Chapter 3

The Bored Prince

Eric POV

I sat on my throne watching, both humans and vampires alike dance and have fun in my nightclub. As I am scaning over the place, the most beautiful scent catches my nose. This scent pulls me out of the bored mask that I put on to keep fangerbangers and other vampires away from me. This scent smells like sunshine and sweet treats, I look around to see who holds such a beautiful scent. There my eyes lock with the most beautiful blonde with the most beautiful brown eyes, with a blood red retro sweetheart neck cap sleeve floral print flare dress, with black knee-high stockings and red heels to match.

She had on very light makeup, which in my opinion this beautiful angel didn't need it. But I understand some women of this time need it from time to time, hell my child, who is a vampire wears it and her skin is flawless. But back to the goddess who I am in a staring match with, her body has very nice curves that makes my mouth water even more then her scent. Her chocolate brown eyes is what drew me when she first walked in, and looked in my direction. As I watch her go and sit with her friends, and my child. I watch her drink, laugh, and have fun.

When she breaks eye contact with me the first time, I telepathically ask Pam, 'Who is this woman?' I see Pam glance in my direction and while driking her true blood and taking a shot of whiskey, she tells me, 'Her name is Sookie Stackhouse, she is my lover's best friend. Would you like to meet her? From what I hear from Tara, she is compassionate to our kind.' Pam knows me well, cause the only time I telepathically talk to her, is when something is wrong or there is a person I'm interested in meeting. I wanted to meet this angel, and had know why she had peaked my interest because of I must be honest, not many people here in all of Louisiana had my attention, but this beauty had so I had to know why.

I tell Pam 'Not yet, I'll call her to me later on tonight. Enjoy your night, but when I do call her you know what you do.' I see her role her eyes playfully and nod, I watch my child and her new friends for the majority of the night. Still keeping the bored look on my face, as I scan around my club but what made me smile slightly is to hear her curiously ask Pam about me, " So who is the bored prince?" I smile slightly again at her question and Pam tells her about me, and then put my mask back on, when she looks my way again. Once Pam is finished her anwsering, I see her look my way once more, but this time I could see lust and shyness in her eyes. Like she was thinking some very naughty thoughts but who knows her thought could be as innocent as she looked.

After our last staring match I point in her direction, I make a come here motion to let Pam know I was ready to meet her. I hear Pam tease her about being chosen by me, I see my child lead her to my throne through the crowd of people on the dance floor. I could feel people who were jealous of her, because I rarely picked anyone to come up to my throne. I could see her looking around at the people as she was following Pam. It was like she could tell what they were thinking, once Pam is in front of me, she bows to me mockingly and moves out the way so I can get a good look at her. I look her up and down taking in the entire view of this beautiful creature in front of me, still keeping the lustful gaze of our last staring match. I see her blush slightly and look a little nervous, I calmly say to her " Welcome to Fangtasia, I hope my child Pamela is making your time here at my bar, a delight. My name is Eric Northman, I am the owner and I haven't seen you around here before to know your name. So what is your name my dear?"

I see her swallow her nerves and look into my eyes and say, " Hello mister Northman, my name is Sookie Stackhouse. Pam has made our night pretty fun to say the least." I smile at her lightly, and say to her, "I am glad my child has made this a grand night for you and your friends." The goddess smiles at me and then I ask her, "So what made you want to come here tonight?" I ask Pam to bring Sookie a seat, by the time I finish my sentance Pam brings her one of the barstools. Sookie thanks her and takes her seat beside my throne. She begins to tell me about how her friends and her brother ,just wanted to have a night out and I hanging on every word she was telling me.

We chatted majority of the night about her home, life and grandmother. She started asking about me and about my life, and as much as I wanted to tell her. I wanted to trust her first, so I told her basic stuff like where I was from and other such non significant things about me. While she seemed to be charmed by my words, and I by her beauty. I knew I couldn't let her walk away without seeing her again, so I thought fast and asked her, " Sookie, I know we just met. But your beauty and personality have captivated me tonight, and was wondering if I could see you again. That is if you want to of course." I put on an innocent face that I would rarely show to people, I see her light up and smile. She told me, " I would like that Eric." With that she gave me her number and we chatted the rest of the night, my soul and heart felt complete but I knew not how she felt. But I would hope that the time we would spend together, would show her the real me and that she would feel as complete as I did.

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