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Chapter Two: Like A Bubble

The scene opened up with a flashback with Ozpin's voice narrating. It showed a young Jaune, surrounded by his family, with his father and sisters. "Jaune Arc was the son of Nicholas Arc, considered the best furniture maker in all of Vale. Nicholas was a proper man of his day, thoroughly dedicated to his family. To Jaune, he was the ideal man."

Everyone in the audience smiled at the happy sight.

Pyrrha and Ruby were both cooing at how cute Jaune was as a child, and both thought it was adorable of how much Jaune idolized his father.

Ironwood, Glynda, and Qrow however, were more focused on how many sisters he had.

"Well, it looks like Mr. Arc was certainly… gifted."

"I don't even want to know the pain his mother had to go through. Seven times! I'd rather be hit by an Ursa."

"Man, eight brats. Jeez, I can barely handle two."

The picture shifted to one of Jaune and his sisters watching an open door. "When Jaune was ten, Nicholas suddenly left without so much as a word. Having lost their mother years before, they were alone. Distant relatives stole what little they had." It then showed Jaune hitting another child with a stick and then to him sitting on his bed, his eyes ablaze with anger. "Jaune became a delinquent, growing to hate his father and what had done to them."

Jaune yelled out, "I bet he's living carefree with some hot young woman! I'm gonna find him and then kill him!"

Pyrrha nearly cried at hearing Jaune say those words. "Jaune! Don't say that! He must have some reason for leaving. I know he loved you."

Nobody else on either team said a word, not knowing how to respond to his words. No one else felt that strongly about their parent. Not even Weiss hated her father to such a degree.

Raven and Qrow, however, both knew the same feeling. Raven felt the long-held hatred she felt for her father rise up again, and regretted the fact that she wasn't the one to finish him. Qrow felt it too, especially after the hell that his father pushed upon him, but it died quickly. He knew that hating the dead wouldn't give him any satisfaction.

The screen now showed an older Jaune, dirty and wearing ragged, stitched up clothes, leading a small gang of hoodlums. "He threw away his youth and his future. He committed theft, arson, assault, anything short of outright murder. Even the local Mafiosos feared him."

A member of the mafia approached Jaune and taunted him for not having a father, inciting Jaune's anger. Quickly pulling out a wrench, he slammed it into the mafioso's head, and then punched him in his jaw. However, sparks of light flashed when Jaune punched the mob member.

"What was that!" cried out Ruby.

Ozymandias stopped her before any more questions could arise. "That was Hamon, or called Ripple Energy. It is a technique that is used by practicing an ancient martial art as well as proper breathing. The energy created is identical to that of the Sun's, allowing it to be an effective tool against vampires, zombies, and other creatures of darkness. It is somewhat similar to Aura, as it does grant more strength, speed, and vitality to an individual. However, the most important use of the Hamon is it can be used to manipulate substances by inputting the energy within. This allows for many different attacks and styles to be created, as Hamon has hundreds of different uses."

Ruby, Yang, and Nora were in awe of the energy, and thought it was pretty amazing.

Ozpin sipped his coffee and saw Ironwood deep in thought. "Thinking about using this technique old friend?"

Ironwood glared his eyes at Ozpin's knowing smirk. "Ozpin, just imagine if hunters were equipped with both Aura and Hamon! It would save lives. You heard what Ozymandias said. It is most effective against creatures of darkness! We could finally have an edge against the Grimm!"

Glynda nodded in agreement. "With all due respect sir, James does have a point. If combined together and used properly, a single hunter would be equal to at least three."

Ozpin merely sipped his coffee once more and closed his eyes before speaking. "I hear your position, and while the benefits certainly would be promising, where would we even begin to start? In my entire life, I have never even heard of this until now. How would we go about learning this? And what if Aura and Hamon are unable to conjoin properly? What then?"

Ozymandias stepped in before Ironwood could retort. "I can also see the benefits of having a hunter who is able to have both Hamon and Aura, but another problem arises. Only about one in ten thousand actually have the potential to use it enough in battle, and while your world does have some incredible individuals, there still wouldn't be enough to properly make a large enough difference."

Ironwood looked away from Ozpin and Ozymandias, willing to end the conversation for now, but saving it for a later date.

Cinder received the same explanation as the others did and was also thinking about what could happen if hunters tried to learn it.

"This Hamon could be potentially troubling if any hunters or huntresses learned it. I need to tell my queen about this. Perhaps, she can create a Grimm strong to stand up to both Hamon and Aura?"

The copy of Ozymandias stood there, and explained the rarity of users and how unlikely it was. "Even if a person were to have Hamon, it would be an energy learned only through trial and error. Because there are no masters in your universe, any individual would only be able to use it rudimentarily."

Cinder sat in thought again, deciding that it was not a concern she had worry about. There were other more pressing matters that held her attention, like where a certain girl was.

Mercury thought it was kinda lame. "Big whoop. It's just breathing and some martial arts. So what if it gives a slight boost to you. There are people who literally summon storms, and others have the power of magnetism. Compared to that, it's kind of a joke."

Emerald groaned at her partner's idiocy. "Because Grimm are creatures of darkness, and Hamon is energy that replicates the sun! If somehow combined, they could defeat the Grimm with ease."

Mercury pointed at Ozymandias's copy. "You heard the guy. It's almost impossible for someone to have potential to actually use it effectively, nonetheless, they'd be clueless on how to. So quit your bitching at me."

Emerald growled at him and was ready to smack him, before Cinder's hand burst into flames, sending the nonverbal threat to sit down. Emerald quickly did so.

At age 16, Jaune saw his father once again, walking the streets of Vale. He followed his father to a construction site and found a secret entrance, leading to a large stone wall with three individuals carved into it. He noticed a diamond in the hand of the carvings and reached to grab it, but stopped when he heard, "NO! Boy, don't touch that stone!"

Nicholas Arc ran to him, only to be too late as Jaune's finger brushed against the diamond, causing the wall to glow. Out came dozens of hooks, flying towards Jaune, ready to pull him in. Only for his father to push him aside, the hooks digging into him instead. "Stay back. This is all a trap" Nicholas pleaded with his son, unknowingly.

Ruby scratched her head. "Wait a minute. That wall is acting a lot like the mask that Cardin had! The glow and hooks and everything!"

Nora gasped out loud. "Does this mean that his father will turn into a vampire as well?"

Glynda asked out loud, "Excuse me, but what happened in the last universe? And why was Mr. Winchester involved?"

Yang answered for everyone. "Well you see, in the last universe, Jaune and Cardin were brothers, although Cardin was adopted. Cardin killed Jaune's dad, and used this stone mask to turn himself into a vampire, and then Jaune proceeded to burn his house down and kill Cardin by impaling him onto a statue. The stone mask also glowed and had these weird spiky things like that wall there."

Ironwood, Glynda, and Ozpin had to process what they had heard, not fully believing what Yang had said.

Qrow just shrugged and drank from his flask. "Yep, sounds like a Thursday."

Jaune watched on helplessly as his father was slowly sucked into the wall. "He did not know that 50 years prior, his grandfather, Julius Arc had died trying to stop a vampire. Nicholas took up his father's torch and trained with Hamon to prepare, discovering the ruins soon after. He began a worldwide search for a way to defeat the monsters within and unlock the treasures they hide, but Jaune knew none of this" Ozpin narrated.

As he was slowly being sucked into the wall, Nicholas Arc begged the young man who he did not was his son. "Young man, I beg you a favor. Make your way to Vytal, and speak with a woman named Raven. It's a matter of life and death. She is the only one who has any chance of stopping them."

"Nooo! His father was simply trying to stop a threat. He only wanted to protect Jaune" sniffled Pyrrha.

"He didn't know that. He felt abandoned. He was alone" said Weiss in a monotone voice.

Nora was hugging Ren again, wailing a bit. "Why does it have to be another sad one. My heart can't take much more of this!"

Raven didn't care that much about the boy or his relationship with his father. She was pleased that apparently, she was the only one strong enough to deal with whatever foe was in the wall. "Hm. Only the strong survive. That boy was an idiot. The man should have let him die."

Jaune tried to reach to his father, but was frozen from shock. He watched as his father was slowly consumed by the wall, his dying pleas to find Raven. As the final bit of his father was devoured by the wall, all Jaune could do was stare longingly at the stone.

The flashback ended with the scene changing to an older and muscular Jaune, wearing a blue jacket, light pink scarf, and white pants, with a long thin headband with a row of checkered triangles and two feathers, standing in front of a large iron gate in the snow.

Yang knew the look in Jaune's eyes at that moment. "Uh oh. He has the same look that Blake gets whenever you mention the White Fang. It's the I'm going to recklessly go after them eyes."

Blake gave her partner a deadpan glare. "We literally just saw Jaune's father being swallowed whole by a whole, pleading unknowingly to his son, and all you can comment on, is the look he has?"

"Well that, and the feathers he has. Didn't know that he could pull off a pink scarf either."

Jaune walked through the gate, walking slowly up to the abandoned and closed up mansion. "A set of footprints leads into the mansion," he said just as the front door suddenly opened. Gusts of wind came from the door, revealing briefly a figure. "I swear I saw someone there. Am I hallucinating?"

But then he saw the figure slam his foot down onto the stone pavement. "There it is! It's not an illusion! What the hell is that!"

The mysterious figure called out "Jaune!" before rushing at him, only to disappear once more. Jaune looked around and surmised that it was not Cinder who was out here. She couldn't survive out being in the sun, especially when it was so bright.

Cinder perked up at this. Apparently, she was the main foe in this universe. She called for Ozymandias and asked for an explanation.

(Insert mandatory dialogue about the first universe and the stone mask and vampires)

"Here, in this universe, you are the creator of these stone masks. It was you who was imprisoned in that stone wall. Emerald and Mercury were also imprisoned in the wall as well. All of you are vampires, although all of you are far more than regular vampires."

Cinder smiled at this information. "It is fitting that I am above the other vampires. And to hear that this version of me is trying to reach a perfect form is beyond satisfactory." The fact that another version of her was trying to reach unimaginable power made sense to her. If she was another Cinder Fall, then her ambitions would be just as large as her own.

Mercury and Emerald looked at each when they heard that they were vampires under Cinder. "So, even in another universe, I'm stuck with you. This sucks."

"The fact that I am stuck with you in multiple realities isn't a reassurance for me either," shot back Emerald.

Jaune instinctively goes to the cat stance, ready to dodge any attack that was coming. However, a new voice called out to him. It was his instructor Peter Port, who walked up beside him. "Stay back instructor! Something is hiding just inside the entrance of the building."

Port looked at the open doors and saw nothing. Until a single footprint appeared in the snow! "He must have jumped! He must be coming at us from above!" yelled Jaune.

The invisible figure came close enough to Jaune for him to recognize who it was. It was Mercury! And before Jaune could anything, Port's arm was cut off, with Mercury quickly dragging the rest of him into the mansion!

Nora booped Pyrrha, getting her attention. "Didn't you spar with that guy or something?"

Pyrrha had to think about what Nora was talking about before it clicked. "Yes, I remember. He is from Haven, I recall."

Yang snapped her fingers. "He used a lot of kicks, right? And he's pals with that Emerald chick, you're friends with, right Rubes?"

Ruby nodded. "Emerald and Mercury came along with the Haven group. They had another teammate, Cinder something."

Ozpin and Glynda winced at seeing their colleague and friend hurt so badly, and with such ease. Hearing him scream was a stark contrast from his usual boisterous self.

Up in the villain's gallery, Mercury leaned forward at seeing himself on the screen. "Dang, he's way more flexible than I am. Even without these hunks of metal, I could barely do that."

Cinder and Emerald paid close attention, waiting to see what other abilities this version of Mercury had, and if any more information could be gathered.

Jaune fell to his knees, crying out in shame, his right arm squirting out blood from the quick attack. It made no sense to the blonde fighter. "How could Mercury come out during the day?"

Before he could come to a conclusion, Mercury once more reappeared, his figure constantly phasing in and out. This Mercury was also taller and more muscular, wearing clothes suited for the desert and having a gold lip-ring. "Where is she, that infuriating smart-talking upstart? I hear that Yang has learned quite a bit. Where is the woman who killed Master Emerald?" he demanded to know.

Mercury groaned at what he learned. "Master? Ughhh, that means I follow her orders in this universe. And what the hell is up with my clothes! And a lip-ring! The universe hates me, I know it."

Emerald smirked at her partner. "In both universes."

Down in the hero section, Yang was pumped. "Oh yeah! I'm in this universe as well! And not only do I still have my fabulous sense of humor, but I also defeated one of the big baddies!"

Blake lifted her eyebrow. "He called you infuriating and a smart-talking upstart."

"Yeah, I know. Totally sounds like me!"

Weiss, Ruby, and Qrow all nodded their heads. "Describes you perfectly."

"You do like to trash-talk."

"Pretty sure that's the Raven in you."

Jaune remembered the special ability of Mercury's. "He can control the wind. That's why he's so difficult to see." He noticed the pipes upon the vampire's chest, which pumped air out. It took him a moment, but Jaune suddenly realized Mercury's trick. "He's cloaking himself in the vapors that's he's generating from the air, and then he's pumping it out of those pipes. It's refracting light like a million tiny prisms. It's a suit that bends light around him, protecting him from the sun's rays, thus allowing him to be outside. That's why he seems to be transparent."

Ren knew that his best (male) friend was strategic and, in battle, could pinpoint flaws or weaknesses quickly, but the fact that his friend could discover Mercury's advanced technique after only seeing for only a moment or two was incredible. "Jaune made observations and was able to deduce the function of the wind suit in such a short amount of time. He shows his capabilities as a leader in each universe."

Pyrrha smiled at Ren's compliment. "He may have a low opinion of himself, but Jaune is extremely capable as our leader. His lack of training and skill still irritates him, but he's been gifted with a strategic mind. Something that most hunters or huntresses lack."

Nora whooped for Jaune. "That's our fearless leader! Always making the plans!"

Ozpin and Glynda were watching Jaune with pride as well. While Glynda did have her doubts about her student, she nevertheless felt pride at seeing this other version of Jaune use his wits, instead of only his brawn.

"Is this what you meant by his potential, sir?" she asked Beacon's headmaster.

Ozpin chuckled a bit. "Not quite. While I did notice his skill at leadership and tactics, it was something that caught my attention."

Team RWBY and JNPR turned to listen to what Ozpin had to say.

"You see, it was quite simple. Mr. Arc is a simple young man with a good soul. And I believe that in these times, we need more individuals like him. Miss Rose is another example" he explained.

Mercury addressed his opponent calmly. "You are the bubble user named Jaune, aren't you? Simply by looking into your eyes, I can see that you've also learned much through your ordeals."

Recognizing Jaune's strength, he decided Jaune to be worthy of killing, and rushed at him.

Jaune took a pose, and felt his anger burning within. "I feel like I did back then, when I was naive and poor, back when you viciously took the life of my father. And now, I'll use my viciousness to destroy you!"

Mercury sat back, relaxed. "This is going to be over real soon. That sucker doesn't stand a chance" he snickered.

Emerald rolled her eyes, not bothering to start another fight.

Cinder's smooth voice gave him pause though. "Don't be so certain, Mercury. A fight, either between two opponents, armies, or even nations, has many variables that one cannot predict. Do not believe you've won just yet, especially at the beginning."

Mercury sent a blast of air at Jaune, only to have the Hamon user use it to create bubbles. "Some bubbles go right through the wind. Bubble Cutter!"

Jaune threw out his hands, releasing a swarm of bubbles that looked like saucers with a blade like ring surrounding each one. The bubbles spinned furiously towards Mercury, the wind doing nothing to stop them. "High-speed rotation turns the bubbles into a salvo of deadly disks. Hamon ensures they won't pop along the way."

The bubbles traveled directly to Mercury, finding him with ease. "The wind protecting you is nothing more than a pocket of empty air to them. Instead of defending you, it'll suck them in." The spinnings rings on the bubbles cut through Mercury's air as if it was butter, lining him with multiple cuts.

Qrow was actually slightly impressed. "Huh, the kid's got some skill, that's for sure. Especially for someone for uses bubbles. You'd never expect someone to be so deadly" he grinned as he took a sip of his flask.

Weiss thought that the move was brilliant. "Amazing. He knew that the suit of air creates a sort of vacuum, and that by firing his bubbles, they'd automatically be drawn to the pull of it."

Yang elbowed her slightly. "Oh, is that some praise from Miss Schnee? And to Vomit Boy of all people? I thought you were constantly annoyed by him? "

"Shut up! Aside from some of his other annoying qualities, Jaune does have some strong characteristics. His aptitude for strategy being one of them. He's a good friend, and he has my respect."

However, Blake asked an important question. "I can see that you do have respect for him. But does he know that?"

Weiss had no answer.

Seeing that Jaune was more than he expected, Mercury turned and fled back to the mansion. Not wanting to see his opponent regain his strength, Jaune quickly let loose another stream of bubbles. "Gliding Bubble Cutter!"

These bubbles were like the last volley, only that they flew low to the ground, hitting Mercury in his legs, knocking him off-balance. Jaune smirked at this, and jumped into the air, wanting to finish this with a Hamon kick.

However, Mercury instead of falling all the way, bent over backwards, and attacked. He kicked at Jaune, using him as a springboard so that he could leap back into the shadows! Missing the door, and out of desperation, Mercury slammed through the wall of the mansion, making it out of the sunlight.

Pyrrha was impressed at this version of Mercury. "It takes either a fighting prodigy or someone with decades of experience to do that so flawlessly in such a brief moment. A few of my opponents during my tournaments held almost the same level of skill."

"It's just too bad that he managed to escape inside," Ruby said.

"Strategically it was the better thing to do. He knew that outside he was on losing ground, so he had to try and turn the tables somehow" Weiss commented.

"Yeah, but isn't he supposed to be a fighting genius though?" asked Yang.

Blake responded to her partner. "Even if they are a fighting genius, they can obviously tell if they are going to lose. Better to run away and fight again."

Raven's eyebrow raised at the skill shown by both. Both fighters were clearly strong, but more than that, they were smart and tried to end the fight quickly. Neither one was wasting time with pointless theatrics or useless moves.

Jaune was catching his breath, thinking to himself of what Mercury just did. "He's not just an immortal with incredible strength, with senses like that, he's a fighting genius."

Mercury's face broke out in a grin. "Hear that Emerald, I'm a fighting genius. And I'm alive."

Emerald smirked back. "You're also getting your ass handed to you."

Mercury flipped her off, his good moment ruined.

Jaune approached the large hole in the building, and slowly entered inside. He saw that in front of him was a large imperial staircase, and all around him was mists and shadows. "My nerves are honed to a razor's edge. I can feel differences in the air. My breathing is relaxed and normal. I'm not sweating. Perfect Hamon conditions."

Ren was getting more intrigued about Hamon. "This Hamon sounds somewhat similar to my Tai Chi. Both focus on breathing, believing that it allows for one to store internal energy when inhaling and releasing it when exhaling."

Weiss nodded. "When singing, one must have proper breathing in order to not to be short of breath. It is quite easy to see how breathing can be an essential part of an martial arts."

He heard a groan nearby and saw that his teacher was still alive. "Instructor Port!" But before he could rush over, he felt the fiery gaze of Mercury upon him.

Mercury stood at the top of the staircase, bleeding and angry. Jaune's attacks inflicted serious damage upon the vampire. Jaune cockily posed and taunted him. "I see you've taken off your coat and made yourself ready, Mercury."

Nora and Ruby copied the pose, giggling.

"C'mon Ren! Do the pose!" asked Nora.

Yang chuckled at seeing her sister like that. "You kinda look like one of those pop idols, Ruby. Cape, pose and all. You're just so cute like that" she said, hugging Ruby tightly.

Pyrrha noticed that this Jaune was far more confident that the one she knew. "Is this what Jaune would be if he got more confidence?"

Ren shook his head. "This Jaune is more prideful than confident. I believe that the previous Jaune is a better representation. I don't believe that Jaune would be so arrogant as to taunt his opponent mid battle."

Outside of the old mansion, Yang and Raven walked through the gate, following Jaune's footprints, when they noticed something lying in the snow. Yang was wearing her usual outfit with a black jacket and yellow scarf to fight against the cold. Raven was wearing, instead of her usual red armor and white mask, was wearing a form-fitting red overcoat and skirt, a black scarf and cloak, and high heeled boots.

"No. That's his- that's Port's arm" Raven said scared of the implications.

Yang looked impressed at her other self. "Man, I look buff. But still pretty hot. Maybe I should start working out a bit more." She flexed her muscles a bit, checking them out.

Qrow just grinned at what her sister was wearing. He turned to where his sister was, and said, "Didn't know you liked being so fashionable. Never saw you as the type. Especially for the snow."

Raven was flabbergasted at what her counterpart was wearing. This other version of herself was about to go into battle, and instead of wearing something sensible, dressed like some sort of runway model. "What am I doing there?" she asked herself.

Inside, Jaune launched another barrage of bubbles at Mercury. The warrior vampire dodged them, and launched small cyclones at Jaune, forcing him to evade them.

Just as Jaune dodged the last cyclone, Mercury sent out four more directly at him. Trying and almost failing to stop the cyclones, Jaune instead launched more razor blade bubbles at Mercury, forcing him to stop the cyclones.

"I can make a suit of air, and cyclones. Man, I pack some real heat in this universe. Too bad, you didn't though, Emerald, otherwise, you'd still be alive" Mercury spoke aloud.

Emerald stayed quiet as she saw that Cinder was deep in thought, and didn't want to suffer her wrath or worse, disappointment.

Cinder watched the battle with a close eye, detailing the moves and actions that both fighters took. "I need to get one of those stone masks. With it, I can ascend myself even further. With the Fall Maiden's powers included, I'll be unstoppable" she thought.

The battle raged on as Mercury and Jaune kept on throwing cyclones and razor bubbles at each other. Each one having to defend or dodge from the other's attack. However, Jaune was able to cut Mercury's legs again, making him tumble down to the top of the first staircase.

Having enough, Mercury was about to bring out his ultimate attack. "Divine sand-" But Jaune interrupted him. "Wait a minute, Mercury. Stop and look around."

Mercury looked up and saw that floating all around the room were Jaune's razor bubbles.

Ironwood and Ozpin were impressed at what Jaune had created throughout the battle.

"It seems those bubbles he had fired were not careless. He was slowly trying to trap his opponent into the corner, and then finish him there" Ironwood thought out.

Ozpin closed his eyes and nodded. "Indeed, but the question is how he will do it, though. The building is still mainly in darkness, and I'm sure that those bubbles have a limit to their durability. Even if Mercury is injured, he is still fighting strong. This attack of Mr. Arc's will be his greatest, or else he fails."

Qrow chimed in his opinion. "That Mercury knows this as well. He was about to do his ultimate attack or something close to that, but he got distracted. That will cost him."

"My bubble cutters are now bubble lenses, and they're floating in the air all around you." Jaune then pointed to the hole in the wall, "And that enormous hole you knocked in the wall earlier is just like the open shutter of a camera on a bright summer day. Those lenses, they focus the sunlight, into the hotel!" he said, while the sunlight was bouncing off of the bubbles, going from bubble to bubble.

Everyone in the hero gallery gasped in awe at Jaune's planning.

"Genius. Both of them are geniuses," gasped out Blake.

Weiss was thinking to herself. "I wonder if I could do the same with my semblance? Trap an enemy with multiple glyphs?"

Ozpin raised both eyebrows. "So that is how he will defeat his enemy. Ingenius of him to use the bubbles as a lenses. I can see why he chose Bubbles as his weapon now. If applied correctly, he can use them for many different situations and environments. Fascinating."

Mercury, however, didn't think so. "C'mon me, kick his ass. Do something! You can't lose to him."

Cinder watched her subordinate tense up at the scene. "I told you so Mercury. A battle is never decided until one is dead, and the other alive, victorious."

The bubbles reflected while also focusing the sunlight onto Mercury, acting as lasers, burning through his skin at multiple places. Mercury cried out in pain, frozen at the spot, he tried to release his vapors to recreate his wind suit.

However, Jaune saw this and leaped up to stop him. "Trying your vapor barrier again? Not this time. Now, Mercury, I'm going to finish you off with a direct Hamon blast!" he said arrogantly.

Almost everyone in the hero gallery cheered for Jaune to finish off Mercury, except for the adults and Pyrrha who could foresee the consequences of his action.

Glynda and Pyrrha both nodded sadly.

"He's letting his pride take control. This move is his mistake," observed Glynda.

Pyrrha hated to see her partner and crush do something so reckless. "He's about to repeat his earlier mistake. He should have stayed low, and let the sunlight continue to burn him."

Ozpin and Ironwood agreed silently, able to guess what was about to happen.

Raven, above, narrowed her eyes and scoffed. "He was in control of the fight, and had his enemy corned and distracted. It was foolish of him to waste his opportunity."

Team RWBY and JNPR stopped cheering, now worried for their friend.

At one point, at one moment, a tiny blind spot appeared. Jaune's body created the briefest of shadows amid the blazing wall of sunlight. Mercury didn't waste his chance. He showed Jaune once again that he was a fighting genius and a genius of strategy.

Mercury held out his hands, and uttered, "Wind power, Divine Sandstorm!"

Mercury was afraid for a moment. He honestly thought that he would have to see himself die. But it seems that he wouldn't have to. "Guess I was worried for nothing. I mean this is me, after all."

Team RWBY and JNPR cried out.

"Dodge it Jaune!" yelled Ruby.

"C'mon fearless leader! You can take it!" Nora yelled out!

Yang clenched her fists. "Don't stop now Jaune! Hit him before it hits you!"

Ren, Blake, Weiss, and Pyrrha were silent, knowing that it was useless. Jaune was just too close to Mercury to stop his attack.

Two powerful tornadoes burst from his hands, catching Jaune directly while also destroying the entrance of the mansion.

Yang and Raven felt the wind from the attack even from outside, and when Yang saw the destruction caused, she felt a spike of fear. "That's Mercury's Divine Sandstorm! I'm sure of it."

Raven's eyes widened. "So that means Jaune is"

Raven was growing to dislike her counterpart more and more. "How can this be me? First it was those clothes. Now I'm worried and acting scared. How can I be so weak?" she thought.

Mercury was in awe of the power that his vampire self possessed. "This is my ultimate attack. Holy shit! This is way better than Hamon!"

The scene came back inside the mansion, showing Jaune's battered and bleeding body lying unconscious on top of the rubble, with Mercury standing triumphantly above him on the staircase. The vampire fighting prodigy chuckled slightly. "You had grown so much in so little time. I'm satisfied. I haven't had a fight like that in ages now. Warrior of Hamon."

Mercury fell suddenly to his knees, the pain finally reaching him. "And it was a close one as well." He was panting, his breath short from the fight, and sweat beading down his forehead. "If the wind of my Divine Sandstorm hadn't had the strength to blow your bubbles to oblivion, I have no idea how I would've stopped the light before it destroyed me."

His body was slowly falling away in some places, truly showing the extent of the damage from Jaune's last attack. "Even if the mighty Lady Cinder, who cannot use wind, had been the first one to notice your presence and confront you as I did, and face your power-" Mercury grunted in pain, as he forced his body to regenerate. "If she had prevailed, she most certainly would've been in far worse shape than I find myself in now."

The air around Cinder began to heat up at her rage. "How dare he think that I would have been bested by that child. I am above both you and him." She turned to Mercury and Emerald, her eyes conveying her rage. "Make no mistake. I am stronger than you here and there. Do not think that I would be brought low by some foolish teenager!"

Mercury and Emerald nodded and said nothing to make her wrath grow. They both knew that she was strong even without any powers from the maiden.

The students didn't say anything, but were holding each other close. They had just watched Jaune die.

Pyrrha was being hugged by Nora and Ren, not wanting to see her partner's broken body on the screen.

"Jaune can't just die like that!" claimed Ruby. "He's got to get up and fight!"

Weiss shook her head. "Ruby he took a direct blast from two tornadoes. Even if he does have Hamon, the damage is too much."

"You don't know that. He could still be alive!" Ruby said back.

Mercury felt a presence and his eyes widened at who he saw. Below him, walking up the stairs slowly, was Jaune. Blood dripping down his face and almost everywhere else, his breathing heavy and slow, he looked half-dead. Yet Jaune's blue eyes held an indomitable spirit, despite how close to death he was.

Everyone in the audience, heroes and villains alike, were shocked at seeing him stand like that, except Ruby. "I told you! Jaune won't ever stop!"

Pyrrha looked up and let out a gasp. She then started to cry a bit. "Oh Jaune, don't do this. You tried your best. Just run!"

Glynda pushed up her glasses. "How is Mr. Arc still standing? He should be dead by all accounts."

It was Raven who actually answered. "He's a fighter, more than any of you. He's got a goal to stop his opponent and it doesn't matter if he should be dead, he won't let that stop him. He was foolish and is weaker than his opponent, but I can respect his conviction."

Yang muttered, "I wish you could respect motherhood."

Mercury slowly rose to his feet, and cautioned his foe. "Enough, you will not fight again, for you have nothing left to fight with. My Divine Sandstorm has shredded your body beyond any chance of survival."

Jaune continued to breathe heavily, until he let out a yell, and flailed his arm at Mercury. The vampire sighed and blocked the weak blow. "Stop the battle is over. You have no more Hamon to continue with. See? You've almost completely bled out." The camera slowly panned down the staircase, showing the large stream of blood dripping downwards.

Mercury felt confused at seeing his other self sound so… respectful. It was out of character for him, and it made him having doubts about himself.

Emerald watched both Mercury's, confused at how one could have some sense of honor while the other was a jackass.

Cinder scoffed at seeing her subordinate have mercy on his opponent, and how weak Jaune was currently. "This is pathetic. If pity makes you warn your opponent, it would be better to finish them off."

"Emerald, Mercury. Remember. No pity or hesitation on our mission. Nobility kills you" she instructed the pair.

Jaune weakly punched Mercury a few times, before tripping on his own blood, slowly falling backward. Mercury turned away from him, departing with these words. "Goodbye. Your life, and all you once were, has ended."

But Jaune's foot slammed onto a step and with his all of his willpower, he leapt into the air. Mercury turned around, surprised at Jaune's action. This gave Jaune the perfect opportunity to grab the lip ring from him, and with that, he fell to the ground.

Mercury was both confused and angry. "My lip ring with the antidote, why did you take it?"

Jaune, unable to stand and lying in his own blood, said weakly, "I-I'm not afraid to die here…" Soft and mournful music began to play. "But I am a proud member of the Arc family, so you see, it's in my blood."

Everyone was hypnotized at the scene. The music and the passion within the words capturing their attention. Even the villains paid close attention.

Nora and Ren gave support to Pyrrha, who was close to tears. "Jaune. Jaune. Please, no" she whispered, praying that Jaune would survive somehow.

Nora hugged Pyrrha and let her lay her head on her shoulder. Ren squeezed her shoulder. Neither one said anything, for they had nothing say. Not when they were watching their friend die.

Team RWBY watched on in silence, saddened for their friend.

Ruby thought Jaune to be her closest male friend. Someone who could relate to her on many levels. Another person who merely wanted to do some good in the world. While this was a tragic ending, she knew deep down that if events played out, Jaune would sacrifice himself just like this.

Yang liked Jaune. He was quirky, helpful, and kinda of an oddball. Yet he was reliable, and no matter what, he tried his best to support his friends. Yet his slow death upon the screen only filled with her despair, as she knew that both Jaune or Ruby would do the same for their friends. And she didn't want to lose either one.

Weiss was originally annoyed by Jaune Arc. He tried far too often to get her affections, and it became annoying. Even after she rejected him and humiliated him, and then somewhat burned him with Neptune, he was still looking out for her. He never saw the heiress of the Schnee Dust Company, he only saw a pretty girl. And she was sure that he would sacrifice himself for her for the same reasons.

Blake had never really interacted much with Jaune, yet she found him to likable, although somewhat awkward. Even after finding out she was a faunus, he didn't treat her any different. He was a kind person, and this death was unfitting for him.

"Something like this might mean absolutely nothing to a demented, inhuman monster like you. My father didn't recognize me, but he sacrificed his life to save mine anyway. My grandfather gave his Harmon energy to save Yang's grandfather right before he died."

Jaune was on his knees but quickly fell, coughing out blood. "It's tradition. I have to do something. I-I can't let my life's flame just sputter out to darkness." Jaune pushed himself to his knees, holding out the ring in his hands. The ring glowed in the darkness, shining brightly, as a golden aura surrounded Jaune. "This is the Arc family spirit, handed down from the past to ensure the family's future. It's the human spirit!"

Jaune took off his headband and tied the ring around it, as the mansion's ceiling slowly started to crumble. His Hamon began to shine and spark around him as if it was a beacon. With the ring and headband in one hand, he shouted at the top of lungs "Yang, this is the last of my Hamon! Take it from me!"

Tears began to drip down a few faces. Yang pulled Ruby into a hug, her shirt getting wet from Ruby's tears.

Pyrrha felt Nora tighten her hug, her body shaking as she felt her tears drip down her face.

Glynda squeezed her crop, hating to see another student, even an alternate reality version, die. She had lost too many already, and each death was painful.

Ozpin, however, held a look of firm determination. "Farewell Mr. Arc. Despite being so young, you truly understood the power that lies within us all. Huntsman or not, you held all the qualities of one" he mentally said.

Ironwood gave a small salute, despite not knowing this Jaune character for long, he could see the noblest qualities of a soldier, of a human within him.

Qrow raised his flask, taking a small sip. He had known too many people who held the same virtues who sacrificed themselves. "Summer…" he thought.

Outside, Yang and Raven saw the glow of Jaune's Hamon, and heard his desperate cry. Yang was in shock "Did you hear that? It sounded like Jaune screaming." Raven was fearful of what happened to her student. " Yes, I heard it. Oh, no. Jaune can't…."

The screen showed a large chunk of the ceiling falling slowly, as the light around Jaune also slowly faded away. The large stone fell onto Jaune's kneeling body, crushing him. The melody continuing to play, the soft chords repeating themselves.

Mercury stood silently, watching it all unfold. He noticed a red bubble at the end of the room, shining in the soft light of the sun, carrying an object within. "He made a bubble from his blood. He must have used every last bit of his Hamon to make it. Before he died, he saved it for his friends rather than using it to try and destroy me." Mercury stretched out his hand, wind spinning around it, preparing to destroy it, but instead, he put down his arm and walked away. "I'll let it go, but not because I'm sentimental about him. His talent as a fighter was undeniable. He has my deep respect as a fellow warrior. I will hold you and last moments we spent together forever in my memory, Jaune. . . A man as splendid and as fleeting as the bubbles he conjured" were the last words that Mercury spoke as exited the battlefield.

Mercury heard his counterpart, and watched in silence. He didn't feel much when seeing Jaune die, but the words spoken from this older version of himself, did connect with him. There was no sorrow or sadness for Jaune's death, but after seeing his determination and skills, he did hold slight respect for him. "A better death than assassination."

Cinder and Emerald watched on, not caring about the death of Jaune. They were surprised at the respect given from Mercury.

"I'm shocked that he didn't pop the bubble" Emerald said.

Cinder mused, "Mercury, obviously is a warrior, and holds a sense of honor for battle. That honor must be why he is so different."

Raven was impressed with this Jaune brat. "He made mistakes and let his pride be his downfall, but even still, he didn't quit until the last of his energy was gone. He went out like a true warrior. No begging or sobbing, he embraced his death. He knew the risks and went into battle anyway" she thought.

Yang and Raven entered inside, noticing all the damage done by Mercury and his Divine Sandstorm. Both noticed the bubble, and Yang slowly went out to touch it. As she touched the bubble, it sparked slightly. "Inside is Jaune's bandanna. Also a ring, Mercury's lip ring."

Yang grabbed the bubble with both hands, the Hamon within the bubble transferring to her, popping it and leaving only the ring and bandanna in her hands. She fell to her knees, her body shaking, as she spoke aloud. "You know, I haven't been able to bring myself to call his name since we made our way into this place." Soft music began to play again in the background, as Yang continued staring at her hands. "It's because I'm afraid there'll be no answer. If I came in here and cried out his name, there might not be any response in return. There might be nothing by a lifeless silence. That is what scares me. I couldn't accept it. So I didn't say his name." Deep and beautiful lyrics were sung, adding to the scene. Yang closed her hands, holding the bandanna and ring tight, and her face was full of rage and sadness. "But now I know he's gone. The Hamon contained in that bubble told me everything I needed to know. Right here, just a few moments ago, Jaune died."

Yang called out for Jaune, and began to dig through the rubble, the tears in her eyes being barely held back, "Jaune where are you! Where the hell are you sleeping? I'll find you, Jaune. I'll dig you up. Jaune!"

"Yang!" snapped Raven, as she stood tall. "This isn't the time to search or grieve. We have work to do. There are two of them and two of us. The numbers are balanced. They're even" she said as she put a cigarette in her mouth. She looked towards the staircase, "That trail of blood leading up the stairs, tells me that Jaune significantly wounded Mercury. We're in the middle of enemy territory. Let's go finish this fight."

Raven was glad to see that at the very least, her counterpart was keeping a cool head and was focused on the mission. "Emotional ties are for the weak. If the enemy is truly a threat to their survival, they should strike now. Not dig through rubble like a dog." She looked down at her daughter, and noticed great similarities in both versions. Both of them were far too emotional, becoming angry too fast, needing help when out of control.

Yang ignored the comment that her mother made, choosing to focus on the version of herself on the screen. "If that was Weiss or Blake, or Brothers forbid Ruby, I'd be way worse. I don't even know what I'd do in my grief" she thought.

Yang clenched her fist, angry at the fact that her teacher couldn't even shed a single tear for Jaune. However, she stood up and told her instead, "Coach Raven, your cigarette, it's backwards."

Raven slowly it out of her mouth, her body trembling a bit. The music continuing with the song in the background. Yang looked at her teacher, knowing that she has to keep a strong appearance. "I know that she wants to cry much more than I do. He treated her like a goddess, and knew her longer than I've known her. I have to try and hold my feelings back" she thought. Her fist closed once more around the bandanna, as she thought to herself, "Jaune, I know you always thought I was impulsive and self-centered, but sometimes I do understand the feelings of those around me. I might finally be learning." Yang said in a righteous fury, "I swear I will fight them both like the devil until there's nothing left of them. I'll avenge you, Jaune. Your spirit is with me."

Yang was sitting up completely straight, her eyes focused on the screen. While thoughts of her mother only briefly appeared within, she was more focused on how Jaune thought of her in this universe. And just how similar she was to her counterpart.

Blake put her hand on Yang's shoulder. "You're not like that. You do care and you do understand how others feel. That is an alternative version of yourself. It's not you."

Weiss turned to Yang. "Even though, you may be annoying at times, at times when we're all emotional, you know how to handle the situation."

Suddenly, the wood boards on one of the windows broke, letting in light that revealed blood, slowly coming from underneath the large almost cross like stone next to Yang and Raven. The music became louder and light was cast upon Yang who stood before the blood. "Blood. His blood. This is… where he fell. Jaune."

Raven's face slowly turned pale, and tears began to steadily flow. She fell to her knees, sobbing into her hands. Yang, shaking in grief, yelled out into the silence, "JAUNE!" as tears raced down her face, emotions let loose. She staggered, holding onto the stone cross, as she continued to yell out.

Ozpin's voice came on again, narrating the final bit. "They were deep in enemy territory. Cinder and Mercury were very nearby, but the two simply couldn't help themselves. Yang called out Jaune's name. Raven's tears flowed freely. But their heartbroken cries of grief were only answered by a cold silence. Jaune was gone. As they mourned him, they took solace in one simple fact." The camera now rested on Jaune's bandanna and the ring which lied upon the stone cross which was bathed in a soft glow of sunlight, the place of Jaune's grave. "Though his body had died, his soul would live on through them. Rest in peace, Jaune Arc." The screen slowly turned to black and the curtains were drawn, and the lights slowly came back on.

Everyone in the audience was affected by the moving scene they had witnessed. Not even Cinder or Raven could not deny the soft echo of sadness that was deep within them. For all had witnessed a true display of heroism, sacrifice, and loss, and each one alone touched the soul and moved hearts, but together, not even Ironwood's stoicism, Raven's ideology, Cinder's lust for power, or Qrow's pessimism could stop the emotions held deep within.

Pyrrha was now sobbing loudly, crying for her partner. "Jaune, oh Jaune. I'm sorry Jaune. So sorry."

Nora was crying almost as loud, holding Pyrrha, as they both cried for their friend together. "I didn't want another sad one. Why? Why is it so sad?"

Ren was keeping his hands on both of his teammates' shoulders. Normally he didn't cry, yet small tears fell down his face. A frown was on his face, showing just how emotional he was.

All of Team RWBY was crying as well. The scene had stirred such feelings of sadness and loss within them. Ruby was huddled in her cloak, wrapping it around her for protection. "Why? Why did the scene have to so sad? The music, the lighting, the emotions? I can't stop myself from crying."

Yang couldn't even imagine the pain that her counterpart was feeling in that scene. "Here I am crying, and I was only watching the scene. I don't want to know how that other me was feeling."

Blake took her partner's hands and squeezed them, trying to give her some support. "I'll be for you if ever do. I'll make sure of it."

Qrow wasn't crying, but he felt his age at that moment. The tiredness, the loss, the regrets were washing over him. "Me too, firecracker. I don't want you to feel that way either. It doesn't get any better over time," he muttered to himself.

Ozpin, Ironwood, and Glynda were thinking about moments when they felt the same way. Moments of loss that they could have prevented, sacrifices that were in vain, and other tragic moments within their lives.

Mercury and the villains felt the barest echo of sadness within them and were disgusted by it. How could they feel sadness? They were planning to take down Beacon, they couldn't start feeling sadness or pity now.

Cinder squashed the feeling with rage and refused to feel that feeling. The feeling of weakness. Of when she was abandoned.

Ozymandias looked around and saw the emotions were still high. "We'll take a small break before I show the next one. There is food and drinks to the side. Take your time." He went to go and find the next scene.

Team RWBY and JNPR sat together, helping Pyrrha, who was still crying.

Ruby looked around and saw the sadness on all of her friends faces and made a promise to herself, to never allow a friend to die, or for her friends to feel like this ever again.

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