Felt like doing something Borderlands related rummaging around in my head for a while since BL3 just got announced and I'm all salty about the Epic Games crap (Not buying it there) anyway on to the story


An unsteady bus glided across the sands of the desert, kicking up dust in its wake. Inside were six people, one of whom was the driver a portly bearded man.

In the seats though were five passengers. The first was a black man named Roland in a tattered military uniform and armor, of the group he seemed the least inclined to say anything.

Not far from him was a red headed woman with tattoos named Lilith, a Siren a rare supernaturally powered woman. She had a thin body almost lanky body and was wearing tight pants and

Close by was a man named Mordecai, he was the shortest of the men but also the lankiest and thinnest. He had tan skin was wearing leather, complete with a facemask. There was also a strange bird on his shoulder.

Near the back was the largest of the men, Brick. He was brimming with size and muscles and looked like he could break a fence post like a small twig, he was wearing a fest and had hard metal plates attached to his fist.

The last was a man of average height a somewhat thicker build, his face was a little grey and withered despite the fact he wasn't much older than the others, he was wearing a blue button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a cigarette pack tucked on the right arm. His shirt and jeans were both sooty and dusty, he had a goatee beard and thin black hair that also had singe marks and split ends.

"Heh." He pulled out a lighter and placed a cigarette in his mouth "We there yet?"

"Asking again won't make it go faster Forman." Lilith said.

"The sooner we get there the sooner we can start looking and find the vault." He said.

"We find the vault and get rich." Mordecai said.

"See Mordy has the idea." Forman laughed.

"Hmm." Brick and Roland both grunted.

"Talkative and focused as always." Lilith rolled her eyes.

"I just don't see any reason to get worked up." Roland said "If we find it, we find it, getting their sooner won't really change that."

"Don't be alarmed." The group each heard the voice of a young woman in their head "I'm here to help you, guide you to the vault, get off the bus at the next stop and look for the happy little robot…I'll contact you again soon."

The voice slowly faded and everyone looked around.

"So that wasn't just me." Forman said.

"No…No it wasn't." Lilith said pulling the rope to signal for the next stop.

"You're seriously listening to that thing?" Roland asked.

"You got a better idea?" she shot him a look.

"No…" he said.

"Fyrestone Depot." The Bus pulled over "if you wanna get off now's your chance."

The five stepped off and as soon as the bus pulled away, they saw a small orange box shaped robot.

"I found the happy robot." Forman said lighting the cigarette he put in his mouth earlier "And it's a Claptrap."

"Hello Travelers!" it waved.

"What a great start." Mordecai said rolling his eyes.

"Come this way please." The robot pointed for them to follow.

Forman's POV

"Suppose we should follow it?" I asked.

"Well that's what that…Guardian Angel said to do." Lilith shrugged.

"No one else has a better idea might as well do it." Roland nodded taking out his assault rifle "Just in case."

Everyone else equipped up as well, Lilith with an SMG, Brick a Shotgun and Mordecai a sniper rifle.

"Hmm." I pulled out a revolver "Alright then, first step to riches."

None of us had known each other when we arrived on this hell planet, but when word spread about a Vault and people looking for it, we all ended up coming out to this desert dump together.

We followed the Claptrap over to a gate where it started pressing on buttons.

"You hear that?" Mordecai asked.

I looked over at a ridge and started hearing a loud wurring noise.

"Wait…is that…" Claptrap paused "Oh no…"

"What do you mean 'Oh no'?" Brick growled.

"Not again! RUNN!" The robot drove itself off and into a little hidey hole.

As the robot disappeared from view a convoy of buggies and trucks hit a ramp and zoomed overhead.

"That was close." Lilith said.

"Ehh they seemed to be out for a joy ride." I said taking a drag "You gonna open this door?"

"Oh right!" the robot rolled back out "Those bandits really have it out for us Claptraps. Being target Practice is not part of our programming."

"Guess we'll have trouble up ahead." I sighed.

"Annnnd Open!" Claptrap made the gate rise and drove through.

We all moved in quickly and got behind some rubble.

"Let's make this quick." Roland said.

"Sneaky?" Lilith asked.

"RAAAH!" Brick ran in and fired a shotgun blast at a gun, blowing him back.

"That's a no." I stood up and aimed, pulling the trigger and then resetting the hammer with my thumb.

A first fight quickly broke out between us and the bandits, bullets flying all over the damn place.

"HMM!" I help my gun with two hands to pull down the recoil as I drilled another bandit in the chest "This is taking too long."

"Right!" Roland reached down and threw out a turret, a small Scorpio turret that provided another flank and laid into the bandits.

At the same time Mordecai sent out his bird and had it distract the bandits with divebombs while the turret laid more fire. We moved into town and kept pushing the bandits back with gunfire.

"Reloading!" Roland yelled.

"Got it." I leaned around a post and popped a guy "Me too!"

I dumped out the remaining casings and took out a cylinder to reload.

"HAAA!" Lilith suddenly appeared between two bandits in a burst of energy knocking them back.

"Alright let's get this over with then." I said reaching back and grabbing a Frisbee like device that landed between the bandits as I pressed the trigger on the side of my lighter "Remote Eruption!"

The trigger beeped and the disc started shooting off explosive fireworks, sparklers shooting off and popping into small explosions and bursts of light that blew bandits away.

"That looks like all of them." I got up and spit my butt out.

"I knew you were the right choice." The voice said.

"Her again." I mumbled.

"Attention Citizen of Fyrestone!" Claptrap rolled up to a door "There is no cause for alarm, the visitors have resolved the problem."

"And here I was thinking I was a goner." A man's voice came of the communicator "Damn bandits don't know when to leave people alone I had to lock the place up, hang on I'll let you in."

The shutter on a building opened and we saw inside where there was a middle-aged man with surgical scrubs and a mask on, he seemed old and had grey in his hair and everything.

"Thanks for that." He said "Name's Zed, I don't do much cutting into folks since I lost my license so now, I just run the med vendors."

"Seems like you've got a bit of a bandit problem." Lilith laughed.

"You could say that, but pretty much everyone on Pandora does." The doctor explained "Nine-toes and his boys have been running all over the place causing a mess lately."

"We can take care of it on the way." Roland said.

"Really?" Zed scoffed "That'd be mighty helpful, a friend of mine TK Baha has a farm not far from here working on some stuff and might be able to help."

We all agreed to look into it on our way, the best way to hopefully find out about the vault was to get in good with the locals.

"Might as well get a move on." I said stepping outside and lighting up again.

"You don't waste any time." Lilith gave me a look.

"What I wasn't gonna light up in front of the doctor." I said "I got enough talks about the dangers when I was a kid, hasn't killed me yet."

She rolled her eyes so hard I thought she might pop a blood vessel. We didn't say much more on it but kept moving out until we found a lone little shack not too far from the main town, there was one man there with on leg sitting in a chair and as soon as we got close, he pulled out a shotgun and aimed right at us.

"Whoa!" everyone yelled.

"One more step and it'll be your last…HAHA You should have seen the looks on your faces." He laughed.

"So, should you." I looked at the dark tint on his goggles before leaning over to Brick "This guy's blind."

We spoke with the old man and he said he had set up some explosives that could get us into the gully where this Nine-Toes guy was hiding out so we set off without much trouble.

"Not a bad set up." I looked at the fuse and detonator.

"A blind guy made it." Mordecai noted.

"Yeah but he made it good." I inspected it closer "Looks like it'll work just fine."

Everyone gave me a look.

"Look I get not trusting the blind guy but I know my explosives." I blew out smoke "I once cobbled together an old car, I trashed vending machine and some old gun parts and made a rocket that flew five mils to obliterate a general store that overcharged me."

I got another look.

"Okay I embellished a little so what." I rolled my eyes "I've been making fireworks and explosives since I was a teenager trust me, I know what I'm doing and this thing will work."

I turned around and pressed the plunger down and sure enough the spark triggered and blew the barricade open.

"See nothing to be afraid of." I laughed and coughed "Let move."

We headed inside and moved through the canyon quickly dispatching bandits and finding their leader who was not happy to see us and quickly started an assault with two of his pet skags.

"HMM!" I stood up and fired two shots "Back off you over grown shit eater."

I rolled to the side as one of the Skags jumped at me.

"Heh!" I pulled a grenade off my belt and strapped it too the creature and threw it back to detonate, spraying a mess around.

"HAAA!" Lilith burst out of the other world and blew Nine-toes into one of his own decorative spikes.

"Well that takes care of that." I said as Brick finally stopped punching the other skag and we got back outside as the sky darkened "Well one day down, hopefully not many left."


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