Beau stepped outside carrying a suitcase full of her clothing and a backpack full of other things to bring along to her father's house. She rechecked her backpack to make sure she had everything. Notebook, phone charger, laptop, the books I haven't read yet. After checking a few more times she knew she had everything she wanted to bring. She put her suitcase and backpack in the backside of her step-dad, Phil's, car. Beau knew her mom was likely in the house checking and rechecking that she had everything. Shutting the trunk of the car sighing and putting her thumbs in her pocket.

"Beau!" A voice that she knew all too well called, a voice she would miss.

Beau turned around turned around and suddenly there were arms around her, almost crushing her spine. There was James, as emotional as he'd been when she first met him the first year of highschool. Trying to take my hands out of my pocket to hug back proved difficult with him pinning her arms down. Damn it, if he keeps this up I'm going to cry. Beau took her hands out of her pockets and awkwardly try and hug back, which proved hard since James as successfully succeeded in pinning her arms to her sides.

"Hey," she said quietly, scared her voice would crack if she spoke up even a little.

James pulled back and smiled sadly at her, in his hands he held a small cactus. Before she could ask why he was holding a potted cactus pushed it toward her, expecting her to take it — she did.

"So you won't forget about us back home yeah?" James said.

Beau smiled softly. James had been the only real friend she had here in Arizona, thought she had met a few people through James that she managed to get along with... but now that was all changing. She bit her tongue in an attempt to not tear up knowing that she was saying goodbye to her best friend... her only friend really.

"Hey... don't look like that, I'll come to visit during the summer. And hey, you can always come to stay with us if Charlie drives you up the wall too much."

"Thanks, James" Beau said when she was confident that her voice wouldn't crack, or waver.

"James, coming with us to the airport?" Beau's mother asked from behind her, as she walked out of the house Phil by her.

"I thought about it, but I might cry if I do that so..." he trailed off before looking at his best friend.

Now it was Beau's was turn to pull him into one last hug. James was the only one she could truly be herself around, and she wasn't going to see him for a long time. It felt like it would be forever until the next time they saw one another... though she had his number as a speed dial contact on her phone, and she knew they would text constantly. Still, the thought of leaving him in Arizona and going to Forks, Washington to live with her father was making her miserable. James gently patted Beau's head.

"I'm going to miss you B" James whispered, knowing better than to call her 'Beau' in front of her family.

The girl cursed under her breath as she started tearing up. "I'm gonna miss you too" she admitted.

"You two are being very sweet, but we're going to miss your flight Bella and ours, so let's get a move on," Phil's voice broke through the moment, making Beau flinch slightly.

James gave her a sympathetic look and kissed the top of her head before pulling away. Beau watch him start to walk back to his house. He turned back to look at Beau waved his hand.

"Call me when you get settled in!" he called.

Beau gave him a thumbs up before getting in the car. The ride to the airport felt too short for Beau's liking and it made her stomach feel like it was doing flips. Her mom and Phil were in the front holding hands. It reminded her of why she was moving in with her father Charlie in the first place... for her mom. Phil was a minor league baseball player, so he traveled a lot for work, and because of Beau her mother always had to stay back whenever he left for a game, after talking it over with Beau one afternoon she decided she would rather her mother be happy spending some time with Phil, even if it meant she'd be miserable in Forks for the rest of high school.

Beau got out of the car and grabbed her suitcase and backpack, while her mother got out to walk her inside, with Phil walking a little behind them to give the two of them some privacy.

"Bella are you sure-"

"Yes mom..." she said softly "don't worry about me, I'm excited to spend some good quality time with Ch- dad" Beau smiled, still holding the small cactus in her hand, wondering if they would let her take it on the plane with her, maybe she should shove it in her backpack and let it sit there until she landed in Forks.

He mother smiled at her and pulled her into a hug. "I'm going to miss you Bella," her mother said softly. Beau inwardly cringed but hugged her mother back tightly.

"I'll miss you too mom, I'll call you as soon as I can after landing," Beau said looking into her mother's eyes. She was worried about leaving the harebrained women alone a lot of the time.

"Okay," her mother said.

After a few more minutes of goodbyes, Beau got on the plane, grabbing her iPod out of her backpack once electronics were allowed on and closed her eyes to let the music in her earbuds drift her to another reality. A reality where this wasn't happening, where everything felt like it wasn't falling apart... where she didn't feel so confused.

Beau didn't know when she had fallen asleep but the stewardess woke her up as the plane was landing. She was groggy as she got off the plane, finally able to take her little plant friend out of her backpack and let it get some real air. Her eyes landed on Charlie almost immediately and she walked to him, in his police uniform.

"Hey, Bell's," Charlie said softly, instead of hug he reached and took her suitcase, despite the fact she would rather carry it herself.

"Hey dad," she said, internally begging for the awkwardness to die down.

"How was the flight?" he said as he started walking her out and lead her - to her horror - the police car.

"It was... okay," she said after a pause, nodding a bit.

They got in and left the airport, Beau leaned back in her seat, the radio playing some old rock station on low, with bands probably from her dad's teenage years. She couldn't help but tap her foot along to some of the songs. Beau expected the ride there to be painfully silent, and she almost preferred the, but her father spoke up.

"so I know you wanted to get a car of some sort,"

"Um... yeah, having my own ride would be nice," she said.

"Well uh... I found this truck for pretty cheap, it had just been fixed up and runs like a dream" Charlie said.

Beau felt herself sigh, the 'cheap' part worried her, she just expected to have to walk to school or suffer the embarrassment of having the ride the police chiefs car for a while before getting her own car.

"How cheap are we talking?" she asked.

"Well… actually I already got it off of Billy Black for free... do you remember him?" he asked.

Beau silently shook her head and sighed. Perfect. Beau hated that she might be driving a clunker that would draw unwanted attention to her way. But she tried to stay a little positive, at least no rides from the chief to school! Beau felt a small sigh leave her lips and she looked out the window, as both of them let that silence creep over the car again and this time it stayed that way.

Charlie finally pulled up to his house, the first thing Beau's eyes landed on was the house, it looked like it had never changed, a small tire swing hung from one of the trees from, a small attempt her father made to give the house more appeal to come back to for Beau. Then her eyes went to the big red Chevy truck parked in her father's driveway, to Beau surprise, she loved it.

"Oh my god, Dad... that's mine?" she asked looking at Charlie.

Beau's father seems pleased with his daughter reaction and smiled giving a sharp nod "yes mam' all yours" he said. Beau ignored the dreadful feeling she got from those words, she didn't know why she felt so... detached from them but she had gotten used to that feeling that it was almost normal for her heart to sink and stomach to lurch a little each time someone said something like that.

"Well get out go have a look at it!" her dad encouraged.

Beau nodded and quickly got out of Charlie's car slinging her backpack over her shoulder and quickly walked over to the truck. Charlie was left with the task of grabbing her suitcase out of the car before joining Beau by the truck. Beau's eyes lit up looking at the truck. Big, sturdy, definitely old, but safe.

"It's perfect!" she said looking at Charlie.

"Well I'm glad you like it Bells" Charlie smiled placing his hand on her shoulder it was meant to be a loving gesture, no doubt, but it seemed to make both of them uncomfortable, he quickly retracted his hand.

Beau smiled softly and they walked inside together. Her dad lead her to her room, a dull pink, from when her father had first painted it, in the corner a rocking chair that has small bits of paint chipped off. The only thing he seems to have changed is the fact the bed was now a twin sized mattress, instead of a crib, and there was now a desk with a computer that looked like it belonged back in the 1980s hooked up to the phone line. Beau could only guess it would make that horrible dial-up sound each time she wanted to go on the internet, she would try to keep her internet usage limited to emailing and of course skype calls if the internet would even be able to handle that. May use that car money for a laptop.

Beau looked over toward her father and smiled, her father set down her suitcase before clapping his hands.

"Right... I'll leave you to get settled then," he said.

Beau nodded and watched as he left the room, that was the best thing about Charlie, he didn't hover. She could cry if she wanted to, now that there was no one around to see her, so she let out a few tears as she unpacked everything from her suitcase. Dinner with Charlie went smoother than expected, and after a shower, she turned in early. Beau didn't sleep very well, considering the rain outside felt too loud hitting against the roof, and the occasional scraping of the tree against her window. Only after throwing on her headphones and pulling the blankets over her head did she manage to actually get some rest.

The next morning she still felt tired but got dressed and tried not to spend to long looking in the mirror and obsessing over the way her clothes hugged her body. She grabbed her basically empty backpack and ran down the stairs to see her father was already gone, most days would probably be like this, but she didn't mind that, she even found herself planning try and wake up a little earlier so she could have the house to herself and maybe even cook some breakfast. Beau walked over to the pantry and looked through her father's food her eyes finally settling on a box of blueberry pop tarts, she grabbed one of the packets and put them into the toaster glancing back and forth between the toaster and clock while waiting for them to warm up. When they popped up she grabbed the hot pop tarts out of the toaster hissing slightly as she put them on a napkin and running to her car throwing the hood of her oversized sweater over her head, she got into her truck as quickly as possible and put the pop tarts on her cup holder breaking off pieces as she drove her car to the small collection of buildings that made up the Forks High School. Multiple small square buildings, Beau assumed that each building probably held one or two classes at most.

Beau drove around the parking lot for awhile before eventually finding a parking spot for her truck. She parked, getting out and walking to what looked like the main building. She went in pausing a moment before walking up the front desk and were an overly cheery, plump women with tight curls in her hair sat.

"Hello dear," the women said cheerfully, her smile almost hurt Beau's cheeks.

"Hi... I'm Bea- Isabella Swan" Beau said forcing herself not the flinch at the name.

"Oh! Isabella, my you have grown, Charlie hasn't stopped talking about you since he heard you were coming up to live with him!" she said excitedly "oh I'll get you your schedule and a map, your teachers will give you your books, but I also have a slip that you need your teachers to sign" she rambled as she got to work grabbing stuff from her desk.

Beau sat there and nodded politely as the women, which by the name tag was named , over explained everything, eventually though Beau was able to mumble a quick goodbye and make her escape. She walked to her truck burying her nose into the map trying to burn it into her memory so she wouldn't have to look at it later while walking around the school. Beau just wanted to blend in and if she was lucky to go unnoticed the whole day, and if she was even luckier go the whole year without any unwanted attention. Once Beau was sure she knew the lay out of the school, she shoved the map, along with her schedule into the pocket of her hoody and walked toward her first class building. English.

Almost right away as she entered the building, Beau felt eyes on her, getting a look at the 'new girl', it made her hair stand on end to know so many people were looking at her. Just breath. she walked up the teacher and gave her the slip.

"Ah, Isabella Swan," the teacher said.

Beau couldn't stop herself from flinching this time "Bella" she corrected, she would rather be called Bella if she had to choose between the two. The teacher just nodded and signed the sheet, before handing her a book from the desk they were by.

"You can sit wherever if free, we don't have any seating arrangements in this classroom" the women smiled.

Beau nodded and walked to a desk at the back of the room and sat down, hugging herself slightly as she got comfortable and tried to blend in with the seat.

"Like vultures aren't they?" a girls voice caught her attention and Beau looked to see a black hair girl with glasses and a slightly shy smile had been the one to speak to her first.

"Sorry?" Beau said.

"Everyone staring... like vultures looking at prey," she said her confidence seeming to waver now.

Beau glanced around at the people making quick glances at her, while others full on staring at her and not bothering to hid it "Yeah... like vultures" she agreed to make the girl smile.

"I'm Angela, your Isabella right?" she asked.

"Just Bella" Beau corrected.

"Okay well, Just Bella, what's your next class?" she asked.

Beau grabbed the crumpled up piece of paper from her hoodie pocket and uncrumpled it staring at the schedule "um... history?" she said after a small bit.

"cool I can walk you there, that right next to the biology building," Angela said before going quiet as the teacher started the lesson.

Angela did walk her to her class, chatting idly as they walked. Angela was a friendly shy type, apologizing every now and then for saying something, hugging her books to her chest as they walked, going on about the school paper she worked for. Beau didn't mind, it was endearing in a way. During history, she met another boy named Eric, who knew Angela and also worked for the paper, and Beau ended up having another person walk her to her next class. Pretty much up until lunch she had people willing to walk with her to classes, so she never had to look at the map again. It was a lot of correcting people about her name 'its Bella' she would say, sounding dead, probably looking unemotional as she could, blocking out her feelings about it. It made her miss James and her friends back home even more, they knew her name was Beau, and they didn't question why she wanted to be called it. She didn't even know why she prefered it, but she did.

As a child she had innocently asked her mother what her name would have been if she was born a boy, he mother had said 'Beaufort' even as a kid she thought that was a little much, she would tell people that was her name, including James when she first met him, it ended up getting shortened to just 'Beau' later on. However, her mother found out and scolded her for lying to people. Since then, Beau would only tell people she trusted her name. One of those people was James, and most of James' friends.

Beau went to lunch being walked by another boy she had met during math named Mike Newton, he was an overly friendly, overly cheery type of guy, he insisted on walking her to other classes and lunch. He was sweet though, and Beau didn't have the heart to tell him to ease off a little or leave her alone. She took out her phone and took a tray to grab her food. She saw a message from James and smiled.

'Hey Beau, hope Forks rain didn't melt you ~ any cute boys? Oh! by the way, I'm going to email you a link to an article I think you need to read. I really want you to be comfortable in that new school, and it might help you'

I'm not completely a witch, so I didn't melt... yet. No cute boys yet but I promise to sneak pictures for you if I do see any. Though I think one of the guys that have been showing me around you would totally fall for, he's the dork type, I think he plays some sort of sport here because he has a letterman jacket... you're still into those types, right? I'll check my email later and read the article. Better not be anything weird or I'll take a flight out just to punch you. I'll call you after I call mom tonight ~ miss you so fucking much xoxo.

Beau sighed as she sent it and put her phone back in her pocket before getting dragged away by Mike over to a table where Eric, Angela, Mike and another girl she had briefly met named Jessica sat. Beau couldn't help but think about James trying to flirt with Mike and getting shot down, or maybe not... It's had only been a say since she left and she was already thinking about how much she just wanted to be at lunch with James poking fun at some of the people in her school. She sighed and grabbed a carrot stick as the people around her talking, and tried to ask her questions. Beau did her best to answer and not seem rude, they were all being so nice and she hated to just throw their kindness away. Her eyes flickered around the cafeteria taking in the type of people sitting together, they eventually landed on a group of pale, slightly older looking people, some of them looked like they would be more college-age then high school age.

"Hey... who are they?" she asked, making the group she was sitting with follow her gaze.

"those are the Cullens" Mike scowled a bit... Beau's eyes met Mikes for a moment before looking back to the Cullens.

"They all live together and their all dating, it's like... totally weird but... the black hair pixie looking one is Alice" Jessica started explaining "and the one that looks like he's in pain is Jasper, their an item the really buff, tall one is Emmett, and the blond one is Rosalie, they're together" she said quietly.

Beau looked at all of them as she pointed them out, she tried not to make it obvious but that was kind of hard when they all looked breathtakingly beautiful, she had to stop herself from staring to long.

"Oh and that one coming in," Jessica said her tone turning slightly sour "Is Edward Cullen, totally gorgeous, but don't get your hopes up of asking him out... apparently, he's too good for anyone in this school" she said.

Beau could guess that Jessica probably asked him out and got shot down, her eyes went to the male and she sucked in a breath. He had auburn hair, a chiselled jaw, everything about him - like his sibling - seemed absolutely perfect. She could have sworn she saw Edward laughing at the comment Jessica made, but she wasn't sure. Beau quickly looked away and back to her 'friends'.

"They all live with and his wife," Angela said with a small smile.

" by the way, is totally dreamy too, I wouldn't mind if he adopted me," Jessica said.

Angela giggled and Beau saw Mike roll his eyes out of the corner of her eye, she gave him a small smile, it was obvious Mike didn't like the Cullen's, though Beau couldn't care enough to ask why. The conversation went back to asking Beau questions and giving half-assed answers in a return. Today was going to be long.