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Kurama checked himself over one last time, before he was satisfied. He was wearing tan pants and a black, tight, T-shirt with black sandals. Quickly he grabbed his room card and stepped into the hall where he had quite a sight. Yuske and Kuwabara were pounding angrily on Botan's door and Hiei watched with amusement. The fire demon was dressed in his black pants and boots but instead of his normal shirt, he had a black button-up shirt with rolled up sleeves, un-tucked. Kuwabara wore black pants and a Hawaiian shirt with bright colored sandals while Yuske was wearing blue pants and a red shirt.

"Come out Botan!! We're going to be late!" Yuske demanded impatiently.

"Go without me, then!" She called back, "I won't come out! I look stupid!"

Kurama walked up to Hiei, "What's going on?" He asked.

"Hell if I know. You're girlfriend refuses to leave her room." He murmured as Kurama blushed slightly.

"She's not my girlfriend." He replied coolly.

Hiei smirked but said nothing. Meanwhile, Kuwabara was prepared to break down the door, "You've got until the count of three to open this door or we'll break it down." Yuske warned.


"Alright then," He nodded the Kuwabara, "One," They backed away from the door, "Two," Both prepared their arms for ramming speed, "THREE!!" The two ran as fast as they could for the door. Surprisingly, it opened and they went running into Botan's room, crashing against the bed.

Kurama suppressed a chuckle as they fell against the floor with swirls in their eyes, before jumping upright and glaring, "What was that fo-" Yuske began to shout when he cut himself off, eyes going wide. Kurama wondered what the two were staring at when Botan stepped into the doorway, cheeks tinted pink.

She was wearing a short black dress that hugged all her curves and showed off her great legs. The dress was held up by two thin straps across her shoulders that criss-crossed down her back. Her feet donned a pair of matching black, high-heeled sandals that wove up to her shin and her hair was worn up in a messy bun with wisps of hair curling down. Her face was plain with the exception of a light pink lipstick and she had small accessories of gold dangling from her wrist, ears and neck. Her hands were folding infront of her and she looked down, "I look stupid, don't I?" She mumbled.

Breaking away from his gawking stare, Kurama shook his head, "No, no." He replied quickly, "Quite the opposite, you look absolutely gorgeous." He complimented.

She looked up with a weak smile, "Thank you, Kurama."

He held out his arm with a warm smile, "Shall we go? Yuske was right, and if we don't hurry, we will be late." Silently and bright red, Botan slid her arm through his.

Kuwabara whistled, "Wow Botan, I never knew you had such a figure!" Kurama growled under his breath, reminding himself that Kuwabara was attached to Yukina, "If hadn't met Yukina, my true love, I would have placed my undying to you!" He sighed dreamily.


Kuwabara was lying on the ground with three large bumps on his head and two demons plus one deity storming away from them. Yuske stared and laughed at his friend while watching the others walk away. After a moment, he frowned in curiosity, 'I can understand why Hiei and Botan whacked Kuwabara, but why Kurama? He's usually the calm one. I wonder...' He wondered, before shrugging and following them, leaving his dazed friend alone.


When the Poltergeist Crew arrived, Yusuke whistled, hands shoved into his pocket, "Isn't this place decked up." He stated in a bemused voice.

In the middle of the jungle, was a gazebo of beautiful, polished wood with Tikii torches lit all around. Tropical flowers decorated the entire building in strings and bouquets and the edge of the gazebo was lined with rows of tables, centering a dance floor. Each long table was set with places for the competitors with golden dishes and a soft, red pillow it sit upon. There were already many groups present and mingling together with smiles. The dim, setting sun set glows on everyone's happy faces and cast a beautiful reflection on the ocean. In the background, music was playing and couples were out on the floor dancing away.

"They really go all out, don't they?" Kuwabara asked in surprise.

Kurama nodded silently, still giving constant glances to the girl beside him. She had yet to notice the looks sent her way, but after seeing some of the other female competitors, she felt relieved. Suddenly, they heard a new voice, "Hey there!" They turned to see Ryan and Jibrille standing there. Jibrille was holding onto Ryan's arm in a delicate fashion and they looked like a perfect couple.

"Hello Ryan, Jibrille." Botan greeted happily.

"Hi Botan." Jibrille smiled back. She broke away from Ryan and pulled on Botan's hand, "Come with me, I want to introduce you to the other ladies here, since there aren't so many."

"Alright." She said a bit hesitantly, before turning to her teammates with a smile, "Save me a spot at the table!" She called as the two disappeared into the crowd.

The boys watched the girls disappear before Ryan turned to the others, "Well, since she's off playing hostess, why don't I introduce you to some of the guys." After a quick agreement, they too, mingled in the crowd.

Back with Botan and Jibrille, the violet haired girl was getting the deity aquatinted with the 'Bombers' group. Aside from their flashy appearance and ditzy attitude, they were pretty nice, "Botan, I'd like you to meet Raya, Penelope, Eden and Tistany."

The four smiled at Botan cheerily, "Hi Botan! Nice to meet another girl!" Penelope exclaimed.

"Yeah, we don't get too many who are in the band playing part." Raya added.

"So what do you play? Or do you sing?" Tistany asked, tilting her head to the side.

"Well, I play the keyboard." She responded softly. Suddenly, Botan felt plain compared to these four shining girls.

"Totally cool! So do I!" Eden squealed.

"So Botan, is that your natural hair color?" Raya asked, eyes narrowing.

She nodded, confused, "Well yeah, why do you ask?"

The four whined in unison, "NO FAIR!!" Botan blinked in shocked and stared at Jibrille who was laughing.

"You, Jibrille and Liana are sooo lucky!!" Penelope sighed.

"I know! It's almost impossible to find hair that cool and so pretty! How do you put it up so well? Who's your hair stylist?" Eden demanded, leaning in to try and find some flaw in Botan's hair.

She sweatdropped and laughed nervously as Jibrille came to the rescue, "Don't you girls worry, I'll being Botan back soon enough, but she still has to meet a few others."

"Alright, we'll see you soon, Botan!" Tistany waved as Jibrille steered her away.

"That was chaos!" Botan exclaimed once they were out of range.

Jibrille laughed, "Of course, they're jealous." Suddenly, she turned serious and grasped Botan's hands, "Do your friends know that you're. . ." She didn't dare finish her sentence aloud.

Botan lowered her eyes, "No, I intend on keeping it that way. It's safer if they didn't know." She suddenly smiled brightly, But it doesn't matter now because I'm technically no longer alive so I don't dwell on the past!"

Jibrille sent her a confused stare, "Not. . .alive?" She asked.

Botan shook her head, "I'm a deity of death now." She whispered, winking.

It took Jibrille a moment to realize this before she frowned sadly at Botan, "Didn't you-didn't you know?" She asked.

"Know what?" Botan asked.

Jibrille placed a hand on her shoulder, "Just because you're dead doesn't mean that you've lost your gift. You're still-" She was cut off when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

Turning, she discovered Kai with a cheesy grin, "Hey babe, Ryan's lookin' for ya! He said somethin' about the next song."

She nodded her head, "I'll be right there," Turning back to Botan, "I'm sorry I had to tell you, but I have to go. I'll be back shortly." With that, she walked off with Kai.

Botan was left standing alone in shock and horror. So many things clouded her mind as she stared off into space, 'Koenma. . .lied?' She wondered. Before she had time to think anymore, a soft voice cut through her thoughts, "Excuse me, Ms. Botan?" She turned and found herself facing a very timid Liana.

"Oh hello!" She smiled forcefully, in hopes of pushing back her sad thoughts, "Liana, right?"

The small girl nodded, "Yes, I am." She paused and looked around, "You're here by order of Lord Koenma, are you not?" Botan nodded curiously. Liana clasped her hands together and stared at her with pleading eyes, "Please, whatever the reason you were sent here for, it's not worth it! Go back, you're not safe here, I'm begging you."

Botan suspected the girl was close to tears and would have pleaded more, but a looming shadow fell over them. Both turned to see Rukuto standing over them, "Now, now Liana. What are you telling this beautiful lady?" He asked, but his voice was tight as he placed a hand on her shoulder, "I believe Jun is looking for you." As he spoke, his grip tightened and Liana winced.

She nodded, "Yes, sir." She looked at Botan one last time with begging eyes before rushing off.

Now, Botan was left with only the intimidating form of Rukuto who was smiling down at her, "So, I don't believe we've met before. My name is Rukuto, the leader of the 'Demon' band. It's a pleasure to meet you." He bowed and took her hand into her, pressing his lips against it.

The deity restrained from gagging, "I'm Botan, from the 'Poltergeist Crew'." She attempted to smile brightly at him.

"Well Botan, might I have the honor of having this dance?" He asked, without letting go of her hand.

It seemed she had no choice, "Why not." She sighed and allowed him to lead her to the dance floor. Once there, he wrapped his arms around her tightly and she positioned her arms properly.

They began to sway with the beat, however, Botan felt as though she might end up hurling. His hands were too tight and it seemed as though the one around her waist was inching downwards. He pulled her closer and breathed in, "You're hair smells like peaches." He murmured huskily.

Her eyes widened slightly and she attempted to pull back, but found she could, "I think I should go now." She whispered hoarsely.

But he still held her close, "I think you have time, after all, I know what you are." Her eyes widened in horror this time and his hand was awfully close to going somewhere inappropriate.

Rukuto smiled as he felt her squirm and as things couldn't get any better, he suddenly felt a hand tap his shoulder, "Mind if I cut in?"


The boys were with Ryan and his group when Kai and Jibrille walked up. Jibrille immediately went into Ryan's arms and he pulled her close. For a moment, Kurama envied the two of them, when he realized Botan wasn't present, "Where's Botan?" He asked as calmly as he could.

Jibrille smiled sadly, "She needed a few minutes to be alone. Don't worry, she'll be fine." She comforted.

"I wouldn't call that being alone." Kuwabara stated, catching their attention. He was pointing to the dance floor where Rukuto had just wrapped his arms around Botan.

Kurama's eyes narrowed into slits as he noticed Botan's discomfort, "Why would he take interest in her?" Wesley wondered aloud.

"What do you mean?" Yusuke asked curiously.

"Rukuto hasn't ever seemed to notice the girls around him, only Liana." Wesley continued, "Well, there was one time when he seemed to pine after Jibrille here."

At those words, Ryan tightened his grip on Jibrille and she smiled up at him, "But I had Ryan here to fight him off."

"So are you guys a couple or what?" Kuwabara asked.

Both blushed, "No, we just grew up together." They looked at each other, then away, but never left the warmth of the others' arms.

Meanwhile, Kurama watched Rukuto dance with Botan. He noticed the demon pull Botan close and whisper something to her that made her uncomfortable. Kurama clenched his fists at his sides, growling beneath his breath. This was it, the last straw; Kurama couldn't watch anymore. The jealously and rage burned his blood, "Excuse me." His voice was cold and distant, but it cut through all conversations of his friends. They watched in silence as he walked out to the dance floor with a poised look, catching all the girls' attention.

"What's up with Kurama?" Yusuke wondered aloud.

Hiei smirked, "The fools' jealous." He murmured so the spirit detective was the only one to hear. Yusuke smiled brightly, 'I knew it!' He thought to himself.

Meanwhile, Kurama never let his gaze wander from the sight before him. He watched at Botan attempted to pull back, but couldn't, and this only caused him to quicken his pace. When Rukuto said something that made Botan scared, he was almost at a jog, but forced himself to maintain his posture. As he got closer, he noticed Rukuto's hand and where it WASN'T supposed to be. By the time he reached them, Kurama could hardly contain the ice in his voice, "Mind if I cut in?" He asked.

The two looked to see Kurama's steely glare and had different reactions. Rukuto scowled while Botan silently cheered as the man removed his hands, releasing her. Rukuto turned to Botan with a smile, "It was a pleasure getting to know you. I hope I see you around." Botan only forced a smile as he walked away.

Kurama gently took Botan's hand in his and wrapped the other one lightly around her waist. She placed her free hand on his broad chest and smiled in relief, "Thank you, Kurama. I wasn't sure how much more I could take."

He frowned, "Are you alright? Did he hurt you at all." As they danced, Kurama stared worriedly at her slightly pale face.

Botan shook her head, "No, I'm ok. Just a bit shaken up."

"What did he say to you?" He inquired curiously.

She looked down before snapping her head up and smiling brightly, "It wasn't anything important, don't worry about it."

"If you say so," He made a mental note to find out what disturbed Botan so much, "Would you like to join the others?" He asked.

"No!" She exclaimed, then blushed and ducked her head, "I mean, I don't mind dancing with you. . .unless, you want to go join the others." He face fell slightly as she said it.

He shook his head, "I'm just fine." Botan leaned her head against his chest and closed her eyes, 'I might never get to do this again.' She thought, savoring the moment. The same thought was going through Kurama's mind as he closed his eyes as well.

Neither realized that they dancing that way for the next hour with the others watching, "Don't they look like a perfect couple?" Jibrille sighed dreamily.

"How long do you think they'll stay like that, before realizing it?" Kuwabara asked.

"Let them be." Hiei stated, surprising everyone, but no one argued with him.

A few minutes later, Aioshi Hitosuke marched to the front of the room and picked up a microphone. The music died and Kurama and Botan stopped dancing. They looked at each other with pink cheeks before looking away, "Welcome, contestants, to another wonderful year of competition!" People clapped and began to move to their seats. Kurama and Botan sat down next to each other and their friends who were all smirking/smiling at them.

"Well, that sure was entertaining." Kuwabara joked, earning him a whack from Botan.

"As you know, we have many competitors each year and we try to make the celebrations to everyone's liking. So please eat up and have fun because tomorrow, we start off the competitions!" He bellowed and everyone cheered as waiters and waitresses brought out trays of food to be set out.

The night was filled with the hollers of competitors and the clinking of glasses. Everyone was enjoying themselves and even Botan had managed to set aside her problem for the time being. Yusuke and Kuwabara managed to get drunk while Hiei took great pleasure in watching the 'mighty Kuwabara' make a fool of himself. Kurama sat silently, observing Botan who was mingling with the other females. Every now and them, Ryan would lean over and the two would share a couple of words before he returned to laughing jovially with his group. During Kurama's observations, he noticed Liana sitting silently next to Rukuto who surveyed the group calmly. Much to Kurama's displeasure, he noticed how often the demon's eyes fell upon Botan with a lustful gaze.

After Botan had enough of talking with the girls, she returned to her place beside Kurama and smiled up at him, "Why are you all alone? Don't you want to have a little fun?" She asked sweetly.

He smiled softly down at her, "I'm having fun on my own, thank you." It wasn't cynical or cold, but a statement.

"Oh," Her eyes fell, "Sorry, I'll just leave you alone." She stood to leave when he reached out and snatched her hand.

"Wait!" He exclaimed, a bit to rushed. She turned curiously as he released her and scratched the bridge of his nose, "You don't have to go. I don't mind."

Her face lit up and she plopped down, "Then I'll stay!" She beamed.

He smiled at her. No words were spoken between the two for a while. They mostly just enjoyed each other's company. During their silent time together, Botan began to squirm under the gazes she received from Rukuto. Kurama soon noticed and laid a hand over on of hers. She looked up at him with a weak smile, "Thanks Kurama. You always give me confidence."

His eyes widened slightly, 'I give her confidence?' He smirked, 'How ironic that confidence was the one this I would take away when I was a full demon.' He mused before shaking his head slightly, "Would you like to leave?" He suggested.

She pondered the question carefully before nodding, "I think so. I'm really tired and rest would be good to get for tomorrow." She began to stand when she noticed he was rising as well.

"I'll walk you back." He offered.

"That's ok, I'll be fine." She declined politely but her mind screamed at her for refusing.

Luckily, "I insist. Beside, I myself would like to get some sleep." He lied. Shrugging she nodded and the two made their way over to Yusuke and the others.

"Well boys, we're going back to the hotel. Can't do well without sleep." Botan exclaimed cheerily.

"Sure thing! Hey, don't go an' cause a riot now." Kuwabara stated drunkenly as he swayed back and forth.

"Alright Kuwabara." Botan giggled, humoring herself and him. The two turned and began to exit the gazebo. As they walked in silence along the path, Kurama looked up to gaze at the stars, when he noticed there were none.

"I think it might rain tonight." He mused aloud.

Botan looked up and nodded, "I think you might be right."

"I've never been in a tropical storm, but I've heard they're pretty bad." He commented. By now, they were at the hotel doors and in the distance, they could see the lightening and faintly hear the thunder. The hotel was mostly silent for most people were either in bed or at the party.

When they arrived at their rooms, Botan turned to Kurama with a big smile, "Thanks for walking me here." She blushed and looked down.

He shrugged and smiled down at her, "Like I said, I was tired as well."

She turned around and began to open her door, "You know," She opened it and turned around, "You're a terrible liar, Kurama." In the blink of an eye, she leaned up and planted a tiny kiss on his cheek before running into her room and slamming the door.

Kurama was left standing in shock, staring at a blank door, 'Did she just. . .kiss me?' He blanched and shook his head roughly, and headed for his room, 'And I can't lie. When did I become so weak?' Kurama wondered as he opened his door and stepped in.


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