Chapter 4

Dinner With Eric

Sookie's POV

The night after Fangtasia, was a pretty good day. Jessica and I went to work around 12, at Merlott's for the lunch and dinner rush. While we were working, Jason came by on his day off to see Jess and I to hang with us on our lunch break. While we are hanging with my brother, my mind wanders to Eric the bored prince I met last night. I thought about if I would ever see him again, and if I would hear from him. I mean call me doubtful but, I've never had the best relationships.

I mean there were some guys in high school who I though we're the one, but majority of them thought I was a freak cause I could hear other people's thoughts and such. I mean there were also guys, who thought they could just get into my pants. But Gran raises me Christian so, I believed to wait until marriage. So of course that turned guys off, but again their loss. Once our break was up I was pulled out of my thought by Jessica asking if I was ok, I told her I was fine, we said goodbye to Jason and got back to work.

Around 6 p.m which my last break before my shift ends, I was sitting out back when my phone vibrated in my apron. I pull it out of the front apron pocket, and see who was calling me. I didn't recognize the number but I answered it, " Hello, who is this?" I hear a deep male voice chuckle on the other end and say, " Well hello Miss Stackhouse, this is Eric Northman. I was wondering if you thought about my offer to see you again ?" To say my heart leapt into my throat was an understatement, I was gitty that he called me at all. While I was lost in my excitement I hear him say, " Are you still there?" I mentally slap myself, and say to him, " I'm sorry I'm just surprised you called is all, but sure I'd love to see you again. If you would like we could have dinner at my place, if it's not too much to ask. I'd like to get to know you more."

I hear a deep chuckle come from him again and say, " That would be fine, and just text me your address when you get home or when you get off of work, and I'll be there at let's say about 8:30. If that's not too late?" I tell him to hold on, and I do a little happy dance, and then say to him, " Sorry about that, but yeah 8:30 would be fine. I get off at here in an hour and I'll text you my address when I get off work." Once we confimed the plan we say goodbye, and I head back in from my break and get back to work excited that I have a date with the bored prince.

At 7 pm I get off work and walk over to the bar where Jess was working, and ask Jess if she can stay with Jason tonight, but she says, " Well yeah, I can but why?" I tell her, " Well you remember the guy I met, at the bar last night? Well I invited him to dinner tonight, and I kinda want us to be alone, that is if it alright with you?" Jess tells me it's fine but she would have to pack an overnight bag, I thank her and head to the back of the restaurant. I take off my apron and tell Sam that I'm heading home. He tells me to be careful and I head toward my car, as I make my way toward home I figure out what I'm gonna cook for dinner.

Since Eric is a vampire, I remind myself to stop by a grocery store to buy a case of new blood for him, and pick up some chicken, parmesan cheese, and ingredients for a salad. I was going to make parmsan crusted chicken with a salad for me, after I paid for my items, I check my phone for the time. It was 7:20 pm, I loaded my groceries in the trunk of my car and text Eric my address while I'm still in the parking lot. I start my car and head towards home, when I get home I see Jason's pickup truck in the driveway. I get out and unload the groceries, lock my car, and walk up to the front porch to unlock the door. Once inside I hear laughing coming from Jessica's room, I roll my eyes and head toward the kitchen to put up the food, so I can go take a shower and get ready for my date.

Just as I'm about to head up the stairs, I hear Jessica's room door opening and hear Jason and her coming down the hall. Jessica is wearing blue sweats ,a light blue t-shirt, and flip-flops, while Jason is in a wifebeater and jeans. Jason has Jess's bag on his shoulder and he asks me, " So I hear you have a date tonight, who's the lucky guy?" I tell Jason about Eric from the bar, and I can hear his thoughts about how, he doesn't like me to being alone with a vampire.

But I knew how to handle myself, so I told him not to worry and that I would be fine. He tells me ok and that he will call me tomorrow to see if I was ok. Jessica wishes me luck and they head out the door, once they were gone I head toward my room and pick out what I'm gonna wear. After rummaging through my closet, I came across the dress Tara and Jessica got me for Christmas it was a red polka dot retro rockabilly swing dress. I kept this dress incase I ever had a date, I pulled out some black stockings to go with it and red heels I wore when I went to Fangtasia to match. I look over at my clock and see it's 7:50 pm, I hurry and get out of my work clothes and head to the shower.

After a quick shower and brushing my hair dry, I get dressed and head down to the kitchen to get started on my dinner. I looked up the recipe for the chicken in my phone and follow the instructions, while I'm peparing my salad. Once I put the chicken the oven to bake, my phone vibrated and I saw a text from Eric that said he was on his way. I quickly set the table with my salad in a bowl and glass with water in it. I check on the chicken to see if the cheese is getting done, when I hear a knock on my screen door.

I walk over to the door and looked myself over before opening it, when I open the door, I see Eric dress in a black silk shirt, black dress pants, and polished black dress shoes. His short blond hair was combed over on one side, he just looked like he just stepped out of a modeling magazine. I saw he had brought red wine with him, I compose myself and say to him, " Hello Eric, glad you could make it. You look handsome." He smiles and says to me, " Thank you and may I say, you look very beautiful tonight." I blush at his compliment and invite him in, he tell me, " I brought wine, I didn't know if you drink or what to bring. But since I don't eat I thought I would bring something." I smile and take the wine and set it on the table, I tell him to make himself comfortable while I go check on my dinner.

He takes a seat on my living room couch, while I check the oven I see my dinner is done so I take it out of the oven and let it cool down. I ask him from the kitchen, if he would like a new blood. He tells me sure O positive if I have it, I grab a bottle from the fridge and warm it up in the microwave. When the microwave dings, I take the blood over to him and tell him, " If you wanna move over to the table ,we can eat together." He nods and I bring my food from the kitchen to the table, while he takes his seat.

Eric's POV

While I'm sipping on my blood as I watch Sookie eat her food thought I know I can't eat it smelled really good, I ask Sookie if she would like any of the wine I brought. She nods but tells me " I'll have some after dinner, if that's ok?" I nod and ask more questions about her life, which she tells me about her parents, her granmother, her friends, and her telepathy. Which I found fascinating about her, a human that can read minds without being magical.

But aside from that, she has such a wonderful life to me, I mean also minus the loss and strife with her uncle that she had to go through. But when I hear her ask, " Well since you know my life's story, what's your life's story, Mr. Northman?" I thought to myself 'I guess, I will have to tell her. I mean if I want to be with her, it's better to be honest with her.' I tell her about my 1,000 year old Viking life I mostly talk about my parents and my life before I was changed, about the people I met like Pam and my maker Godric, I told her about my abilities as a vampire like flying and such.

She seem interested in all I had to say about my life. But seeing he face light up with wonder and curiosity, made me fall even more for her. After dinner and our conversation, I help her clean the table while she grabs wine glasses for us for the wine as an after dinner drink. Sookie pours us each a glass, and we make our way toward her living room couch to sit and watch an old late night horror movie and make small talk.

As we are watching the movie, I put my arm behind her and pull her closer to me. Sookie cuddles closer to me still entranced by the movie, while I was debating if I should kiss her or not. I'm pulled out of my thoughts when Sookie tells me that it was getting late, and she has work in the morning. Which I understood I knew it has to be around 10 pm, I get up and take out glasses to the kitchen and put them in the sink. She asked me if she could walk me to my car, and I was more then happy to say yes. She grabs a black sweater from the coat rack by the door, and we walk out her front door.

We make it to my 1969 red dodge charger, I swear I saw her drool at the sight of my car. I smile at that and as I lean against the driver side door, I tell her that I had fun tonight and that I would love to keep seeing her and getting to know her more. She agrees on the wonderful evening and at that moment I ask her, " Would it be ok, if I could kiss you?" She blushes but looks like she wanted me to do that from the start of the evening, I pull her by the waist closer to me and give her the most romantic kiss. It almost made me not want to leave, and as her sweet scent hit my noes. It made it hard not to change her into a vampire right her and now.

As I break the kiss, I could feel that she didn't want me to stop. But I knew if we didn't, I may do something that she would regret. So I told her I would call her tomorrow and see if she would like to go out again. She told me, " Sounds like a plan Eric, I'll be awaiting your call." with another quick kiss, I hop in my car and head back to Shiverport, with a smile on my face and love in my heart.

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