More Chatroom crap to get to juices flowing.

Cheese_Puff: So… I have a question,

Edgyteen: Here we go.

Cheese_Puff: Hush you… anyway,

Cheese_Puff: Out of all of us who do you think has the best ass?

Vermilion: Pearl

Bootius Maximus: Pearl

Charger Ace: Pearl

Edgyteen: Pearl

Eighto: Pearl

DJ Hyperfresh: Pearl

M.C Princess: (•゚д゚•)

Cheese_Puff: Really -_-

Vermilion posted a pdf.

-Booty tier list-

SSS: Pearl

SS: Callie, Naruko, Eight

S: Marie, Ekolu

A: Four, Marina

Cheese_Puff: Of course you are nearly at the top Naruko…

Bootius Maximus: Why is it a pdf file?

Vermilion: Hey you know it's true.

Edgyteen: She's right, you know.

Eighto: M-my butt is SS rank!?

DJ Hyperfresh: Oh come on… my butt is way better than Four's.

Bootius Maximus: Prove it

DJ Hyperfresh:...

DJ Hyperfresh: Y'know what, fine.

DJ Hyperfresh posted an image

Bootius Maximus: Good lord girl! Where were you hiding that?

Charger Ace:.. meh, still only A.. maybe A+

Eighto: So big butts are good?

Edgyteen: To an extent. More firm and bouncy than big, but still great.

Cheese_Puff: Wow… that is the most romantic thing you have said to her on this chat.

Edgyteen: Shut up Four. I can be romantic when I want.

Eighto: She's right. Last night she called me her shining star in the dark night, and got all cuddly afterwards.

Edgyteen: Don't tell them that!

Charger Ace: Awww, Eko. I knew there was a big softie underneath that gremlin-like personality.

Edgyteen: Bitch I know where you live!

Charger Ace: Bring it you gremlin

Edgyteen: Oh I will

Edgyteen uploaded an image

Bootius Maximus: Oh shit Mar, run!

Vermilion: Ekolu! I swear to god if you were on your phone while driving I'm gonna give you a hiding!


Eighto: You went to Callie and Marie's place and didn't bring me?

Eighto: T-T

Edgyteen: Hey I told you where I was headed. But you said you wanted to keep playing Spyro 2 because you were having trouble with one of the orb missions.

Eighto: I didn't hear you

Edgyteen: Eight, you were in the kitchen getting a snack when I asked

Eighto: Lies!

Edgyteen: I made you that big bowl of Mac & Cheese remember?


Bootius Maximus: How big we talking?

Edgyteen: Big.

Eighto: Still mad

Charger Ace: Hey Eight original Spyro 2 or Reignited?

Eighto: Original… why?


Bootius Maximus: MARIE NO!

DJ Hyperfresh: Pls no

MC. Princess: Don't do it


Charger Ace: Trouble with the trolley eh?


Cheese_Puff:... What the fuck!?

Edgyteen: Holy shit!

MC. Princess: What, never seen Eight flip out before?

Edgyteen: What? Nah I've seen her do that plenty

Edgyteen: What I meant was she literally just superjumped through the window from all the way at my place to Callie and Marie's and is now biting Marie

Edgyteen uploaded an image

Vermilion: Oh no. The horror.

MC. Princess: I can feel the sarcasm

Vermilion: Yep

Edgyteen: Naruko! Get off the shitter and help me!

Vermilion: Why? It's not like Eight will do any serious damage

Cheese_Puff: Naruko is at their house?

Vermilion: Marie needed a hand with something

Bootius Maximus: They were fucking

Cheese_Puff: Huh!?

Vermilion: Not true

Bootius Maximus: You stayed over last night.

Vermilion:That doesn't prove anything

Bootius Maximus: Oh? So when I got back from my morning jog you didn't have Marie bent over the coffee table in the living room and was railing her from behind -_-


Bootius Maximus: That's what I thought.

MC. Princess: What's the matter Cal, jealous?

Bootius Maximus: Very

MC. Princess: I was joking

Bootius Maximus: And I haven't gotten any in over a year. Meanwhile, Naruko and Marie have spontaneous bouts of hate sex at least four to five times a month.

MC. Princess: But is it really hate sex?

Bootius Maximus: Well seeing as they both look like they lost a fight with a tiger shark afterwards, I'd say yes.

Bootius Maximus: See

Bootius Maximus posted in image

MC. Princess: Wow.. that's.. that's kinda.. yeah

Vermilion: Oh please. It's not that bad

MC. Princess: You have a black eye and several bite marks and Marie has a split lip and a rather sore looking handprint on her throat.

Vermilion: Funnily enough, Marie's lip is from her falling off the bed

Charger Ace: and in Naruko's defence, I did goad her into choking me.

MC. Princess:.. Ooookay.. a lot to unpack there

Charger Ace: What? I like it rough sometimes.

Vermilion: Yeah! Besides, you really can't talk Pearl. You tend to bite when you cum.

MC. Princess: Ok fair enough.

DJ Hyperfresh: Excuse me but what? How do you know about that?

MC. Princess: Hmm? Oh, me and Naruko fucked around a bit during the first Zapfish incident.

DJ Hyperfresh: What!?

Charger Ace: WHAT!?

MC. Princess: What? It's not like either of us were dating anyone at the time.

DJ Hyperfresh: That… but it..

Vermilion: What, you want me to fuck you as well? I'm pretty sure Pearl is down for it.

MC. Princess: Fuck yeah!

DJ Hyperfresh: Pearlie!

Charger Ace: No! No no no nope. Not happening.

MC. Princess: Why? It's not like you two are together.


Charger Ace:...

Charger Ace has logged off

MC. Princess: And that is how you get a tsundere to crack

Cheese_Puff: Wait wasn't she getting mauled by Eight?

Edgyteen: Me and Callie wrangled her a few minutes ago.

Cheese_Puff: Ah

Bootius Maximus: Aaaand Marie just dragged Naruko back to her room.

Bootius Maximus: Something about asserting her dominance over the other thots… bitch I'm not a thot!

Edgyteen: No, you are just extremely thirsty

Cheese_Puff: Holy shit guys!

Chesse_Puff: I'm at the Plaza and I just saw Marina drag Pearl out of their booth by her legs

Cheese_Puff uploaded an image

Bootius Maximus: Wow.. haven't seen her that afraid since that time she had to go to the dentist when we were kids.

Edgyteen: Didn't she need to get braces or some shit?

Bootius Maximus: Yep.

Cheese_Puff: Aren't you two sitting near each other?

Edgyteen: No, I'm in the living room with Eight.

Bootius Maximus: I'm in my room playing Total War: Warhammer 2

Edgyteen: Still trying to make the Beastmen faction work?

Bootius Maximus: You know it.

Cheese_Puff: Wow… isn't that a bit.. you know.. hard for someone like you?

Bootius Maximus: Four.. are you trying to imply I'm stupid?

Edgyteen: Christ here we go. Four, cut it out.

Cheese_Puff: Well I mean.. not exactly but.. you don't really come off as… y'know.. smart… or patient really.

Bootius Maximus: Four.. I'm going to say this once. Shut. Up.

Cheese_Puff: Why are you getting so mad? I'm just saying that with how you act on stage and in public you kinda come off as..

Bootius Maximus: As what huh? As what!? What, you think that just because I act like a doofus while performing or when I'm meeting fans that I'm just this dumb slut? Is that it Four!

Bootius Maximus: It's called being in character! I'm not fucking stupid!

Cheese_Puff: Well.. someone's awfully sensitive.

Cheese_Puff: Callie, all I'm trying to say is you act kinda dumb at times… there's no shame in admitting you aren't the smartest.

Cheese_Puff: And I never called you a slut either

Bootius Maximus has logged off

Edgyteen: Four.. you fucking retard.

Chesse_Puff: What? I was only stating what I see

Edgyteen: Naruko's gonna break your legs for this…

Cheese_Puff: You say that about everything

Vermilion: Oh I very well might this time.

Cheese_Puff: What did she go have a cry to you and Marie or something?

Vermilion: Yes actually.

Vermilion: Four. You have no fucking clue what shit you dug up.

Cheese_Puff: What? All I said was that she acts like an idiot. She's the one who overreacted like a child.

Vermilion: Don't treat me like an idiot, Four. I can see the chat log.

Vermilion: You have no idea the shit she had to go through back in junior high.

Cheese_Puff: What, was she with the slow kids?

Vermilion: Callie was diagnosed with ADHD when we were kids.

Cheese_Puff: What?

Vermilion: She's mostly grown out of it, but back in junior high a few of our teachers were less than kind to her…

Vermilion: The fucked part is that she has an IQ of 129 and yet they still treated her like she was mentally handicapped. Every god damn day they treated her like she was a fucking idiot.. fuck they even tried to say she cheated on her finals when she was 13 because she was at the top of the rankings.

Cheese_Puff: I.. shit I didn't know.

Vermilion: Yeah well, now you do.

Vermilion: Congratulations. You've made her feel just as useless as she did back then.

Vermilion has logged out

Cheese_Puff: I didn't…

Edgyteen: What the fuck is with you Four? First you tried starting shit during training the other day, and now this shit!?

Cheese_Puff: Hey! Nobody told me ok!

Edgyteen: That's no fucking excuse.

Edgyteen: How would you like it if I started making fun of you based completely on how you act in public?

Cheese_Puff:... I'd probably get upset

Edgyteen: And yet you thought it fine to do that to Callie?

Edgyteen: For fucks sake, you do realise you were already on thin ice right? Fuck, Callie and Marie are literally the only reason you are still part of the NSS and you go and do this shit?

Cheese_Puff: What do you mean that I'm on thin ice? I've done nothing wrong!?

Edgyteen: You disregard orders, You nearly blabbed about our group to your team, You are constantly picking fights with Naruko and you keep trying to gloat about how you saved Inkopolis and that, that fact means you are somehow better then Naruko and myself... need I go on?

Cheese_Puff: Oh I see, it's just jealousy.

Cheese_Puff: You and Naruko are afraid of being replaced so you are trying to get me in shit.

Edgyteen: Wow.. just wow.

Edgyteen: Y'know what… fuck it. I agree with Naruko on this, you need to grow up or fuck off.

Cheese_Puff: Pfft it's not like you have any authority over me. You two shade bitch.


Edgyteen: Actually, I do.

Edgyteen: See, there are only two people within the NSS that can recruit people. And that's Craig and Naruko.

Edgyteen: Meaning by all intents and purposes, you aren't even a proper agent. You're a probationary member at best and a hired hand at worst seeing as Marie doesn't have the authority to actually recruit people.

Edgyteen: And seeing as I am a senior agent, I have full authority to put you under review or suspension for insubordination or other reasons.

Edgyteen: Consider yourself under review, Four. Don't bother turning up for patrol tomorrow.

Edgyteen has logged off

With a frustrated huff Ekolu threw her phone onto the couch. Next to her, Eight sat in mild concern.

"Is.. is Callie gonna be alright Eko?" The shy Octoling asked.

Ekolu looked at her girlfriend "Not sure…"

Eight frowned "Why has Four been so mean lately? She… she always got along with everyone… I'm so confused."

Ekolu put her arm around Eight and pulled her into a hug."She's just being an idiot.. hopefully, her being under review snaps her out of it."

"And if it doesn't?" Eights asks, her voice slightly muffled by Ekolu's shoulder.

"Then… *sigh* then she will be discharged and forced to sign an NDA."


After a few minutes of sitting together, Eight got a phone call from Marina and had to leave. Leaving Ekolu alone in the living room. The faint sound of Callie crying in Marie's room was all she could hear.

'God damn it Four…' she thought as she leaned back on the sofa.

Why could nothing ever be fucking simple?

Guess who's baaaaaaack~

And with a humorous chapter turned horrifyingly serious.

What's up with Four? Who knows! Is it jealousy? Is it envy? Does she secretly have a crush on Marie and wants Naruko out of the picture?... Is it all of the above? Perhaps! Maybe! Yes! No! Potato!

I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. And I hope I didn't offend anyone with how I referenced that Callie has/had ADHD and has mostly grown out of it. I'm not a doctor, but a friend from childhood had it and she apparently grew out of it so… yeah(and yes, I do know that some people never do grow out of it). If it offends you then consider this non-canon. But I won't delete it, because I'm no pussy who backs down from serious themes just because it offended someone's delicate sensibilities.

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