"Mama tell me the story again of Maverick and Andromache." I asked, and my mother smiled a soft smile. She was the most beautiful woman in the world. She came from a line of beauty.

"Alright my little cub." she replied curling into the bed. I emitted a gentle purr as I curled up beneath her breast. "There was once a pride of lions, ruled by a strong lion male who was a descendent of an African pharaoh. Even though his wife was the matriarch, this male protected her and her sisters and cousins and cubs and together the pride ruled a thousand years ago in ancient Egypt. On a beautiful night such as this, the queen gave birth to her first daughter, a beautiful daughter named Andromache named after the Greek wife of Hector. Now Andromache had numerous brothers, all that she knew were her siblings by scent alone. They all smelled the same. They were her army, her medjay.

One day, travelers came to Egypt from Europe to trade goods and spices to the pharaoh. The lion people had never seen such pale skin untouched by the sun, so the pharaoh allowed them safe passage. But when they entered the pharaoh's temple, they were immediately seized, for their scent smelled like something other than human flesh."

"They smelled like animals!" I said happily, and my mother laughed and held me tight licking over my forehead.

"Yes my cub, they smelled like animals. The pharaoh knew that there were other humans touched by the great animals' gods and given the ability to change. So he imprisoned the European settlers until he figured out if they were trust worthy or not. He spoke with his queen to gain more wisdom on the subject at hand. The queen thought these men were nothing, weak because they were so few, and so she advised her husband to let the traders go and offered a feast to gain their trust. After numerous conversations, the pharaoh and queen found out the traders were shifters of the wolf!" I scrunched my nose.

"Dogs! Yuck!" I scowled, and my mother nodded I agreement.

"Andromache was very curious of the travelers and as the only daughter of the pharaoh was invited to the banquet and there she met Maverick, the wolf prince of his pack. It was in that moment that the two locked eyes and immediately fell in love. Now Andromache's mother would never allow the two to marry and so over time they would meet in secret and love beneath the stars and moon. Some say his love was so deep for her, that he was willing to die a thousand times over than see her in the arms of another lion…"

"What happened to Maverick and Andromache mama?" I asked. She smiled almost sadly.

"They parted ways, forced by time and space to forget about each other. Andromache married a lion worthy of her and had numerous cubs and created a strong bloodline of which we are directly born of." she said and slowly slid from my bed and tucked me in.

"But Mama, how can a lion love a wolf?" I asked.

"Maybe it was a disease that poisoned their minds and made them love each other… or maybe it was something in their spirits." she replied.

"I could never love a wolf. They're smelly and gross." I spouted, and she chuckled lovingly.

"You have been taught well. Rest my darling for tomorrow a new journey begins for you." I looked up at my giant bed that could fit many of my brothers and cousins. Yet I had it all to myself. I blinked and looked at my mother.

"Wait, Mama, whatever happened to Maverick?" I asked. She paused in the doorway and looked at me with kind eyes.

"Maverick grew up and had a family of his own and died when it was his time….

There is nothing more sacred or important then family. My family was everything to me. You did what you had to do to protect your pride even during a migration such as this. My father, Leon King, was the protector of our pride. He was strong and powerful. He along with his cousin, Emery, were the only two males not born but accepted into our pride. My mother, Zena, was ruthless, but it was hidden by her innocent like beauty. Raised by a strong mother and aunts, she would do anything to keep power as matriarch. Then there were my older brothers, twins Micah and Leonardo. They were strong too, ready to kill and protect our family. My mother decided it was time to move and find a place to hide and lay low in. She wanted Florida because it was hot and we loved hot, but instead she took a major turn, at least in my opinion.

She wanted a place in Washington. Specifically, she wanted La Push and what she wanted, my dad was willing to give. He is a wealthy businessman who bought a large chunk of the land, much to the dismay of the natives who owned the land first. But that meant nothing to my mother, what she cared for was the survival of her pride. I stared at the moving van from the window while mother sat in the front passenger's seat. She was watching father direct the men as they carried our furniture inside our new home. It was made of wood, something was not used to.

"You might as well have moved us into a log cabin." I teased.

"The trees will provide perfect shade as there are large fields for grazing. We can hunt if we want or buy food in town. Give it time this entire land will be ours." she replied. Her hair was in a long French braid that disappeared down her back. She was in a white crop top and matching long skirt. Her golden sun tattoo that shaped around her naval had a sparkling glow to it. Everyone in our pride had them even the male cubs and my father and uncle. I watched as my brothers helped carry a heavy block of marble inside. It should have taken more men, but with my brothers' strength they did not need the help. It was warm today, so they were shirtless. Micah's caramel colored locks were pulled up into a messy bun while Leo's locks were braided back.

"You think the native's will try and talk to us?" I asked. Mother gave a light scoff.

"They can bark or howl or talk as much as they want… as long as they do not try and start anything." she replied.

"Should we not ask to see if Aunt Ma'at and the others need our help?" I asked, and mother exhaled leaning back into her seat. Her orange brown eyes were still watching my father. She was so in love.

"Your aunts and cousins and have their own homes to decorate. Let's give them space to settle in." she said. I only nodded and looked back out watching as the men continued to move our things into the house.

"Can I at least go out and look around?" I asked. Her nose scrunched up at the thought and she looked back at me. Her cocoa skin was flawless, no blemishes marked her.

"If you truly wish then fine. But stay in the parameter." she said. I bit my lip.

"But there's a beach a couple of minutes away." I added. She inhaled softly and nodded.

"Alright my cub, go, but do not be out long. Once everyone is settled we have much to discuss with the rest of the pride. If we are going to raise our cubs here, we must be sure everyone is on the same page." she said. I gave a soft hiss of happiness before leaning forward and nuzzling my head against her. She licked the top of my forehead quickly before I got out. I closed the door and began to move toward the street.

"Vitanja." Father called our warningly and I turned and looked at him. He just gave me a familiar look as if telling me to mind my mother's words. I gave a soft hiss and he nodded as if giving me permission to continue. I smiled and turned and took off down the road. I wore the same outfit my mother wore and so it flowed behind me as I ran. I loved feeling the wind against my flesh. I could taste it and the water of the beach and its sand. La Push is my home now, and I couldn't wait to experience everything it had to offer.

Author's Notes

So I had an idea for twilight and wanted to give it ago. Also more updates will be coming to Forbidden Temptation 2.