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He shuts the front door and grabs her extended hand as they make their way to the parking lot. "First day of school jitters?"

"Yeah, what about you?"

"A little, but I know we're both gonna crush it."

Once they reach their respective vehicles, holding off leaving a little bit longer. Marty steps up to his wife, wrapping her up in his arms. "I'm really proud of you, baby."

A grin spreads across her face. The spark in her eyes that he loves so much ever so present. "I'm proud of me, too."

Huffing a laugh, a smile of his own spreads across his face. They've both worked so hard for what they have and not just their careers, but their relationship. Where others would've given up because things got tough, they got stronger. They're stronger because of each other. He makes her a better woman and she most definitely makes him a better man. "I love you."

Her smile shines bright at his words as she brings her lips to his for a not so chaste kiss. "I love you more, Mr. Deeks."

With one last kiss, he gives her an encouraging smile. "Have a good day, babe."

She squeezes his hand, bidding him a finale farewell. "You too, pumpkin."

She follows him down the hall, taking in all the photos hanging on the wall. A wall of legends as she likes to call it. They turn a corner, coming into an open area with multiple desk. "Guys, this is our newest team member, help her get settled in."

The only other woman in the room, whose smile is quite contagious makes her way over to the young brunette. "Caitlin Todd. But you can call me Kate."

Taking her new team member's hand, she returns a shy smile. Remembering why she hated the first day of "school" so much. Every thing is always so awkward. You're not really sure what to say and you're never really sure what not to say either. "Kensi Deeks."

"Welcome aboard, Kensi."


The two women drift off into conversation, getting a little more familiar with one another when what she can only assume is one of those guys, calls out from behind her. "So are you married?"

"Jeez, Dinozzo, she just got here."

He shrugs, being chastised by his female colleague. "What?"

She smiles as her mind immediately goes to her husband. She wonders how his first day's going for him. Hoping that everyone at his new job gets to see even just a glimpse of the amazingly brilliant man she gets to see everyday. "Yes, I am actually."

The older brunette examines the things on her new colleague's desk while he introduces himself to the rest of their team. That's when she notices it. She quickly look back at the shaggy blonde, ready to burst at the seams, but he's wrapped up in a conversation with a team member. So she patiently waits until just the two of them remain. "Excuse me, Marty?"

He watches his new colleague picks up the frame on his desk and can't help the exuberant smile that crosses his face. My love.

"Who is this with you?"

"That's my wife, Kensi."

A lone tear falls from the woman's eye followed by another.

He finds it odd that the older woman is caressing the photo of him and Kensi, but the look on her face tells him that there's something more to her peculiar actions. "Julia, what's wrong?"

"She's even more beautiful than I imagined."

"She…" He trails off as his brain puts two and two together. "Hold on…..are you-"

A familiar smile spread to her face when she realizes that what she's been wanting to do for years has miraculously landed in her lap. "Yes, it would seem as though I'm your mother-in-law."

He's not really sure how to go about this. To just drop this news on her. He doesn't know how she really feels about her mother. He's asked her a few times about her here and there and the stories she usually gives up are told with sort of a sad happiness if that's even possible. So he figures that before he can really tell her about what happened today, he should try just one more time. Maybe it could give him a clue as to where her mind set is at.

"Hey, baby, can I ask you something?"

"Of course you can. You know you can ask me anything, Marty."

"If you had the chance to reconcile with your mom, would you?"

She furrows her brow at the sudden topic that's brought up. "Okay, where did that come from?"

"Can you please just answer the question? I promise I'll tell you."

"Yes." Closing her eyes, the image of her and her mother being reunited once again runs through her mind. Being wrapped in the safety of her arms again is something she doesn't let herself think about often, but when she does, an old feeling of abandonment fills her. "I would if given the opportunity try and reconcile with my mom. I'm just-I'm just not so sure she would have anything to do with me though."

"Why do you say that?"

Her eyes glisten at just the thought of her mother rejecting her. "I ran away from her, Marty. I chose my dad over her. I don't know how to apologize for treating her the way I did."

"I don't think she wants an apology. I think she just wants her daughter back."

Okay, now she's even more confused. "What?"

The soft touch of his hand on her cheek makes all the dread and worry inside her dissipate. "Kens, you know how much I love you. I mean I would do anything for you."

"I know. I would do anything for you, too, baby." Her forehead meets his as they share a longing look filled with complete and utter love. "Marty, tell me what's going on."

"There's this woman I work with and she…..well she came into introduce herself today and saw the picture of us on my desk."


"I don't know why I didn't put it together before when she introduce herself as Julia. I mean she looks so much like…."

"So much like who, Marty?"

He says it with such gentleness that she almost doesn't hear it. "So much like you."

Pulling back quickly almost giving herself whiplash, her eyes go wide with understanding. "Wait. Are you saying that-"

"It's your mom, Kens."

"Are you serious?"


"What did she say?" She sounds like someone that's yearning for complementary comments from someone they just got introduced to.

He smiles when he thinks back to his mother-in-law's actions after finding out the news. "She said you're even more beautiful than she imagined." The one thing she asked of him though is something he's not quite sure he can do. Julia understood of course, but still yearned for the chance. "And if it's okay with you, she wants to see you."

The disbelief in her voice sounds like that of a foster kid being told that they're wanted. "She said that?"

"It's the first thing she asked after I told her who you were to me. Well besides what you were doing now."

Nodding profusely, she quickly stands up, jolting her husband a bit and hurries to put on her shoes. "Yes."


"Yes. I want to see her."

He takes out his phone and sends the message. Can you meet?

Of course. Where?

East Potomac Park 6

I'll be there. Does she know?

Yeah, I just told her.

Okay, good. See you both there?

See you then.

She slows her pace when she sees the bench and the person that's occupying said bench. The woman turns at the startling bark of a nearby dog. Yep, that's definitely her mother.

Once they lock eyes, Julia stands up and starts walking hastily towards her not so little girl.

The young agent doesn't have the patience to walk so she takes off in a sprint towards the woman she's missed so dearly. The impact of their embrace is nothing compared to the sobs that both women let out. "I missed you so much."

"I missed you, too, baby girl."

As the two get reacquainted, Marty stands by watching a light that once seemed to be burned out, ignite once again inside his love.

The two brunettes share a laugh and look over towards him. Giving him a clue as to what they were talking about. Kensi gestures for him to come over and join them. She scoots over closer to her mother, making room for him to sit.

"Mom, I'd like you to officially meet my husband, Marty."

They both play along seeing what the agent is doing. She's never gotten to experience things like this before and even though they've met before, Kensi would very much like the opportunity to do something she never thought she'd be able to do. Introduce her mother to her husband.

Julia stands up, wrapping her son-in-law in a warm embrace. "It's so very nice to me you, Marty."

"You, too, Julia."

When they pull apart, Kensi has tears in her eyes. This is really happening, it's not just her mind playing tricks on her.

They both rejoin her on the bench, continuing where they left off. As their conversation carries on, Kensi curls into her husband's side, and reaches for her mom's hand, holding on for dear life.

He almost feels like an outsider looking in, but it's something beautiful he's witnessing. For this to happen for her is something he's always wanted. He's wanted this for her just as much as she's wanted it for herself.

An hour and a half later, her mother bids a farewell, explaining that she had a meeting with one of her clients and couldn't push it back any longer.

When the mother/daughter duo exchange hugs, he can see the longing in both their eyes. Neither wanting to jump first. Afraid that it might be too much too soon.

He wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not, but seeing weariness in her mismatched chocolate orbs when her mother got up to leave, he decided that it might be best for him to "break the ice" a little more and invite her over to their house.

Kensi's shoulders relax when he offers to have her over for dinner the next night. She wanted to herself, but somewhere deep down she guesses part of that abandoned little girl still lives inside her.

He takes a seat next to her on the bench, and the sniffles that can be heard coming from his strong, beautiful wife seems a bit off to him. "Baby, why are you crying?" He scoots over, wrapping his arm around her in a tight embrace.

Once she feels the comforting touch of her husband, she lets out the emotions of the shock and revelation of the day pour out of her. "I just-I just missed her so much."

Pulling her in tighter, he places a kiss to the top of her head. He's so glad that she's able to express herself to him. It didn't start out that way but over the last 3 years she's steadily let him in and for that he is so very grateful. "I know. I know you did."

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