Well here I am with another prompt update to satisfy all the reviewers that asked me to update soon. Mind you I am using prompt in a geological sense. For example, after the dinosaurs went extinct humans promptly took over the world, 65 million years later.

Davis watched as his rival for Kari's heart sucked up to Kari's brother. 'That jerk!' thought the irate Davis. 'How dare he suck up to Tai? That's my strategy!'

Izzy looked over at Davis and suggested, "You know Davis I think this would be a great time for you to present your idea for the volleyball tournament to everyone. All the digi-destined are present and no one has wandered off yet to do their own thing."

"Yeah, good thinking Izzy, I'll run down there and let everyone know what we are doing."

As Davis dashed towards the centre of the group to make his announcement Izzy thought to himself, 'Excellent with Davis doing all the hard work and fast talking I'll be in a perfect position to display my masculine prowess to Kari and win her heart, muh hah ha ha! And if anyone doesn't like it they'll blame Davis.'

"Attention please!" yelled Davis, "Can I have everyone's attention please! For today's activity I have planned the first every digi-international invitational volleyball tournament."

"Wow that's a mouth full," remarked Matt.

"I have put us into teams of two," continued Davis.

Tai folded his arms and muttered, "500 yen says he is planning to be on the same team as my sister."

"I wouldn't take that bet," whispered T.K. to Tai.

"I have decided to pair people up as they were at Christmas," announced Davis.

"Wow Davis put me with Izzy and not himself! I wonder if he was replaced with an alien," joked Kari to Yolei and Ken.

"I think that it is a good idea," defended Ken. "This way there is an older digi-destined paired with a younger digi-destined."

"I didn't say it was bad, just out of character."


"So," Davis went on. "First we will have the elimination round. Team New York vs. Team Hong Kong, Team Australia vs. Team Paris, and lastly Team Mexico vs. Team Russia, then the winners will advance and then we will have another elimination round."

Most of the adults stood around looking confused. They had no idea what Davis meat by pairs at Christmas or why the teams were named after foreign locations. Most parents wrote it off as Davis being eccentric again. T.K. grandfather was perhaps the only adult that truly knew what it all meant.

Jun also did not know what it all meant either but she was upset about something else. Her brother had excluded her from the event, and she was not going to stand for that.

"Hey Davis, why can't Momoe and I pay too? It's not fair that you hog all the fun."

"Butt out Jun! You're not a digi-destined," replied Davis.

"Davis you are not being very fair," pointed out Mimi.

"And your math is flawed too," added Tai. "If we are going to follow your elimination format we will need to have Momoe and Jun play along with another pair. If we don't we will be stuck with just three teams after the first round and that will leave one team as the odd man out."

"But … but … but …" struggled Davis, "Jun can't play we don't have another team."

"Excuse moi but I would be willing to help with the volleyball games," offered T.K.'s grandfather.

"Yeah okay old guy," replied Davis, "but you will need a partner to play."

"I'll be your partner," spoke up Cody's grandfather.

"Ah merci," responded T.K.'s grandfather.

"Okay," said Tai taking control of the situation before Davis could say something foolish. It will be Davis and Mimi against Kari and Izzy, then Joe and Cody against T.K. and I, than Matt and Ken against Sora and Yolei, then …"

"Hey that's boyfriends against girlfriends," piped up Jun.

"Yeah, thanks for the interruption," replied Tai. "Then it will be you and Momoe against, T.K.'s and Cody's grandfathers. Does that sound about right?"

"Um, excuse me, I hate to be rude but Davis had promised me that I would be his partner," inserted Michael.

"Oh… um…" replied Tai.

"That's okay," said Mimi. "He can take my place."

"You sure about that Mimi?" asked Tai.


"Okay, okay, okay," yelled Davis, "now that we have that settled let's play volleyball!"