"I'll have a refill."

Lucifer waves his glass at the bartender. The bartender comes over with a bored expression.

"Here you go sir."

He pours the liquor into the glass and slides it over to the archangel. Lucifer picks up the glass and knocks it back. He let out an "Ah" before putting it down. He turns his upper body round and taps the glass next to him.

"You gonna finish that?"

If looks can kill Lucifer would certainly be dead now. Mary Winchester sat on the stool. Her arms are folded and she wore the infamous Winchester bitch-face. The huntress hasn't said a word since Lucifer cursed the Empty and dragged her to the nearest bar.

Lucifer blows out a sigh.

"May I?"

He takes her drink and sips it. He again sighs. This is one of these moments where he wanted to do a human thing. That human thing is get drunk. Get drunk and forget about everything. Angels couldn't get drunk. Lucifer would need to raid the whole bar if he wanted to be intoxicated.

He can feel Mary's eyes on him. Burning through his skull. She was making him uncomfortable. He squirmed under her gaze, he nervously bounces his knee. After a few moments Lucifer turns back round to face his companion.

"Just say it. I know you have a lot of questions." Mary cocked her head and narrows her eyes at him. "Oh come on." He sighed. "I know where Michael is and you haven't even pushed me to talk. Why?"

"You're stalling." Mary stated.

"Stalling?" He scoffed. "I was dead. I needed a drink. It's been a long time since I had one."

"A drink is more important than your son?" She raised her eyebrow.

"Oh he is my priority." He sips his drink and shakes his head. "Family reunion didn't go to plan. He hates my guts and he almost killed me."

"Can you not blame him. His Father took his grace, hurt his loved ones..."

"Don't." He raises his finger at her. "Don't tell me something I already know. I screwed up. I get it." He looks down at his glass. "I'm gonna make this right." He muttered to himself.

"You had a few drinks don't you think we should be looking for Michael? Find him before my sons do."

"We will."

Mary leans on the counter. A knowing smile spreads across her face.

"You're scared."


"Yeah that explains why you are stalling."

"I said I wasn't stalling."

"You're scared of your brother."

"Am not."

"You can't face him. Whatever you found when you searched for him it scared you."

"Listen here blondie." He glares at her. "I'm not scared of my brother. I am currently the most powerful being in this universe..."

"You are." Mary interrupted with a smile. "Michael is human. He is powerless against you yet you still fear him? Why?"

"He's Michael. I don't trust him and I hate the idea of him getting his grace back."

"If we call Sam and Dean maybe we can trap Michael as soon as he is back to full power."

"That will be a piece of cake." He said sarcastically.

"We do this one step at a time." She nodded.

She sat calmly in her seat. Her whole body language was pissing him off.

"How are you so calm? I'm back, Michael is back and Jack is turning into Michael junior. There is a risk of another Apocalypse. You should be begging me for answers. I expected this drink to be thrown in my face."

"I can do it if you like."

"Uh no thanks." He leans forward in his seat. "Jack is not the only possible threat. Somewhere out there Michael is riding shotgun with your son. Once he gets his grace back with his Sword he will be unstoppable then we'll all be screwed."

He paused realizing he slipped a very important piece of information out.


He closes his eyes knowing he is going to get Hell from the huntress. Instead a soft sigh escapes her lips and she said.

"Michael is possessing my son."

"Not possession. Human remember."

"Is my son still there?"

"Yeah. You could say they became cage buddies." He goes for another sip but realizes the glass is empty. He pushes the glass away and rakes a hand over his face. She remained neutral showing no emotion. The Devil gave her a 'Really look'. "You're not worried."

"I'm not surprised."


"Like I said you're scared and you were stalling. You hate humans Lucifer. You do not fear them. All expect one." She smiles. "You fear the one who killed you back in the church. You are not scared of Michael as you said you are more powerful than him. You're scared of Dean."

Lucifer grits his teeth and a hint of gold flashes across his eyes. Mary was smug.

"I'm worried yes. Shocked no. You are an open book Lucifer. I didn't push you because I knew you were going to tell me. Nerves got the better of you. As they say patience is key. Now that my worst fears have been confirmed, I would like to find my son and your brother. Lucifer." She narrowed her eyes at him. "Where are they?" He frowns at her causing her to sigh "If Michael has taken control I doubt he and Dean are with Sam. Michael is smart first thing he would do is go into hiding. He is a strategist I'm sure he already has a plan in place. Without his powers he must be relying on his instincts and doing everything he can to stop himself from being captured." She scratches her head. "Or maybe not. Michael wants Jack he could pretend to be Dean to get close to Jack. Then there is a possibility Michael could be continuing his army with Jack as his main weapon." Lucifer is chuckling under his breath. She frowns. "Something funny?"

"You're wrong. You are not even close. Michael is currently in the hospital." He shuts up when Mary smiles at him. He sighs. "You said all that on purpose knowing I was going to reveal the location."

"You're predictable." She smirked.

"When did you get so cocky."

She stands up and wipes her hands down her jeans. The bartender comes back over. He looks at their empty glasses

"Want a refill?"

"No." Mary looks at her companion. "We were just leaving."

Lucifer slams his head on the counter and groans.

"Okay." The bartender forced a smile. "Have a safe journey."

"Thank you." Lucifer still had his head down on the counter. Mary leans forward. "Come on husband your brother is waiting for us."

She slaps him on the back and turns away. Lucifer sits up as Mary walks out of the bar.

"Seriously? You are still pissed off about the whole wife thing. It was an act." He shakes his head and looks at the bartender. "Women. They are so dramatic."

He stands up and goes to leave.

"Sir." The bartender frowns. "You haven't paid."

"Gary." His eyes glow gold and he lays his hand on the bartender's wrist. "You said the drinks are free. Remember?"

Gary blinks and his face screws up. Then the confusion fades and a smile forms on his face.

"Yes sorry how can I forget."

"Too many customers. It's impossible to remember everyone." Lucifer grinned.

"True." Gary laughed.

"Am I free to go?" He gestures to the window. Mary is outside with her arms folded. She was giving him the bitch-face. "She doesn't like waiting."

"Of course. Have a lovely day." Gary beamed.

Lucifer waves at him and leaves the bar.

Shortly after Castiel left Dumah returned to Earth with a new plan. Finding out Michael is human has definitely changed a lot of things. She has a lost a power source but she wasn't worried. There is still the nephilim, Lucifer and her brothers and sisters who she plans to bring back from the Empty as soon as possible.

To put the plan in place she needed an army. As much as she didn't want to admit it her siblings made a good point. They couldn't leave Heaven. So far her chances of capturing the nephilim and Lucifer are low. The angel decided she needed to reach out to other available resources that would benefit the mission.

Dumah lights the match and drops it into the bowl. She chants and the table starts to shake. As soon as she finished the shaking stops and the room went silent.

Dumah felt a presence. She straightened up and wrinkled her nose in disgust as the smell of sulphur went up her nostrils. She grips her blade and turns round.

A man dressed in a leather jacket and jeans faced her. His eyes turned black when he realized what she was.

"Angel." He snarled.

He starts to walk towards her. He stops and looks down. The sight of red paint made him growl. She smirks at his reaction to the Devil's trap. The demon straightened up with his fists clenched.

"What do you want?"

Dumah walks to the edge of the trap. He growls noticing how close she is to him. Being trapped he couldn't do nothing to her. She had the power she had the control he hated every second of it.

"Maddox right?"

He replied with a grunt. She nods and puts her blade away. She raises her arms to show she means no harm.

"What do you want?" He repeated starting to get impatient now.

She smiles at him.

"I need your help."