PChapter 1: indicating the holy grail.

One morning, Optimus Prime was in the main computer room with teletran 1. He was viewing their stats of infinity's greatest relics. Bumblebee, Leo, and Vanellope stepped in next to him wondering what he was up to.

Leo: "Optimus, what have you been doing today?"

Vanellope: "Yeah, what's with the checklist on the screen?"

Optimus Prime: "This my friends, is a list of the many important relics of the world of infinity that we've collected."

He revealed the first relic, it looked like a cube made of rock detailed with a few strange symbols. At the top left corner of the screen was a box with a green check mark on it, letting them know that they had it.

Optimus Prime: "If we already know, this is our most important relic. "The All spark."

Bumblebee: "ahh, I remember that one."

Then he showed the next item. It turned out to be the shrink ray that Gru stole from vector. That also had a checked box, so they had that too.

Leo: "Oh yeah, I remember Margo telling me about that one."

Vanellope: "Oooh, me likey."

Then he showed one more item, and it looked like a red glowing ring with a white swirl on top of it.

Optimus Prime: "Vanellope, you remember those 2 boys named George and Harold?"

Vanellope: "Uhh, Yeah."

Optimus Prime: "We decided to have their hypno-ring be one of the many relics of our vaults."

As he flipped the screen again, his eyes grew slightly wider.

Optimus Prime: "By the all spark."

Leo: "What's the matter Optimus?"

Optimus showed them the screen, and it showed a relic that had a box with a red X on it in the top left corner of the screen. The relic looked like a big golden party cup with red, green, purple, and silver jewels around it's cup section, and it had a yellow dome shaped jewel on the front of it.

Optimus Prime: "We're still missing this relic, "the Holy grail."

Bumblebee, Leo, and Vanellope marveled at the relic, then buddy, Darnell, Leni, and luan walked into the room. They right away saw the Holy grail on the screen and marveled at it.

Buddy thunderstruck: "Holy mud buckets, that's one fancy cup!"

Bumblebee: "Hey guys, how are you doing today?"

Darnell: "We were just finishing lunch when we decided to hang out in here for a while."

Luan: "What are you guys up to?"

Leo: "There's a relic that we've still gotta collect."

Optimus Prime: "By these calculations, the grail appears to be at a castle full of French citizens."

Darnell: "Yuck, French people. Those kind of people always freak me out."

Leo: "So what are we waiting for, let's do this!"

Darnell: "Fine, I'll gather up a scout team so we can be prepared."

To be continued.