I'm surprised no one has (at least from everything I have seen) done this so far considering these shows have some similarities and are both very popular. I have seen a story where Asta goes to Midoriya's world, but not Midoriya in Asta's so here we are! (There is this one story where Midoriya is in a world that is basically the world of Black Clover, but there is no Asta or Yuno in it. Mostly characters from My Hero.)


12/4/19: Just some adjustments to improve the story a bit.

Chapter 1

A New World and Adventure Begins!

Speech: "Hey"

Thoughts: 'what?'


Timeskips: Timeskip one second!

Spells/Special Moves: One for All 1,000,000%!

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"Kurogiri! Get the boy!" Shigaraki screamed enraged that they appeared to be losing.

They had attacked U.A. for one goal. Midoriya. The boy was certainly fending off the weaker villains that decided to help the League of Villains. He was pretty injured, but could still fight. For how long though was the question. The rest of the class were busy fighting villains. These included Dabi, Toga, and Twice. Shigaraki decided he had enough and went straight for Midoriya before being avoided by the boy.

"That's not going to work!" He said as he activated 30% of One for All. He was about to kick Shigaraki before a portal opened beneath him. 'Crap! I can't dodge it without using 100% of One for All!' Midoriya thought knowing that he either had to let himself get caught or break a finger to push himself away from the portal then be vulnerable to attack, and he's not allowed to break his arms anymore if he doesn't want them permanently damaged. He then made his choice.

As soon as Midoriya disappeared into the portal. Kurogiri closed it.

"Deku!/Midoriya!" The class yelled as they saw their friend disappear.

"We got him! Let's get out of here!" Shigaraki commended as Kurogiri opened a portal back to their base.

All the villains that weren't defeated ran into the portal. The class were not fast enough to reach in time before it closes.

"Damn it!" Kirishima said, pissed off at the fact the villains got away with one their favorite classmate.

"Deku..." Uraraka said in despair as she fell to her knees, tears threatening to fall from the corner of her eyes.

With the Villains

The villains casually came out of the portal as if they just didn't have a full on battle with a bunch of students. Although their wounds said otherwise, but they had achieved their goal.

"Oh Izuku~" Toga called out as she pulled out a knife. "I can't wait to-where is he?" She said as she looked around to not see the green-haired cinnamon roll. They looked everywhere and there was no sign of him. He couldn't have escaped that fast since they arrived seconds after him.

"Kurogiri. Where is he?" Shigaraki said with an agitated tone.

"I don't know. I was sure I sent him here." The mist man said, honestly confused at what he had done.

The blue haired man showed no reaction before he started to aggressively scratch his neck to the point it started bleeding.

With Midoriya

He opened his eyes to see a wooden ceiling. Okay so he was inside a room, but it didn't seem like one for a villain hideout. Then he noticed the warm, soft feeling on his back. Like a mattress.

"Wait? A mattress?" Midoriya muttered before he tried to sit up, but the sudden soreness of his body forced him back down. "I'm, on a bed?"

Weird. Since when did the League of Villains really care about their victims? Or in fact, when did any villain care? He saw out a window and outside was a bunch of grassy fields with a forest being off in the distance.

'I'm not definitely not in League of Villains base, so where am I?' Midoriya asked to himself. He had just realized the bandages on his arms, chest and head. 'Wait. When did I ever took my clothes off?!'And these bandages!'

Right at that moment he heard a creak of a door and looked where it come from.

"Oh! You're awake?" A voice asked through the door. She fully opened the door to reveal she was wearing a nun outfit, had teal blue eyes and a mole right underneath her left eye. To Midoriya she was beautiful and he slightly blushed at the sight of her. "I was worried when I saw those two carry you here." She said as she walked over to him.

"W-where am I? I don't r-recognize this place." Midoriya asked with his blush still intact. He tried his best to push it away and instead answer his confusion.

"You're in the church of Hage." The nun answered with complete honesty as far as Midoriya can tell.

"Hage?" He definitely doesn't recognize this place in Japan. After fighting the League of Villains multiple times, they discovered that Kurogiri could only warp someone a certain distance. So maybe his quirk improved a lot the past few months, but that still doesn't answer the fact that, one, why would he send him here? And two, he doesn't remember a town named Hage ever existed in Japan."Sorry I don't k-know where I am."

"Oh dear! You can stay here until you remember okay?" She said. Midoriya nodded.

'I mean, I can't really move at all right now.' He sighed before realizing that he was half naked in bed with a beautiful woman in front of him.

"Oh w-where are my c-clothes?" He stuttered while asking. She pointed to a chair sitting next to a simple wood desk with his clothes folded neatly on top.

"I tried fixing it, but I don't recognize the material used for it." She said bowing at the boy.

"It's okay! I appreciate for the help." Midoriya said in a hurry. She quickly nodded and stood up from her seat. "Oh wait! What's y-your n-name? And who brought me here?" Midoriya asked as he finally had the strength to sit up.

"I'm one of the sisters here, Lily. The ones who brought you here are outside." She answered with a nice smile before leaving the room. Midoriya sat in silence before slowly getting off the bed. He eventually stood up, not without some pain in his legs and got changed into his hero suit. His suit was torn at his right arm and chest revealing a bit of his toned body. It also had some small cuts, and burns all over it. He walked out the door to have the sun blind him for a second and once his vision cleared up he was met with a huge surprise.

'HOLY SH..?!' Midoriya thought as he saw the giant skull in the field. 'I'm definitely not in Japan anymore. Did I get teleported in a new world?!' He thought still freaking out because of the skull. It wasn't a even a skull he could identify, it had three eye sockets and horns. Like it's some sort of demon skull.

"LILY!" Someone shouted very loudly that Midoriya thought he was right next to them. The voice actually came from the side of the church. Midoriya, being confused as hell and wanting answer, walked over to the corner of the church building to see a short boy standing on one knee with a flower as if he was proposing to the girl of his dreams. He has green eyes and messy, ash blond hair with a single strand protruding upwards from the middle of his head. He has a black headband, which has a red-colored four-sided star with three stitches on the back of it. He has a plain-white tunic with a V-shaped collar underneath a dark blue jacket whose sleeves extend only up to his elbows. He sports a pair of matching shorts which has a stitch marks on the left side.

"MARRY ME!" He shouted with complete seriousness.

'I'm pretty sure she can't be married.' Midoriya thought with a sweatdrop as he saw the scene from the distance.

"No" Lily answered bluntly as the boy turned white at the rejection and comically fell down to the floor. And then he immediately got back up.

"I'M NOT DONE YET!" He screamed as he was basically in Lily's face. Out of instinct, she summoned a giant fist of water that hits the boy straight on. She quickly realized what she did and immediately went to check if he was alright. Midoriya's mouth dropped a bit at the magic Lily used.

"I'm so sorry Asta! I used the Grimoire's magic without thinking!" She said. The boy now known as Asta, somehow got up if he wasn't even hit with a giant fist made of water that cracked the ground.

"NOT YET!" He yelled. Midoriya had a bit of respect for the boy, his determination is very high for something so dumb although he is being pretty annoying right now. Then a strong gust of wind knocks Asta away from Lily.

"Asta. Are you causing trouble for the sister again? You literally did the exact same thing like yesterday." A children said who appears to be the second oldest. Next to her, was a tall man who had amber eyes, and messy black hair. He wore a pitch-black shirt with a high collar and long sleeves. The sleeves have brown leather that cover the wrists and upper arms. He wears light brown pants that are cut below his knees and, around his waist, a pair of brown belts that cross each other. Additionally, he wears a pair of dark-colored socks and a pair of boots. He has his finger, which was covered with wind that seem to glowing green, pointed at Asta.

'So he created the wind.' Midoriya thought from around the corner. 'Is it some sort quirk? No, Lily said something about magic and she had a floating grimoire. So magic?'

"YUNO! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" Asta screamed at the man as he jumped back up.

"Asta, tomorrow we're heading for the Magic Knight Exams." The man named Yuno said in a calm tone with a similar facial expression.


'Magic Knight Exams? This is too much for me right now. Maybe I should just stay inside and maybe wake up from this weird dream.' Midoriya thought as he went back into the church and layed on the bed to think what just happened. 'Maybe some sleep will help.'He thought.

He was still pretty tired after the attack from the villains and his healing wounds. He slowly closed his eyes and fell asleep.

A Few Hours Later


No answer.


Midoriya moves in his sleep.

"Wake up!"

Midoriya tiredly opened his eyes. He turned his head to see Asta standing next to the bed he was on and Yuno sitting on a chair.

"What?" Midoriya said confused as he barely woke up. He quickly looked around and remembered what has happened to him. "Oh! Is there s-something wrong?"

"Nah. Just that you have been asleep for a long time. My name is Asta!" The boy said as he took out his hand with a smile. Midoriya returned the smile and shook his hand.

"Izuku, Izuku Midoriya." He boy responded before yawning.

"What were you doing laying on the field like that? Did you get in a fight?" Asta asked, which Midoriya couldn't answer.

"Asta, everyone is waiting for us at the dining room." Yuno said as he stood up from his seat. "Izuku can explain everything there. Is that okay?" Yuno asked.

Midoriya nodded as it would be better to explain with everyone there. They got up and made it to the dining room. Everyone stared at them at their entrance but most were focused Midoriya due to how different he looked compared to everyone else. He had his green jumpsuit on and his green hair made him stick out quite a bit despite Asta's ash blonde.

'Eri...' Midoriya thought sadly. Although Asta's hair wasn't as white like Eri's, it was still very similar and the thought of Eri or him seeing each other again made him sad. 'I have to find a way back home! Until then, I better learn everything I can about this new world.'

He then noticed the other residents of the church. There was four kids, Lily and an old man who probably is a priest. Everyone took their seats with Midoriya sitting across of Asta. Midoriya looked at the food and noticed something about it.

'It's mostly potatoes...' He thought.

"Tomorrow's the day Asta and Yuno set out for the royal Capital. We have to send them off with a bang." The priest said with joy, but nervousness.

"Father went to all the surrounding villages asking for tatoes." Lily said, as Midoriya sweatdropped at the weird name.

'They're potatoes!'

"Father!" Asta said with a smile and with so much happiness in his eyes that it looked like he had actual stars in them.

"What's with that look? This isn't just for you! Actually it's mostly for Yuno." The man, who was referred as Father, said as Yuno had no reaction.

"Father." Asta said again, only now annoyed.

"Well, you know..Yuno might make it into the magic knights, but you're..." Father paused trying to get the right words.

"E-Excuse me?" Midoriya asked making them all look at him. "What's a Magic Knight?" He asked. Everyone looked at him with a weird look. "What?"

"HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT A MAGIC KNIGHT IS?!" Asta screamed as he stood up and started shaking Midoriya by the collar, even though Asta was shorter than him.

'H-He's s-strong!' He thought while being shamed around by Asta. The ash-blond was knocked off Midoriya by Lily who used her water magic. "T-Thank you Lily." Midoriya said with a pure golden smile. The woman gained a faint blush which Asta noticed.

"It was nothing. Asta is a...energetic boy." She said with her blush.

"I seemed to have lost my memory on what magic is and I have no idea what a Magic Knight does." He kinda lied. He couldn't tell him he came from another world, who would believe him? So he choose his second best option, pretend to have lost his memory on the most important things.

"Oh dear! I thought you just couldn't remember where you're from." Lily said as she cover her mouth in shock. Midoriya shook his head.

"No, I don't know anything about this magic stuff." He responded which was true. How do they use magic?

"Well, everyone can use magic and at the age of 15 they receive a Grimoire based on the user's magic type. They allow the user more spells that they wouldn't be able to with their natural magic." Lily explained. Midoriya nodded understanding.

'So everyone can use magic even if it's weak? Wish that was the same for quirks.' Midoriya thought with some jealously.

"Except for Asta." The red-haired kid stated. Midoriya looked at the ash blond boy in confusion.


'That doesn't make sense though.' Midoriya thought as he looked at the pouch to hold his Grimoire Asta had on his waist. 'If he doesn't have magic, then he shouldn't have gotten a Grimoire. Right?'

"Enough!" Father said as Asta sat went back to his seat and mumbled something in annoyance. "Izuku, do you have one?"

Midoriya shook his head. "I don't remember getting one. Or did I even have one in the first place?" He said. This surprised the kids and adults in the room. "Anyways, please answer my second question."

"R-Right. Magic Knights are people who protect the people of our kingdom." Lily said as Midoriya gained a small smile.

'Just like a hero. Well, if I'm stuck here for a while, then might as well become a Magic Knight. And maybe I could find someone to bring me home.' Midoriya thought. "Hey Asta, Yuno." Both boys looked at Midoriya.

"What is it?" Asta mumbled as his mouth was full of tatoes.

"You think I can join along? I'm interested in becoming a Magic Knight." He asked. The room went silent for a second.

"What! Without a Grimoire?!" Lily said shocked that Midoriya decided to become a Magic Knight so quickly and he doesn't even have a Grimoire with him.

"I can at least try right? There is no harm in trying to get in and if I fail, I could try again later. Right? Besides I must have some magic, just not as strong as others." He said as Asta smiled liking what Midoriya is saying.

'So, he won't give in so easily huh? And he doesn't even have a Grimoire to use.' Asta thought before his head went down in sadness. 'But he still has magic!'

"Besides I always wanted to protect people with a smile. To tell them that's it's okay. That everything is fine as long I'm there." Midoriya said as the kids looked at him with some admiration.

"SO COOL!" This was surprisingly Asta as he was knocked out of his sad state and was also looking at him with stars. "Your goal is almost the same as mine! I want to become the Wizard King!"

"Asta." Yuno said getting said boy's attention, "I'm going to become Wizard King." He said bluntly with a tiny smile.

"EHHH?! I'M GOING TO BE WIZARD KING!" Asta screamed angrily.

"Asta, you know there's no need to be embarrassed even if you fail the exam." The priest said seriously said as Asta was confused.

'That must hurt.' Midoriya thought knowing what the priest said. 'They basically told Asta that they didn't believe in that he could be a Magic Knight.'

"Huh?" Asta was confused.

The priest then made less serious face. "No one believes you're going to pass, anyway."

'What...' Midoriya was speechless. He couldn't believe that the people who Asta cared about doesn't even believe he could make it in. For Midoriya, this felt too similar to him.

"ARE YOU TRYING TO ENCOURAGE ME OR MAKE FUN OF ME?!" Asta yelled clearly shocked by it as well.

"You can come home at any time." The priest said, a pity smile plastered on his face. "Your home is this church, no matter how crappy or poor it may be it's your home."

"That's right Asta." The oldest girl of the group said.

"I'll be lonely without Asta here. Yuno too" Said the youngest girl, her face dropping downward.

"We're all family!" Shouted the youngest boy which brought a smile onto Midoriya's face.

He scooted his seat closer to Lily and whispered to her, "They really care about him." Lily nodded.

"Y-You should say that to Yuno, too." Asta stuttered pointing to the boy he mentioned. "Tell him he can come back whenever he wants."

"Yuno will be fine" The priest said turning his face away from Asta not wanting to see his reaction, which was obviously one of betrayal and shock. Midoriya however was really caught off guard.

'I guess magic is everything in this world. Without it you are basically doomed to fail. It's kinda like quirks.' Midoriya thought with a frown.

"What do you mean?! Besides, I'll be fine, too! I'll become Wizard King and then I'm gonna come back for Sister!" Asta said with pure determination. Midoriya sweatdropped at Asta motivates. "So when that happens, marry m-AHHH" Asta started to say before being punched into the wall by Lily and her water fist.

"All right, let's eat!" She said pretending like she never punched Asta in the first place. Everyone weren't bothered by the fact Asta was smashed into the wall, except for Midoriya. "We have stewed tatoes, tato tempura, grilled tatoes, fried tatoes, stir-fried tatoes, streamed tatoes,Hage-style boiled tatoes, tato juice, and even special tato pudding!"

'It's all potatoes...' Midoriya thought with a sweatdrop.

"Yay! Let's eat!" Yelled the two youngest children as everyone else started grabbing tatoes. "So flaky and delicious!"

Midoriya no longer ate potatoes after that.

The Next Day

Everyone woke up early to see Yuno, Asta and Midoriya get ready to leave for the Magic Knights Entrance Exams. Yuno and Midoriya didn't carry anything since they didn't have anything of importance, but Asta carried a bag over his shoulder.

"Take care you three." Lily said.

"You better write to us, Yuno." Said the oldest girl.

"Sure" Yuno answer with a small smile.

"Good luck"

"Come back soon!"

"He'll be back soon...Asta that is." Said a red-haired boy in a bit of a rude tone.

"Nash!" Asta said, very annoyed that they constantly say he's going to fail. Midoriya was slightly getting more depressed at the faint memories of being something similar.

"But you know...if, just if, and it's a very huge if, if you get into the Magic Knights" The boy, Nash raised his fists up with a face of determination. "I'll believe in possibilities. I'll believe I can become anything. And then one day, I'll get into the Magic Knights, too." He said before turning away. "No, never mind."

"I think he's trying to say, he believes that you can do it." Midoriya said to Asta, which embarrassed Nash a bit.

"I'll be waiting for you." Asta said with a smile already knowing what Nash really meant.

"Well, I'll be off." Yuno said as he started walking away.

"Hey, wait, Yuno!" Asta said before jogging towards Yuno. Midoriya smiled as he walked up to Lily.

"Thank you so much for your hospitality." Midoriya said as he bowed and ran towards the foster brothers.

"Well, bye guys!" Asta said as he walked backwards and waved goodbye at his foster family. They returned the goodbye.

"Have a safe trip! See ya!" They all said as the three boys walked towards the sunset.

It was currently summer. Asta, Yuno and Midoriya start their journey to the royal capital to where the Magic Knights Entrance Exam is taking place.

"Hey Izuku." Asta asked.

"Huh? What is it?" Midoriya said.

"What's with the outfit? And why does it look like it was in battle?" Asta asked while they walked through the forest. Although Yuno was quiet, he kept one ear to their conversation as he was curious as well.

"Oh! This is my combat suit. I use it for battles. And it's like this because...I was in battle, I think." Midoriya plainly answered but Asta was a bit confused.

"Can't you use magic? Why would you need a combat suit if you can mostly attack from a distance?" Asta asked which Yuno thought was a good question. Most never start using magic in close-combat unless they are forced to do so. Sure, having amor is good but Midoriya's more flexible and seemed to offer little protection.

"My magic can't be sent at a distance. It's close range and it combines with my body. So if I want to use it in a fight, I actually have get up close and punch. I tested it out last night." Midoriya said. He decided to make the excuse that One for All is his magic when he is going to show it. It does create electric sparks whenever he uses it so it can be considered magic. Why One for All creates sparks is a question he hasn't answered yet but have some theories on but that's for a later time.

"Can you show us your magic?!" Asta said, now interested in the type of magic Midoriya has. If a magic user is forced to attack at a close range, it's no wonder why they would be curious what exactly is the magic.

"It's something I don't want to show for now. You'll see at the Entrance Exam." Midoriya said as he stared at his gloved fist for a second. 'I'm planning on using just One for All, but should I also use that? No, I don't feel ready to use it and how would I explain having multiple types of magic? It seems like each person only gets one type of magic.'

"Speaking of the entrance exam, I'm so excited!" Asta said with a grin as he ran up ahead and jumped on top of a tree stump.

"Excited? Aren't you scared?" Yuno asked but despite what he said, he didn't seem worried at all.

"Huh? Why would I be?" Asta responded also confused. Why would his rival say something like that?

"What about you Izuku?" Yuno questioned. Midoriya blinked for a second when he heard his first name since in Japan, one would usually call another by their surname unless said otherwise by that person. And he didn't notice since everyone that he has met so far gave him their first names, never surname.

"No, not really it's really similar to something I did a few years back." Midoriya answered remembering the hero entrance exams. He was very nervous and afraid that he didn't earn any points. He was honestly very lucky that U.A. had rescue points or he wouldn't have been standing here right now, but he feels like the Magic Knights Entrance Exam will be easier as long there isn't giant robots roaming around a city.

"Come on, let's hurry! The royal capital is super far way!" Asta said as he started running. "I got to hurry up and become Wizard King!"

"Just because you get there quickly doesn't mean you'll become the Wizard King any quicker." Yuno said still walking. Midoriya looked at Asta with a big smile.

'This Wizard King thing is very important to Asta. He's kinda like myself. He's willing to not give up until he reaches his goal. Asta seems that kind of guy to have a good reason to be Wizard King' He thought as he realized... 'Wait, what exactly is a Wizard King? Is he like All Might terms of powerful? And what's his status in society, or kingdom in this case? Questions for later.'

"I'm gonna become Wizard King and then..." Asta grabbed a stick from the floor and pretending it was a magic broom, he told his fantasy of having Lily fall in love with him.

'Or maybe not.' Midoriya deadpanned at the boy. He was really confused how and why Asta was so determined to try to marry a sister of the church.

"It could happen." Asta finished his story while still riding his "broom"

"Can you even ride a broom when you don't have any magic?" Yuno asked. This cause Asta to drop his stick in shock and Midoriya to awkwardly chuckle a bit at Yuno's bluntness.

"I'll make it work!" Asta said as he picked up his bag from the floor and quickly threw it over his shoulder.

"Will you?" Yuno replied unconvinced.

"I will! I got my Grimoire!" Asta said looking back and with a wink. "I can do anything as long as I don't give up!"

'Although they seem to fight, they really do care about each other. Even if some of their responses are kinda harsh.' Midoriya thought as Asta started running down the path again. 'Asta is interesting and special. I feel like if he was back home with me, he would have been a great hero.'

"I'll leave you guys behind, Yuno, Izuku!" Asta said stopping for a second. "Let's train all the way to the royal capital!" He said and continued running. Midoriya sighed knowing Asta was probably being serious and started running.

"You guys can't be serious." Yuno said before starting to run as well.

"Hey! It's not a bad idea." Midoriya yelled as he quickly paced himself. 'Wait. Does Asta mean the entire way?!' And much to Midoriya's fear, Asta did mean the entire way.

They sprinted nonstop for a few minutes before stopping to take a breath. Asta resting on the ground and Yuno with his elbows on his knees. Midoriya standing up straight, taking deep breaths.

"Not done yet...not yet!" Asta said before starting to run again.

"Ehh?! Already?! Wait!" Midoriya immediately chased after him with Yuno slightly behind them.

"Stop. We've got a long way to go." Yuno gasped very tiredly sitting on a rock as Asta was laying on the floor. Midoriya was standing with his hands placed behind his head while taking deep breaths.

"Not yet! I'm not done yet." Asta said very tired somehow getting up quickly and started jogging. But before he could get any further, he was grabbed by both Yuno and Midoriya making him run in place before they threw him against the rocks effectively stopping him. They both sighed in relief.

'This will be a long journey.' They thought.

For the next few days Asta, Midoriya and Yuno walked miles and miles, covering themselves from the rain, sleeping for the night while Asta accidentally burns his hair from the campfire and Midoriya helping him put it out, and Asta using his giant sword to hunt a giant boar-like creature. While they were eating the boar-meat they cooked Midoriya had a question.

"Hey Asta." The ash-blond haired boy looked at Midoriya. "Does your sword do anything special? Other than being a giant sword?"

"I think it cancels magic." Asta answered as he's took another bit of the boar meat. "When I first got it, it was when I was fighting this one guy and my sword just cut through his magic like nothing." Midoriya nodded.

'That's very powerful in a world where supposedly everyone has magic.' Midoriya stared at Asta as he eat with a curious look. 'Not to mention the fact that Asta must be very strong to hold that giant sword like it's nothing. From what I saw, Asta seems to swing that sword pretty fast for its size and metallic look. That shows that while he may have not magic he probably planned to get around that using strength. I wonder what his training regime must have been to make him that strong? Maybe we should train together sometime." He muttered out loud as both Asta and Yuno akwardly stared at him in slience.

They continued their journey getting lost in fog before Yuno used his magic to get rid of it, almost being crushed by a rockslide but was blocked by both Yuno and Asta, but mostly Yuno using his wind magic. They gather fish to eat for the day by catching by hand except for Yuno, slept in the open under the bright stars, walked through a scorching desert and ran some more because of Asta.

As they climbed the top of a rocky mountain they all saw something amazing. A open field with a giant mountain in the middle that had a spiral up hill circling it with a giant town on top of it.

"Whoa, it's huge!" Asta saying what they all thought at the sight of the capital.

"So that's the royal capital?" Yuno said as Midoriya was speechless at the sight of the mountain.

"That's where the Entrance Exam takes place?On top of there?!" Midoriya asked no one.

'That's where the Wizard King is.' Asta thought before grinning at the sheer excitement he felt of finally being here and getting a chance to get closer to his dream. "All right! I'm gonna do this! I'll be right there! Just you wait!" He said as he started running down the mountain they stood on.

"Yuno." Midoriya said. Said boy turned his head at Midoriya. "Thanks for bringing me along even though you didn't have to." Yuno smiled a bit and nodded as they both ran down to catch up with Asta.

Once they made it to the town, they headed towards a coliseum where the exam is taking place and on the way they looked at the buildings and people of the capital in amazement. Without Midoriya or Yuno realizing Asta sneakfully bought a snack while they walked around town despite the warnings he received from Yuno. When they got there, the entrance was surrounded by crowds of people cheering on the candidates.

"Do your best on the exam!"

"You are the Clover Kingdom's hope!"

"The future of the kingdom is in your hands!"

"I'll do my best!" Asta said as he waved at the crowd with a dumb-clueless smile.

'You don't know him. You don't know him...' Yuno told himself trying not to be embarrassed by Asta's dumb happy smile and attitude.

'So, we are in the Clover Kingdom? Is there other kingdoms?' Midoriya thought, still confused on what this world is. 'Mission one: Learn more about this world. After the exam.' They got in line to get registered to take the exam with Yuno, Asta and Midoriya in that order. Then it was Yuno's turn.

"I'm Yuno from Hage village" Yuno stated.

"Yuno from Hage...could I see your Grimoire?" The man behind the desk asked. Yuno took out his Grimoire from his pouch and showed it to the man.

"A f-four-leaf clover..."The man said in shock. The other candidates were also surprised by this and started whispering about it.

'So, a four-leaf is special huh? They must really powerful and rare if everyone are surprised.' Midoriya thought before realizing something. He looked at all the other candidates and saw that they carried grimoires with them. And all of them used them to sign in for the exam. 'Crap! I'll need a Grimoire to even take the exam!'

"Your #164. All right, next." The man said as Yuno moved out of the way for Asta.

"I'm Asta, also from Hage village! Here's my Grimoire!" Asta said very excited as he took it out. Midoriya couldn't see it that well. He was able to see it was very dirty, but he swears he saw a five-leaf clover on it.

'A five-leaf?" Midoriya wanted to inspect it further but he was being blocked by Asta.

"This is pretty filthy. Is this really a Grimoire?" The man asked leaning a bit close to see if it was.

"Huh? Of course it is! Take a good look at it." Asta said as he shoved his Grimoire into the man's face. "See? See?"

"All right, all right..." The man said annoyed as he touched it and it glow white for a second. "You're #165."

"Got it!" Asta said as he ran off. It was now Midoriya's turn who was sweating a bit.

'Crap! What do I do?!' He mentally screamed. He tried to think of something, but he couldn't. Only to admit not having one, "M-My name is Izuku M-Midoriya from...I don't remember." The man raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" The man asked.

"I lost some of my memory a while back, so I don't r-remember where I live. I woke up Hage, like those two who were in front of me, but I know I don't live there." He explained to the man. The man pinched his temples.

"Whatever. Grimoire?" The man grumbled out, clearly already tired of doing his job. Midoriya rubbed his head laughing awkwardly.

"F-Funny story, I l-lost mine a while back." He said. The man sighed, but wrote something on the paper before looking back at the boy.

"Whatever, you're #166" the man said as he checked that he wrote it.

"Eh? Really?" Midoriya said surprised by this. The man nodded as Midoriya slowly walked away.

'That kid is definitely failing no doubt.'

Midoriya was in a crowd of people who all were waiting to take the exam. Everyone were standing around, chatting to past the time, when suddenly a bunch of dark blue birds with white bellies, black beaks and maroon colored faces started flying around the candidates. Some of the candidates were surrounded by more birds than others.

"Hey! Ow! What the heck are these birds?!" One candidate asked, waving his hand to try and scare them off, but didn't work.

"The infamous anti-birds of the exam venue." One answered back.

"Really? these things?" The man sounded both annoyed and shocked that these birds were special.

"The weaker your magical powers, the more these guys flock you." Another one informed.

"Hey look at those guys" The guy said, ignoring the birds. In the open Yuno had no birds surrounding him. But surprisingly Midoriya didn't have any surrounding him either. "None of the birds are going to them."

"Hey! It's the guys from earlier!"

"He's from some remote village called Hage, yet he's got a four-leaf Grimoire!" One said pointing at Yuno.

"A four-leaf? Seriously?"

"What about the other guy." Obviously talking about Midoriya.

"The thing is, he doesn't even have his Grimoire with him!"

"Wait seriously?! Is he really that strong?!" The girls were either staring at Midoriya or Yuno due to their looks. Yuno had a handsome young man appearance who seemed cooled yet kind if you look deeper. Midoriya has a cute, yet defined face covered with some freckles with some baby fat on his cheeks, but not very noticeable. However most focused their attention to Midoriya since he had some of his muscles showing through his ripped part of his costume.

'So One for All confuses the birds? They seem to think its magic. What does that mean though?' Midoriya thought blushing from all the staring from the girls. 'I really need someone to fix this thing.'

"One of us is going to become the Wizard King. Our legend's beginning now, Yuno!" Asta said covered from head to toe in anti-birds with one even sitting on his head like a nest. (This is Nero!) " I'm gonna show you just how much I've grown in six months, ow,ow,ow, ow!" Asta was interrupted by the annoying constant pain of the pecking and started running away from the birds to avoid getting pecked.

"What's with that kid?"

"Talk about a loser!" One said as some started laughing at him. Midoriya was a bit annoyed at the comments, but he knew he couldn't really do anything to stop it and he didn't want to stand out any more than he needed too. Although, Asta seems to be having it worse.

"GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU STUPID BIRDS!" Asta yelled as he continued to run around the area, screaming in pain, before bumping into someone that knocked him to the floor, but the other man standing. As soon the birds got near the man they got scared and flew away. "They finally flew off somewhere. Hey sorry for bumping into you." Asta said before looking up at the man.

"I'll kill you brat." Said the man with a very murderous intent, even looking like he had an aura of death. The man was tall with a very muscular build and had a cigarette in his mouth. He has black eyes and black hair of medium length that is messily combed backward, making it stick outwards. Additionally, he sports a stubble mustache and beard.

His attire consists only of a white A-shirt and black trousers. The trousers have an extra layer of tan leather that covers his outer thighs and down to his knees. He wears black high boots that cover most of his calves. He is wearing a black banner with a squad's insignia on it. He wears it over his right shoulder and it is attached by two strings to his left shoulder. The banner also has tattered edges, seeming to have been ripped off from a bigger banner.

'WHAT THE HECK'S HIS PROBLEM?!' Asta mentally screamed. 'Oh crap. He's got the eyes of a killer. His neck's so thick! No mage looks like that! Talk about an intimidating presence! Is he really my age?!'

'He doesn't look like a candidate, more of a veteran Magic Knight or even captain.' Midoriya thought as he remembered to the information he received from Lily and how each squad had a captain. 'If he's one of them, how strong are the others? I can feel this overwhelming aura and strength with my own instincts!' Then Asta, completely obscure about who the man might be, place a hand on the man's shoulder and put on a smile.

"Man you look old! You must've had a hard life!" Silence from everyone around him, even Midoriya who had a face of disbelief. Then the man reacted by grabbing Asta's head with one hand and lifted him up like he was a doll.

"It appears you're ready to die." The man said with his eyes tired, but showing he's ready to ruthlessly kill his prey. Midoriya was about to interfere before two men came from behind wearing a similar robe to the tall man.

"Oh there he is! What are you doing down here?" Asked the brown haired boy. The boy wears a white under shirt, and a light green, loose-fitting tunic with long sleeves and long tails at the back on top of it. He also wears dark trousers and a green pair of wide, knee-high boots that lace up the front. He wears his grimoire holder is on his left hip and he is also wearing a pair of green earrings.

"I'm about to end this twerps life." He responded as Asta continues struggles to escape the man's grasp even with his muscles growing viable veins as proof he was using all his strength.

"Hey isn't that..." A candidate said looking at the brown haired boy.

"Is that the great Finral Roulacase? The user of rare spatial magic?" A girl finished. Finral gained a smug smile as he heard this and walked up to the girl.

"Hey, you're cute." He said as he girl grew a faint blush either from how close he was or that he called her cute. Midoriya couldn't tell each it was.

"He's famous for being so girl-crazy that it gets in the way of his duties!" One said. Midoriya was surprised by this.

"And that's Gordon Agrippa! The expert on incarnation magic!" He is slender, young man with pale skin and short black hair that is slicked back. He wears black eyeshadow in large circles around his red eyes. He also wears black lipstick and nail polish. His wears a dark grey jacket red trimming and red cuffs. His pants are a matching grey and are tucked into knee-high black boots. He wears a black belt over his jacket and a black pouch for his grimoire hangs on his left hip. His dark grey peaked cap has a black band and bill and a Bull badge. Both of the men have black robes symboling they're in the same squad.

"I heard that he's impossible to talk to... and also scary." One commented while looking at them.

'What some odd guys, but according to what everyone is saying they seem pretty powerful.' Midoriya stood quiet trying to gather as much information he possible can from the candidates.

"Whoa! Cut it out! A Magic Knight squad captain shouldn't kill an exam candidate!" Finral said, surprising all the candidates.

"Squad captain? You mean he's..."

"The lord of Destruction, Yami Sukehiro?!" One said as Yami started counting down from ten.

'Lord of destruction? Wonder what got him that name. Hopefully not for a bad reason.' Midoriya sighed, hoping there's no corrupt Captain or anything similar. Being a Magic Knight seems to allow a lot of power that can very easily be abused since they usually are way stronger than the common folk. He should know this better than anyone else considering Bakugou was basically the same thing, had a strong quirk and was able to get mostly anything from others because he had that power. 'Wait. That name...it's Japanese? I can't jump to conclusions but it doesn't fit! There's too many questions!'

"WHAT ARE YOU COUNTING DOWN TO?!" Asta yelled as Yami slowly started to use more pressure to squeeze the ash-blond's head.

"The end of your life." He said very calmly, but with somewhat a pissed tone. At this point Midoriya decided to stepped in and help the boy.

"Yami? The captain of the Black Bulls?!" Once they figured out they were from the Black Bulls they mostly had the same reaction. Everyone knew about the reputation of the Black Bulls and backed away from the members, except for Midoriya.

"Um. Y-Yami sir." The man looked at him in annoyance, but kept his firm grasp on Asta's head. "Can you l-let him go please? He's my friend." Midoriya asked with a smile that made some of female candidates blush at the overall cuteness of the smile. For a second, Yami didn't do anything before grabbing Midoriya's head with his other hand "Eh?"

"Might as well kill you too." Yami said calmly as Midoriya didn't know what to think of the situation, but as soon as he felt Yami's fingers claw at his head he was able to think again, just not clearly.

"W-Wait w-what?!" Midoriya stuttered as he tried breaking out of Yami's grasp. 'He's strong!' Asta also tried breaking out, which surprised Yami of the amount of strength both boys were using trying to escape with their muscles even visibly tensing up. Asta and Midoriya didn't not seem like boys who would work out at often. Sure Midoriya has his shirt ripped and his some of his muscles shown, but it looked more like a lean-swimmer build from a distance. Asta was confusing because of his short height and annoying brat-like personality and Midoriya has another reason being because of his innocent, shy looking face that seems like he wouldn't hurt anyone. Despite that, Yami kept counting down to their deaths.

"One..." Yami counted before being interrupted by fireworks, signaling the start of the exams.

"Come on, the exam is about to start." Finral said as Yami let go of both boys and dropping to the floor on their bottoms. They both immediately started rubbing their heads due to the pain they experienced.

"Guess you get to live a little longer, brats" Yami said as he walked off. "Better take good care of the life you just got back. Or I'll kill you." He said.

'WHAT?!' Asta/Midoriya thought since that statement didn't make really make sense.

"Wish the captain would kill me, too." Gordon whispers as he left with his squad. Midoriya got up and held out a hand to Asta. He accepted it and Midoriya helped him up.

"Thanks for trying to help Izuku." Asta said as he continued rubbing his head.

"No problem." Midoriya said. Asta thought for a second.

"Izuku. Why did you want to be a Magic Knight? You didn't even remember what it was yet you decided to come with us." Asta said as Midoriya gave a small smile.

"It was always my dream to become a hero and protect everyone remember? Even if I get hurt or even die in the end. I said that in the dinner with your family." Midoriya said. Everyone around them heard him and had some respect for willing to go so far.

"I forgot." Asta said as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.

"Ba-ha! You okay?" Someone said. "Must've been rough, having captain Yami of the Black Bulls in your face like that. Oh I'm Sekke. Sekke Bronzazza." The man said.

He has a lean build and medium-length blond hair. His hair is combed backward and held together with a black hairband, leaving only several strands left hanging in front of his forehead. He wears a grey shirt with a dark grey vest with a wide V-shaped collar on top of it. He also wears white trousers and a pair of black high boots that have a pair of tan belts on each of them. He has a tan belt that is connected to a pouch that he uses to carry his grimoire. The pouch is placed on his left-hand side. On top of everything, Sekke wears a magenta coat with long sleeves and black horizontal stripes around the forearms.

"Nice to meet you! Ba-ha!" Sekke said.

'Weird way to talk.' Midoriya thought.

"I'm Asta! Nice to meet you! This is Izuku, Izuku Midoriya." Asta said pointing to himself first then Midoriya. Before Midoriya could speak, all the anti-birds flew away and the captains of the squads appeared.

(Yeah no I'm not writing all that shit down.)

After all the captains showed themselves, Asta was searching for a certain someone.

"Where's the Wizard King?" Asta said still looking around.

"Ba-ha! The Wizard King wouldn't bother coming down to the exam. It's a miracle in itself that all the captains have gathered in one place." Sekke said which actually made sense.

'The Wizard King is probably very busy being the strongest and all. Also having all the captains here would leave the kingdom defenseless since they're supposedly the strongest knights in the kingdom if there was ever a strong attack. So I can see why they don't usually all come in one place." Midoriya muttered as everyone stared at him for a second. He blushed realizing he said that out loud.

"Candidates." William Vangeance, leader of the strongest squad the Golden Dawn, spoke. Everyone looked at the masked captain. "Sorry to keep you waiting. I will be conducting this exam." He took out his Grimoire and it started flipping through the pages by itself. It then stopped on a page and glowed green. "Magic tree, descend!" The sky darken and a bright green light appeared in the sky. There was wind blowing and a giant tree fell from the sky, stopping a few feet above their heads. The roots started to grow longer, and twisted itself forming a shape until it became a boom. Each person was given one.

'So this is the man who's closest to the Wizard King.' Asta/Yuno/Midoriya thought as they looked at the man.

"We will now begin the Magic Knights Entrance Exam." William said as his Grimoire closed by itself. "We will have take you all take several tests. The nine of us will evaluate your performance and then we will select the candidates that we would like to add to our squads. If chosen, you will join that squad. If you're chosen by more than one squad, you may choose the squad you would like to join. On the other hand, those who are not chosen by any captain are not qualified to join the Magic Knights." He explained which must have been pretty obvious.

'I'm gonna get into the Magic Knights, no matter what!' Asta thought. Midoriya was interested on how they chose who is allowed in.

"For the first test, we will have you get on those brooms and fly. Mages who can control their magical powers should be able to do this instinctively. It is the most basic way to travel. If you cannot fly a broom, you shouldn't even be here." William said as most of the candidates understood what to do, just haven't done it before. "All right, begin!" As soon as he said that Midoriya tried spreading some One for All to the broom and didn't notice anything. Since One for All is a part of him, he knew that trying to force it out into something else would cause him to feel it, but with the broom he felt nothing. Sighing he sat down on the floor as everyone tried using floating on their brooms. Asta and the captains noticed this.

"Izuku? What's wrong? You have Magic right?" Asta questioned.

"I do, but..." he paused for a second. "For some reason it's not exactly "magic" to say the least. Anything that requires magic to be used can't be used by me. So I have to sit this one out." Midoriya half lied since he wasn't sure it was everything. Asta nods slowly and the captains decided to keep an eye on the boy for the rest of the tests. Everyone were flying except for Midoriya and Asta who was trying his best to fly. Midoriya decided to looked around to see what was going on and noticed someone else that wasn't flying.

She seemed to be about 15-year-old with a slender build and pink eyes. She possesses long, silver-colored hair, tied in pigtails, with her center bangs over her forehead. Additionally, she wears a pair of purple stud earrings with a cross flory fitchy shape, and a silver bracelet on her left wrist. She wears a sleeveless, backless, short purple dress covered by a silver-colored blazer. The blazer has a backless design with sleeves attached at the back that extend slightly beyond her elbows with gold-colored cuffs. The blazer also has a pair of pins attached to it around her collarbone area. Additionally, it has frilly edges and a rounded tailcoat that extends down to her knees. Furthermore, the blazer extends up to her neck where it has frilly edges and is held together by a gold locket. She wears a pair of silver-colored leg warmers with a gold-colored cuff at both ends and a pair of sandals. She was holding a broom in her hands.

She seems to be talking to one of the captains, Nozel Silva, that when looking at the two together, look very similar to each other. He got up and walked closer to hear them talk.

"I told you. There's no need for royalty to take the same exam as the peasants."

"But..." she said, increasing her grasp on the broom in frustration.

"Your destination has already been decided. Do not take unnecessary action." He said with a commanding tone, that even Midoriya thought he would have some trouble going against.

"Yes brother Nozel." She answer, clearly sadden.

"Your existence itself is unnecessary." He said before walking off. The girl was mad as she clenched the broom hard, nearly breaking and Midoriya clenched his fists. They seem to be siblings but this was not how they should treat each other. A brother should help their siblings and encourage them, not the opposite. He checked to see if he was gone and slowly walked up to her.

"D-Don't listen to him." He said as the girl got scared and jumped back a bit. She blushed and quickly turned her head away.

"W-What do you m-mean?" She pretends to act like nothing happened.

"I heard what your brother said." Midoriya said and he could tell the girl tensed a bit. "Look. Don't listen to what he says. He doesn't control you. You're your own person and you decide what to do. And if following your brothers orders is what you want to do, then fine do it." Midoriya said, as the girl was surprised by this. "It's just that he has no right to call his sister a waste of space, e-especially when she's c-cute." Midoriya said mumbling the last bit, but the girl heard him and blushed. "Sorry, I'll leave you alone." He walked off. The girl stood there for a few seconds before turning around and looking at the boy.

"What's the meaning of this? No matter how much one might be lacking in talent, they should be able to at least float." Said Fuegoleon Vermillion, leader of the Crimson Lion Kings, having his hand on his chin. "And the other said he can't use his magic on this."

"Talk about pathetic." A candidate floating on a broom said.

"I thought that guy was strong, but I guess I was wrong." This was pointed towards Midoriya.

"Guess we're down two rivals already." Midoriya ignored the comments while Asta still tried using magic.

Magic Ability Test!

Midoriya and Asta: fail

Magical Ability Control Test!

Midoriya and Asta: fail

Creation Magic Test

Midoriya and Asta: fail

Developmental Magic Test!

Midoriya and Asta: fail

All the captains were watching Asta and Midoriya the most. Asta, because it seemed like he couldn't even use magic at all and they were watching Midoriya for multiple reasons. He entered without a Grimoire, got ignored by the anti-birds and wasn't even making an attempt at any of the tests. He was definitely an oddball.

"All right. The next test shall be the last one. You will engage in actual combat." William said. Everyone were surprised and Midoriya was a bit excited since he'll actually do something now!

"You'll be battling! You will pair off and fight with your partner. You may use your Grimoires to attack." Fuegoleon explained, as everyone talked among themselves. "Fighting is our duty! Show us your true abilities!"

'Show your true abilities? I want to use One for All at 100% but any more breaking of bones and I wouldn't be able to use my arms again. Unless...' Midoriya thought as he got up.

"As soon as one of you yields or become unable to fight, the test will be over! There will be mages who can use healing magic on standby." William explained as Midoriya grinned.

'So I don't have to worry about damaging my arms? Still, just to be safe, I'll fight normally.' Midoriya thought as he saw everyone talking to each other. He saw Asta looking stressed and trying to find someone to fight with. 'I can understand that. No one would want to fight a person who seems like they can't even use magic. They want to show their strength to the captains.'

"Ba-ha! Fight me Asta!" Sekke said from behind Asta. Asta fell to the floor.

"Sekke! You're willing to fight a loser like me?" Asta said happily.

"But of course! Bah-ha!"

"You're such a great guy!" Asta said, but Midoriya had some doubts. He can't tell it exactly, but Midoriya there was something about Sekke that he just couldn't trust.

"First combatants, come forward!" The referee said. Asta and Sekke went first. Everyone had to clear from the middle of the coliseum since that was were the fighting was going to take place.

"Let's both give it our all and fight fair, so we can achieve our goals!" Asta said with a smile. Sekke then got closer and seemed to whisper something to the boy before walking away to distance each other. Midoriya noticed that Asta lost his smile and knew Sekke is trying to take advantage of him.

"Sekke chose the weakest looking guy" A random guy commented.

"Never underestimate an opponent by looks, it could lead to defeat." Midoriya said as the guy looked at him. "Just because he seems weak, doesn't mean he is." The guy laughed this off, but Midoriya didn't care because he knew he's right.

"Begin!" The referee started the match as Sekke's Grimoire came out of his pouch.

"No holding back, all right? Let's do this, Asta! Bah-ha!" Sekke said as his Grimoire had a light blue aura and was flipping through pages. The transparent pieces of the same color started forming around him to create some sort of bubble and cannons around it. "Bronze Creation Magic: Sekke Magnum Cannonball!"

'Some sort of protective bubble and cannons for attack? It's both defense and offense. That is good spell, but if what Asta told me was true...' Midoriya thought.

"There's no need to to hold back. Come at me! Bah-ha!" He said winking at Asta.

"Sure thing. Here I go." Asta said calmly as his Grimoire had a very dark red aura. He took a step back and ran, breaking the solid concrete floor with his step. While he was running he reach towards his Grimoire that had a handle popping out and took out his sword that is as long as his own height.

'He's fast. Is he using some kind of high-speed movement magic?' William thought.

'No...he's just physically powerful.' Yami thought as well before figuring it out. Both captains were surprised by the speed.

'Wow. I knew Asta was strong, but this is not what I expected.' Midoriya thought seeing Asta's speed. Comparely Asta was probably moving as fast as Midoriya when he uses 5% which isn't much to him. However Asta has no special powers. It is all himself, his own strength.

Asta raised his sword above his head and brought it down onto Sekke cutting the shield in half effortlessly. The ground cracked in a web shape by Asta's pure strength. Everyone were speechless that a short, weak-looking boy like Asta was able to not only, break the spell super easily but to do it so quickly.

"I'm not joining the Magic Knights so I can have a good time and avoid working hard." Asta said talking to an unconscious Sekke. Asta swung his sword and placed it on his shoulder. "I'm here to work my butt off and become Wizard King!" He has a expression showing he was dead serious. Midoriya smiled. That smile faded a bit as people started making comments about Asta.

"Is that sword magic?"

"Wasn't he just some loser from the boonies?"

"What the heck?"

"Who is he?"

"He just...said something about the Wizard King."

"ALL OF SHUT UP! I TOLD YOU I'M GOING TO BECOME THE WIZARD KING! YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?!" Asta said clearly annoyed by what everyone was saying.

"Is he stupid?"

"What the heck is that peasant saying?"

"Must've embarrassing being a completely delusional idiot."

"Just get outta here already, you stupid brat!"

"WHO'RE CALLING A STUPID BRAT?!" Asta screamed at the candidate who said that as mages come and carry Sekke's body from the field.

"Could it be some kind of creation magic?" Finral asked his captain as they watched Sekke being taken away. "Judging from the other parts of the exam, it didn't seem like he had that much magical power."

Yami took out his cigarette from his mouth, "He's not using magic." Yami stated getting a confused "huh?" from Finral. 'Actually, maybe it's not that he's not using magic. It's that he doesn't have any magical power.' Yami thought as he remembered when he grabbed Asta's head. 'Come to think of it, I didn't sense any mana from him. And yet he wants to become the Wizard King, huh?' Yami stared at Asta before moving his eyes to Midoriya 'The other one had something different. He didn't have mana, but something powerful. I don't know what it is. Looks like we've got some strange ones on our hands.'

More and more candidates partnered up and fought their battles. Midoriya was interested in watching them since they kinda reminded him of quirks which he loved to take notes on.

"Midoriya was it?" A voice asked from behind. Midoriya turned around to see a man with long blonde hair tied in a ponytail with bangs offset to the side. He has a white shawl and small earrings. He seemed to be a noble just by his clothes and way of speech.

"Y-Yes?" Midoriya stuttered a bit due to the sudden appearance of the noble.

"You seem to be having a hard time finding an opponent." He said in way that seemed to hint like he knew how it was going to end.

"I g-guess." Midoriya stuttered again. It's not that he's that shy anymore, he still is a bit, but he just finds talking to the man...awkward.

"Why don't you pair up with me?" He asked as Midoriya nodded. A grin seemed to appear as soon as Midoriya agreed. They started walking towards the middle as people were surprised by who the man was.

"Isn't that Salim? From the famous Hapshass family?"

"You think you're all special being a peasant taking the exam without your Grimoire, but your nothing compared to me. I'll show you are far below you peasants are compared to us nobles, both in status and power." Midoriya flinched a bit for the rude attitude of this man. "Oh, and of course, in wealth too."

'This is no way to talk to a person even if you're a noble.' Midoriya thought as he got to his place.


"You should know that it's going to be a honor being beaten by me, the great Salim de Hapshass." He cockily states as he fixes his hair. "Let me beat you with the best spell here! The Holy Lightning Rising Salim!" A big ball of lightning formed above Salim, Midoriya raised his arms in a cross formation and took deep breaths.

"What is he doing? Does he really think that's going to do anything?" A candidate said watching the fight.

"I'll pay for your trip home." Salim said as he launched the attack straight to Midoriya.

'One for All...' Midoriya thought as red crosses and lines appeared all over his body. 'Full Cowling 30%' The red crosses faded from his body and what was left was bright green lightning, dancing all over his body. As soon he was covered in One for All, he immediately dashed forward, leaving a faint line of lightning, easily avoiding the ball of lightning and not giving his opponent a chance to react. "Detroit Smash!" He screamed as he punched the noble in gut with enough force to instantly knock him out and send him launching back a few feet. Barely noticeable to the other examinees was the small breeze Midoriya created with his punch, showing those who were attentive that Midoriya seriously had some strength. However, the captains and the examinees behind couldn't feel it, but either way most had their jaws dropped to the floor.

"D-Did he j-just..."

"B-Beat a n-noble that quick?!"

"Y-You can't be serious!"

Asta had his mouth opened in pure shock and Yuno eyes widen seeing that their new friend had some serious magic, in their case. Midoriya stood there for a second before akwardly walking away from the battlefield as everyone stared in awe.

The captains were surprised by the quick attack and power dealt by the green haired boy.

"He beat a noble in a second and with one punch. Not to mention his magic seemed to only boost his speed. Not his power." Charlotte Roselei said, captain of the Blue Roses, shocked. Although she was wrong, she couldn't really know how Midoriya's power worked. Usually if one were to use electricity to boost their strength, they would completely cover their arms with the magic and make a fist with it. However, to the captain's eyes, the electricity seemed to not do that and only affect his speed.

"If he would maximize his potential, who knows how much stronger he can be." Fuegoleon commented as Midoriya was being praised by Asta.

"He also seemed to barely put any effort in that attack. He's holding himself back. I could tell." Yami mumbled as he puffed out some smoke. The captains, were now a bit more curious on the strength of Midoriya. He had done his fight and waited for everyone to do theirs. Everyone learned not to underestimate anyone ever again.

(Yuno fights a random cocky, powerful candidate since I gave his original opponent to Midoriya. It doesn't matter anyway, he'll just beat them in a second.)

Timeskip brought to you by chibi Midoriya in Asta's outfit and Asta in Midoriya's

"This concludes the exam. Now candidates whose numbers are called, please step forward."

"The squad captains will raise their hands if they would like you to join their squads" Charlotte said, standing up from her seat. "The candidates will decide if they would like to accept or decline, and if they are chosen by more than one captain they may choose which squad they'd like to join."

'Okay then, I hope someone chooses Asta. He's strong, but he can't use magic so that'll hurt him. I know Yuno is going to have no problem, in fact I would even bet everyone would want him in their squad.' Midoriya thought as he looked at the boys he has journeyed with for the past few weeks. Although he didn't have a long relationship with Asta and Yuno, he felt that they're honest people who are going to change everything about this world.

"But if no one raises their hands the candidate will not join the Magic Knights and will leave immediately."

"Candidate #1, step forward."

People were called one by one, and no one got accepted until candidate #71 by the Purple Orcas giving the examinees some tiny hope, but not really. This went on as people either joined or not until it was Yuno's turn.

"Next, #164." They called as Yuno grabbed his pendant as if it was for good luck. He sighed and walked up to the middle, staring at the captains.

"All who wish to offer, please raise your hands." Slowly, all the captains raised their hands as everyone were in complete shock except for Midoriya who predicted this would happen.

"Th-That's amazing. I-I thought that only royalty and nobles could join the Golden Dawn." One candidate said.

'So the Golden Dawn are only nobles and higher until now? Why change that now if they didn't believe peasants shouldn't make it in?." Midoriya was confused. He knew that in these medieval worlds that most nobles that were part of a group hated having others join in. But, if the Golden Dawn didn't believe that, then why were they just accepting nobles and royals? There must have been at least one other person with high potential to join the Golden Dawn. 'Something isn't right.'

"Even the Silver Eagles?! Seriously?! But he's a kid from the boonies!"

"Pretty sure they're just looking for how strong you are and if you hold potential to improve their squads." Midoriya explained what he thought was obvious as everyone looked at him. "Sure, status effects it, but I think they would rather want a strong poor person than a weak rich one. At least some captains seem to think so." Yuno thought for a moment before making probably the obvious choice.

"Please allow me to join the Golden Dawn." He said as William looked pleased that Yuno joined. Yuno walked off and it was Asta's turn. He walked forward as Midoriya gave him a thumbs up and a smile.

"I'M READY!" Asta stood up completely straight and was anxiously shaking, but he kept his confidence.

"All who wish to offer, please raise your hand." Asta sweat in anxiety as he waited for anyone to raise their hands. After about 10 seconds, the results we made clear. No one wanted him.

"Number #165, no offers." Asta stood there, not believing what just happened. Midoriya was annoyed.

'Why! Why does power, magic, quirks are always everything?!' Midoriya mentally screamed. He clenched his fist and grits his teeth. 'Why is it that the thing that makes someone worthy?!' Midoriya was about to walk up and yell his thoughts, but Yami stood up from his seat.

"Well that's no surprise. No matter how high your combat skills are if the source of your power is unknown, no one wants anything to do with it." Yami said as everyone waited for what he exactly meant. "In the end the only thing desired from a Magic Knight is their magical powers." Midoriya knew this and was frustrated until a strong force of power appeared. Everyone looked at Yami to see him surrounded by a purple aura and the ground seemed to shake.

'What?! I-Is this his magic power a-alone?!' Midoriya thought feeling how strong it is. Yami jumped off the viewer seats and onto the battle area where the candidates are. He stared at Asta with eyes that would scare anyone.

'S-So much pressure!' Asta thought, but holding his ground. 'This is the magical power of a Magic Knights squad captain?' Yami slowly, but in a intimidating way and walked to the ash-blonde, until Yami was now a few feet away from Asta who was still standing strong.

"And since you have no magical powers, no one wants you. That's the cruel reality." Yami took out his cigarette from his mouth. "You said earlier that you wanted to become Wizard King, didn't you?" Asta gritted his teeth, trying his best to stand and his insane determination allowed him. "Which means you're going to surpass the nine captains, here right? Now that I'm standing before you, do you still have the nerve to say that you're going to be Wizard King even without magical powers?" Asta clenched his fist and looked down a bit, but his eyes seem to still burn passionately.

"E-Even if I can't join the Magic Knights today, no matter how many times I fall, no matter what anyone says to me..." Asta looked straight into Yami's eyes as he continued."I'M STILL GOING TO BECOME THE WIZARD KING SOMEDAY!" No one moved or spoke. Midoriya was smiling at Asta's huge amount of determination and confidence to be able to say that he's going to be the best no matter what even when one of the captains told him he can't. Yami stared at Asta for a few more seconds before he stopped glowing and released his magical powers. He grins and starts laughing.

"You're funny, kid. Join my squad." Yami said pointing at the boy. Everyone were shocked by this. The boy who that everyone thought was going to fail with the smallest chance of passing, passed. Sure it was the worst squad, but he still passed.

"Huh?" Asta seemed to be confused at this despite being right in front of the man.

"I'm telling you that I'll let you join the Black Bulls." He said before sending a look that would kill. "By the way, declining isn't a option."


"I'll make life so miserable for you in the Black Bulls that you'll be torn to shreds so be ready for that."

"WHAT?!" Asta seems to be very lost on what's going on.

"And then, someday become the Wizard King." Yami said out of nowhere. Asta seemed daydream for a bit as Yami had a grin plastered on his face. Asta then smiled.

"Yes, sir!"

"Quick question." Yami said turning to the captains. "Who wants that kid?" He said pointing to Midoriya. No one said anything.

'The kids strong and all, but he didn't seem to be able to use his magic in any of the tests. One how does not know how to use basic magic doesn't not deserve to be here.'

"Good." Yami said as there was no response. "Cause I want you to join the Black Bulls as well.

"Eh?" Midoriya could only say as Yami returned back with the other captains. Yuno could only smile that both Asta and Midoriya were able to join a squad.

"#152, no offers. This concludes the Magic Knights Entrance Exams." Everyone who failed the test had to leave and return to their homes as the people who passed went with their captains. Yuno, Asta, and Midoriya all grouped up outside the exam to say a goodbye to Yuno for now.

"Yuno! You're a Golden! Me and Izuku are Bulls! This is where our true battle begins!" Asta claimed. Yuno and Midoriya had a smile.

"Yeah. Let's see who'll-" Yuno was interrupted by the grumbling of Asta's stomach. Asta quickly, and comedically, ran off screaming along the way.

"What?" Midoriya said.

"I think it was the thing he eat earlier." Yuno said as Midoriya remembered that he saw Asta buy something to eat on the way here even when they told him not to. They both headed in the direction Asta went to see Sekke entering the restroom.

"Yuno, go check on him. After what happened, I don't think that guy needs to use the restroom." Midoriya said as Yuno nodded understanding and went in. Midoriya walked to where his captain is.

"You got some nerve, making me wait." Yami said when Midoriya returned. "At least it's not as late as the other kid." Midoriya sweated a bit knowing he was probably going to be punished a bit. They waited for a good 5-8 minutes before Asta finally returned.

"How long does it take you to take a dump?" Yami said.

"Actually, it was really something!" He got up closer to the captain to emphasize. "It was long and huge..."

"That's not what I meant!" Yami picked up Asta by the head again as the ash-blonde haired boy tries to wiggle out. "Who asked you to start talking about your turds, you moron!" Yami turns to Finral. "Lets go, Finral."

"Right-o" He said as he had his Grimoire in his hand and opened a portal with the other. The portal was very white and impossible to see the other side.

"What's that?" Asta said in pain since Yami keeps adding pressure to his head.

"Since you two can't magically fly you're going to have to learn some transport magic, too. Oh, wait! You don't have any magical powers" Yami said laughing at the end as he realized the real truth of Asta. Asta struggled to get out as Midoriya really wanted to help, but didn't want the anger his new captain.

"Sorry to bug you Yami, but it's a bit hard to keep a gate this size open so could you just go through quickly?"

"Who do you think you're ordering around? Tough it out, and surpass your limits." Yami ordered as Finral was struggling to keep it open.

'Plus Ultra?' Wait, can I just go home using...Finral's portal? I'll have to ask later.'

"Off you go." Yami threw Asta through the portal as he screamed in terror. The screams disappeared as he went in. "You too." Yami somehow reached over to Midoriya without him realizing it and threw him in as well.

"W-What?!" Midoriya was about to land face first if it wasn't for his quick reflexes and did a flip landing on his feet. Everyone else walked through as Asta and Midoriya looked at the building in front of them that are going to be their new home. It was a very odd shape and seemed to be made out of smaller buildings meshed together.

"This is the Black Bulls'..."Asta couldn't finish the sentence as he was amazed at the sight.

"Well? Pretty magnificent, isn't it?" Yami said proudly of his base as Finral sweatdropped in the back.

"It's actually pretty run-down." Finral commented in the background.

"It's really nice actually. It screams Black Bulls base honestly." Midoriya added, and if judging Yami, Finral, Gordon, and the way the examinees reacted seeing them, the squad seem to be made of outcasts. Taking that into consideration, the base seems to represent the Black Bulls perfectly.

"Welcome to the Black Bulls."

"Starting today, I'm also going to be..." Asta was amazed. He got off the floor and ran up the door. Midoriya noticed that Finral, Gordon or Yami didn't get close so he waited with them. Asta slammed the door open..."I'm Asta from Hage Village! I'll be joining the Black Bulls to-AHHH!" And was interrupted by an explosion that launched him right in front of Midoriya, who was like 10 feet away from the door. He landed head first and it was stuck in the ground in the same way as a cartoon character immediately went to check if he was alright and tried pulling him out

"Welcome to the absolute worst Magic Knights squad, the Black Bulls." Yami said with a grin as the fire continued burning behind him.

'What have I gotten myself into?' Midoriya thought.

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