A/N: Just an old poem I pulled out of one of my notebooks and rewrote tonight. I've been meaning to post it for a while now.

Mirror Card's POV.



"The Riddle of the Mirror"



I am the lovely one

Who hides behind a mask.

But to know my name,

You need only ask.

I hold a secret and

It's so unexpected

You could never guess

It unless directed.

I am like Shadow:

I do as do you.

I am Illusion; my

Appearance untrue.

I am the Water who

Is still as the ice.

So you know what

You need- isn't that nice?

If you think you can claim me,

If you dare claim the power

To hold my life in your hands

And never to cower,

Then answer my riddle-

And answer it fast,

Or you'll find yourself undone

And your only chance long past.

Shadow and Illusion's mother,

Sister of the Water;

And to a man long gone,

I am a sacred daughter.

Look me in the eye-

Now, what do you see?

Since I am what I am,

Your answer should be: "Me!"






. : the mirror reflects the truth : .