Up until I was about thirteen, I don't think I ever really made any decisions for myself. I did what my dad told me, no questions asked. Everything in my life changed though, the day I made the two most impactful decisions of my life.

When I was nine of so I began noticing how whatever I said was ignored or barley taken into consideration. I began to notice that my words didn't matter. About four years later, I simply stopped talking, no one noticed no one cared. Stopping talking was the first big decision I ever made, and the second, well that all started one day on my way home from school.






The voices followed me as I walked home from school that day, they always did, always had and always would. My house was only about a mile from the school, after what felt like an eternity, I made it to my home. It was small and secluded. My father hadn't wanted to live in the village.

It was loud inside, just as it always was. My father and some of his friends were sitting on the couch in the living room screaming about some sport or something. I tried to be extremely quiet as I closed the door as not for anyone to notice me, but of course they did.

"Hey kid," my father called over, "What you doing back."

I stood still, not a word left my mouth. He glared at me, "You not going to say anything?"

I nodded. "Of course," he muttered, "uh go to your room or something, don't bother us."

I nodded once again; I hadn't been planning on anything different. I made my way upstairs and plopped myself onto my bed. Out house may have been old and small but it did well blocking out sound. It was absolutely silent in my room.

The silence was when the voices came back, they always did.



I don't know why it had taken me so long, but in that moment, I realized something. Sitting here in my bed feeling sorry for myself was doing nothing for me. I was doing nothing whatsoever with my life and if I stayed like this nothing was ever going to change. And so, I decided I was going to make it change.

I knew I had to leave if anything was going to be different and there was nothing left for me here. I slowly got up from my bed, not really sure what I was doing, and emptied my backpack and shoved the entirety of everything I owned in it. It honestly wasn't much, a few pairs of clothes, a couple books and the decretive umbrella my mother had given me years ago. She was all I had now, I had nothing.

I swung the backpack over my shoulder and began to walk out, I was standing outside of the door when I decided that there was one last thing I needed to do. After pulling out a piece of paper and a pencil I wrote one last note before leaving, I'm sorry It read I can't do this anymore goodbye.

And that was it, I left my room and walked out of the back door of my house. I didn't use the front so that my dad wouldn't see me, and I left.

Before this I'd always though that it would be hard to run away, to leave it all behind, but it wasn't. I made the decision and only moments later I was gone. Nobody questioned me walking through the town alone, and soon enough I was gone. None of them would ever see me again.

I don't know how long I walked; I don't care how long I walked. I didn't know where I was going; I didn't care where I was going. I just kept going, going somewhere, somewhere I could be me. Somewhere I could be Neo.


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