Beach Party

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It was a bright warm summer day. Birds were singing, children playing, and Tai was lying in bed staring at the ceiling. Although Tai wasn't sick he didn't feel like getting out of bed today. In fact he didn't feel like doing much of anything since Christmas, except play soccer, and maybe to yell at his friends.

Soccer gave Tai a release from life. The world stopped existing when he played. It was just him and the ball nothing else mattered when he was on the pitch. This new attitude had an up side and a down side. The new aggressive style of play led Tai to score more goals and lead his team to more victories. Everyone on Tai's team was willing to accept this flurry of offence from the young man, but for every silver lining there is a big black cloud in the center. Tai also led the league in cards, both yellow and red. Tai wasn't currently playing today because of a recent red card, and month long suspension, he got for kicking one of the opposing players in the face and breaking the kid's jaw.

Tai's other recent behavior, yelling at his friends, had no silver lining, unless you count alienating your friends as a good thing. On some days Tai did look upon this as a blessing. Without his friends around he wouldn't have to lead them, think for them, save them, watch Sora and Matt make out like horny rabbits. The only member of the digi-destined group who Tai hadn't lost his temper with was Kari. Kari was the beauty who could sooth the savage beast. Izzy and T.K. accepted Tai's behavior and understood the source of his limitless anger. Davis did not understand the reason Tai seemed to hate the world but he was willing and able to withstand Tai's verbal assaults. Mimi never faced Tai's wrath because she was in America. Sora and Matt, the source of Tai's anger and pain, never faced the consequences of Tai's moods. Tai was afraid that he would lose Sora, whom he desperately loved if he unleashed his feelings onto her or Matt no matter how much they deserved it. The others felt hurt by Tai and began to keep their distance, unless it was an emergency or a special occasion.

Today was one of those special occasions. To celebrate the digi-destined's victory over Myotismon five years ago all the digi-destined, and their parents, were going to the beach to have a party. Mimi and her parents were even flying over from America to join the festivities. Tai had been planning to be away on a road trip with his team this week and had hoped to miss the event. Unfortunately Tai broke some kid's jaw and now he had to go to the stupid beach party, unless he could think up an excuse not to go.

"Hey Tai, are you going to get up already?" yelled Kari threw the bedroom door, "You don't want us to leave without you, do you?"

'Yes Kari I do want you and mom to leave with out me. Why couldn't I be out of town like dad.' thought Tai, "Kari, um ... I'm not feeling well. You and mom go without me."

"You know Tai you are a really bad lair."

"Shut up, and leave me alone."

"Tai I'm your sister. I know you are in pain, and I know why, but I have a feeling that if you do not go to this beach party something bad will happen."

"You think I'm going to kill myself while you and mom are gone."

"No, but I know that you have thought about it. Don't deny it Tai; you know I know these things."

"Yeah I know. So what will happen if I don't go?"

"I don't know, but I do know that things will improve for you in the long run if you do. Please come to the beach Tai, for me."

"But how is my life going to get better by watching Matt and Sora make out on the beach?"

"You know I just get feelings about things not insights into the future. If I could do that I would be really, really rich. Hello winning lottery numbers," said Kari as she rubbed her hand together greedily.

"Will you share your winnings with me if you win?"

"Sure we'll get a huge mansion with an indoor pool and soccer field, a concert hall for the ballets I write, soft ice cream machines, a greenhouse for the Digimon, a…"

"You know Kari I thought you would give all the money to charity."

"Oh shut up and get ready already we're going to be late, and you don't want to miss your opportunity to rescue all those swimsuit models."

With that Kari closes the bedroom door and goes to eat breakfast. As Tai gets ready to go to the beach he wonders if he will really have to rescue some swimsuit models. He certainly hoped so.

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