Chapter 1: Pain

i wake up and look at the clock ugh time for school I'm gonna be late I run too the mirror where I brush my long black hair out of my face with a bright blue streak on the left and right bottom side ive had it ever since i can remember. (AN: She was born with it xD) my hair won't stay there for long anyways it will go into my face like always ugh. I look and my one orb red one eye blue although I keep my red eye hidden so people don't make fun of me any more than they already do . Oh did I mention my name is Kira yeah I know it's japanese for killah becuz my mom hates me but at least I know japanese English and korean, I put on my hoodie and jeans which is all black so nobody messes with me but it won't help oh well the hoodie has red parts on the hood that looks like one of my favorite anime characters haha yeah I can watch anime without the dub or sub because I know all of Japanese... My black jeans are ripped I don't want to tell you why oh well anyways it's because i fell in the woods one time and made a huge hole and my parents don't care about me to get me a new one so I wear this every day and hand wash it because the laundry room is locked and Im too short. My mom hates me and drinks all the time and I never see my dad."I hope nothing happens

today" i whimper to myself trying to hide the cuts and bruises on my body and wave goodbye to my dog oh did I tell you my mom killed him and he's now a ghost who talks to me and has a big scary smile but for some reason i like it

i walk into school and i see everyone looking at me so she puts her head down and pull her hoody over her head a boy raises his eyebrows at her but she didnt see so he elbowed her in the back and she fell onto a prep (bleh preps)"ew watch where youre going dont touch me brat"POV EVERYONE: haha look at that girl what a loserThats brittany haha shes so dumb why would that girl bump into her She's the lead cheerleader and dating the hottest guy in school Brett (AN: she has a crush on him too ew idk why)"h-h-h-ey Brett""ew go away weirdo you don't talk to me" KIRAS POV i stand up and i shoot her a dirty look and i sarcastically say sorry and i walk away i think the bullies stop following her but she still feels like shes being followed idk why tho

First period comes and my friend is there my only friend but she doesn't talk to me outside of school so I am stuck with my mom all day when she is not passed out I see my friend but theres another seat but someone jumps in it oh no it's a bully. I walk up to him "hey thats my seat""no it's not there's no assigned seats and grace is hot" (dats her friend btw) "um ok but sit by your friends""no *slaps her ) I get so angry I slap him too but my claws come out oh no, did I tell you guys I have claws sometimes and fangs and wings but they're invisible and I can't fly much plus they just came out one day idk why its weird "oh no I'm so sorry" his cheek is dripping red red blood oh no I'm flashing back MOM POV: Ew Kira is so disgusting I wish I never had her HEY KIRA I shout and she runs over with her dog shaking she is very scardd of me, good she should be put in her place "hey Kira guess what" I pull my knife out and stab her dog NO she screams MY ONLY FRIEND haha that's what you get you loser child now go away KIRA POV: I snap back when grace shakes me grimacing the teacher is hauling me away and saying "no you can't do that""BUT HE STARTED IT!""but he is bleeding so you started it beside he is important on our football team he can't get in trouble and cost the game" oh well i have to see the principal now

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