Mr. and Mrs. Stetson

Lee and Amanda have been married for five years and very much in love; however, neither knows what the other truly does for a living. They both work for The Agency, only there are several divisions and branches of The Agency and they work independently of the other. Their jobs are on opposite sides of DC. They have code names and never mingle outside of The Agency.

Lee works for IFF-International Film Foundation (or so Amanda thinks), as a film director and scouts' locations; he has excuses for traveling a lot. Billy Melrose is the section chief, Lee's and Beaman's boss.

Amanda works for NTA-National Travel Agency (or so Lee thinks), as a travel writer, photographer and editor of their in-house publication; and she has excuses for her travels as well. Emily Farnsworth is the section chief and Amanda's and Francine's boss.

Philip and Jamie's father Joe died in a plane crash when the boys were five and three respectively. Lee adopted Amanda's boys after they got married.

Amanda's mother's name is Dorothy, but everyone calls her Dotty. She lives with her husband Curt, a pilot a few streets away from where Amanda & Lee live. When either of them must be away on "business", they call her and she helps take care of the boys, who in this story are a little bit older. Philip is 12 and Jamie 10. Amanda was a widow for a year before she met Lee and they dated for a year before getting married.

They live in an upscale neighborhood. Their jobs pay well, but they were able to upgrade to their home using a portion of Joe's life insurance policy, with the remaining going into a trust fund for Philip and Jamie. Their friends are mostly neighbors and parents of the boys. The boys have their own rooms with private baths, two other bedrooms and a third bath on the second floor. Her mother occupies one of the two bedrooms for when she sleeps over. Their bedroom takes up the top floor of the house as well as their own private offices. Amanda drives a Jeep Wrangler, big enough for her travel equipment and to ferry the boys around when necessary. Lee drives a 1932 Ford Roadster for fun and to impress people when they have date night; but takes his Honda Blackbird motorcycle to work. Amanda shook her head when he decided to buy it but made him promise to always wear his helmet. Once they arrive in their respective jobs, they have Agency vehicles so their true lives can't be comprised.