woman didn't finish her statement due to the hand that was now covering her mouth. Naruto closed his eyes as a small blush formed on his face from the images that were popping up in his head. These women were going to be the death of him and he knew it.

"Please stop... Such things shouldn't be said in public." Naruto's nose curled as he kept his hand over Tsunades mouth. He glanced at the woman who was very clearly smiling underneath his appendage.

"Pffttt. I doubt he even knows where to put his dick." Tayuya grinned at the boy who turned towards her with an annoyed glare.

"I am emotionally inept, not stupid. I'm aware of how sex works." His expression turned flat as the girl scoffed disbelievingly. "I will crush you."

Tayuya's grin grew as she leaned forward in her seat. "Oooooooh~. Is that an invitation? A threesome sounds fun!"

Naruto sighed in annoyance as he shook his head. Why were these women so open about this subject? Annoying Uzumaki women...

Tsunade grasped the boy's hand and removed it from her mouth as she spoke. "Is that what you want Naruto-kun? We can definitely make it happen~!"

Karin and Guren watched on in silent amusement as the boy sighed in annoyance. It seemed the strongest Shinobi in the Elemental Nations was easily embarrassed.

The blond teen rolled his eyes in annoyance before speaking. "Enough. We have things to do." He glanced at Tsunade before raising an eyebrow. "Where is Fuuka?"

Tsunade chuckled quietly before clearing her throat. "She's making sure that things are going smoothly in Uzu. I didn't want to risk the chance of people seeing her in Konoha and thinking your mother somehow resurrected from the grave."

Naruto nodded his head at the answer before slowly rising to his feet. "Guren. Since you were Orochimsru's right hand and know most of the ins and out of Oto, you'll be leading the village. Kill anyone who disagrees. I have no need for stragglers. While you're at it, train Tayuya. As brutal as you can." The blond teen ignored the girl's scowl as he continued. "Karin... Go familiarize yourself with Shizune. She will tell you the role you will play. Understood?"

The women all nodded, with Tayuya doing so reluctantly. They took that as a dismissal and began to leave the two blonds alone in the room. A minute passed by in silence before Naruto heard the couch shift quietly from behind him.

Tsunade embraced the boy from behind as her hands coiled around his abdomen. She rested her head against his back as she inhaled his scent. He smelled so heavenly. She began to gently stroke his stomach while swaying side to side slowly. The woman could feel the tension in his body disappearing due to her actions.

The couple remained silent as they basked in each other's presence. Tsunade's fingers began to slowly and methodically unbutton his shirt. She began to hum softly as the boy made no effort to stop her. She undid several buttons exposing the boy's stomach. She felt his body tense for all but a second before relaxing. Her fingernails began to lightly rake across his skin as he released a quiet sigh.

She noticed the goosebumps that began to form on his skin and smiled silently. Her fingers trailed higher as she started to undue the remaining buttons. After unclasping the final button Tsunade slowly reached towards the collar and lightly tugged on it. The blond teen took the hint and allowed his arms to slip through the sleeves of the shirt. The shirt fell to the ground as the woman moved the garment away with her foot.

Tsunade smiled as she embraced him once again. She inhaled his scent once more and had to resist the urge to shudder. Her fingers began to trail across his hardened muscles as she planted light kisses on his back. The woman smiled as she felt his back arch, if only slightly.

"You know..." Another kiss. "I've waited so long..." Another inhale. "The fact you haven't turned me away..." Her fingernails dug into his abdomen as she placed yet another kiss on his back. "Means you want this as much as I do..." Tsunade's left hand began to trail down his stomach and rested on the hem of his pants. Before she could try to unbutton them her wrist was gripped gently by Naruto.

"I will not deny that statement but..."

The boy trailed off silently as Tsunade waited patiently for him to speak. She was not upset that he stopped her from going forward. She had a few inklings as to why he would do this but she wanted to hear him express it to her. Understanding and compartmentalizing his emotions was development that he needed and she would be there for him every step of the way.

"I would prefer... to move slowly... I do not understand the finer details of what it means to love someone... So I'd rather not rush into something like this. I am attracted to you and when you are around me I feel... lighter... I am not sure if I'm even expressing this correctly." The boy's head tilted downward as he sighed lowly. He gently moved Tsunade's hand from his waist but didn't push it away from his body. "I hope I have not angered you..."

Tsunade stroked the boy's stomach with a soft smile. "Oh Naruto... Look at me."

The boy hesistated for several seconds before slowly turning towards the woman. His head tilted down as Tsunade's arms encircled around his lower back. The difference in height being incredibly evident now that they were facing one another.

"I'm not angry at all. I know that this is new to you and everything that will follow will be confusing. But I'm here for you. I will teach you these things just as I have before. It is no secret that I want you to be mine... But I can wait until the day you are truly comfortable."

Naruto's lips parted slightly as her honey brown eyes bore into his. Her eyes were full of affection and love as she closed the distance between them. His hands moved awkwardly as they restlessly roamed her hips and lower back. Tsunade began to chuckle as her arms tightened around his lower back.

"Whatever feels most comfortable for you is fine Naruto-kun."

The boy paused in his actions before slowly moving his hands and resting them over her rear causing her to smile in amusement. He swallowed lightly as the woman stepped into him and pulled their bodies flush together. The woman's scent invaded his nostrils as his eyes trailed over her face. Tsunade began to slowly stand on the tips of her toes while her left hand started to trail upwards. She tilted her head slightly to one side before closing her eyes and gently pressing her lios against his.

Naruto's eyes widened at the action as he stood completely still. Her lips were soft and delicate, completely opposite of the brash and violent personality she possessed. He slowly closed his eyes as he tried to mimicked her own actions. His hands inadvertantly gripping the flesh of her supple rear as her left hand rested in his spikey hair.

Tsunade exhaled through her nose as a soft and gentle moan escaped her. She had been waiting for this exact moment for so long now. The kiss she had given him when he was transformed was nothing compared to this. Awkward and inexperienced as it may be but she loved every single second of it.

Tsunade began to pull away from the boy as her eyes opened but was surprised when the boy darted back towards her lips. Her surprise remained for all but a second before returning his gesture and releasing a soft moan while closing her eyes.

"I could get used to this~."

AN: u gai.