"Urk, My head hurts."

A blonde-haired boy slowly opens his eye and found himself staring a ceiling he has never seen before. He groggily and slowly sat up to look around and he did not recognize the place he was in. It was a nice room to begin with a cabinet on the side of the room. There was a TV on its stand facing the bed. To the right, there was a night stand with a lamp on it. Further to the right of the bed, there is a balcony terrace next to the window.

He decides to stand up and look around. He checked the cabinet and found clothes that were his size and a bunch of scrolls with notes attached to them. He went to the TV to check it out, but he couldn't figure out how to turn it on not knowing that you have to plug it in first. He went over to the balcony window to look out. What he saw made mind blow. He saw buildings so tall they were poking up the clouds. He saw moving objects that he thought they were carriages pulled by horses, except, the odd thing was there were no horses pulling it.

He sat back down on the bed still reeling from all the weird things he saw. He lay back down on the bed a little hard, only to have a note flutter down to his face. He picked it up and read what was written.

Dear Naruto,

I'm sorry I could not wait for you to wake up, but I'm afraid you cannot see me until the time is right. I know about your childhood and how hard it is to live all alone like that, so I took you in. I'm so sorry I couldn't get you sooner, but you're here now. That is what is important.

I can tell you who your parents are though. Your father is the man you have looked up to and have been chasing all your life, Minato Namikaze the Fourth Hokage of the Leaf. Your mother is Kushina Uzumaki, the former Jinchuuriki of The Nine Tailed Fox. Don't blame them for leaving you on your own. It's not their fault. They died on the day you were born protecting you and the village from the Nine-tailed fox's attack. They are heroes. I am telling you this for you to know that you were loved and you were not left alone. This time though I will be watching over you.

Well, enough of that, If you didn't notice yet, you are in a different world from where you were. You have to start over again. I have some stuff for you. In the night stand, there are some books on this world. You will need to read up on them to survive in this world. In the cabinet, you will find some clothes I picked up for you, so you could fit in with the people. There are also scrolls in there to help you in practicing your jutsu. In the drawer of the night stand, there is some money for you to spend in this world and a map of the city so you can explore.

I know you have a lot of questions. I assure you they will be answered in time. You will just have to be patient. Also, kids your age still have to go to school, so I enrolled you to a boarding school, Yancy Academy. I heard you loved learning so I see you would not have a problem with this. Unfortunately, you will have to be careful of using your jutsu out in the open. People in this world have no knowledge of parallel worlds or special powers.

That is all for now my boy. Just know that I love you as my own and I will be watching over you.


Your New Mother

PS. You will have to brush up on Greek Mythology. I guarantee it will come in handy in the future.

A single tear ran down the side of his cheek. He was crying tears of joy because this time he felt loved. He was happy to know his parents loved him and didn't abandon him as what the villagers have been telling him all his childhood. He was happy to know that somebody took him in despite his past and how the villagers saw him. He was happy, that this time, he would make new friends without them judging him for what was sealed inside of him. At the same time, he was sad that he had to leave the friends he had already made back in the Leaf Village. He was scared of what he may face ahead of him.

He broke himself out of his thoughts and decided to stand up. He took a deep breath ready to take on this new world he was in. With one big shout, he said: