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"HAHAHA!!!!" One Yusuke Urameshi laughed, "You've got to be kidding me." Next to him, Kuwabara laughed as well and a very pissed Koenma stood before them, gnawing at his pacifier.

"I'm not." He growled lowly.

This only inspired Yusuke to laugh even harder and Kuwabara continued for a moment before stopping abruptly and staring in shock at the prince, "You are?!"

Koenma nodded irritably while Yusuke was controlling his laughter and replacing it with a glare, "How the hell are we supposed to infiltrate a demon resort that's filled to the brim with humans and demons alike?!"

It was no more than a half an hour ago when Koenma contacted all four of them with a new mission. They were to fly all the way to some tropical resort out west and bring back some stolen artifact from the demon world. Needless to say, none of them seemed too happy to be hoppin' on a flight within the next day or two, mostly Hiei who would be required to fly with them for safety reasons. The entire resort was an upper class, ritzy place filled with dangerous demons and innocent humans, mingling together. It also had some of the highest security technology and would be damn near impossible to break into.

As Yusuke fumed, Koenma held up a letter in his face. Yusuke snatched it out of his hand and began reading, with Kuwabara reading over his shoulder. Glaring at his friend, Yusuke turned around and read it aloud.

"Dear Mr. Urameshi,
We are very pleased that you have enlisted your group, 'The Poltergeist Crew' into our battle of the bands competition. You're group will be required to make it out to the Bahamas by April 2nd, one week before the competition. If you so choose to arrive any earlier, use the passes given in this letter to allow you access to you suites. More details concerning the competition will be given to you when the time comes.

Thank you,
The Cosymes Music company" As Yusuke read, his voice became tenser and as he managed to finish the last words, he erupted in anger, "Koenma! This is crazy, with two weeks we can't even stand a chance to get into the second rounds, not even considering that we don't know how to play instruments!!!" Her shouted angrily.

"Calm down Yusuke!" Koenma scolded, "It won't be that hard. Besides, part of being a spirit detective means you have to be gifted in every section of life, music included. All you need is to put forth a bit of spirit energy into what you're doing and it'll turn out just fine."

Yusuke sighed and turned around, "You'd better know what you're doing Koenma, 'cause I sure as hell don't."

The toddler grinned cheekily and settled into his chair, surveying his spirit detectives, "Excellent. Now, after looking into each or your backgrounds, I would have to say that Kuwabara, you are suited best for the drums. Hiei and Kurama, you two are going to be playing the guitars while Yusuke, god help us, sings."

No one moved to argue, seeing as they were all to shaken up to argue. However, Kurama brought up a point, "Won't we need a fifth member to play the piano and harmony?" He questioned.

The prince nodded, "Your group member has already been sent ahead to prepare all that you'll need. They'll meet you at the airport in the Bahamas."

Yusuke shrugged, "Whatever," He leaned against a wall, "So what are we supposed to do now?"

Koenma flipped through some files and pulled out four slips of paper, "These are your tickets. You plane leaves tomorrow at 8 in the morning. Be there or else." He also handed each one a large folder of sheet music, "These are your parts and songs you will perform. I suggest going down to the lower levels of the castle and practicing."

They all nodded and began to stalk out, but Kurama held back, "If you don't mind my asking, where is Botan? Doesn't she usually report this to us?" He asked.

He swirled around in his chair, "Oh, she's being kept busy. I don't think you'll see her before you leave." Nodding, Kurama left with a slightly disappointed look about him.


Later that evening, the boys separated to go their own ways. Surprisingly enough, they weren't that bad and with a bit more practice, they could be even better. Each took to his own part easily and they appeared to blend well. Koenma assured them that they wouldn't need to bring any equipment, only a few necessary clothes along. They would all have to do a bit of explaining to do before they take off the next morning.

At Kurama's

The redheaded young man entered his home quietly and searched for his mother, father and brother. He found them in the living room all watched TV. He stepped around to block their view and turn their attention on him, "Excuse the interruption but I need to tell you something." His mother turned the mute button on and they waited. Kurama inhaled deeply and spoke, "There has been an emergency trip scheduled that I was never supposed to be a part of but, unfortunately, one of my classmates came down ill and I have to go in his place."

Shiori looked at her son worriedly, "How long will this trip be?"

He looked around and attempted to give them a guess, "About three weeks." He explained calmly.

"I suppose it would be alright for you to go, but you must remember to call me every other night." His mother waved a finger teasingly at him.

"Cool!" Shuichi exclaimed, "So when do you leave?" He asked excitedly.

"Tomorrow morning actually." He replied.

"Oh my, does that leave you enough time to get the necessary items??" Shiori asked.

He nodded, "Almost everything will be supplied for us. I just need to pack a few things." He stated.

"Well then, go get packing." His father laughed and pushed him into his room. Kurama laughed nervously and sweatdropped.

At Kuwabara's

The carrot-topped young man burst into his house and called out, "Hey, Shizuru! I've been sent on a mission to go to the Bahamas for Koenma and won't be back for about three weeks! Could I borrow some money?"

From the other room came a half-awake Shizuru. She fished out from her pocket a wad of cash and tossed it to him, "Say hi to Botan for me." She stated drowsily.

"Sure thing and thanks!" He called as he ran into his room.

At Yusuke's

The spirit detective walked into his apartment and slammed the door behind him, "Hey mom, I'm gonna be gone for a couple of weeks. Don't worry, I won't die." He shouted lazily as he walked directly into his room.

From there, he could hear a faint, 'Ok, be good.'


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They guys all board the plane and fly overseas to the Bahamas. There, they'll meet their fifth member and get settled in, into the beautiful resort.