Title: Through the Lines
Author: me! Little Bit
Rating: uh….why do they bother? I guess PG-13?
Summery: Harry Potter is actually the son of Severus Snape AND James Potter. James and Lily still died and Harry still survived, and he went on to live with the Dursely's, but Severus found out they were abusing his son and took him away. Harry Potter died, according to the Muggle and Wizarding world, but Severiun Lucius Snape lives….
Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter's books, movies, or anything….sadly, well, I mean the copyrights. yeah. okay that just sucked. oh well.

Draco and Severiun were in Draco's room, watching the ceiling change scenes. To Severiun, Draco's room was huge! Even bigger than his Father's room at Hogwarts.

"Why do you have to stay the night?" Draco suddenly asked, his eyes still trained on the ceiling. Severiun had flooed over early with his bags backed to stay the weekend. Draco had been looking forward to whatever his Mum would take him to do, but with Severiun coming over, it changed things.

"Papa had a potions meeting." Severiun said using few words as he lightly pushed some of his shoulder length black hair out of his face.

"Oh." Draco made a face. "Mum wants me to have a big birthday party. Really big, with lots of special people." Draco came out and said.

"Why?" Severiun asked. The two knew only three other kids their age. Two boys, Vincent and Greg, who were the sons of Mr.s' Crabbe and Goyle. Whenever they came over, they sat and stared at everything with dumb looks on their faces. Draco and Severiun also knew a girl named Pansy. Draco enjoyed throwing worms at her and such. Anything that made her scream was fun in Draco's eyes. Severiun usually sat back and watched everyone, but he'd also mess around with Draco sometimes.

"She told me I'm turning five and that that's special. Uncle Severus didn't make a big deal about your birthday." Draco made sure to stress the word 'your'. Draco had a certain way to kinda of speak as if Severiun should be held in higher ideals than himself. Severiun noted that Draco always tried to copy him in a way that it didn't look like he was copying.

"So?" Severiun didn't really care about the birthday thing. Sure, his Father had only come over to dine with the Malfoys on his birthday, his Papa had brought Melanie and the Malfoys had invited the Crabbes' and Goyles'. The whole night Severus seemed indifferent about the dinner party, even if he did receive several gifts from everyone else. That weekend his Papa had taken him to a muggle city and told him he could have anything he wanted. Severiun had dragged his Papa to the zoo, a place he'd read about before in a book. Come to think of it, it'd been a fun trip, Severiun had almost gotten in a fight with a fat blonde boy before the fat boy's mother, who Severiun didn't like at all, had taken the fat boy away while promising the fat boy more treats. Severiun had been grossed out and wanted to leave right away.

"Well, I'll get a lot of presents!" Draco assured only himself. "So I guess it's alright. Did your Papa even get you anything last year?" Draco wanted to know, his parents always gave him lots of stuff all the time.

"Papa took me to a muggle zoo and I got some chocolates." Severiun responded.

"Oh, a bunch of chocolate frogs or what?" Draco wasn't impressed.

"No. Muggle chocolate. It doesn't move." Draco looked grossed out at the mention of muggle candy.

"Whatever." Draco sat up and grinned, "Let's go see if Mum will firecall Vincent, Greg, and Pansy to have them over!" Severiun shrugged, but got up and followed Draco out of the room.

In the parlor of his parents room, Draco begged his Mum to firecall the other kids. Severiun watched silently as Draco's Mum said no and Draco threw a fit, screaming and crying until he was red in the face.

Lucius was in the chair next to where Severiun stood. "Are you hungry, Severiun?" Lucius asked, Severiun nodded. Everyone that knew Severiun knew he rarely spoke to anyone. For a reason unknown, Severiun spoke to his Papa, Draco, Remus (who Severiun called Moony), Bill and Charlie Weasly, and Melanie MicDuckle. Anyone else that came in contact with Severiun usually thought he was mute. Lucius knew that's what Severus' students thought Severiun was.

Severiun followed Lucius to the dinning room and watched as Lucius called a house elf. Both Severiun and Lucius knew Narcissa would give in and give Draco what he wanted soon. Lucius knew Draco saw something in Severiun that no one else saw. Lucius also felt that Draco would follow Severiun until one or the other died. Draco was always bossing Severiun around, like he did to everyone, but Severiun would sometimes have a look that told Draco no. That look was the only thing Draco truthfully listened too. Once the two were at Hogwarts together, Lucius knew Severiun would somehow keep Draco out of trouble.

A house elf finally popped up. The house elf gasped when he saw Severiun. A small boy who had green eyes and shoulder length black hair.

"Young Master Snape!" The house elf bowed almost low enough to fall over, "Master Malfoy, Sirs!" The house elf finshed when he came up, which he immediately took a less deep bow to his house master. Lucius raised an eyebrow, he'd started to notice recently that the house elfs, any house elves, and any magical creatures had a deep respect for Severiun, even if they gave Severiun more respect than they're masters. "Yous hungry?" It asked. Lucius rolled his eyes.

"Make the usual for the family and Severiun's usual." Lucius was rarely there in the morning, so he had no idea what Severiun's usual was. The house elf nodded enthusiastically.

"Yes sirs! Right away sirs!" He hurried away after bowing again to Severiun. Lucius looked down at the small boy and was jolted when he realized that Severiun KNEW the house elves saw him as higher than their Masters. Severiun looked up into Lucius' shocked face and smiled knowingly. Lucius helped Severiun up into a chair after he charmed the chair higher for him.

Lucius sat down just as their breakfast popped up in front of them. Severiun had a flat round pastry looking thing, that had spiral items that looked like pasta and what looked like fruit on top of it. Lucius looked at it in disgust and demanded to know "What in bloody hell is that?"

"Cheese pizza with noddles and pappas!" Draco's voice said as he and his mum walked in. Lucius still looked grossed out and Narcissa nodded at him, telling him she agreed. Severiun grinned and picked up a slice, taking a large first bite. Narcissa and Draco sat down to eat also.

"Well?" Lucius asked of Draco, who just glared at his plate. "Draco Selovious Malfoy, what do you have to say about your behavior?" Lucius snapped. Draco still glared at his plate but did respond.

"I'm sorry Father, crying and screaming is very un-Malfoy of me." Severiun just watched Draco as he said that.

"That wasn't so hard Draco, now was it?" Narcissa cooed, Draco sneered, and Severiun was amused. "Your friend's may come over later. You and Sevy," Severiun's eyes narrowed without anyone noticing, "Can go outside and play today." Draco nodded gloomily. Severiun didn't really care, but he would have wanted to spend the day inside reading a new book his Papa had given him.