Chapter 2


Sookie P.O.V

Tara told us the Pam told us the dress code of Fangtasia, which was basically clubbing atire. I hear Jason and Jess in her room of the house, and Tara in the guest room getting ready. I take a quick shower, dry-off, and rummage through my closet looking for some type of clubbing clothes, I found a blood red retro sweetheart neck cap sleeve floral print flare dress. It was a dress gran made me for my birthday a few years before she passed as a birthday present, I said I would save it for the perfect day and I guess a girl's night to a new club is a better occasion, the just sitting here gathering dust.

The dress fits like a glove and hugged my curves just right, I put on my black knee-high stocking and blood red three inch heels. I make my way over to my dresser to put on makeup and do my hair, the makeup I choose to wear is some light eyeliner and lipstick. Now for my hair I brush the tiny knots out of my hair, once the knots are out I brush it down and place a matching hairband to match the dress. As I look in the mirror to check myself out, I hear Tara yell up the stairs, " Soon, come on we are all ready to go. And I really don't wanna watch Jess and your brother suck face." I tell back from my room, that I was coming, with one last check and grabbing my red clutch with my phone, ID, pepper spray, silver spray, and gum.

I make my way down the stairs and see Tara dress in black leather pants, a black low cut tank top with a leather jacket and boots, I see her texting on her phone to I'm guessing pam, Jason is still wearing his shirt combo from earlier but with black jeans and black cowboy boots. Meanwhile Jess is wearing a tight fitting sliver sweetheat neckline sequin dress with sliver wedges, Jason and her were sitting on my couch in the living room. The were kissing and being all cute, I say let's go and we make our way out the door to Tara's silver Ford sedan. I grab my light black sweater off the coat rack and lock the front door, Jess and Jason we flirting by chasing each other around Tara's car. While Tara is trying to usher them into the her car so we can go, I smile to meself at how cute they are and how happy they are together.

I make my way toward the passenger side of the car While my brother and Jess get in the backseat of the car, Tara stars the car and make our way to Shiverport. I check my phone to see the time, it was 7:30 pm when we left and we were driving through Bon Temp, I look up at the sky, to see it had a very deep blue tint, with hints of Orange and light yellow where the sun was going down. As I watch the scenery of our small town pass us in the window, Tara was finding a radio station for us to listen to, she settled for an EDM and hit mix station. We all danced in the car and sang to our favorite tunes, about thirty minutes later we pull into Fangtasia's parking lot. On top a long pole near the medium side building with a long line of both humans and vampire alike, sat a cursive bright red neon sign that read 'Fangtasia' against a black background.

I look over at Tara and see have a huge grin on her face, while Jason and Jess stare at the sign and the line at the door. Before we get out of Tara's car, she says to us, " Before we get in there, Pam told me to tell you all something, first of all stay together and watch you backs. There are vampires who are looking for humans to drink and fuck humans, and vice versa. So If you guys get in trouble just whisper for her or the owner of the bar Eric Northman, they will break up any trouble that you guys may get into, and above all, don't go off alone with any vampire."

We all nod at what Tara tells us and make our way toward the door, as we wait in line that shortened ever so slightly, a Caucasian bouncer with a shaved head, black Fantasia staff shirt, black jeans and steeltoe boots. He was walking along the line, looking through the people I see him stop at our group and says to us, " You four, front of the line."

We hear people groan and complain but we make our way to the front, there at the door stood a very gorgeous pale woman, with mid-waist ginger hair color, and was wearing sexy turtleneck hollow-out black polyester mini dress with seven Inch black stiletto heels. She is wearing light makeup, as if she needed it with her beautiful features. She had a bored expression on her face as she was checking the ID's of the group that was in front of us, I hear her tell them to go ahead in the most bored sounding voice I have ever heard come out of a living person. The group goes in and she turns her attention to us, I see her face light up just a little bit still keeping the bored mask on her face. She says to us, " ID please." we all fish them out and hand the to her, she looks them over and I see a small smile on her porcelain face. She hands us back our ID's and tells us to go to the bar, we nod and walk in the entrance to the club.

The place was live I'll say that, with loud punk rock was playing in the background, the bar had a red and black interior with some gothic style paintings of scenery and of people dressed in period clothing in varous poses. Along the walls of the club, there were black tables with red barstool style chairs around the tables. The dance floor had light and a DJ playing music, on the left side had a single stage that had a long black hair semi-pale. Topless dancer with black platform boots and a short black and red plaid skirt, dancing on a pole.

In front of the dance floor stood a long black stage with a black horned with red cushion throne, there sitting on said throne. Sat the most pale handsome blonde with icy blue eyes, that I had ever seen he was wearing a black tight silk button up shirt, with black jeans and cowboy boots. His marble chislded face read bored as I watch him look around the club with his right hand sitting against his face and the other just hanging off the left side, he was looking around the bar as if he was looking for someone.

Our eyes meet for just a small amount of time, I look away shyly as Tara leads us over to the bar area of the club. We take seats on one of the red barstool and I hear Pam near the door yell for a woman named Ginger, about five seconds later I see a short blonde hair women, that looked to be in her later twenties with shoulder length curled hair in a tight black dress and heels make her way over to the entrance of the bar. I see them having a discussion and Ginger looked our way and miss, she sits at the door while the woman at the door makes her way over to where we we sitting at the bar.

When she gets to us, she goes over to Tara and kisses her deeply on the lips and then turns to us and says to us, " Hello, I'm Tara's girlfriend Pamela Swynford De Beaufort, but you all can call me Pam." She puts her arm around Tara and she asks who we are Jason, Jess, and myself, introduce ourselves and begin to chat to get to know one another.

We all order drinks and move our party to one of the tables close to the stage where, the bored prince sat upon his throne, watching the club goers and sneaking glances in my groups direction every now and then. As we take out seat, Pam was drinking a bottle of True Blood, Tara had a coke since she was the designated driver, Jess had a appletini, Jason had a beer and I had my one and only beer for the night. Jess was begging Jason to dance with her on the dance floor, while Pam and Tara flirted with each other. I take a sip of my beer and turn to ask Pam, " So Pam, who is the bored prince sitting upon the throne?"

I look back over to where the man was sitting and saw him smile lightly, knew Pam and him were vampires and knew he had to have heard my question. I lightly smile as well and I hear Pam answer my question, I turned my attention back on Pam and she tells me, " That little girl, is the one and only Eric Northman. Owner of this here bar and sheriff of area 5 of the vampire society, he is my maker and I am him child and I own him for saving me from my old life and bringing me into this life."

I take in what Pam said to me and take another sip of my beer before staring and the bored prince again, I see him meet my gaze again and staring longer this time. As his gaze was fixed on me, blush cause I could see a hunger and lust in his eyes it made me blush a bit, and try to turn back to my table and my drink but just as I am about to break out staring match. I see him lift his left arm and point to me and make a come here gester in my direction, just as I am about to turn and ask Pam if he ment me. She was by my side in an instant and says in a teasing tone, "Well little girl, it seems the bored prince, seeks an audience with you." A nervous feeling wash over me but I push it down, and walk with Pam through the crowd on the dance floor over toward the stage where the prince sat.

Pam walks up the stage first and gives Eric a half bow, she rises and I feel him look me up and down. I hear him say in deep heavily accented tone, " Welcome to Fangtasia, I hope Pamela is making you time here at my bar, a delight, My name is Eric Northman. I am the owner and I haven't see you around to know your name. So what is your name my dear?"...

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