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"Enough Kacchan!" shouted a young boy.The boy has black messy hair with green highlights, emerald green eyes and is standing with his fists up. He is currently standing in front of a girl who is crying on floor. She has purple hair, dark purple eyes and earphone jacks attached to her earlobes. The boy is trembling with fear and with tears in his eyes. "I won't let you!" shouted the green hair boy, "You already made her cry, stop it!" Another boy with ash blonde hair and red eyes is seen walking with two others with him. One has bat wings and the other stretches his fingers to unbelievable amounts.

"So Deku the quirkless wonder, thinks he can play hero, huh?" The ash-blonde boy says as he slams his fist into his other hand creating a small explosion out of the palm of his hand. The green hair, referred as Deku, can only squeak out a, "Eep" as the three jump onto him as they beat the boy without mercy. As the scene is occurring, none realize that a young man is watching them from afar, with a blank and emotionless face at what he has witness. The man walked away not saying a single word as Deku was beaten senselessly. After a while, the boys got bored and left them alone. Deku was on the floor, covered in bruises and burns. The girl finally broke out of her fear and had a face of worry.

"Are you okay?!" Shouted the purple haired girl.

"I-I'm f-fine." The boy said as he slowly sat up from the floor. "W-What a-about y-you?"

"I'm fine, thanks to you but why did you protect me?" The girl asked.

"Q-Quirk or not, I can't stand someone getting hurt. E-Especially a g-g-girl like you." He said, blushing very hard. The girl immediately blushed as well.

"T-Thanks" She whispered, with her blush.

"A-Anyways, w-what's your n-name? I'm I-Izuku. Izuku M-Midoriya." He asked as he finally stood up.

"I'm Kyoka. Kyoka Jiro." She said. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"R-Really I'm fine, but why was Kacchan picking on you?" Midoriya asked. He really was confused.

"I want to be a hero, but he told me I couldn't with my quirk. He said it was too weak to be a hero." She responded, bringing her head down.

"What e-exactly is y-your quirk?" Midoriya asked with a huge amount of curiosity. He loved seeing other people's quirks.

"It's called Earphone Jack." She said as she raised them up to show him. "I get these jacks at my earlobes which allow me to create vibrations using my heartbeat. I am also pretty sensitive to sound. I can hear things very easily"

"That's so COOL!" Midoriya shouted with a big smile and stars in his eyes. Jiro had a small blush on her face. She has never been praised by someone else outside her family. " Yourquirkisveryusefulforrescuemissionswherepeoplearetrappedunderrubble.Youcouldhearthemeasilyifyouinsertthemintotheground.Alsoitmightbepossibletocreatebigenoughvibrati-" Midoriya started before going into full blown muttering thinking of the possibilities Jiro has. Jiro couldn't help but smile at the boy.

"Thanks for that." She said interrupting the boy's muttering. "What's your quirk?" Midoriya stayed quiet for a bit.

"W-Well you s-see..." He started before looking away. "I d-don't have one yet."

"Oh. Well, I'm sure you'll get one soon!" Jiro said lifting Midoriya's spirit.

"Yeah! Then you and me can become heroes!" Midoriya said as he pumped his fist in the air. Jiro smiled as well as they continued playing in the park for a hour, talking about their favorite heroes and what they liked.

"Izuku! Time to go home!" Midoriya's mother called. The boy had a small frown, but knew he had to go.

"I'm coming!" He yelled towards her and then turned to Jiro. "W-want to p-play again here t-tomorrow?" He shyly asked. Jiro only smiled.

"Sure! I'll ask my mom if I can be here." Jiro answered as Midoriya nodded and waved at her before he left.

Timeskip brought to you by chibi young Jiro and Midoriya hugging in pjs

"I'm afraid there's no hope for him." The doctor claims as Midoriya has a shocked face of the news he heard.

"No! There must be some mistake?" Ask a young green haired woman, likely Midoriya's mother, refusing to believe what she heard. "The other kindergartners have all started showing signs, but..."

"Pardon my asking, ma'am, but you're the fourth generation, yes?" The doctor asked interrupting the woman, "As far as quirks I mean..."

"Yes, of course. I can pull small objects toward me." Inko says as the All Might action figure, that Midoriya dropped, starts floating towards her hand. "And my husband can breathe fire." Midoriya still in shock ignores everything,but one thing was very clear to him.

"He possesses NO quirk at all."

Midoriya is in his room, after visiting the doctors, and was watching his favorite All Might video in silence. After minutes of silence Midoriya with a smile and tears ask his mother one thing...

"C-can I be h-hero like him?" He asked with his voice cracking. Inko only runs up to him with tears herself and hugs Midoriya from the back. Her only response,

"I'm sorry, Izuku. I'm sorry!"

The Next Day

Midoriya was rocking back and forward on a swing in the park alone. Everyone in his classroom had learn about his quirklessness and avoided him like the plague, even his best friend at school. He had no emotion in his eyes. No excitement, no joy.

"Midoriya?" A voice called out. The boy didn't turn around to see who had said it. The person slowly walked up to the swing next to him and sat down. Midoriya turned his head to see his newest friend, but probably his best friend, Jiro with a face of worry. "You okay?" She asked. Midoriya didn't say anything for a minute before breaking into tears.

"I-I really am a D-Deku" He said. Jiro frowned when he said that. Midoriya isn't a Deku, at at least not to her.

"Why? Why do you say this?" Jiro asked really worried what had caused her friend to be this sad.

"I-I found o-out that I-I'm..." he paused. What if Jiro rejects him as well. What if she doesn't want to be friends anymore because of his quirkless status. "I'm..."

"Midoriya whatever it is, I'm here for you." Jiro said trying to calm the boy to tell her what's wrong.

"I'm...quirkless" He slowly said. He shut his eyes waiting to be reject by the last friend he had. So it surprised him when he felt something hug him.

"Quirkless or not you're still my friend." She said. Midoriya broke into tears as he returned the hug.

10 years later

"You guys are all third-years now." Said a man,who is most likely the teacher, as he slammed a stack of papers on his desk. "It's time to start thinking about your futures!" The students of class remained silent as the teacher continued. "I would hand out these future career forms, but..." The teacher paused for a moment before tossing the sheets of papers into the air.

"...I assume you all want to be heros!" The whole class, expect for two similar looking boys, shouted with joy as they started showing off their quirks. "Yes you all have wonderful quirks. But you know that it's against the rules to use them in school!"

"SENSEI!! Don't lump me in with these losers!" Shouted a ash-blonde boy in the back of the classroom. He is seen with his legs crossed on top of his desk. "As if I had anything like their crappy quirks." He stated with a chuckle at the end.

"Get over yourself Bakugo!!" Shouted a student in anger as many others start booing at him in anger as well.

"SHUT UP! EXTRAS SHOULD ACT LIKE EXTRAS!" The boy, now known as Bakugo, said with smile.

"Ah, Bakugo, you of course, must be aiming for U.A High School." The teacher claimed as all the students go silent out of shock.

"That national school?! The cutoff score this year is 79, right?!" Said a random student as the class start chattering after what they have just learned.

"I hear that barely accept anyone!!" Shouted another student. The other students keep chattering as a familiar set of green hair is laying his head down, sweating out of nervousness and trying to hide himself as much as possible.

" Ah, the stupid chattering of extras!" Bakugo says as he jumps onto his desk. "I aced the mock exam!! I'm the only one here with the stuff for U.A!" He smiles as he continues shouts. "I'll even surpass All Might and become the best hero out there!" He says out of cockiness "Not to mention, I'll be one of the richest people in the world!!"

"Oh, You're also going for U.A, aren't you, Midoriya?" The teacher says, ignoring Katsuki's speech.The whole class went silent, you could hear a pin drop silent. The green haired boy sinks closer to his desk not even lifting his head up to see the other students. Everyone slowly turn their heads to Midoriya. They soon immediately start to go into full blown laughter expect for one who slowly gets angered.

"Huh?! Midoriya?! No way!!" hollored one student.

"Good grades alone can't get you into the hero program!" Another said. Midoriya finally stands up and starts to speak.

"Th-Thats not necessarily true! Sure there's no precedent, but.."


Midoriya start to say until he was interrupted by an explosion on his desk and he falls onto the floor.

"COME ON DEKU!!" Bakugo shouted with a evil grin on his face, "Forget the crappy quirks, you're totally quirkless. And you think you can rub shoulders with me?!"

"Wa-Wait, No, Bakugo. I wasn't...saying I could compete with you! Not at all!" Midoriya says trying to explain as he scurrys to the back of the classroom, hitting the wall. "I mean it. It's just...been my dream since I was little. And well..there's no harm in trying..." Midoriya says, trying to form a smile. The class was so focused on Midoriya that they didn't notice a figure staring into the classroom though the window, before leaving as if it wasn't there at all.

"Try?! Try what?! The entrance exam?!" Screamed Katsuki, "You're taking the exam just to 'Try'?!" Midoriya looked down in silence. "What can you even DO?!" Bakugo stated as he and every other student look down at Midoriya. Chuckling as Midoriya stays silent, not knowing how to respond.

It's now the end of the day and Midoriya is currently looking through his text messages as he starts to put his stuff way. His only friend Jiro had to move away when they were seven. After Jiro helped Midoriya he was able to meet her family and vice versa and the two families became pretty good friends. So it was easy to stay in contact after so many years.


Broccoliboi: Hey Jiro did you see the fight this morning?

RockGirl: The one of Mt Lady?

Broccoliboi: Yeah that one! I was there! She's so much bigger in person!

RockGirl: Yeah. She probably was.

Broccoliboi: W-Wait! I didn't m-mean it like t-that!!

RockGirl: I know. Just messing with you.

Broccoliboi: T-Talk to y-you l-later!

Jiro was in class texting before looking at her breasts in disappointment. 'Why aren't mine that big?' She thought blushing before shaking the thought away.

Midoriya was blushing at her teasing, even if she wasn't here. He put away his phone and as soon he picked up his Hero Analysis notebook, Bakugo quickly snatchs the notebook right out Midoriya's hands.

"We ain't done here, Deku." Bakugo exclaimed with a slight angered look on his face.

"What's that, Bakugo?" Asked one lackey

" 'For my future'? Seriously?! This guy, Midoriya..." Another said as he read part of the title.

"C-Come on. Give it back!!" Midoriya asked in a nice, yet worried tone as he backed away a bit. Bakugo places the notebook between the palms of his hands and creating an explosion, burning the notebook.

"HUHHHH?!" Shouted Midoriya in shock seeing his notebook destroyed, " Why?!" Bakugo just sighs before throwing the notebook out the window as Midoriya becomes even more shocked.

"The best heroes out there, well, they showed signs of greatness even as students. I'll be the first and only hero from this crappy public middle school! The first to win the honor of becoming a student at U.A High, guess I'm just a perfectionist." Bakugo cocky states before putting a fake smile and walking up to Midoriya. "In other words, don't you dare get into U.A Nerd!" He threatens as he puts his hand on Midoriya's shoulder, burning him a bit. Bakugo removes his hand and starts to walk aways as Midoryia stays silent, shivering with fear. Before Bakugo leaves the class, he stops at the door.

"Oh, you wanna be a hero so bad? I've got a time-saving idea for you."

Midoriya stays silent

"If you think you'll have a quirk in your next life...go take a swan dive off the roof!!" Midoriya quickly turns his head, showing his slightly annoyed and angered face, wanting to say something before seeing Bakugo's evil grin as he sets off a small explosion in his hand.

"Yeah? What?" He asks. Midoriya says nothing. Staying as still as a statue.

'Idiot! If I really jumped, you'd be charged with bullying me into suicide!! Think before you speak!!' Midoriya thought as he reached for his notebook in a koi pond that was behind the school as he kept whispering idiot under his breath. He remembered the day he was told he was quirkless. 'That was when I decided' Midoriya thinks to himself as he starts walking under a tunnel 'I decided not to care what anyone says! And to keep moving forward!!' As Midoriya thought to himself he didn't know that there was a sludge villain coming out of the manhole cover until it speaked.

"A medium-sized body to hide in" The sludge villain didn't give Midoriya any time to respond and jumped onto him, trying to shove himself into the boys body though the mouth. Midoriya snaps out of his fear and starts struggling, trying to escape out of the villain. Midoriya starts to lose his breath and his body getting weaker.

'I'm dying!'

'I'm going to die?!'

'Someone help! I'm dying!!'

Midoriya vision starts getting blurry and tears starts falling from his face. Before blacking out he saw a tall figure at the end of the tunnel and shout from behind.


"Even without a quirk, can I still be a hero?!" ask Midoriya as he is facing his favorite hero's back and his head down. He was currently on top of a building, after waking up from the villain attack. "Can someone without a quirk become a hero like you?" Midoriya continues as he shuts his eyes tight, hoping to hear the answer he always wanted from someone other than Jiro.

"QUIRKS ARE..." All Might starts to say until he suddenly stops. "Oh no, Damn it all.." Midoriya keeps his head down as he kept talking without realizing the white smoke came out of All Might.

"The way you save people with that fearless smile!" Says Midoriya as he looks up with a smile on his face. "I want to be the strongest hero, just like y-" Midoriya stops half way as he yells in shock and finally realize that All Might seemed to turn into a blonde skinny man. After All Might calmed the boy down he explained himself asking not to tell anyone about this. He told the boy how he was injured a few years ago and could only work for three hours a day.

"And to answer your question, a pro hero always risk their life." All Might explains as Midoriya takes in everything he just heard. "With power, can, can one become a hero? No, I think not." All Might finally says as he starts getting off the floor.

Midoriya stays silent at what he was told.

'I can't be a hero without a quirk. He said it...' He thought as tears begin to build up in his eyes. He ignores everything else All Might says and is left there on the building alone with his thoughts. After a minute, he falls to his knees and starts to cry.

Midoriya is seen walking through a street, staring at his burnt notebook with his red eyes after crying for so long.

"Even the best of the best said it..." Midoriya whispers to himself as tears start build up again, "Don't cry! You knew already, right?" He is so distracted that he walks past a mob of people across the street where a familiar ash-haired boy is. 'I guess, I'm never going to be a hero...' He thinks as he starts to crumble up his notebook a bit. 'No Jiro would want me to not give up! But it's so hard not to when All Might says it' Midoriya decides to, instead of going home, go to Takoba Municipal Beach Park to clear his mind. A beach full of trash that washed up on shore. He sits down on a pile of trash with his notebook in hand. He stares at it and with hesitant decision he gets up and throws the notebook into the water.

'Why? Why must fate hate me?' He thinks with tears streaming down his face, 'Why was I the unlucky one?! Why wasn't I born with a quirk!' He falls to knees, tears still falling.

"ALL I WANTED WAS TO BE A HERO!!" He shouts with all his breathe and falls completely to the floor, crying into the sand. He was crying so much that he doesn't hear the crunching of sand getting closer to him. The figure walks over to the boy and stares down at him. Midoriya noticing that he was now under shade looks up to see a man about 6 feet with gray pants, a red robe with golden lines on the robe, no shirt underneath, and a tattoo over his chest and black stripes across his chest and arms. The most unique features about the figure is that it was wearing a white mask with red stripes on it and the scars on his torso.

"Wh-Who are y-you!!" Midoriya shouts as he crawls backwards a bit. To Midoriya the man seemed like a villain based on the mask and scars on his body.

"Hey calm down. I heard someone scream and I was worried someone was hurt or something" The mysterious person said. Midoriya calm down a bit,but didn't completely trust the man.

"So-Sorry if I worried you sir." Midoriya says as he gets up shaking the sand off his pants

"No problem a all! And to answer your question, I'm just a nobody." The man said.

"Wh-What do You mean? You have a name right?" Midoriya asked being very cautious.

"I never liked my name, so just call me Nobody" The man said getting an odd look from the boy.

"O-Okay then" Midoriya responds confused that the man didn't use his real name. 'Wait if didn't tell me his name then, he could be a villain! He must be hiding his real name to hide his identity!!' He thinks, being afraid of the possible villain in front of him. 'Or I'm just being paranoid?'

"Anyways, why were you screaming?" Nobody asked.

"I-its nothing!" Midoriya quickly responds. Under the mask Nobody raised an eyebrow knowing something was wrong. I mean the boy was screaming for a reason right?

"You know, talking to someone can help out a lot." He said. Midoriya knew that he shouldn't be talking to a stranger, but he couldn't hold it in anymore.

"I-I'ts just that I always wanted to be h-hero. It's been my d-dream since I was 4 years old. But I'm q-quirkless." Midoriya says as he looks down and starts crying. Nobody under the mask got slightly annoyed.

"Quirk or no quirk, people can be heroes. People were heroes before quirks even existed. Yes, it's easier to become a hero with quirk, but true heroes are ones who are determined and save others just because it's the right thing to do." Nobody claims as Midoriya raised his head up and looks at the man before continuing, " Even if it's as small as helping someone, it's what heroes do. I see the flames of determination to protect those innocent people inside of you." Midoriya falls to his knees and remembers all the painful memories. He didn't care that everyone including All Might told him he couldn't be hero because...

"You have the heart of a true hero. Young boy I believe, YOU CAN BE A HERO"

...Someone believes in him.

"That's why I offer you my quirk and give you that chance!"

"Huh?" Midoriya said. He stood silent thinking at what he just heard. "Wh-What do you m-mean?"

"I'm offering my quirk to you." Nobody said.

"Hold on a second!" Midoriya says as he is very confused. "Thischangeseverythingweknowaboutquirks. Aquirkisapartofyouright?Howca- He then continued muttering about how it doesn't make any sense.

'This kid is pretty weird, but okay.' Nobody thought. "Your thinking to hard! Stop it" Nobody says before karate chopping Midoriya's head, almost making him unconscious due the strength.

"OWW" Midoriya shouts in pain as he grabs his head in pain.

"S-Sorry" Nobody quickly says before clearing his throat, "I just realized I never got your name young man."

"My name is Midoriya, Izuku Midoriya" He says keeping one hand rubbing on where he was hit on his head.

"Midoriya, there are millions of different people with different quirks. Did you honestly believe there wouldn't be one that can be given or passed on?" Nobody asks. Midoriya thinks for a bit.

"N-No I never thought that was possible." He responded. Nobody mentally facepalms, but also agrees with Midoriya. The possibility of quirks being passed to other people seems unbelievable, but this boy never even thought if there was even a tiny chance that there is quirk just like that?

"Anyways, I am one of those few who can do it." Nobody continues," I know that you just met me and you can't fully trust me." He says before starting to walk away. "If you agree on my offer, come back here at 10 am tomorrow." He finally says before continuing to walk away. Midoriya speechless at what he learned and was offered.

'I can still be a hero?! But he may be a villain. How can I trust him?' He turns around to face the sunset.

There you go the first chapter of the rewrite! It's kinda the same, but next chapter is when it really changes! (Hopefully.) You May have noticed some things that I purposely did so let's get this out of the way.

Jiro has her quirk, even though Midoriya is older than her: My excuse is that Midoriya thought his quirk was just late and didn't go to the doctor until a few months later.

Midoriya didn't called Bakugo, Kacchan: I made it so Bakugo totally ignores Midoriya as soon he was known to be quirkless. I did this because I didn't want Midoriya to consider Bakugo as a friend anymore since Bakugo doesn't consider Midoriya as a friend anyway.


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