The day of the peace treaty.

Crowe,Libertus and Pelna are watching the king as he made them his body guards for today. Ravus was with Iedolas Ardecarp along with the others. The crowds were cheering outside. Nyx was pacing outside the citadel as well. His earpiece allowed Luna to listened.

''Are you outside?''Nyx asked while he was pacing on the citadel grounds looking at the crowds.

''Nearly as there. ''Luna replied as she watched from nowhere seeing the ships are on the ground of the cliff.

''Nyx. The king is here along with its shield.''Libertus added

''I hope this is a good plan.''said Crowe

''This will be good as well. Whatever you do protect the king as well before something might happened as well.''said Luna as she reached on the cliff seeing the ground.

''Luna wait for me there before you go strike.''Nyx told her as he clicked his earpiece

''Nyx i will bought you time in case you and Lunafreya can go.''said Ravus as he stared at the entrance with the king then with Crowe yet he spotted General Glauca from nowhere. ''You know what. If you and my sister marry. I might as well get distracted.''said Ravus

''Nyx be ready Tredd is coming.''Pelna said

''I'll be okay.''said Nyx as Tredd approach to him.

''Hey Nyx. It is my shift.''Tredd added making Nyx smiled at his reaction until they swapped places as well. Nyx immediately went to the cliff where Luna was waiting for him. He looked down seeing the ships there probably off.

''There are pretty off this days.''said

Luna agree with him.'' Truth to be told anytime now they were going to attacked as well.''said Luna as she and Nyx jumped on the cliff they landed on the top of the fleet. '' Do you know how to fly this things?''

''I did but to land no.''Nyx mentioned

''Me too.''said Luna

Both of them enter the ships as well. Looking at the ships as well. It begun to make an activation which making them thrown on the other side. The fleets are activated instantly.

''Plan failed. The fleets are activating.''said Nyx on the earpiece.

''We already informed the king. Several glaives are coming commanded by Luche. We are now body guarding the king as well including Ravus.''said Crowe

''Crowe calm down. Destroy the Fleets are coming.''Ravus told them

''Got it.''Both of them replied as they immediately ambushed by the Mits. Both of them grabbed their weapons as they attacked then sooner some glaives as well. Nyx snapped their necks while Luna throws her lightning knives that hit them. However they saw an octopus from the beneath.

''Never to realized that we have a pet octopus here.''Nyx mentioned as they looked down until guards began their shooting towards them.

''I guessed we can distract them a bit even this one is here.''said Luna as she grabbed her arrows and her bow as several guards are approaching them.

''This will take a while.''said Nyx

Back at the palace.

The entire place are surrounded by mits and guards. and pelna alongside Ravus protected King Regis and Clarus from the Niflheim guards. Regis shielded them as he sends some mits from electrics.

''Your majesty there is a time to escape.''Crowe pursued them.

''I am afraid nothing can be do.''said Regis as General glauca appeared from nowhere.

''Drautos.''said Libertus shocking Regis and Clarus

''Titus? Is that really you?''Regis asked facing General Glauca.

''He was all along Titus Drautos or known as General Glauca. ''Ravus raised his rapier while Crowe prepare her fist to faced them.

''I hope Nyx and Luna are okay if they got crashed into someone.''Libertus added

''Your not the only one.''said Pelna

Nyx and Luna immediately left the destroyed fleet till they rode another fleet. To escaped Nyx drives back to the citadel where Pelna reported to them that General Glauca already ambushed them on the throne room.

''We are to late.''said Luna

''Not yet. We have to reached towards the palace before they could fired at us.''said Nyx as he and Luna looked down on the window seeing General Glauca. '' Luna he is distracted. We have to enter that.''Nyx pointed as they unbuckle their seats.

Both of them jumped as they landed on the window ambushing General Glauca on the other side. Regis and the others are surprised as Luna kicked Drautos out of the way.

''Sorry we are late. A lot of enemy glaives ambushed us.''said Nyx as Luna helped Crowe and Ravus.

''Lunafreya.''said Regis

''We can explain this later but we needs to get out of here.''said Luna as she throws another explosive arrow at General Glauca who was thrown to the other side of the castle halls.

Regis and Clarus opened the passages way letting the rest to enter the elevator till they reach on the other side of the underground. They could hear the rumble outside and the incoming attacks.

''You were the vigilante?''Regis asked

''Long story your majesty. We need to take you to Edge for protection.''said Luna as they exit the elevator. Regis was limping yet Luna and Nyx managed to helped him as Clarus immediately looked back.

The car arrives yet they entered. Nyx was on the front seat while Luna was driving. They left the citadel on the underground path. Ravus and Crowe looked at Regis who was bleeding yet they cured him. Libertus and pelna looked back if they were being followed by Drautos or some glaives including the MITS.

''Edge will take 3 hours to get there.''Luna told them while gripping the steering wheel.

''Lunafreya do not lose hope. Keep driving while you still healed with your energy on it.''Ravus told her as he looked back

''Can't they follow us?''Nyx asked

''No. I hope not. Pretty sure they are going to surprised us. Especially Luche or lot.''Libertus added while Luna was driving

''Take the other passage outside. Some glaives didn't know about this but i am pretty sure you know where it was Ulric.''Clarus said as Nyxx grabbed his tablet showing the details of the map.

Nyx looked at the map showing the details as well. '' Wait Luna this is another passages way you entered before Luche got ambushed you.''Nyx added making Ravus,Crowe groaned

''Almost killed me and Crowe.''Luna reminded him that part where Crowe was nearly got shot by Luche if she didn't interfere. Ravus clench his fist until Libertus and Pelna calmed him down.

''When i see that idiot i will stabbed him.''Ravus warned them

''Fair enough.''Nyx said as he looked at King Regis and Clarus. ''You might as well call Iris. She might be worried if what is going to happened.''

Clarus looked at Nyx with a smile. '' I did called her. Jared and Talcott are going to Edge as well but she will be coming along with them. I heard of what happened to Edge.''said Clarus

''Midgar was destroyed by Shinra along with Sephiroth. The place was completey abandoned at that time. Sephiroth summoned a meteor that can be destroyed the whole population after he discovered his origins.''said Luna

Regis looked at Luna. ''Then it was completely destroyed?''

''It was. The rest were taken to Edge as a safe keeping as well. However it changed. Edge is the safest because Niflheim nearly stole the crystal and Nyx and i hide on Edge.''Luna replied

''you mean the crystal was stolen?''Libertus asked

''Never to realized why they sneak into the crystal place.''said Ravus

''Your not the only one. Your majesty. Ardyn real name is Ardyn Lucis Caelum. Somnus brother who got the starscourge earlier that day.''said Luna

''Can't believe he was still alive for 2000 years.''Crowe added

Both of them keep driving towards the west wall. While they were in rest Luna kept driving as she remember what happened to her when she was using to much lightnings. Looking at Nyx who was fast asleep except Crowe who looked on the window.

''Luna you might be know that i can drive as well. You were exhausted earlier.''Crowe added as Ravus was sleeping on King Regis lap while Libertus and Pelna alongside Clarus are going to sleep as well.

Luna smiled. I'll be okay. Don't worry about me Crowe.''said Luna as she looked at the city lights alongside roads.

Crowe looked sad as she looked at Luna. ''You okay? You might as well needed a talked to do.?''Crowe asked

''Just because i was. I managed to drove to Edge from Lucis but seeing niflheim already destroyed things as wells. I made a promised to Genesis to keep his son safe away from them even they were targeting us.''said Luna

''We should be the one who protected you both .You two saved our lives and a lot of people back there. No wonder why Nyx loves you so much.''Crowe amused making Luna laughed even Nyx smiled while sleeping.

''True. He was also a supportive one. So was my brother.''said Luna

While they were both sleeping Luna gripped the wheel tighter as she continue to drove away until another car bumped them behind them waking everyone up.

''Astrals! That was on purpose.''said Luna as they both looked back seeing the Tredd and the other glaives

Nyx frowned. ''Yeah thanks to that Tredd idiot plan.''Nyx replied as the others woken up.

''what is happening?''Regis asked as he asked Nyx and Luna

Pelna spoke. ''Shit its Tredd and the other glaives. They are going to attacked us.''

Luna managed to boast the car in a speed race making them flinch except Nyx as he guided Luna about the incoming attacked on gunshots. Both of them ducked the incoming bullets thanks to the pillars that covered them. Nyx grabbed his daggers along with his sword until he opened the door fighting with the rest.

''Lunafreya what are you doing?''Ravus demanded as Crowe taken her wheel

''Helping my boyfriend.''Luna replied as she grabbed her bow and arrows as she helped with Nyx fighting some glaives outside while Ravus and Crowe distract the roads

Libertus scowled. ''Remind me when we are back at Edge. Find a priest so that they could be married.''said Libertus making Regis and Clarus laughed so hard even they are focusing some of their get away plan. Sooner Nyx and Luna went back to the car as Nyx taken the wheel. ''Whens the wedding?''


The driving was faster until Petra came with his truck. He told Nyx to take the royal out of there while he was distracting them. Nyx drove faster till they reached the barren desert of roads. Going back to Edge was helpful as Luna talked to Cloud and Zack on the phone.

''Are you both okay?''Regis asked the two of them

''Were fine. We are headed to Edge.''said Nyx

''Nyx you don't seem fine.''said Libertus

''I am fine. Right now we have to go to Edge before Daemons would appeared at night.''Nyx advised them as Luna sniffled until she holds his arm.


Cloud and Zack are pacing as Noctis and the others are worried why they are pacing. The bar was closed and the rest of the Avalanche was here including Reno and Rude who are looking for the tracking device.

''They were supposed to be here an hour ago.''said Cloud

''cloud relax. Its not they got into chaos this time.''Zack told him as Cid looked on the window seeing Luna's car or Nyx

''How can we relax when our sister is in danger along with her boyfriend. What happens if they got caught up.?''Yuffie asked while Prompto gave her some glass which she drank afterwards.

''What is going on if i am asking?''Noctis asked

''Well the truth is they are here.''said Vincent as the car parked outside. Tifa rushed outside along side with Noctis

Noctis and the others are surprised that Luna and Nyx stepped out of the car so was the others. Tifa embraced them as she was worried for them. Crowe and Ravus helped with King Regis. Gladious reunite with his father along with Libertus and Pelna.

''What happened?''Noctis asked

''Plan failed. Niflheim well played us.''said Libertus

''What?! You mean they destroyed Insomnia.''said Ignis

''Look i am tired right now of driving so please get inside before i set a black out here.''said Luna as she passed them. Noctis looked at Nyx who sighed.

''Highness like i said Lunafreya was exhausted for creating to much lightnings.''said Nyx as the lights flickered again making them enter their main base as well before daemons would prowl on nights.

Both of them entered the main base of Avalanche yet Luna sighed as she slumped down making them worried to much. Noctis couldn't believed it. Lunafreya was alive yet she was the founder of Avalanche.

''You were alive all this time.''Noctis replied as Luna immediately looked at him.

''I was and besides i allowed you and Tifa to be couple just don't hurt her.''said Luna as she opened the door of her room with a shut surprising anyone. Both of them looked at Nyx who sighed.

''She used a lot of lightnings including mine making us strain. Don't worry nothing happened except of what happened to Verstael that both of us explode the warehouse with a second device..''said Nyx

''Maybe we should talked tomorrow because darkness is coming.''Tifa added.

''I agree.''said Ignis.

Nyx was walking towards Luna's room while the others are sleeping with their rooms. Nyx feel different this days the jenova effects have changed him and Luna changed. He remember that when he defended the boy,the kids flees away because they saw something. Staring at Luna's door. Nyx knocks for the second time. Luna opens the door seeing him.

''I was going to be asleep when i remember something. When i defended some boys before they saw something on me even i used the jenova cells on me. They were scared and they ran away. What happens if we used to much Jenova effect?''Nyx asked

Luna looked down yet she faced him. ''Nyx...there something you should know before i got the crystal and took it here.''said Luna