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0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0

Kali, despite living in a place where temperature below 20*C was considered a myth, liked the snow, the small snowflakes that descended from the cloudy sky peacefully and even seeing the innocent youth playing around in it, making snow-angles, snow-men and having snow-ball fights.

She also enjoyed the perks of it being appropriate to enjoy some hot coco, sitting by a roaring fire with her family and snuggling in the warm clothes of sweaters and scarfs.

So when she had found a room that looked like a winter wonderland, with its own actual trees, a nearby lake that even had some wildlife treading or flying around, the Belladonna mother couldn't refuse, especially when a set of warm clothes and jacket appeared out of nowhere for her to use.

So that's where she was, taking a calm stroll through the land of white.

Kali then looked into the lake and was taken by its simple beauty, it was so clear, so transparent. Like no other collection water could compare.

As she stared at her own reflection, small ripples disrupted the flow of the lake, Kali looked up to see a deer drinking at the other end of it.

What was fascinating about this creature however, was that its fur was just as white as the snow that surrounded them, its horns could be mistaken for tree branches if not for the blue highlights that seemed to pulse lightly every now and then.

And its eyes. Instead of natural orbs of black, it was instead an electric blue to match the horns.

The deer looked up at Kali, matching her gaze as it took in her ears much like she did its unique features.

Kali slowly raised an open palm out towards the magnificent animal, wanting it to come closer, the deer stood still for a few seconds before it carefully lifted a leg forward, trying to sense some form of trap. When it found none, the deer let its hoof touch the ground before putting another leg forward.

Suddenly the deer stopped in its tracks, its head shooting up and looking side to side, its ears moving wildly.

Kali understood why, with her own set of ears, she too heard the snapping of a twig from behind the deer.

Kali slowly stood up but a panicked voice cried out.


Kali threw herself to the ground on her left as the deer moved suddenly to its own left, a THUNK was heard before the deer ran off in a random direction, away from Kali and into the forest.

Kali, still on the ground, moved her body so that she was resting on her behind and her hands keeping her balanced.

She looked to where she stood moments earlier and in its place was an arrow!

If Kali had to guess, had the deer not moved so quickly, the arrow would have been embedded into the back of its skull instead of the ground to her right.

Her heart was racing with adrenaline but frozen in shock.

Suddenly footsteps were heard heading towards her and fast.

From a gathering of rocks that were behind the deer, a young girl came from the gap, her breath showing in the cold air as she panted.

She saw the downed but uninjured woman and made her way to her, not caring that she soaked her legs in the cold lake as she made a small splash in it.

She kneeled down beside Kali and her eyes were roaming the Faunus' form as she checked for any injuries.

"Oh Gods, I'm so sorry! I- I didn't mean to, I was just aiming for the deer and then it moved- I- I didn't see you in front of it!" the young girl rambled as she apologised.

Kali took a second to collect herself and shook her head "I-im fine, it's okay. Your very, very sharp arrow didn't hit me. "Kali said with a shaky voice, looking to the arrow as she mentioned it.

The girl helped the mother up, which surprised Kali with how little effort the young girl seemingly used.

"I'm sorry." She repeated.

Before Kali could calm her down, a voice broke out.


From the same rock formation, came a man, wait. Wasn't that one of Blake's friends? Jaune? But he looked different.

Instead of the armour that covered his arms, chest and torso, he wore a thick leather pauldron with bearskin covering his back, which was held in place by a thick belt strap that wrapped around his torso. Gone were his white and gold gauntlets but now wrists wrappings with dried up bloodied stains on them, his left arm adorned with a circular shield of gold, he finished the look with black, stitched pants and thick heavy boots.

His build was different as well, more muscular and a large stab wound on his stomach that had become a large, faded scar under the test of time with stitching holding the flesh together.

He even had a thick beard and a strange red tattoo painted in a spiral which started on his shoulder and finished down his head, past his eye and to his cheek.

"Father!" the girl said as he approached the two.

"What happened." his voice reminded Kali of her husbands, full of authority but a touch of concern hidden away.

"I was aiming for the deer, by the time I let go of the bowstring I noticed the lady but it was too late to stop it, I yelled out for her to move so luckily she's alright." The girl said quickly, both adults barely keeping up with her.

"Jaune" looked at Kali "I apologise. You are unharmed?" he asked her. Even his voice was different. Deeper and more rough.

"Yes, im fine. I was just about to explain to your daughter that it was just an accident, which thankfully, no one was hurt from." She said as she sent a kind smile to the young girl.

"Jaune" nodded before turning "Then we can continue." He said as he picked up the arrow and moved towards where the deer ran off to.

"But father, shouldn't we-."

"She claims to be without injury, you have apologised and the situation was been handled. We have a deer to hunt. Come" He ordered as he kept on moving, not turning to look at his little girl while he said that.

Before he could disappear, Kali stopped him. "Wait, wait, wait." She moved in front of him. "You're name wouldn't happen to be Jaune? Would it?"

This stopped the man in his tracks as he looked her in the eyes, his own narrowed in suspicion as his hand rested on the. Okay he had an axe, a rather intimidating one at that. How had she not noticed that earlier?

"How do you know that name." his tone made her Faunus instincts start screaming "Danger!" as if the axe hadn't already. He was not someone to be messed with, and here was Kali, pushing a big red button.

"Oh it's just that I was watching that thing! About you and your friends!" she quickly assured him, not wanting to be on the wrong end of that menacing looking axe. Did she mention the axe?

"Hold on father. She may be from one of those different worlds that guy was talking about! The one that brought us here." The girl deduced.

"That's the one!" Kali agreed as Jaune allowed his hand to drop from the axe.

"Did you say this bundle of joy had friends?" another voice asked. Kali looked around, trying to locate the voice but strangely it came from Jaune.

"Aye love, down here!" the voice called with a whistle following.

Kali followed the directions and was no staring at Jaune's waist.

You see, what with the near death experience of the arrow, the sharp axe and now the sight of a decapitated yet talking head of an old man with goat horns on his fore head. This lead to Kali doing the only appropriate thing.

Which was fainting.

0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0

Ruby was busy gushing over the weapons Jaune, or as he preferred "Doom Slayer", had laid out before her. Seriously! Plasma rifles! Heavy machine guns with rocket projectiles! A shotgun with interchangeable barrels! A gun that was literally called the "BIG FUCKING GUN 9000"!

The young rose was in gun heaven but something caught her eye, she saw a flash of red hair walk past the door to the forge.

Ruby wanted to stay with these creations of a gun Deity but something told her to go for that flash of red.

Managing to pull herself away from the guns, Ruby leaned out from the door frame and peered out, the same flash of red just turned out of sight from behind a corner, so Ruby followed on.

Ruby managed to catch up to the mystery person and saw that it was Pyrrha!

"Pyrrha!" Ruby called as she rushed towards the Spartan.

Pyrrha was trapped in her own mind as she walked aimlessly through the halls.

Being revived to witness the man she loves in different worlds and seeing him either fight other worldly beings or slaughter men of militaries, even one world in which he is married to the monster that killed her!

It was too much for her to handle.

She was startled from her thoughts when a voice she remembered all too well called to her.


Said girl spun toward to on coming reaper and nearly fell from the hug that followed. Despite the ambush of affection, Pyrrha smiled and hugged her dear friend back. Tears stung her eyes for a second before she managed to school her features and look at her fellow huntress who had no reservations about letting her own tears loose.

"P-Pyrrha! Im… im…!" that was as far as she got before she was pulled into another hug.

"Don't you dare apologise." Ruby froze at the quiet order from Pyrrha. "None of what happened was your fault. Do you understand me? You did your best and you took care of Jaune when i… when I failed. For that I am forever grateful." The red head assured Ruby.

"But if I was quicker! If I had-!"

"If you had been quicker than your team would have lost their leader and Jaune would have lost two people he cherished. You're stronger Ruby. Stronger than you can imagine, but Cinder would have over powered both of us. It was my own arrogance that cost me my life."

Ruby sniffled some before speaking once more. "You're wrong about Jaune. I didn't help him, I just watched from the side while he was hurting, I didn't know how to help him." she sobbed.

Pyrrha stroked the younger girl's hair. "No ruby, you did do something, you gave him a purpose, Jaune is the kind of person that will drop everything he's doing to help a friend, and when you moved forward, determined to get to Mistral, Jaune saw this and followed you. If not then Jaune may have been completely swallowed by the darkness that he faces. You were the light he needed. And still needs."

Pyrrha felt the usually chipper Goth tighten her hold on her and done the same.

The duo stayed like this for Gods know how long.

"Come now." Pyrrha finally broke from the hold as she looked into the silver orb of Ruby Rose.

"I believe there is a training room somewhere nearby and I think we both need to let out some stress." This made the reaper smile as both headed for said room.

0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0

Later, everyone, despite being in separate locations, here Con' on throughout his home world.

"Can all viewing guests please return to the theatre?" He asked. His voice echoing out loud.

Everybody gradually found themselves back to the viewing room at different times.

Salem pretended not to notice, less she draw unnecessary attention to herself and her subordinates but she noticed that Cinder seemed to be sitting a bit further away from her, not the entire group of her inner circle but still a few seats between the Grimm queen and the maiden, using Emerald, Mercury, the ginger and mute to take up those seats. This was not a good sign, was her dark Maiden keeping away from her? Was it because of the boy? This will not do, especially if Ozpin clocked onto that himself.

Ghira had sat back down beside his daughter but looked around. "Where is Kali?" he wondered out loud. Blake, hearing this, started to look around herself.

"Here." A voice spoke to the pair.

Both turned and saw the same Jaune who Kali had found in the winter wonderland, they reacted negatively, reason was because Kali was unconscious in his arms.


"Kali!" both husband and daughter shouted at the sight of her.

The panther Faunus quickly scooped up his wife into his own arms. Kali seemed to have some consciousness to her as she snuggled into his arms with a smile once she felt the familiar hold of her Ghira.

"What happened? What did you do?!" now Ghira is a peacekeeper, he doesn't like to use violence unless absolutely necessary, but with some random guy holding his knocked out wife, his Kali? All bets were off.

This alternate Jaune didn't seem too fazed. "Nothing, it was the woman who collapsed when the head spoke to her." He explained like he was discussing the weather.

"What head?" Blake asked.

"Down here lass." A second voice spoke. Both Faunus looked to see a handing head attached to the other Jaune's belt.

Ghira had wide eyes while Blake nearly threw up at the sight.

The head seemed offended. "Oi! I'm not that ugly, if anything I could charm the nickers off a Valkyrie even without ma body."

All were interrupted when Kali started to groan and her eyes open slowly. "G-Ghira?" she asked.

"Don't worry dear, I have you." He calmly walked to their seats and gently sat her down.

"Oh honey. It was so strange, I remember being in some snowy area, a dear with white fur, an arrow, an axe, a very, very sharp axe at that, and a talking head."

"Let's just not think about that dear."

As everyone was seated, Con' made his appearance.

"So, onto the next viewing shall we?" Con said as he turned to the portal but he then overheard Clover speak.

"Harriet, you okay?" He turned to look at the speedster and saw her puling a face.

"Is something the matter Miss Bree?"

She was silent, seemingly trying to figure out what to say. "It's just, why are we here?"

Marrow snorted. "Losing your memory Har'? We're here to watch worlds based on Jack."

"Okay we both know that was intentional." Jaune deadpanned.

"Not that, why are we watching these, from what you said, these are alternate realities, for all we know this kid could die in just a few days' time or get an injury that stops him from fighting and just have no effect on our lives at all." Harriet explained.

"Excuse you?" Pyrrha stood up along with Ren and Nora, all three sharing similar dark looks at the Ace member as Jaune tried to calm them down.

Harriet wasn't deterred. "I'm being realistic, none of these worlds could have any real connection to ours besides the people in them and I don't see the point in watching them. Also this isn't some happy fairy tale world where everyone makes it out okay, he can die and no offense, you're proof of that."

Jaune suddenly stopped trying to calm his team down and looked at Harriet. "You want to repeat that."

Clover could see where this was going. "Harriet enough." He ordered.

"No, no. if she has something to say." Jaune didn't mind when others talked about him but involve his team, involve Pyrrha? That's a line crossed.

Harriet, being goaded, decided to fire back. "What kid, you think you can even touch me?" she stood up. Clover got up and put his hand on her shoulder, the rest of the Ace ops stood as well, Marrow to restrain her. Elm got up to show support for her friend whilst Vine was a combination of the two, willing to try and resolve the situation but will help his team mate if necessary.

"Oh I know you can beat me. Just know you're gonna lose some teeth doing it." Jaune glared back.

Mercury snickered. "Screw the portal, the entertainment's right here."

Ironwood had enough. "Bree, stand down this instant." Harriet did so without question. The general then turned to the younger hunter. "Mr Arc, now is not the time for this, calm down now." Jaune threw a glare at the Ace op before turning to the General and nodded with a hard look.

Qrow spoke towards his friend. "Was expecting you to jump in Oz'."

Ozpin looked back at his comrade before turning away. "Forgive me but I was more interested as to why our host is silent when he usually deals with disputes." The audience turned to the still god as he seemed to be pondering something.

"Hmm." He then turned to his captives (Let's be honest that's what they are.) "Change of plans children, Speedy Gonzales just gave me an idea. She's right, so why not watch and learn what your Jaune Arc can do. The following universe will be showing bits of Jaune's past, present and future though only as far as im allowed to see, even I have limits as to how far I can go."

"Wait, so this world is going to be ours?" Roman said with a puff from his cigar, thankfully the smoke was filtered so that it didn't bother anyone, especially baby Adrian.

"How far into the future." Ozpin asked, wanting an advantage though deflated as he realised Salem would see the same things, evening the playing field.

"How far into the past exactly?" Jaune cringed at the thought of his childhood while Saphron snickered, as if she knew what he was afraid of revealing.

Constellation answered. "From say the beginning of Beacon and a few months after the time in which I pulled you all from." Making Jaune sigh in relief.

"What exactly are we watching?" Hazel crossed his giant arms as he awaited.

"Well. In my opinion, the best way to get to know someone is in a fight. Whether you watch it or be a part of it and what better fight to watch than a death battle."

The portal swirled to life.


The portal started off with two walls coming together with the words 'DEATH' on one and the other 'BATTLE', chains swung from the air, bloodied and clashing with one another as razor sharp spikes filled the bottom of the screen and a fire off screen lit up the crimson screen.

"Oh that seems pleasant." Weiss snorted.

"Pleasant? Try badass and awesome!" Yang hyped it up as Weiss could only roll her eyes.

"Seems barbaric." Whitely was not amused.

Wiz: "Being the saviour of the world is a tough job and the only the best of the best are suited for that title."

Boomstick: "these two aren't really what I'd call the best, at least at the beginning but they've totally proven me wrong."

Wiz: "Jaune Arc, leader of team JNPR and huntsman of Remnant."

A picture of Jaune during volume 7 is shown with the title JAUNE ARC

Boomstick: "and Agent Washington, leader of the reds and blues and freelancer agent."

The same is done for Wash with the title AGENT WASHINGTON

Boomstick: "He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick."

Wiz: "and it's our job to analyse their weapons, armour and skill to find out who would win a DEATHBATTLE!"

A small teaser of the fight to come is shown before being cut off by two metal doors slamming together.

Wiz: "We've gone over similar fighters from Remnant and its history before."

Boomstick: "But we've decided to give you a refresher, this world is full of nasty beasts of the dark, called the Grimm and ain't no normal military can stop them. That's where Hunters step in. Yeah! When there's something Grimm!… in the kingdom!... Who you gonna call? GRIMM HUNTERS!"

Wiz: "like all living things in Remnant, humans and Faunus have what is called Aura to fight back against the soulless creatures of Grimm. But just having Aura isn't enough."

Boomstick: "You have to be the most badass and capable fighters if you want to be a huntsman or huntress. And that is what the Arc family is known for producing and the Arc to carry on this tradition is non-other than Jaune Arc. But he's not exactly what you'd expect."


-Full name: Jaune Miles Arc.

-height: 6'1"/185.42 cm

-age: 19

-Homeland: unknown.

-Seven sisters.

-Leader of team JNPR

-Official Huntsman

"Seven sisters?!" many of the younger audience exclaimed as they swerved towards Jaune who just nodded.

"Dude, do your parents have any other hobbies?" Neptune asked as sun laughed.

"Seven? I can hardly deal with one." Qrow downed his drink as Raven gave him the finger.

"How did you survive?" Whitely asked.

"I can be very annoying." Jaune said proudly before he curled up into a shivering mess as his pupils dilated like that of a cats. "It was my only way of survival." He whispered.

"We weren't that bad." Saphron denied.

"I was your walking-talking doll and the walking-talking were sometimes restricted." Jaune huffed.

"If you didn't move and complain as much you would be allowed to be a walking-talking doll." She teased back.

"Is that why you can pull off a dress better than some of the girls back at Beacon?" Yang stroked the fire.

Oscar snorted. "What?" Jaune playfully glared at his friends who muffled their laughter and failed. "Oh please, you were just jealous I had a better chest to show off." He shot back.

"Really VB?" yang then gestured to her 'girls' "Better than this." He avoided looking at the compelling view. She had won this round.

Wiz: "Jaune arc was the last person anyone would expect to become a protector of Remnant. Born into a family of hero's Jaune always thought that he had a lot to live up to, especially since his father was a famous and powerful Huntsman while his grandfather fought in the Great War."

Weiss could relate, knowing what it was like growing up with expectations from others.

Boomstick: "Jaune grew up hearing the stories of the feats of many Arcs before him and wanted to follow in the family footsteps but dear old dad decided that wouldn't be the case and refused to train him. Damn and I thought my dad was a jerk, well I think was if he was around. But seriously I feel for the kid, it's like telling me about the greatest beer in the world and not letting me have any."

"Wait if he wasn't trained by his family then did he go to a school like signal?" Taiyang asked.

"I don't think that's the case, why send him to a hunting school if they don't want him to be one in the first place?" Willow said.

Jaune and students that knew of his transcripts were silently sweating on the blonds behalf. Pyrrha avoided eye contact while Ruby awkwardly coughed.

"Kid could have just learnt by himself, I know I did with Raven." Qrow mused.

Glynda gave Ozpin a look to which he looked back and in his eyes he said 'was the outcome at all negative?' Glynda turned away with a huff.

Wiz: "however Jaune's obsession with being a hero lead him to doing something very drastic and well, something I'd have to give him credit for."

Roman's eye widened as he smirked "No fucking way."

Boomstick: "Jauney boy faked his transcripts to attend a school of asskicking! A school known as… PROFESSOR XAVIER'S SCHOOL OF-!"

Wiz: "Beacon academy."

Boomstick: "Aww."

"WHAT!?" was the majority outcry from the audience. Roman only laughing as his thoughts were proven true.

"Oh crap." Jaune muttered.

"Faked transcripts?!" Ironwood yelled.

Clover looked at the teenager. "You do know that's cause for arrest right?" falsifying transcripts to get into hunter academies was seen as a serious crime, it could mean the difference between life and death and not always towards the offender.

Nora was the first to Jaune's defence. "Look, we all understand that this looks bad…"

"Looks bad? It is bad! And he's your leader, his decision could get you and others killed!" Harriet was flabbergasted by the lack of reaction. "And you knew about this?" now the whole of team JNPR could be arrested for hiding something this serious. Mistral certainly won't be happy with their "Goddess of victory" being behind bars.

"Ozpin did you know of this?" James asked his friend. Did Ozpin really allow someone without the necessary training into what was seen as the best academy, he knew that the Arc was lacking in fighting capabilities but not a lack of previous learning. What next? He was hiding a former terrorist or someone that destroys midnight clubs?

"James, we both know how long I've been alive, do you really think I wouldn't recognise forgery when I see it?"

"And you're acting like this is no big deal?!" the general was now livid by the casual reply.

"I'm acting like this because I know what I done and because I saw something within Mr Arc, you and I both know of the Arc family's history of warriors. Having that talent and potential on our side was and still is a good decision, even if Mr Arc is behind his peers, and with this… 'Death battle' we can find out more about said potential." The wizard answered with a calm yet confident voice, not at all regretting said decision.

Winter noticed how quiet her sister was, even if her attitude had improved, she would still have something to say about such actions from the Arc. Unless… "Sister, did you also know about this?"

"…Well… yes I did." She huffed out when she couldn't come up with anything else.

"And why did you not report this?"

"Because we asked her not to." Winter looked at Pyrrha.

"We? Not him?" Winter gestured to Jaune who was only looking at the portal, not facing anyone.

"On the contrary Winter, it was he who told us his secret and even said that we could report him if we wished, it was his team mates that begged us to give him a chance."

"And why does that hold any significance?"

"While Nora does seem to be the kind that would be okay with this, it was Pyrrha's and Ren's judgment I believed, while Pyrrha's is somewhat… biased, Ren knew that he and his partner Nora were also at risk and still gave him a chance." Weiss at first didn't like it, even felt betrayed when Ruby, Blake and Yang accepted Jaune without issue, but when Blake's past came to light, it became easier to understand. Yang's reasoning was simple. "Kinda badass and he survived the initiation, gotta give him credit there."

"Glynda please tell me you didn't know." Ironwood pleaded.

"I did at first have reservations about this." Ironwood silently cursed. "But as time went on I saw him grow, his fighting style, his temperament, drive and knowledge improving far more than a few students that entered legally, not letting himself become arrogant or over confident. Did I treat him harshly? Yes. Did he earn his place at Beacon? Certainly. Would I do it again? Without a doubt."

The other Beacon staff chipped in. "His academics were certainly lacking but he is intelligent, just needed a better understanding and his grades did improve greatly once he knew what he was doing, getting higher marks in written work and theory." Oobleck shot out quickly as Port nodded in agreement.

"He's even one of the few that gets the hidden meaning and lesson in each of my tales and classes. Staying back and asking if his assumptions were correct."

"You see James, while what he did was outside the confines of the law, he has yet to let me down."

Ironwood opened his mouth to argue but was interrupted. "Perhaps we should continue the viewing and see for ourselves." Ghira attempted to sooth, knowing that it would only go around in circles.

Kali nodded "We have the means to do so and besides, it's too late to take any kind of action ever since Beacon fell."

At this, the commotion stopped though some sent glances at Jaune who only ignored it, though in his mind, he kept only repeating one thing.

'They should have exposed me, maybe then Pyrrha would have gotten someone better and would have saved her!'

Wiz: "Since Jaune had received no real training before, life at Beacon was a bit rough. He was bullied since the moment he arrived, but his desire for being a hero and helping others made him put up with the constant torture from his peers. Particularly Cardin Winchester."

Boomstick: "Who is your typical douche bag jock. Though one student decided to help the poor bastard out and who better to train him than Pyrrha Nikos herself? Who was the best fighter and student of Beacon and just so happened to be his teammate and partner. She also had a major crush on the guy."

Pyrrha blushed at that.

Wiz: "while Jaune did refuse at first due to his pride, he did go back to her after getting an eye opener and decided that just being an Arc wouldn't cut it."


Wiz: "Jaune was a goofy, optimistic and all-around friendly person. He treats everyone equally and had no problem expressing himself to strangers and bonds with others easily."

Boomstick: "he also has some hard core loyalty for his friends and team. Once when Cardin found out about Jaune's lack of training, he black mailed him into being his errand boy and ordered Jaune to pull a dangerous prank on his teammates but Jaune refused, despite his dreams of being a huntsman were on the line."

*Clip of Jaune standing up against Cardin* "I don't care what you do to me… but you are not messing with my team."

RWBY and NPR smiled at the blushing Jaune "Oh come on, I'm sure you would have done the same."

Kali smiled to her husband "It seems like our kitten has some good friends."

Wiz: "though despite the rigorous training, the mind straining lessons and the hard life Beacon tried to prepare him for, nothing would ever prepare him for the greatest tragedy he's experienced."

The former Beacon students and staff's eyes widened, knowing what they meant.

*Pyrrha's death at the hand of Cinder*

Jaune clenched his fists till blood leaked as his nails dug into his skin and hit teeth nearly cracked from the pressure they were under. 'It's my fault, my fault.'

Pyrrha didn't know how to react, seeing her death from a different perspective was mind boggling.

Ruby shut her eyes as her eyes flashed briefly, even with that talk with Pyrrha earlier, it still hurt. Summer held her daughter as she saw this and Nora practically moulded to Ren's side as she looked away. Yang, Blake, Weiss, Coco, Velvet, Sun and Neptune held their heads down, a moment of silence for the loss of a good person, amazing fighter and great friend. Others done the same. Cinder would normally have relished in the victory against the "Invincible champion" but this time it just felt off, damn did that previous world affect her so much? Not to mention her talk with her alternate self.

It was frustrating what she was going through, throughout her life, she learnt that hesitation and sympathy was a weakness and now that weakness was affecting her.

Boomstick: "oh that is harsh, what makes it worse is that Pyrrha confessed to the guy, kissed him and sent him away through a rocket propelled locker. Some serious counselling is probably needed."

Wiz: "After this Jaune changed, he became somewhat cynical, being angry at the likes of Ozpin and Qrow, even accusing Ruby's uncle for using her as bait despite trying to justify Cardin during Beacon. He blames himself for not being able to save Pyrrha which has led him to grieving only when he is alone and training late at night to recording of his late partner. This had caused a sense of regret and hatred to not only Cinder but also himself."

*Clip of Jaune listening to Pyrrha's video*

Pyrrha watched closely as she saw what Jaune was doing to himself, yes she had made those videos to help him should she not be there to help him train but… not like this. This wasn't training, this was just torture.

Pyrrha was seeing the deeper affects her death had on Jaune. 'What have I done? I didn't want any of this'. Had she thought this through then Jaune would never have gone through such pain.

After Ozpin had offered her the opportunity or curse now, to become to next Fall Maiden due to her strength and skill, Pyrrha had believed that it was her destiny, Cinder taking the powers was only a test of that path on destiny, she had believed that she was meant to fight and beat Cinder to become the next Maiden.

Maybe it was her not truly knowing what a Maiden could do, maybe it was her own ego, even Ozpin failed to stop Cinder, what made her thing she could beat the agent of Salem? Her status as the Invincible Girl? Goddess of Victory?

Pyrrha now knew that it was her fault that she had lost to Cinder which led to her team and partner going down a dark path, but now she would do whatever she could to fix that.

First thing was to get rid of that video and talk with Jaune.

Boomstick: "though after some needed talking to with his other teammates he began to heal. D'aww that's nice."


Crocea Mors

Sword and shield.

Can merge the two to make great sword

Holds gravity dust

Can create hard-light shield.

Body armour.

Boomstick: "now that we got the mushy stuff outta the way, show me what he's got! One thing I like about Remnant is that every weapon is a gun! It's paradise."

"Oh yeah because having soulless monsters at our walls is paradise." Whitely snorted.

Wiz: "well not every weapon, Jaune's being one of them."

Boomstick: "Aw what!? Well what does he use?"

Wiz: "Jaune wields a sword and shield which has been passed down from warrior to warrior in his family, this sword is known as Crocea Mors."

Boomstick: "seriously? Just a sword and shield? Lame."

"Hey." Jaune said slightly offended.

Clover thought about his own weapon but knew he would never change it for the world, it had saved him more times than he could count.

Wiz: "wait a second boomstick as this isn't just some old sword, while true at first glance this sword isn't all that impressive compared to others it has gotten Jaune out of some of the toughest situations before."

Boomstick: "wait, you said this thing's been passed down for generations but it kinda looks new, man they must take good care of it."

Wiz: "well this is where it becomes interesting, you see the metal and materials of Crocea Mors has never needed a toon up or fixing, it's never even needed sharpening."

Some of the people who wielded weapons couldn't help but feel just a tad bit jealous, a weapon that didn't need constant maintenance and worked just fine? Ruby loves her baby Crescent Rose but she would love to find a material that didn't chip or crack.

Boomstick: "what? But it's like, super old right? Then again I guess that explains why Jaune likes it so much. It's strong enough to slice through all kinds of Grimm in just one strike and the shield doubles as a sheath so Jaune is never without either of the two but Jaune decided it was time for an upgrade."

Wiz: "he can use his shield in its sheath mode and add his sword to it to transform his weapon into a great sword, increasing its size, strength and damage capabilities though does sacrifice defence but after being accepted into Atlas he was given more upgrades."

"Accepted into Atlas?" Seinna questioned.

"I doubt it was to learn like other students." Ilia mused.

'They must have acquired a relic or gone looking for the relic in Atlas if that's the case, and if so, I would most definitely accept them into our ranks' Ironwood thought.

Boomstick: "His shield can now increase its defences by its hard light projection and has gravity dust added to the mix. But even before these add-on's, Crocea Mors has stopped a deathstalker stinger, hold up against major Ursa, block fire balls from Manticore and maidens alike. He can even use said shield to make shock waves to disorientate his foes, leaving them open to attack. While it can't turn into a gun, I'd happily kill my enemies with this."

"Guess Jaune got with the times with that old thing." Coco smiled.

"And despite its history and years of use, it seems to be in top condition." Velvet followed up, wanting to snap a picture of it.

"I wonder if I can find something like that for Crescent Rose." Ruby already had ideas on how to improve her weapon and to ask Jaune if she could analyse his weapon, that or borrow it without his knowledge. (Word of the day children is: stealing)


-Enhanced strength.

-Enhanced speed.

-Exceptional tactician.

-Enhanced durability

-Can learn things faster than others.

*clips of Jaune fighting Grimm, head butting Ursa and fighting Geist and Nuckelavee*

"Wait hold up!" Nora made an X with her arms.

"Did he just?" Sun began

"Head butt an Ursa?" Neptune finished.

"He didn't just head butt it, he full bodied it!" Yang laughed.

"Talk about using your head in a fight." Taiyang snorted.

"Ah yes! It reminds me of the time…" Port was thankfully cut off as the portal started back up, making him huff while Oobleck comforted his friend as other sigh in relief.

Wiz: "Jaune is a tactician and a fairly good one at that, he can come up with plans on how to defeat his enemies just by analysing the situation he's in. This has helped him and his team fight against Grimm in which they had never fought before such as the Geist and Nuckelavee. While Ruby was the leader of team RNJR during their time traveling to mistral she did leave to planning to Jaune."

"That actually answers one of my questions." Weiss spoke and explained as others looked at her. "Well I wondered who the leader of… RNJR was, no point having two leaders for such a small team."

"Yeah, since it was only Ruby and still the majority of JNPR I'd figured Jaune would be the leader." Yang couldn't help but wonder.

"Well after Beacon, Jaune thought it be best of he stepped down for a while and it was Ruby's idea to head to Mistral, we just followed her." Ren explained. Though true, Ruby was the leader of the group, Ren just couldn't help but think that she wouldn't never be his leader, it wasn't distrust or lack of respect mind you, but Jaune knew Ren far more and was like the brother that neither had.

Boomstick: "especially since he coordinated an attack against a rampaging deathstalker with a couple of strangers and came out alive during the Beacon initiation. As time went on Jaune actually became better and better in a short amount of time, thanks to his fighting heritage which allows him to learn moves and techniques faster than most people."

"Is that really a thing?" Terra asked.

"It's not unheard of." Raven answered, the Branwen tribe had her family be a part of it for quite some time and they had to become fighters to survive and earn their place. Raven and Qrow were the same in that regard.

Wiz: "and if you think faking transcripts was the worst thing he's done then you'd be wrong. After encountering an Atlas outpost they were denied access to Atlas."

Boomstick: "and so Jaune came up with a plan so crazy… it might just work."

"What is it?" Harriet narrowed her eyes at this.

"Well, let's hear it." Ruby encourages Jaune.

"With Cordo on watch, only Atlas airships have the clearance to leave for Solitas. So, we… steal an Atlas airship?" Jaune suggests to the others.

Suddenly laughter broke the silence as Roman dropped from his chair and clutched his stomach as Neo silently laughed with him with Vernal joining in.

"Fu- haha. Fucki-hahah! FUCKING WHAT?! HAHAHAHAHA!" the stylish criminal was loving this. "Kid. If being a huntsman ever gets boring for you, feel free to call me or Neo up. Oh boy." He continued to chuckle at this.

Ironwood didn't find it so funny. "Steal Atlas property?!" He sent a glare at the Arc son who refused to look at what he'd consider an agent of death itself.

Ruby stepped in "Well, we haven't done that yet." Roman cut her off.

"YET! AHAHAHAH!" Ruby sent a quick glare at the ginger.

Boomstick: "he planned to steal a military Bird! My respect for him just shot up."

"Same." 3 guesses on who that was.

Wiz: "and his plan would have succeeded if it wasn't for the interference by Adam Taurus who was after Blake."

Ghira, Kali, Sun, Yang and Ilia shivered at the thought of such a confrontation between the two. Each levelling the bull headed young man a death glare that said 'stay away from her!' Adam hated the irony that he basically helped Atlas in a sense.

Boomstick: "which then led to them fighting a goddamn Jaeger."

Ironwood was getting a migraine at this point. He knew Cordo was rash and quick to show power against enemy forces but this was excessive, especially by using Atlas technology that was only designed to fight Grimm.

Wiz: "He's improved so much that he can take on the likes of team FNKI who managed to be a match for team RWBY during the VYTAL festival."

Wiz: "while he did rely on his brains more than his brawns he has sought to balance this."

Boomstick: "and boy did he? When Oscar had joined team RNJR, Ozpin taught some basic hand to hand combat to the students, he's strong enough to carry fully grown people with just one arm and launch them into the air and even if that isn't impressive enough he managed to stop a charging Nuckelavee (which enjoys building smashing as a hobby) in its tracks and held the weight of it for 11 seconds straight. A Nuckelavee, which is basically a giant fucking horse! Hot damn!"

Wiz: "a regular horse weighs about 1524 kilograms and the Nuckelavee is around 2 times that size, not to mention the… thing on its back and the added weapons that's been stabbed into it. Stopping its charge in its track is impressive due to the facts that it's also twice as fast as a regular horse which can reach 88km/h or 55 mph. Double its size, that's 3048 kilograms in weight and in speed that's 109 mph!"

"No wonder Nora called him 'Mr Muscles'." Yang laughed as Nora nodded proudly.

Boomstick: "Holy shit! Though he is only the 3rd strongest, behind the likes of Yang Xiao-Long and Nora Valkyrie, but with those two, ya gotta be happy even being compared to them. He's fast enough to dodge fast moving boulders and evaded a Nuckelavee arm that was headed straight for him. All that strength and speed but what about his durability?"

Wiz: "if not the strongest or fastest, Jaune does hold the title of most durable. He can take hits from the strongest of Grimm and fighters in remnant such as Yang and even Cinder fall. He even took a hit from a mech the size of a small mountain. All this is thanks to his aura. Which can increase a person's strength and speed."

Boomstick: "unlike others, Jaune had tons and tons of aura and can even do more thanks to his semblance."

This made Jaune perk up. "My what?" others from Beacon also leaned in, the others of team JNPR being the most attentive. This is something they had been trying to help Jaune with the most and had been on edge whenever it felt like he was close to achieving it. Jaune was now grinning ear to ear in anticipation.


Wiz: "for most, discovering ones semblance is often a joyful moment and something to be proud of but for Jaune, he found is in the most horrifying moments of his life."

The smile now dropped. "What does he mean?" Jaune shuddered at the possibilities.

"May be a shitty semblance." Mercury snorted.

"Oh shit!" Con' muttered then teleported in front of the Arc who was taken back by the action but he suddenly slumped in his seat, making the others fret over him.

"What did you do?" Yang stood up with red eyes as Pyrrha and Ruby tended to the unconscious blond.

"I believe that this is for the best with what's to come." Was all the god gave as he floated away.

It showed Cinder in all her over confident glory as a smile graced her half charred face, she lifted her undamaged arm and in a fiery flash of orange light, a spear of obsidian and embers appeared in her grasp.

Jaune was on the ground as he propped himself up and horrified realisation struck him. "No!"

"What is she doing?" Weiss felt a shiver shoot up her spine.

"That's not the question dear." Tyrian tittered.

"Then what is!?" Ruby demanded.

He smiled sinisterly before replying. "Who is she aiming at?"

Cinder walked forward slowly as the spear lay comfortably in her hand.

Jaune let out a cry. "NOOOO!" But it was useless.

Cinder smirked and let the weapon fly away.

Weiss was shown in a tired state, then her eyes widened in pain as she let out a gasp of agony, she looked down to see the dreadful weapon had pierced her body. Her side screaming in pain as she collapsed.

"NO!" Ruby clamped around Weiss as tears leaked from her eyes, her orbs flashing violently. Weiss could do nothing but hold her for dear life as she watched her counterpart- no. Her future self… die.

Yang and Blake joined the two, both not believing what they were witnessing.

Winter shot to her sister's side as Whitely stilled. His sister… killed? No it wasn't right, it wasn't real. He would wake up in a cold sweat any second now. Unfortunately no such thing happened. Willow screamed in despair, seeing her little girl be butchered like that, she may never get the chance to re connect with her, she never did connect with her dammit! Always being comforted by a glass full of wine and her own self-pity as her children grew up without a mother.

Jacques didn't know how to act, he had never had to deal with something like this and even with the knowledge of Weiss attending a combat school and looking into a career of killing monsters, he never registered that this could be a possibility, that he may one day be called from the luxury of his mansion to identify his daughters corpses. He simply shut down.

Adam smiled cruelly at the anguish the Schnee's were feeling, relishing the little victory for Faunus kind.

Ruby was about to use her semblance at Cinder but was held by her own mother as she struggled endlessly, Yang and Blake were about to join the fray if it wasn't for the efforts of their respective fathers stopping them, but even with their greater strengths, it was like holding back a starving tiger from a steak.

"Let go of me, dad!" Yang's eyes now shone crimson as her hair exploded in a fiery mess. Her semblance acting up to fight off her father.

Winter wanted nothing more than to skewer her sister's murderer but knew Weiss needed her more.

"CALM DOWN! NOW!" Con's bellowed, his own power magnifying his voice like a shockwave.

"We're just meant to let to go!?" Yang shouted as she faced her crimson orbs at the entity now who was unaffected.

"You need to calm down and watch what happens next." Con' ordered.

Ren remember what Wiz was saying. "He's right." His friends turned to him, feeling like Ren was betraying them. "Jaune's semblance is about to be shown, for all we know, this could save Weiss!" he justified his calmness.

This seemed to help quell the fire in the Red, Blake and Yellow members of RWBY but it still burned bright as each levelled a death glare at Cinder.

It seemed like Jaune being knocked out was a good thing, one could only imagine how he'd react.

Jaune was seen tending to the downed Schnee as he put pressure against the wound as Ren held her hand, checking her pulse as it grew weaker and weaker. "She's hardly breathing. i… I don't know what we can do." He could only look down at Weiss' pain filled face as every take of breath seemed to hurt her more.

Jaune shook his head in denial. "No! It wasn't supposed to be like this!" he sobbed as he begged Weiss "Please! We can't lose anyone else." It seemed like all hope was lost for Weiss and the fight, but in moments of darkness, when all hope is gone and will is drained, a light shall always break through that darkness. That light seemed to come from Jaune's hands.

Pure white Aura seemed to dance across Weiss' body, like a pool of water began to fill up within her, she let out a gasp as she finally started breathing once more…

"You guys doing okay?" it time skipped to Nora standing guard of the two as Jaune continued to heal Weiss.

"I think so." Jaune reported as Weiss began to stabilise "She's coming to, I just wish this would go faster."

"How about you don't complain and just be thankful you unlocked your semblance when you did…"

"I don't think im healing her, our aura heals our bodies. It feels more like im using my aura to amplify hers."

And with that Weiss' eyes opened

The theatre was still as they witnessed a miracle, well depending on who you asked.

Jaune's eyes then fluttered open, as if he had just woken up. Was he asleep? How the hell did he? Wasn't he just about to witness his semblance? How could he fall asleep at a time like that?!

He gave a groan and looked to his friends, "What happened?" he grew confused and concerned when they gave him looks of shock and happiness. Wait. Were RWBY crying?

"What?" he asked.

He felt an impact at his side that sent him to the ground and saw Ruby had lunged at him and was hugging him in a vice like grip, who was tearing up as she thanked him.

"sniff- Jaune! You.. you.." She couldn't even talk right as she merely went back to hugging him, both were pulled to their feet by Yang who wrapped her own arms around Jaune with Blake joining it, the three girls smiling and lightly crying in relief and happiness, knowing their sister would be safe and it was thanks to Jaune.

"What is going on? I like a hug from a group of beautiful girls like any other guy but this is just weird."

"Just shut up and take the hug vo-Jaune." Yang sniffled lightly.

"Jaune." A quiet voice broke the four apart as they looked to see Weiss looking a mixture of emotions. Fear, relief, joy, gratitude, pain and unsureness before she herself hugged her future saviour, her own tear staining his armour like the others.

"Weiss!" said singer turned only to be clomped by her mother, flinching at the unusual display of love from her. The mother then turned her teary eyes to Jaune as she held her daughter "Thank you! Thank you, thank you!" she cried out as she dropped to her knees, Weiss still in her embrace.

"Okay! Can somebody just tell me what happened?!" Jaune asked, this was too much.

"It was your semblance, after Weiss had taken a fatal blow you had saved her life with your semblance." Con' filled in, his voice much more calm than before.

…"WHAT?!" he cried out.

After a few minutes of explanations, crying and mini celebrating (and muted snarls of rage from a certain Faunus), everyone returned to their seat, only difference being Willow and Winter sitting with Weiss, with Weiss still being hugged by her mother, who refused to let her go, fearing she'd be taken away.

There was a reason Con' had made Jaune fall asleep during that scene.

Wiz: "Aura Amplification. This allows Jaune to push his aura past its limits, with that he can become stronger, faster, heal more sever wounds, his own and others and even sense others around him."

*Clip of Jaune amplifying Ren and healing a huntsman's broken arm*

Boomstick: "Think of it like Goku's kaioken, yeah it's like that with none of the risks of dying and destroying his body."

"It's like Yang's semblance." Ruby voiced her thoughts.

"Or Nora's." Pyrrha doing the same.

"Yeah, just needing his own Aura for that." Came the hammer wielder.

"And without the damage." Came the brawler.

Wiz: "he can amplify others aura as well, as seen where he healed Weiss' fatal wound and even filled her with enough aura it was like she had just started fighting."

Boomstick: "yeah he filled her up alright, Heh Heh."

This got many chuckles from the sex joke, even from the pristine Schnee herself, forgetting all taught way of acting just to laugh.

Wiz: "innuendoes aside, he has also increase the semblances of others, such as Lie Ren, who can mask himself and others from Grimm but only works on two or three people at a time, with Jaunes aura amplification they managed to mask an entire trains worth or people from a large pack of Grimm."

As Jaune's semblance was explained, the interests of many were peaked. Something like that was rare and valuable in a hunters work.

Ozpin and Salem began to plan on how to utilise this.

For Ozpin, it meant giving her students a power up of some sort, thus making up for lack of numbers.

Salem was planning on how to sway Jaune onto her side or to simply take him or his semblance for her minions.

Any other time, Cinder would have been scheming how to get Jaune on her side, but after everything, she didn't know what to think.

Boomstick: "Damn! Which means he could make Ruby faster, help Weiss make more glyphs and summoning's, make Yang stronger. Hell he could make Nora like Thor, the God damn god of thunder! Ya know I didn't think much about this guy but now he could kick some ass."


-no training prior to Beacon.

-inferiority complex.

-Can lose control of his emotions.

-hates to lose.

Wiz: "while Jaune has improved, he is not flawless. Since he didn't receive any real training before Beacon he can lose control and rush into battle, like the battle of Haven when he rushed at Cinder, a clearly superior fighter, with no real plan or strategy after she managed to get under his skin."

*clip of Jaune charging at cinder*

Boomstick: "after beacon, Jaune kinda went on the deep end, becoming cynical and paranoid and even considers his friends live more important than his own. He has a real lack of self-confidence and even an inferiority complex."

*Jaune under Cinder's foot* "If I die buying them time, then it's worth it. They're the ones that matter"

NPR wanted to comment on that but stayed silent, knowing that it would force Jaune into a defensive state, best to sort it out without a couple of strangers listening in and it would dampen the mood from earlier.

Wiz: "despite all this Jaune truly has earned the right to be called a Huntsman and is willing to risk life and limb for his friends and loved ones."

"Don't ever mess with me- my friends- ever again. Got it?"

"So now we know more about the kid." Clover spoke.

"Now it's this guy's turn." Qrow downed a gulp from his flask.


Wiz: "project Freelancer. A secret, co-vert ops group that housed the most highly trained soldiers, fitted with experimental armour and weaponry. Only the best could be a part of this group."

"Okay that alone shows Mr Agent is gonna win." Mercury said, already deciding a winner.

Cinder just scoffed. "What have I told you about assuming a victory without knowing your opponent and how they function?"

"But it's Arc. We've seen what he was like in Beacon." Emerald nearly puked at the thought of agreeing with Mercury.

"This is after Beacon." Emerald blushed at the deadpan look Cinder gave her.

Boomstick: "though agent Washington wasn't exactly the best of the best."


-Codename: Washington.

-Real name: David

-Freelancer: ranked 6th

-Corporal before being an agent.

-Injured his Staff sergeant.

-One of the few surviving freelancers.

"I would praise him for his rise in rank but attacking his staff sergeant?" Ironwood scowled at the notion.

"Certainly nothing a respectable soldier would do." Winter nodded.

"Should probably hear why before you start calling him an asshole." Qrow hated the believe that high rank officials or soldiers were always innocent when it came to conflict of ideals; reason why he never liked the way ironwood ran things and would probably have decked the first drill sergeant that screamed in his face.

"One of the few survivors? Means either he's a coward or a fighter." Raven despised cowards, but she doesn't always think highly of survivors, for they can and will give up their own comrades for their own survival.

Wiz: "Washington may not have been the best but he wasn't the worst, usually ranking between 5th or 6th place on the freelancer board but he has been considered a rookie among his peers."

Boomstick: "like the time he threw a grenade without removing its pin and he has been called the worst fighter during his freelancer agent days. He was the worst but climbed his way to the top and became a regular for a lot of freelancer missions."

"Definitely a fighter." Vernal said.

Adam would rather rip off his own horns before he gave any credit to a human so he wouldn't say he respected this agent but he knew the feeling of being once a lowly soldier and to rise to the top, even if it meant killing a few people.

Wiz: "despite this, he was an easy going and friendly soldier, never letting the board dictate how he felt or acted towards his fellow agents."

"Whoever thought the idea of a rank system for these freelancers was may not have thought it completely through, that can only cause infighting and soldiers trying to show up one another." Penny had no idea how accurate she was.

Salem knew better however, whoever done the rank board was smart. Having such a thing proves a person's worth and skills to others and can be used to show that person was the best, better than his or her peers. The soldiers would constantly do their best in order to be acknowledged as the best.

Even if it meant doing anything.

She had seen it even in her own circle.

Boomstick: "we say was because after undergoing a failed A.I. implant to the old knoggin' he became kinda darker and cold towards others, even killing one of his fellow agents when the project had failed."

Wiz: "But after spending time with the reds and blues he became himself once more but still has his eyes open to the darker side of the UNSC."

"Okay is this guy just Jaune but from an alternate reality?" Sun asked.

"They are kinda similar." Neptune adopted a thinking pose.

"It is implied that Wash took over the role of the leader of Blue Team, and he eventually comes to care very greatly for the Reds and Blues, showing fierce loyalty towards them and seeing them as a new family and place to belong, even more so than he did with his previous platoon and the freelancers. Even threatening Carolina who had threatened one of the members of blue team."

Boomstick: "and he helped train the simulation soldiers into somewhat competent soldiers and even took some inspiration from them as some of his plans and tactics somewhat reflect on them, like the time he used his helmet to locate a sniper. He even became better at fighting, being able to fight foes like agent Texas and mercenaries like locus and Felix."


M66 Magnum pistol

Magazine: 8 rounds

Range: 152ft/50m

BR85 battle rifle

3 round burst fire

Magazine: 36 rounds

Range: 3117ft/950m

Throwing knives.

Combat knife

M9 frag Grenade

Kill radius 16ft

Mark VI armour

Ruby had stars in her eyes as she saw the layouts of the weapons and the facts about them.

Boomstick: "Hell yeah, I love me some guns, Agent Washington's main choice for a fire arm is the BR85 battle rifle that's good for long range shooting with a 3 shot burst. Along with one of my favourite pistols, the m66 magnum that can pierce most armour similar to his own with only three shots."

Wiz: "wash has shown a skill for knives, ranging from close quarters combat to throwing knives."

Boomstick: "and at least he's learnt to remove the fricking pin before he tosses a grenade."

Wiz: "and being a member of the freelancer ops he was given experimental suit enhancements, an Electromagnet Pulse ammeter that he can use. While an A.I. was needed for this, such enhancements were later improved to work without one."

"So far we haven't heard anything about his semblance or Aura." Ren mused.

"Oh this person possess no such things." Con' informed them.

"Wait, how's he meant to fight Jaune? Without Aura, Jaune has a huge advantage." Ruby asked but was only pointed towards the screen.


Wiz: like most soldiers, Wash was given serum that increases his strengths and speed.

-stronger skeleton.

-Muscle increase

-Boosted tissue growth

-enhanced speed

-Enhanced strength

"Oh." Was the meek reply.

Boomstick: "while he wasn't tossing around cars like agent Maine, he wasn't a wimp either. With being a super soldier he was faster and stronger and could think quicker along with being smart on and off the battle field."


-Improved in CQC

-Led the chorus army

-Accurate enough to tag Texas and a cockpit in a hornet during free fall

-Held his own against the Meta single-handedly.

-Smart enough to unravel the plans of a time manipulating entity

-Survived numerous situations that most would not.

*ran over by a warthog.

*survived being shot in the back

*Survived being blown up by multiple explosive barrels

*Took a hit from a railgun round.

*was dehydrated and starved and later shot in the neck

Wiz: "Wash is one of the most patient agents, having harboured rebellious thoughts against the project and the director of the group for many years before turning on them, along with keeping his focus and cool during many setbacks on and off missions and does have a high pain threshold."

Boomstick: "while he was the worst in fighting back in the day, he improved enough to go head to head with the likes of agent Texas, the Meta and Locus and Felix."

"Im guessing they're no easy fish." Taiyang guessed.

Wiz: "he has encountered situations that would normally kill a person and survived."

Boomstick: "like the time he was ran over by a warthog, climbed on top of it while it was moving, got rammed into a few explosive barrels, was in the middle of the explosion! And was up just a few minutes later. He even tanked getting shot by a grenade launcher, the brute shot to be specific."

*Clip of wash ordering sarge and then getting run over*

"What? Wait, what are you up to? What is that noise? Do I hear a…" Suddenly, an armoured vehicle rammed through a concrete wall and towards the still but shocked agent who only had enough time to cry out "CAR?!" before he was ran over, the wall from before doing next to nothing against the vehicle or its speed.

"How's my bumper taste asshole?" Griff mocked then yelped in fear as an arm suddenly shot up in front of the vehicle.

It was Wash, he let out a near animalistic growl as he climbed the hood of the car and aimed his rifle at the driver.

Later he was sent flying into a collection of explosive barrels which was shot by Sarge as he drove by with Griff and his trusty shotgun.

Wiz: "a Warthog is a military vehicle used in the war against aliens and is a favourite amongst the UNSC military. This armoured car can reach up to speeds of 125km/h or 78mph and said warthog even rammed through a 30 inch thick concrete wall."


"Yes sir." Penny was already saving an image of said vehicle for later study.

Boomstick: "he took that to the friggin' chest and kept on going! That serum and armour can defiantly help him take a beating"

Wiz: "He's traded blows with power houses like Agent Texas and the Meta but did have the Meta's help against Texas. He's gone up against two veteran UNSC soldiers along with Agent Carolina and won."

Boomstick: "he even dodged 3 throwing knives and caught the fourth one at close range and dodged sword strikes from Felix."

Wiz: "he has shown to be smart and tactical in many situations, like the time he used the snowy environment to locate and throw his knife at an invisible Meta and cut his own hand to use the blood to locate Locus when he used his cloaking device. And found out the plans of a cosmic being and utilised a plan to foil her own."

Wiz: "He's accurate enough to shoot guns out of others hands and shot Texas who has dodged gunfire before though it was just a flesh wound."

Boomstick: "his biggest test for survival was the time he was locked in his armour and was without food or water for days before being rescued but was seriously delusional afterwards and later wandered onto a battle field only to get shot in the throat, but don't worry, he lived… with some, little, um… brain damage. But still survived. So ya!"

"Damn!" Sun had no other input.

Wiz: "that's… not something to cheer about Boomstick. That's still kinda grim."

Boomstick: "I said he lived didn't I?"

Wiz: "let's just move on"


-Outsmarted by Sarge.

-Shown to not be mentally stable.

-Lost in a fight against Locus

-Underestimates a lot of his opponents and even allies.

Wiz: "Despite project freelancer taking only the best soldiers, each had their own sets of flaws and Washington was no exception."

Boomstick: "He's underestimated his foes a number of times, like how he didn't think much about the reds and blues before they had additional training and were still a group of dumbasses and they still got the best of him. Another time was when he didn't take into account how the Meta would react when he had an A.I. in hand and didn't stop him. Also despite surviving an explosion that was made by a space ship colliding with an alien skyscraper, he assumed that Locus and Felix died in said explosion who are basically the same as wash in terms of strength and durability."

*clip of Wash talking to the reds.

"I just want you all to know how much I appreciate you. That's it." Wash explains.


"No I don't!" Wash denies quickly. Too quickly.

"No you do, you defiantly do! You're getting all sentimental and shit!"

"Nooo, guys. Come on! You'll be fine, I have total faith in you. You're some of the best soldiers I ever knew." Wash assured them.


That drew a few laughs at the comedic tone to it.

"I would say that was the cavalry, but I've never seen a line of horses crash into the battlefield from outer space before."

"He's also missed targets who are of similar speed to his own."

*Clip of Felix dodging gunfire from a few feet away.

Wiz: "while the armour is impressive, it is not bullet proof, it can be penetrated by knives and gunfire and he has been shot in the throat before."

Boomstick: "and with the betrayals, failed A.I. surgery and finding out the crimes project freelancer and in turn himself committed, surviving a war and neck injury and also witnessing a re-enactment of his own neck injury has led to some serious PTSD along with paranoia."

Wiz: "for all his flaws he has become one of the best fighters and a formidable opponent that could defeat many adversaries."

Boomstick: "this is one agent you don't wanna mess with. Even if he is a little crazy"

"I'm not crazy OK. Im totally completely sane. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to blow up this dead body." Washington.


Wiz: "all right, the combatants are set. Let's end this debate once and for all."


"Pause." Con' followed Roman's wish.

"So… bets anyone?" he rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

"Seriously?" Ruby asked.

"Don't want in red? No problem, keep your allowance if you want, just know you can add to it."

"You really think money is enough to sway Ruby even if she is a dolt at times?" Roman chuckled and nodded towards Ruby, making Weiss turn to her quiet leader.

'Think of all the cookies you can get.'

"Ruby!" she was jarred out of her thoughts by her partner.

"You're right Weiss!"

"Thank you."

"30 Lien on Jaune!" the ex-heiress could only shake her head and mutter dolt.

Teams RWBY and NPR along with Sun, Neptune and Velvet and Oscar betted on Jaune to win the fight. Coco betting on Wash instead, saying he had more experience on his side.

Those that threw in some money from Atlas; I.E. Marrow, Elm and Harriet put their money on the agent also. Those not betting: Ironwood, Clover, Vine and Winter had more faith in the military training than Arc so they believed the agent could win. Penny calculating the odds of success but not giving any answer.

Tai and Qrow thought Jaune could win, Tai mostly because Jaune was his daughters' friend.

Vernal believed that survivors would always come out on top, and the freelancer was a survivor.

Adam hoped both would kill each other. Is that really a surprise?

Emerald put her money on Wash while Mercury betted on Jaune, just to spite the green thief.

The Kingdom of Atlas hung over head as Jaune Arc ventured out, looking for the Neapolitan shaded woman that stole the Relic of Knowledge. He cursed himself for being so easily fooled by the woman's illusion that he should've seen it coming. Now because of it she got away with the Relic and handed it off to Cinder.

"Shit, I need to find her!" he bolted down the road, he looked back up to Atlas he hoped his friends were okay and managed to convince Ironwood not to lose his cool. "But right now, I need to find that woman," he said as he ran down the road.

Further down the road was a man in grey and yellow marked armour. A BR55HB battle rifle strapped to his back with a Magnum side arm on his left leg. A holographic wanted poster appeared as it showed the faces of Team RWBY and JNPR now wanted by the Atlas Kingdom.

"Seriously? It's just a bunch of kids. Why's a Kingdom putting a bounty on a bunch of kids? Ah, who cares?" Agent Washington said as he shook his head. "Oh well, until find the guys, might as well bring these kids in. After all, how bad could they be?"

He failed to notice the blond speeding towards him as he spotted Neo from a distance. "Hey! Get back here!" Jaune yelled as he chased after her. "Oh sorry!" he called out as he bumped into Wash.

"Oh, no problem…" he paused as he snapped his head back around. "Hey wait a minute!" Jaune didn't hear him as he continued after her. "I said hold it!" Wash pulled out his rifle as he shot three rounds at Jaune's feet causing him to halt.

"I said freeze!" Wash ordered as Jaune turned back to him. "You're the kid on the wanted poster, Jaune Arc, right?" he asked as he pointed to the Holo-poster. "Kingdom of Atlas just put a huge bounty on you and your friends. I don't know what you did, but I'm here to take you in. So, stand down, and I promise I won't hurt you."

Jaune glared as he drew his sword. "I don't want to do this, so let me pass." He unfurled his shield as the man only sighed.

"Can't say I didn't warn you." Wash said as he aimed his battle rifle at the teen. Their eyes focused on each other as they waited for the first move…


"Here we go!"

"C'mon kid!"

"C'mon you deranged soldier! I got money riding on ya!"

Wash shot first as the three burst rounds shot from the barrel. Jaune quick to bring up his shield as they impacted and bounced off his aura enhanced shield. Jaune held fast as he rushed towards the man, fully intending to close the gap between them and force him into close quarters.

"This would be a good idea but wash still has knives and knows how to fight up close." Blake commented.

Wash noticed this as he stopped firing and sheathed his gun to his back. Meeting the boy halfway as Jaune swiped his sword, only to miss as the man counted with a punch to the face. Wash ignored how his fist flared up for a second as he kept up the assault.

Jaune stumbled back as he brought back up his guard and held his shield up. Wash was already close in as he expertly sent fist and kick at the young man. If it hadn't been for the extra training at Atlas, and the one on one sessions with Yang, Jaune would've been a goner.

"Yeah, if I were still at Beacon this fight would be over in seconds." Jaune spoke.

The Arc focused his Aura to his exposed legs, which was a good idea as a kick met his knee, he grit his teeth as he still felt the blow but was thankful that strike didn't break his bones.

Jaune quickly forced the man back as he pushed the Freelancer back, who rolled on the ground before getting back with his rifle. He shot several rounds at Jaune, who activated the hard-light dust and stopped the bullets.

Wash pulled out one of his fragment grenades as he threw one behind the boy, who noticed just in time to turn and block the blast that threw him off his feet. Wash immediately rushed the boy as he placed a foot on his shield. "Not so fast!" Wash said as he aimed his gun at Jaune was about to raise his sword when Wash fired near his head.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Wash warned as he re-aimed the rifle at his head. "Now how about you…wait, what's the sound?" he looked down to Jaune's Shield as the Arc Symbol glowed purple.

"…Oh you've got to be-!" he was thrown high into the air as the Gravity dust launched him high. "SHIT!" he yelled before falling back down.

"I've got to get that for Crocea Mors." Jaune decided.

"Thankfully you will in the future." Ren reminded him.

"Gravity dust is a useful tool to have in a fight against any opponent." Weiss advised, using her knowledge on the strange resource.

Jaune quickly got back up as he sheathed his sword to his sheath and then re-drew the whole sword and sheath. But he flipped a switch that locked the sheath to the blade and turned the regular sword into two-hander. He rushed as the man just got back up, his now heavier sword striking against the energy shield. Wash jumped back as he dodged and avoided the larger sword being swung at his face.

"Whoa! Hey! Watch it!" he yelled as he avoided the blade. "Oh, that's it, come here!" he closed the distance as he managed to grab the boy by his armour and threw him away. He then spotted his rifle as he drew his magnum and fired several shots, they impacted against Jaune's Aura. He sheathed the pistol as he ran and grabbed the rifle off the ground and fired it at Jaune.

Jaune quickly took cover as he hid behind a riot block. He looked back as he just managed to duck his head back at the rounds hitting the concrete. Jaune deactivated the two-handler mode as he sighed and quickly assessed the situation.

'Let's see what you're capable of Mr. Arc.' Ironwood and Ozpin shared the same thoughts.

'Okay, he has some kind of 'energy shield', tough armour and enhanced strengths.' Jaune surmised as he watched the man reload and take cover. 'He's taking cover. Either he's running low, or he's thinking of something.' He slumped back to the cover as he looked around. The street they were in had a few abandoned cars, he looked at the closest vehicle then at his shield and back to the car.

"Ooh I think I'm gonna like this idea." Yang rubbed her palms together.

"Go unleash hell Fearless Leader!" Nora cried out.

Wash on the other hand was checking his magazine before reloading. His HUD showed himself and the Arc, but he was starting to move again. 'Strange that the kid doesn't have a gun…but then again, Tucker has that sword, so who am I to judge? Anyway that means he isn't a threat at long range, maybe I can pick him off with a few shots. Then again he's armoured and holding a shield.' he then heard a sound as he became confused.

It sounded like something flying in the air, like something of great mass and weight was hurled into the sky, something Maine done every now and then.

"What is that? Did he throw a-!" Wash looked to the dark clouds of the night with wide eyes… "CAR!" he then lunged to the side to avoid becoming pancaked by the car as it hit the ground.

"Son of a bitch. He's literally throwing cars at my guy." Roman spoke out.

"Cars. His one weakness." Mercury snorted.

He rolled onto his back but then, a second car landed straight onto his shoulder. "MOTHER FUCKER!" he yelled out, the car drooped onto its wheels, thankfully not onto him. He examined his now free limb. Thankfully it wasn't broken and the armour took most the impact but still felt hurt like a little bitch. He growled in anger and slight pain but this wouldn't take him out of the fight yet.

"Tough bastard." Vernal was still confident in her bet.

"We should see if we can recreate that armour for our troops." Winter suggested.

"Good idea Specialist Schnee." Ironwood praised.

Back with Jaune, he moved to a third car and crouched by the rear of it, he then grabbed the underside of it and proceeded to lift up the rear. 'Nora was right, Mr. Muscles.' He mused, he then placed his shield facing the underside of it. The symbol on his shield glowed purple and then it sent out a powerful repulse which sent the car hurtling like the other two.

"He's utilised the dust quite efficiently. Using it for both defence and offense." Hazel pointed out.

'He can't aim when he's too busy dodging flying cars.' Jaune figured.

"But at the same time you leave yourself exposed while you go through the process of lifting and repelling the vehicles." Glynda pointed out the flaws.

"Along with using more strength to lift said vehicle." Ghira followed along.

Wash yelped again as he rolled out the path of another descending car. "What the hell?!" he yelled out. He saw Jaune, who had gotten closer to the Freelancer's location, setting up another vehicle for a trip.

"Oh no you don't!" he then fired a barrage of bullets at Jaune to stop him.

When Jaune took his eyes off Wash, the agent hid out of sight behind a different abandoned vehicle. 'Seriously!? He's throwing cars at me?! Wait… no he's not, it that shield. Maybe if I can disable it, it'll even the playing field. Just need to flush him out.'

Wash dropped to the ground and looked from under the car. Checking for another set of feet. He saw Jaune's feet behind a car, not too far away. Getting up to a crouch once more, Wash cooked up an idea. He pulled out a grenade and lightly tossed the smooth sphere of destruction.

'Let's see if I'm any good a bowling.'

Jaune checked his aura meter and was relieved at its current status. '85%. Not too bad, that guy can pack a punch, his bullets are a bitch too. Thank Gods for my semblance. Now to-.' Jaune stopped himself as he saw a small ball role at his feet. His eyes widened as he recognized what that ball was. (His roommate and teammate is Nora people, he knows what it is).

"SHIT!" Jaune cursed and jumped up. His shield facing forward and Aura flaring up, the explosion that followed sent him back flying into a parked van.

"Jaune." Pyrrha spoke in a worried voice along with Ren and Nora.

Jaune groaned in pain as his vision blurred slightly, he saw an incoming grey blur, when his eyesight returned to normal he quickly shielded himself once more when Wash's palm slammed onto its face, unbeknownst to him, the agent was hoping for this.

Wash quickly activated his armour enhancement, the electromagnetic pulse activated and worked its magic against the upgraded shield. Electricity danced around his hand and the protective instrument.

Jaune kicked his opponent back and got out from the large body sized dent he made on the van and dashed at Wash. The ex-Freelancer in return pulled out his pistol and shot at Jaune's sword wielding hand, shooting the blade from the huntsman's grip.

Jaune continued though, he still had his shield with him.

Wash sent a powerful punch at the Arc who intercepted it with his trusty shield, the fist bashed against the metal and let out a loud DONG! Similar to that of church bells ringing.

Jaune felt the force travel through the shield and to his arms, he grit his teeth as he felt them vibrate from the blow, he tried to use the gravity dust to push the punk back but it didn't work. Why? Wait, the guy must have done something to it when he touched it just seconds ago.

"He's disabled the electrical components that actually activate the dust, Arc has less tricks up his sleeve now." Watts should've put some money in the pot himself now that he thinks about it, the soldier was obviously going to win.

Jaune was cut from his musing as the shield was pushed out of the way and felt a Spartan kick to his chest, sending him to the hard ground.

Wash aimed his rifle at the prone teen and let out a burst fire, but the kid blocked with his shield again! He needed to get that out from his hands.

Jaune rolled to his feet and circled his enemy. Shield covering his face and upper body.

Wash pulled out his side arm and emptied the clip, the bullets only bouncing off the hard metal of Crocea Mors. When the click of an empty mag sounded off, Jaune sent a right hook to Wash, making contact with the helmet, he would have left a bruise on his cheek if his face were exposed.

Jaune let forward another punch, this time with the edge of his shield but Wash stopped it in its path. He struck Jaune's open side and face after. The agent latched onto the edges of the shield and twisted it. Since it was strapped to Jaune, the blond was flipped as well.

Thankfully he landed on his feet but didn't feel the familiar weight of Crocea Mors on his arm. Jaune snarled as his beloved weapon was stolen from him, now this was personal.

"Son of a bitch just took my shield." Jaune narrowed his eyes at the freelancer in the portal.

He tried to punch Wash in the gut but got bashed in the arm by his own shield and received his own gut punch.

Jaune coughed roughly as he rolled back then made a charge at Washington, who threw the shield at Jaune, aiming for his neck. Jaune dodged the incoming metal which was impaled on the side of a truck.

Hand to hand then? Okay, Wash could work with that, he then pulled out his combat knife and made several slashes at the blond who focused on defence and dodging.

Wash then managed to slash at Jaune's cheek, leaving a shallow but long cut. Jaune twisted his body to try and avoid the blade and used that momentum to deliver an elbow to Wash's head, he then tackled the agent, body slamming him into a parked car.

"I don't know why people do that, sure you tackled the guy but know he has free access to your kidneys, back, head and can hold you in place or even choke you after." Harriet shook her head.

Wash grabbed the hunter and turned the pair around so that Jaune was against the car. Wash then tried to bring down his knife on Jaune who grabbed Wash's wrist to stop it. The two struggled but wash head butted Jaune, dazing him and then buried the knife in the blonde's shoulder.

"ARGHH!" Jaune cried out in pain and focused his aura into his arms, gaining the extra strength to shove the grey soldier away. Jaune then pulled out the knife and used more Aura to heal both hi cheek and shoulder.

He figured his Aura meter was around 50%. He received too many hits after all.

Jaune looked around for his weapons and found the shield and sword. He quickly gathered both parts to Crocea Mors while Wash reloaded his guns.

Jaune, now with his weapons in hand, sheathed the blade into the shield to change into its two-handed form.

He once again charged at Wash with a battle cry, large sword at the ready.

Washington aimed his rifle at the fast approaching target and let out a stream of bullets.

Jaune however, changed the shape of the large blade back to its shield form, sword still in its sheathe. The bullets bounced off harmlessly and Jaune quickly changed the shield to blade once more.

Wash ducked out the way of the extended sword and shot at the Arc once more. Jaune repeated his previous actions, changing it to a shield then sword once the gun fire stopped.

"He's changing his weapon in quick succession and during unusual circumstances to throw off his opponent. Trying to get in close and land a solid blow." Tai theorised as he continued watching.

Jaune then slashed at Wash's armour, slicing the chest piece nearly in half and piercing the skin underneath.

"I got him! I got him!" Jaune cheered.

"Great kid, don't get cocky." Qrow warned him at the end.

Fortunately for Wash, the armour was the only thing to suffer a large cut, a shallow one decorated his chest, blood lightly dripping from the crimson wound. Wash grit his teeth in annoyance, that little tactic of the kid's worked.

Jaune, saw the wound that had yet to heal. 'Wait, does this guy not have Aura?' Jaune realized that he had an advantage so he pushed on.

"Now that Jaune realises this, he's more likely to push and be more aggressive." Pyrrha said.

"Still got to be careful though." Jaune took Qrow's advice. He may have injured the agent but he was far from beaten.

Wash knew he had to separate the kid from his weapon and fingered his sticky grenade, he knew how he'd do it.

His brain storming was cut off as he saw the large sword heading straight for him! He instinctively put his rifle in the path of the sword but it was cut in two like butter.

"Now that the gun is destroyed, he'll have no choice but to stay in close range." Weiss herself could easily deal with enemies at long range with her speed and glyphs but Jaune didn't have that advantage. It was a good thing RWBY dealt with the Nevermore instead of JNPR who didn't possess as many long rang weapons.

The agent however, managed to avoid the falling blade and stuck a sticky grenade to its side once it hit the ground.

Jaune saw the object and knew what this guy's plan was. Jaune hurriedly unlocked the shield from the blade of his sword and tossed it away from him, he then rolled away from it for good measure, the explosion that followed nearly pushed him further but once he came to a stop in a crouch, he looked up to see Wash in front of him!

Jaune attempted a swipe with his now normal sword but the weapon was kicked from his hand while a second kick struck his cheek.

Jaune tumbled to the floor but shot back to his feet in a combat stance.

Wash chuckled as he put his own hands up in a similar stance. "If that's what you want kid." He then threw a lightning fast punch.

Jaune however didn't react. It was like time was moving at a crawl for him, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath and began to focus on using his semblance.

His Aura began to amplify as his body started to glow a bright white all over.

Wash was nearly blinded by this but let his fist fly and land right into Jaune's face.

The connection of armour on skin was heard and Wash opened his eyes to see what happened.

He was shocked to find that he did land the blow, right in the kids face and pushing it back but Jaune turned his head to stare at Wash in the eye.

"Bad ass!" Sun cheered.

"A classic, nice." Neptune agreed.

Wash back pedalled at that, what the hell? He thought he put all his strength into that yet the kid didn't seem all that affected by it, he let out another strike and the same thing happened.

Wash then picked up the speed of his attacks, going for body shots as well as aiming for the face still, punch after punch after punch but nothing, the kid was taking it all in stride.

Unbeknownst to him, Jaune had increased his aura and became a human shield, taking the blows and letting his Aura protect him, he was hoping to tire out his opponent before making his own advance. And it seemed to be working.

Wash started to feel his lungs work overtime as he wasted more energy by punching Jaune repeatedly. He started to feel something with his hands as well.

At first he ignored it but the pain he felt from his knuckles were now screaming at him, he even felt the familiar warmth of blood covering them. He was hurting himself more than this punk!

"Oh yeah. Since Washington doesn't have Aura, he can't pass Jaune's aura with only his hands." Ruby said.

Jaune was reminded of the time during the Forever Fall trip where Cardin hurt his own hand after trying to punch Jaune.

He needed to do something, throw off his concentration and make a move, it needed to be a finishing blow. Wash saw where the discarded sword was and a plan formed in his head once again.

Wash pulled out his pistol and unloaded what little ammo he had, this worked better than his bare hands against Jaune's aura. Jaune backhanded the pistol from Wash's grip, making it land a few yards away from them.

"That'll eat up some Aura." Illa said.

"Okay kid let's play dirty!" Wash said as he slashed the palm of his hand with his knife and threw blood at Jaune's eye, blinding him. Jaune's had to close his eyes at this, as he was blinded, if it wasn't for that, his vision would be painted crimson.




"Fuck! Ah, that's just wrong!" He yelled as he tried to wipe the blood from his eyes.

He then felt something slam onto his chest. What he didn't know was that it was another sticky grenade.

The explosion took a large chunk of aura from the Arc and sent him flying into a brick wall. His back took the full brunt of the impact while his chest still burned. His nerves going haywire with pain.

"Oooh! Damn that must have hurt." Mercury winced.

"C'mon Jaune! Keep fighting!" Pyrrha urged.

"No, screw that. Lose kid. I ain't losing any money to red or anybody!" Roman "Helpfully" ranted.

Jaune couched violently as he finally managed to clean the blood from his eyes and felt his heart drop and body freeze.

He tried to dodge, but it wasn't enough as Wash thrust his own sword into him! It missed his chest but the lower side of his torso was impaled by the blade, cutting through skin and muscle and into the wall he lay on.

"Jaune!" RWBY and NPR along with his family cried out.

"Damn!" the teachers of Beacon didn't want to see another student die, not like this.

"WAHOO!" Roman cheered as he shot to his feet. He cheered some more but they grew weaker and more reserved as he saw everyone glaring at him. He silently sat back down while Neo shook her head and thought to herself. 'Dumbass, my dumbass but still a dumbass'

His body screamed to him in pain at this, blood spewing from his wound, was this what Weiss felt when Cinder tried this!?

"GAH!" He gasped in pain and his body violently jolted as the agent kicked the pommel of his sword even further into his torso. "FUCK!" he screamed as it felt like it was on fire, blood erupted from his wound and painted the steel of his sword.

"Did he have to kick me while im down, or the sword in this case?" Jaune tried to joke but it fell short. He was then pulled into a hug by Pyrrha who was starting to hyperventilate.

Wash breathed heavily as his armour sparked and he cradled his left shoulder. He himself was caught in the blast radius of his own grenade "Not bad kid, but you're not the only one who's good with sharp pointy things." He grunted as he turned.

"Nothing personal... I'll make this quick." Wash turned and walked away.

Wait for, no... Not away... towards something, it was his gun! The one Jaune knocked away earlier.

"C'mon kid, pull yourself together!" Qrow urged the young hunter.

Jaune cursed as he felt himself getting weaker. Was this it? Was this how he was going to die? Impaled by his own weapon then executed by a bullet to the head? Was this how it ends, after being shot at, scratched, bitten, nearly stabbed and beaten by others before this one? Was this truly it?

Was this... His destiny?

'WELL FUCK THAT!' he screamed in his head as Jaune grasped his sword with renewed vigour! He couldn't die here. He refused to! He still had to avenge Pyrrha's death! And he was not going to let some Merc take him out!

He knew what he had to do, he concentrated whatever aura he had left to the wound, willing his body and soul to keep on fighting, he bit back any sounds of pain. He couldn't risk that guy knowing what he was up to. The Blade slowly exiting his body as he pulled with all his might.

"Damn, kid doesn't know when to quit." Tyrian was on the edge of his seat as he giggles madly.

"He has been described as determined." Hazel pointed out.

"Stubborn more like, even in the face of certain death. It's foolish really." Watts argued.

Blood coating the palms of his hands, his sore fingers bleeding as the blade cut the flesh as he pulled! He couldn't protect his hands; he needed every drop of aura for the fatal injury. Blood erupted even more fiercely as his vision would brighten up and suddenly blacken as if the sun was flickering on and off. Until with one mighty pull! He removed the blade!

"Daaaamn!" Sun and Neptune said in awe.

"Yes!" Pyrrha cried out.

"What now kid?" Harriet quietly asked.

It seemed like time had stopped, Crocea Mors seemed to be suspended in the air after he had removed it as the agent, with his back to the downed Arc, picked up his pistol. Jaune had only one shot at this, without his shield and next to no aura and he couldn't mess this up, it was life and death. Just one more bullet in him and Jaune was history

Pumping his aura into his body and channelling his Semblance, he launched forward as he felt the familiar handle be wrapped in his bloody and torn grip, he ran towards his foe as he let out a battle cry, even as his body was crying out, protesting to stop. But his heart racing and his determination was on auto-drive.

Wash had turned to see the charging knight and levelled his sidearm to Jaune, he was in his sights, only a couple feet away and closing quickly, his finger squeezed the trigger.
Jaune knew where he was to attack and he knew where the agent's gun was pointed. And with one last cry, he thrusted his weapon forwad, just as Wash aimed and fired his gun.

A gunshot echoed, the sound of skin being sliced by steel was heard and blood stained the broken and dead earth beneath them.

All was silent.

The pair stood still before Wash dropped to his knees, he would have landed on his face but the sword that was imbedded in his throat kept him up.

Jaune held his sword for a few seconds until he let go of it and fell like a sack of potatoes on his back. A bullet mark grazed the side of his head, between the corner of his eye and the edge of his ear. Red colouring his usual blond locks from there.

He learnt his lesson from his fight with Cinder. Straight for the neck. He breathed in heavy breaths as he took a minute for himself.

"That…was too close…" he breathed as he looked at the corpse.

"If Yang were here…She'd say not to get a…head…of yourself…" he joked before grunting. "Argh! I knew it! Her Puns would hurt!" he groaned as he lay there and just enjoyed his victory…

Then his scroll went off, he looked at the caller ID and saw Ruby's face.

He let it ring a few times before shutting it off.

"I'll just let that one go to voice mail." He decided before he looked around and back to his scroll.

"I'll send a text though, tell them I might need some help."


Boomstick: Damn that fight was great! Definitely more fun than what I'd imagine with these guys.

Wiz: Both Jaune and Wash put up a good fight, neither letting their opponent have the edge for too long and countering each other left and right.

Boomstick: Wash certainly had more fire power and knowledge in hand to hand combat, but Jaune's defences helped against that. Like I said, that shield is durable as hell!

Wiz: in terms of tactics and smarts, both were equal in that regard and used their environment to their advantages. And the way they fight made the fight equal.

Boomstick: Unlike his friends, Jaune doesn't spin and jump around every two seconds. He's more of a grounded fighter, if he were against someone like that though, he'd have a harder time fighting them. Wash doesn't flip around either so Jaune could fight him on steady grounds.

Wiz: Wash has a history of underestimating his opponents, Jaune was no exception and despite Wash having more experience and weapons at his disposal. Jaune had something he didn't.

Boomstick: His Aura makes the guy into a fricking tank! And Jaune used that. He could use it to protect himself and heal from attacks. Especially when he realized that agent Washington didn't have any Aura himself. Remember when Cardin punched Jaune in the face but nearly broke his own hand? Well that's because he wasn't using his aura.

Wiz: that's right Boomstick. There it showed that a bare fist is basically useless against someone with Aura.

Boomstick: That sword could have done Jaune in but Jaune's semblance saved his scrawny ass.

Wiz: Weiss Schnee had survived the same kind of stab wound and with the help of Jaune's semblance, the same can apply for Jaune in this situation.

Boomstick: I can already here the RWDE people of the RWBY fan base. "BuT jAuNe SuCks! He ShOuLd'Nt HaVe WoN! hE oNlY wInS wItH hElP!" Shut up! You RWDE "C" "W" "N" "T" s.

Wiz: Boomstick I think you spelt that wrong.

Boomstick: if "W" can replace the letter "U" for RWBY and RWDE, it can replace it for my word.

Wiz:… Right, and despite that. If we use that for Jaune, the same can be said for Washington. After all he wins a lot of his own battles with others like the Meta, Reds and Blues, Carolina and more. However, in Death Battle, we allow no outside help.

Boomstick: Looks like this agent is all… washed up.

Wiz: The winner is Jaune Arc.

0 – 0 – 0 – 0 – 0

A/N: hope you enjoyed the fight.

For those who are a part of the RWDE community of RWBY, yeah I said that, deal with it. (If you don't like the show, then don't watch it.)

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