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Under Her Spell

Book Four

Defending Our Love

Written by Bubbleybear, Cleaned up by Pienuniek, Beta'd by Sally Hopkinson


I was once again sucked into one of Isa's vision-like dreams, but it felt completely different. It wasn't dark and scary; this time it was light and definitely festive.

As soon as I landed, I figured out why. The Great Hall was decorated for Christmas, but not like a normal Hogwarts' Christmas. Instead of the large house tables that usually dominated the hall, there were—if I had to hazard a guess—a hundred round tables placed instead. Each of the tables only sat maybe a dozen people.

Christmastime meant that the hall was usually decorated warmly, with lots of greens, reds, and browns. This time, it was decorated in sparkling silver frost, white trees with fairies for the lights, but also plenty of green garlands of mistletoe and ivy all over the place, mostly crisscrossing the ceiling. The house elves had also strategically placed floating candles around the ceiling to light the hall but give it a beautiful, relaxed feel.

There were more students milling around the Great Hall than usually stayed at Hogwarts over Christmas break. What shocked me was that they weren't dressed in their usual casual clothing like last year but dressed in their finest. The boys were in dress robes, the girls in stunning dresses. On top of that, there were a dozen young men dressed in black pants and red jackets with fur lining the collar.

I watched in quiet anticipation as the doors to the hall opened, letting several Hogwarts teachers, including Professor Dumbledore plus several new people, enter and take their place at a large round table—the biggest in the room—where the teacher's table usually sat. However, there were still eight empty chairs at the table with the teachers. Once they were seated, everyone else took their seats as well, including eight students taking those places with the teachers.

It took me a few seconds to realize that one of those students was me, and Isa was seated next to me. I also spotted Harry, Luna, and Hermione at our table as well. But it made me wonder what was going on.

Dinner was a lively affair with everyone chatting, laughing, and well … having a ball.

It wasn't until the eight students stood from the table that I took notice of what Isa was wearing. She was stunning, and I couldn't believe my luck that she was my mate.

We made our way out to the open section of floor, holding the hand of our partner, before spinning them around on the dance floor and taking up a waltz stance as the music began to play.

I hum as I'm pulled slowly from the dream, still seeing my beautiful girl all dressed up to be on my arm. I couldn't be a prouder mate if I tried.

That was a nice change, Isa thought, blinking slowly over at me in the dim morning light. Does that mean we'll have a quiet year at Hogwarts this year?

I smiled at her. "I doubt it, sweetheart. But I do know one thing."

What's that?

"You are going to look absolutely stunning in that dress, for whatever event we are attending at Christmas."

Thank you, Edward. Isa blushed furiously but gave me that stunning smile, which was reserved only for me. You are going to be so handsome, too.

"I can't wait to see what that's going to be all about. Looks like we might have quite a bit of fun this year."

Let's hope so. Isa yawned before closing her eyes and going back to sleep.