Five years ago, a calamity hit Japan. It took millions of lives and practically destroyed society itself. Major cities were turned into dust, people were scattered all over the place, and despair loomed everywhere. The name of the calamity was All for One.

All for One, the most dangerous villain in the world and the most evil man in history, possessed a unique Quirk: one that could steal others' Quirks. With that Quirk, he dominated his enemies and killed them. It didn't take long for him to rule Japan.

No one knew about him. All they knew was that he was a green-haired man with cold green eyes and four freckles on each of his cheeks. Normally one would think he was plain-looking. But after knowing the sins he committed, a person would think that he was the worst villain to exist.

People couldn't help but wonder what happened to him. How could he do such horrible things without even batting an eye? Why did he do all of those? What was his goal?

Those mysteries surrounded All for One. The man named Izuku Midoriya was an enigmatic existence.


At the ruins of a city, a certain girl with long ginger hair was hiding from a monstrous being with an exposed brain. Beside her was a girl with wavy blonde hair and a pair of horns on her head.

"What should we do Kendo? We didn't expect a Nomu to be here", the blonde girl asked.

"Pony... Don't worry. We'll get out of this. Can you contact HQ?", Itsuka asked.

Pony took out a small rectangular device from her pocket. It was one of the inventions of the rebellion's top inventor, a communication device that could contact the rebel's HQ in a private channel.

That's right. Rebels. Ever since society fell, All for One ruled Japan like a tyrant. He spread monsters known as Nomus all over Japan and killed anyone who got in his way. The people who wanted to live bowed down to his rule. But there were still those who believe in hope. They were called the Heroes of Tomorrow. Holding the heroic spirit in them, they fight against All for One despite the UA tragedy that happened five years ago.

"It's no good. We're too far", Pony said.

"We're just supposed to scout for possible food sources. Why is a Nomu here? And a blue muscular one to make it worse", Itsuka muttered.

Taking on a Nomu was not an option. After all, Nomus are monsters created by All for One and all of them have multiple Quirks. The standard Nomu has Regeneration, Fast Reaction, and Super Strength Quirks making them an annoying foe to defeat.

"Pony, can you outrun it?", Itsuka asked.

"If I'm alone, I guess so. But if you were to ride me…", Pony made a troubled face.

The Nomu then left the area and both of them sighed in relief.

"Let's get out of here before it comes back", the ginger-haired girl said as she got on Pony's back.

Pony dashed back to the base, hoping to never see the Nomu again. Also, they have to report that a Nomu was nearby. Having such a dangerous creature near HOT's base was alarming. It would mean that All for One was getting close to them.


"No matter how many times you ask, the answer is no", an ash blond man said.

"But Vice Leader! This is a chance for our world to be saved. We can turn the tides of this war around", a girl with pink hair argued.

"Eri said she's okay with it", she added.

"Mei! For the last time, it's a no! There are a lot of risks here. We don't know what will happen to Eri. We don't even know whether your shitty machine will work", the Vice Leader shouted.

Silence ruled the room.

"Bakugo. I know that you don't want to do it since we're dragging someone into this mess. But we need help right now", a skinny blond man said.

"A no is a no. I can't believe Leader funded your project without me knowing about it", Katsuki sighed.

"All Might. Help me out here", Mei turned to the skinny man for help.

"Sorry Hatsume. I tried", All Might replied.

Mei stormed out of the room.

"Sorry about her, Bakugo. It's not as if she just wants to experiment. She really wants to help us", All Might said and went after Mei.

Katsuki looked at his left arm which was replaced by a robotic one. His arm was cut off by his childhood friend, All for One. He gritted his teeth. Izuku Midoriya was known to be Quirkless. That was why he bullied and humiliated the poor boy. Katsuki wondered how that Quirkless boy became the world's most dangerous villain. But he didn't wonder why he became one though. He already knew the reason why.

After all, Katsuki was one of the reasons why Izuku wanted to destroy society.


"Why can't he see things clearly?", Mei asked in frustration.

"Mei. Calm down", All Might told her.

"How can I calm down?! Just when I was finished with my baby. Just as when hope was near. That Bakugo didn't want to execute the plan? We just wasted our time and resources!", Mei shouted.

"Does that mean I'm useless?", a voice asked.

The voice belonged to an eleven-year old girl. She had light gray hair and a single horn on the right side of her forehead.

"No. You're not useless. Eri… We're doing this", Mei said.

"Hey! Eri's not prepared for this", All Might told the inventor.

"No. The moment I started making my baby, I made her prepare herself. She's more or less ready. Right?", Mei asked the small girl and Eri nodded.

"What will you do now, All Might? Will you give up hope?", Mei asked.

All Might hesitated. But then if taking risks was needed, then he would gladly take it.

"Fine. But if there's something's off, even if it's just a tiny bit, I will stop you", All Might agreed.

"Then let's get to it!", Mei happily said and walked fast.

"Ah! Wait!", All Might and Eri shouted.

They later arrived at the room where the experiment will be held. A large machine was in front of them. It had a huge arch which reached the ceiling of the room. Thick and long wires extended from its base and was connected to a control panel.

"Big Sis Mei… Will this really help us?", Eri asked.

"Don't worry Eri. This baby of mine will definitely bring hope to our five-year war against All for One", Mei answered as she was making final adjustments to her machine.

"Is this even safe?", All Might asked.

Mei was silent which unsettled All Might.

"Don't worry about me. If this will change the tides of this war, I'll be more than happy to risk myself. I'll be a hero like Lemillion", Eri told the blond man.

"If things go south, I'll shut down my baby. Don't worry", Mei smiled as she assured the girl.

"Hawks and Bakugo don't know about this and if they do, they will be angry. Or maybe Bakugo will be the only one who'll get angry", All Might said.

"They'll understand", Eri replied.

All she had to do was to call for help. She and everyone needed help. That was the purpose of the machine in front of her.

"Eri. Sit down on the chair", Mei instructed.

Eri sat down and Mei approached her. Mei then placed a headgear to Eri which had many wires connected to the machine. She also strapped Eri's arms and legs.

"I'm only strapping you down for safety reasons. If the headgear comes off while my baby is on, who knows what will happen. Anyways, relax", Mei told Eri.

The pink-haired girl ran to the control panel.

"Are you ready, Eri?", Mei asked.


"Don't overdo yourself!", All Might shouted.


Eri took a deep breath.

"Remember Eri. Do what you must do!", Mei shouted and turned on the machine.

The machine hummed as electricity sparked. Eri then thought. She imagined what was heroism, justice, and kindness. Then she thought of a person that would have all of those.

A portal formed. The experiment was a success… or so Mei thought.

Eri shouted as pain ran through her body.

"Eri! Mei! Shut it down!", All Might shouted.

Mei was about to do what All Might instructed but the control panel exploded, blasting her away.

The portal then started sucking anything that wasn't held to the ground. All Might grabbed whatever he could grab on. The machine was on the verge of destroying itself.

Eri then gritted her teeth. She thought of heroism, justice, and kindness. Everyone's hope were on her. Eri had to succeed. Everyone couldn't defeat All for One. They need hope.

That's why a hero is needed.

The machine exploded and flames were about to hit Eri when a green streak of lightning grabbed her and placed her out of harm's way.

"Are you okay?", a voice asked.

Eri looked and saw a man in a green bodysuit was carrying her. He had sturdy gloves and red shoes. But what surprised her was his face, he had fluffy dark green hair and had kind-looking eyes. He also had a smile that assured her and eyes that were filled with kindness. The man had four symmetrical freckles arranged in a diamond formation on both cheeks.

All Might and Mei stood up and saw the man. They stiffened in fear.

"All for One?!"

"Huh?", the hero, Deku, asked in surprise.

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